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"The latest news, Supreme Tian Lun defeated Earth Immortal Luo Xue in 90x90 go board, winning two matches with thirty points!"

In the busy and lively market of B3 Area, a young cultivator flying on the flying sword flew over the vast B3 Area and then repeated the news of the victory.

A moment later, B3 Area was transformed into a sea of joy.

At the same time, various areas in the City of Immortals had a similar but slightly different situation. The news of the victory of Supreme Tian Lun over Luo Xue on go match made the entire City of Immortals burn with joy. People shouted the name of Supreme Tian Lun, and their enthusiasm was like fire.

The only pity was that, there were many matches in progress on the same day, and the signboards arranged in various areas did not broadcast the go competition between Supreme Tian Lun and Luo Xue. So many people did not know the news of the victory at the first time, let alone see the dashing and heroic attitude of Supreme Tian Lu\'s victory over the Earth Immortal.

"He is indeed the Sect Leader of one of the Five Uniques, really one of a kind. He defeated two ancient Earth Immortals in succession, and even the unbeatable Immortal Luo Xue lost to him."

In a restaurant in Immortal Five Area, a Yuanying Stage cultivator sighed with emotion and then poured himself an immortal wine and paid his respect to Supreme Tian Lun.

Opposite of him, the old friend who had been with him for many years also raised his wine cup. "To Daoist Master Wang Lu."

Upon hearing that, that Yuanying Stage cultivator smiled. "Yeah, we should also give respect to Daoist Master Wang Lu. If there was no participation from Daoist Master Wang Lu, I\'m afraid Supreme Tian Lun wouldn\'t have won so easily."

"Yes, it is said that Daoist Master Wang Lu made great efforts in the preparatory work before the match… alas, I don\'t know how he did it, in less than thirty years, his Peak Jindan Stage\'s fighting power is far superior to that of other Jindan Stage cultivators and he also has omnipotent versatility. Ai, thinking about how we were in the past makes me feel really ashamed."

"Hahaha, if we look at the history of Nine Regions in the past one hundred thousand years, only Immortal Qin and Great Ancestor Desheng that could be better than him right? When Immortal Qin first came out, the world was shocked. It only took a few decades of him to perfect his cultivation. And while he was at it, he also unified the whole Nine Regions… Compared with this kind of genius wizard kid, we really just worry over for nothing. It is enough for us to enjoy the victory that he has brought us."

The two cultivators smiled and made a toss. However, when they were enjoying themselves, they heard a cold humph coming from the next table.

"Don\'t you think it\'s too early to celebrate the victory now? Supreme Tian Lun won two matches, but he only got thirty points. But in the previous three matches in the past two days, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals lost fifty points in a row. Was that result really worth to be celebrated at? What\'s more, those two victories were won because of Supreme Tian Lun\'s unparalleled calculation. In other matches, Supreme Tian Lun is useless, so what could Wang Lu possibly win at?"

In the festive atmosphere, this was like being poured on the head with cold water. The two Yuanying Stage cultivators put down their cups and turned to look at the next table, only to see a skinny cultivator covered in a cloak. Seeing him, their slightly tipsy feeling was completely ruined.

"Who the fuck are you, dare to talk nonsense here?"

The skinny guy in a cloak at the next table gave a sneer. "Am I just talking nonsense or telling the truth? You should know it in your heart. Wang Lu is just doing a performance—Showing you an exaggerated victory and thousands of performances to let you think the situation is good, and the final victory is beyond doubt. But in fact, people with clear minds could see that the situation has been deteriorating."

"Damn, hide the head and show the tail (giving half-truth), who the hell are you?" Infuriated, the Yuanying Stage cultivator stood up and waved his hand, and his true yuan turned into an invisible force, which mercilessly lifted the cloak of the skinny guy at the next table.

The skinny man didn\'t seem to have expected that the Yuanying Stage cultivator actually dared to make a move against him in drunk! Suddenly the cloak was lifted and he was taken off guard.

There were many restaurants in these Human Five Area, but for a long time, few people dared to make a scene here just because of being drunk. Because there was a lot of golden armored puppet here too!

The use of spells to others without permission was considered to be against the rules of the City of Immortals and would be punished mercilessly.

Sure enough, within two breaths time, after that Yuanying Stage cultivator made his move, two golden armored puppets, appeared in the restaurant and restrained that Yuanying Stage cultivator.

According to the regulations of the City of Immortals, although this was not a serious violation, he only lifted the cloak of other people, he also could not be exempted from responsibility. He had to spend a day in a small dark room. If he made another crime after being released, the punishment would be upgraded by a level—he would have to spend a hundred days in a small dark room.

The small dark room of the City of Immortals was quite well-known. It was a place that was enough to tremble the stable dao heart. However, the Yuanying Stage cultivator did not care about it. His eyes were firmly locked on the person whose cloak he had lifted. Because he had recognized the identity of that person.

"It\'s you, the maid of the leader of the Heavenly Book, Mo Xian!"

The companion of that Yuanying Stage cultivator sneered and said, "Turns out its the remnant of Heavenly Book, no wonder there were many words here! It must\'ve been bought by the Earth Immortals along time ago. On that day, Daoist Master Wang Lu was very merciful, he did not kill all of you accomplices. Unexpectedly, you didn\'t repent at all!"

Mo Xiang sneered and said, "Repent? What do I have to regret? Regret that I have said the truth that you dare not speak or even listen to? Wang Lu took advantage of the Grand Competition to strike at the dissidents, unable to tolerate even the least bit of different voice. The whole city was full of cheers and joy, but in fact, the gap between the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the ancient Earth Immortals is widening, yet you guys can actually smile at that! Such a foolish thing, I really couldn\'t find a few precedents in the history books!"

"A person who wallows in degeneration like you, and even lower themselves to become villains are too numerous to be cited. From today\'s Grand Competition to the two great wars between Immortals and Demons, and even the bloody battles of people during the great Desolate Era, the evil villains who betrayed their own interests always emerged endlessly, and none of them ever had a good end!"

In the restaurant, a cultivator who was sitting in a corner suddenly stood up and scolded.

These words were righteous and rigorous and had won a lot of approvals from the other patrons in the restaurant. However, Mo Xian was only silent for a moment before sneering, "I thought who has such grandiose and smooth words, turns out its Wang Lu\'s running dog, Hai Yunfan. That eager to lick ass posture of yours is actually in line with that of your sect. Ten Thousand Arts Sect often regards itself as the wise one, presenting themselves as noble and elegant. However, since its establishment, it has always been following the leader to pick out the bones left by others. Before the Age of Chaos, you flattered the Kunlun Immortal Sect, but then, when Shengjing Sect burst to prominence, you turned around to flatter them. Now even Wang Lu could command your Supreme Sect Leader. Yet you think a dog-like lackey like you deserve to blame me?"

Mo Xiang\'s words were extremely vicious, which made all the listeners frown. Hai Yunfan was furious and his magical power expanded out from all over his body.

Today it was rare occasion since Wang Lu actually gave him a day off, giving him the chance to accompany his wife to eat and shop in the City of Immortals, living a sweet couple\'s life. As a result, before he could eat half of his food he met this mad dog. Had it not been for his wife, Ye Feifei, this polite young man might\'ve directly unsheathed his sword and made his move.

Seeing this, Mo Xiang laughed, a laugh that was full of desolation.

"You all gather here to revel in the belief that Wang Lu could bring you victory. But don\'t forget that Wang Lu is just a Jindan, far less omnipotent than what you imagined. If he had the ability to bring victory for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, he wouldn\'t have allowed the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to fail more than one hundred times in the past month. If he had something in his sleeves, with his character, we would\'ve already used it! Allowing the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals to lose in succession only shows how poor his skill is and now is just struggling to survive. Do you guys really think those Jindan and Yuanying Stage cultivators who have been selected as the main force could make rapid progress and reverse the situation after just a few months of training? Why? Do you think that in the past months, only the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would make the painstaking efforts while the ancient Earth Immortals would just remain stagnant? They are also making progress, adapting to the rules of the Grand Competition one after another, and constantly exerting their strength to the utmost! The so-called grading competition is a joke from the beginning because the speed with which the Earth Immortals adapting to the rules is much faster than that of a group of Jindan and Yuanying Stage cultivators. The longer the time is delayed, the farther you would be from winning! This is such a simple truth, but you guys are deceiving yourselves into ignoring it! Hahaha, if it\'s other people then perhaps it is indeed foolish, but is Wang Lu also foolish? I\'m afraid he\'s already made a secret deal with the ancient Earth Immortals and sold you guys, these silly cultivators, for future profits. And He Tu, Tian Lun… all of them are Wang Lu\'s accomplices, so they will tolerate his arbitrary actions!"

These words were like the whistling of cold winter wind, there was no rebuttal in the restaurant.

After the conspiracy of the leader of Heavenly Book Building Supreme Ting Feng was exposed by Aya, this long-standing high-rank sect declined at an alarming rate. The Elders and disciples fled in succession. And those who remained were severely demoralized. And the sect never had the spirit of forging ahead… In this way, it was likely that in just two or three years the Heavenly Book Building would be removed from its position among the top-rank sect and would not return for a thousand years. After losing her master, Mo Xiang, as one of the surviving members of the Heavenly Book Building, was helpless, and her heart was distorted. Her previous gentleness and elegance degenerated into grimness and bitterness. However, Mo Xiang\'s fierce expression did not prevent her from speaking sharp words that penetrated into people\'s hearts.

What she said seemed absurd, but for a moment, it was hard for everyone to refute it. Thus, the restaurant maintained an indescribable silence.

Until a peal of slightly drunk laughter came.

"A bunch of fools, you guys could actually be fooled by such fallacies… forget about other people, but you, Hai Yunfan, works with Wang Lu every day and yet you don\'t learn even a little bit of his sharp tongue?"

With that, a woman whose body was permeated with the stench of wine and meat stepped down slowly from upstairs. She looked to be around twenty-three or twenty-four years old, wearing a simple and somewhat shabby dress. She had a delicate feature, graceful temperament but also somewhat sloppy.

The woman\'s cultivation base was around Yuanying Stage. Her right hand was holding a wine bottle while at her left wrist hung prayer beads. She seemed to be a Zen practitioner. Hai Yunfan was stunned. "Zen Master Dog Meat?"