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"The third match is scheduled for tomorrow morning. As for the project… I think this Unparalleled Amazing Calculation is pretty good."

In the chief planner resident at Immortal Five Area, Wang Lu pondered at his desk for a long time and finally chose the third occasion where he personally appeared.

Next to Wang Lu, Hai Yunfan, who was still working as his secretary, was somewhat puzzled. "Tomorrow\'s Unparalleled Amazing Calculation? That\'s a calculation contest without stage limit. The contestant on our side is Supreme Tianlun, the Sect Leader of my sect. And the opponent is Immortal Lu Biechen, who could unleash the entire power of calculation. Do you also want to participate in this kind of over-Supreme level competition?

Wang Lu said, "How do you think the level of my previous two matches? The two food competitions are all stage-less competition."

Hai Yunfan shook his head. "How could the nature of these two matches be compared? This Unparalleled Amazing Calculation could be considered as a cultural match in the martial event, which is quite different from the pure cultural match of food competition. And the Food Immortal is among the weakest in the ancient Earth Immortals side. His strength is weak and he lacks the quick wit to deal with the changing situation, therefore, he could fall into your plot. The talent and learning of Immortal Lu Biechen, however, are frighteningly high, so he would not be easily fooled by you. If you\'re not careful in playing with the fire, you could burn yourself."

Wang Lu chuckled. "You think too much, for an Earth Immortal like Lu Biechen who is proficient in calculation, unless you have the ability to deceive mystery known only to heaven, otherwise, you should never even tried to plot against him. Because every step of your calculation would fall into an even bigger calculation and hurt yourself in turn. I am still a few stages away from being able to deceive mystery known only to heaven, so I would not follow the path to one\'s own doom."

"Then what are you going to do? You can\'t plot against him, but you also can\'t just leave, or do you just want to watch the whole match?"

Wang Lu nodded. "That\'s right, I can\'t plot it, I can\'t leave it either, so of course I\'m just going to be a full-time spectator. Oh, when needed, I would also cheer for Supreme Tian Lun."

"... What kind of solution is this? You just come to watch, and let the victory or defeat fall on the hands of my sect\'s Sect Leader?"

Wang Lu asked with a smile, "This is his match after all. How could the victory or defeat of a Supreme fall into my hands, a mere Daoist Master of Jindan Stage? Let\'s not talk whether I want to do it or not, Supreme Tian Lun himself would never agree to it."

Upon hearing this, Hai Yunfan finally realized Wang Lu\'s intention.

"It turns out you want to use his power! You\'ve already seen that my sect\'s Sect Leader would win, so you want to use his victory to show off your prestige!"

Wang Lu said, "Correct. I am optimistic that Tian Lun would win this match, so I would simply push the boat smoothly and use his eastern wind to help boost my momentum. I believe that someone with the mind of Supreme Tian Lun wouldn\'t mind me taking advantage of him."

"But are you sure that Supreme could win against Lu Biechen? The other party is an ancient Earth Immortal that is very good at calculating…"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu smiled again. "Little Hai, you are, after all, an elite disciple of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, how could you not understand such simple reasoning? No matter how good Lu Biechen is at calculating, he is a sixteen thousand years old antique. His algorithm has long lagged behind the times. Even though his Stage is slightly higher than Supreme Tian Lun, and his calculating power is stronger, how could his efficiency be better than today\'s people? Let\'s not talk about other things, with his calculation skill, as long as Supreme Tian Lun improve it a bit in the future, he could single-handedly rescue the millions upon millions of nerds who lack EQ, which would make his merits and virtues immeasurable! How could he be compared with a mere Earth Immortal who has outdated algorithms?"

Hai Yunfan hesitated for a moment. "When you say it like that, I think it actually makes sense…"

Wang Lu said, "Of course it makes sense, so this match is for sure a victory to me. If it doesn\'t, I wouldn\'t come out. What I need now are successive victories to accumulate the morale. The momentum of successive victories must not be interrupted, otherwise, the previous victories would be a waste."

Hearing to this, Hai Yunfan couldn\'t help but ask, "I\'ve always wanted to ask, why are you so persistent in maintaining the winning streak, what is it for?"

"Of course for a bigger victory." Wang Lu shook his head without much explanation, but once again turned his attention back again to the pile of documents on the table to find what he wanted.

On the morning of the second day, there was a large crowd outside the center of Immortal Two Area and the atmosphere was very lively.

Compared with Immortal One Area, the size of the competition field in Immortal Two Area was much smaller. Nevertheless, it also had all kinds of magical abilities which could accommodate the Supreme level full strength fight.

It was just that, in the months since the start of the Grand Competition, this competition arena never welcomed a Supreme level match.

The Supremes were the strongest fighting force of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Every one of them had extraordinary significance and would not come to an end easily. Thus, since Supreme He Tu fought in the first match, there had been no other Supreme who participated in the match—except for the Knight King who had the fighting power of a Supreme.

Supreme Tian Lun would be the first person to break this deadlock in months.

Tap. Tap.

The sound of light footsteps stirred up the pitch black competition arena.

Suddenly, the darkness receded and the light swept in. The elegant and refined figure of Supreme Tian Lun with his white as snow clothes appeared in the center of the competition arena. Above his head was an endless blue sky while at his feet was a vast sea of clouds. A complexly engraved huge wheel appeared behind him, the half part of it was in the sea of clouds where one could see the bottom of it while the other half was straight to the sky where one also could not see its top.

This was the personal immortal treasure of Supreme Tian Lun, incomparable in the world and in heaven. Seeing this wheel was equal to seeing Supreme Tian Lun.

When the huge wheel appeared, the sea of clouds in the competition arena gradually rolled and surged. The wheel then began to slowly rotate and from the small engraved cracks flowed out countless colors, dying the clouds with colors.

When the white clouds were dyed brown, they formed thick soil, when the clouds were dyed blue, there were trickling streams, and then more and more things appeared, such trees, birds and beasts. In a short time, a spring-filled land was formed under the feet of Supreme Tian Lun.

At the same time, there was a complete silence outside the arena. Hundreds of thousands of people looked at all these occurrences dumbfoundedly, the shock in their hearts were indescribable.

The contest arena at the Immortal Two Area was reset beforehand and it was chaotic at first. However, after Tian Lun came on the stage, he used his own cultivation base to separate the yin and yang, heaven and earth, four divisions and five elements. In the end, it became a vibrant little world… this was like the splitting of heaven and earth apart in the legend of creation. This was the declaration of Supreme Tian Lun, announcing that the fight between a Supreme and an Earth Immortal was about to begin.

Outside the competition arena, the audience burst into heartfelt waves of cheer.

Seeing this scene, any cultivator would be moved from the bottom of his heart.

As the head of the Ten Thousand Arts sect, one of the most powerful cultivators in the world, Supreme Tian Lun enjoyed great prestige in Nine Regions, which was far ahead from the rising stars such as Wang Lu and Qiong Hua.

Wang Lu\'s reputation was more confined to cultivators below Jindan. Although there were many admirers, they could not lead the mainstream public opinion. Those who really led the trend and occupied high-end positions were the Supremes who had moving-mountains-filling-the-seas great magical abilities.

They usually remained aloof at the top and were not well-known on the bottom. For example, many people would be stunned and unable to speak if asked who was the head of the Ten Thousand Arts Sect. It seemed that their popularity and prestige were much inferior to those of Wang Lu and Qiong Hua.

However, these Supreme made their move, the impact would quickly radiate to every corner of Nine Regions, which many younger stars simply could not compare.

A moment later, the cheers outside the arena gradually subsided.

It was not that people were tired of shouting, nor was Supreme Tian Lun so disturbed that he stretched out his hand to stop it.

But rather, in the small world created by Supreme Tian Lun, there was an unexpected visitor.

He had black clothes and black hair and his body was tall and thin. His manner was like a strange rugged peak, in stark contrast to the handsome and refined Supreme Tian Lun. When he stepped in, he stepped in from outside the arena through the void and appeared three feet in front of Supreme Tian Lun.

And as soon as his foot landed, the mountains and rivers behind him were instantly broken. Half of the mini world was trampled on by his step, but they were instantly reorganized by him. Mountains and peaks rose up in the embrace of the sea of clouds, and from within the sea of clouds one could hear the sounds of nature and immortal sound, which were moving and soul-stirring.

Compared with the busy world of Supreme Tian Lun, the world of this black dressed man appeared aloof and unattainable. The immortal intent was so strong that it made people feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Calculation Immortal, Lu Biechen.

For most of the audience outside the arena, this was the first time they saw this ancient Earth Immortal known as Calculation Immortal. At first, people thought that he would be similar to that of Food Immortal, meaning that although the world immortal was in his name, he had no powerful magical ability. However, the moment they saw him, especially when they saw him broke and reorganized half of the mini world with his step, they knew that this would be a tough match.

Although this man did not appear as often as Bai Ze and Xuan Mo, his magical abilities were probably stronger than them! This was the first top rank powerful opponent that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal had encountered so far!

Thus, people were naturally worried about Supreme Tian Lun.

"They were worried about you."

On the competition arena, the black-haired Calculation Immortal suddenly smiled slightly.

"Their fears are justified because you have no more than twenty percent chance of winning this match."

With that, he took a step forward. Immediately, the whole world behind him also went forward. The ground under the feet of Supreme Tian Lun was eroded and swallowed up, turning into dazzling clouds as well as strange peaks. Moreover, the erosion momentum never stopped. After Lu Biechen stopped his step, it still moved forward with inertia and engulfed more space.

Supreme Tian Lun frowned slightly, and the wheel behind him slowly rotated. Thousands of colorful light streams penetrated through the gap of the wheel, stabilizing his side of the world and beginning to push back toward the other side.


Hundreds of thousands of people outside the stadium felt their hearts beating again and again, as if it was caused by a strong force. Moreover, there was a tremendously loud voice in their ear.

However, all this was just an illusion. There was no sound in the arena, and even if there was, it would not be transmitted out of it. The confrontation just now was the result of the collision of two unimaginable big magical abilities.

"Um… If I remember it correctly, this match is supposed to be about calculation, right? Then why do the two of them seem to be fighting for their lives?"

Among the audience outside the arena, a young cultivator puzzledly asked his Master.

His Master sighed. "They are competing against each other in calculation. What they are now calculating is all the things in the world, i.e., their fortune. Who counts more would take more space, which would squeeze the other\'s world. It\'s not a brute force at all. This level of competition is something that you and I could not figure out."

The disciple nodded his head, but when he looked at the situation in the arena once again, he could not help but worry. "But, Supreme Tian Lun seems to be no match for the opponent."

While he was saying that, Tian Lun had taken two steps back. Although it was only two steps, each step covered thousands of rivers and mountains, making the world of Calculation Immortal Lu Biechen expand sharply.

The gap between a Supreme and an Earth Immortal seemed to be clear at a glance.

However, at this moment, in this fierce world confrontation, there was the sound of the sole of the feet landed on the ground.

The young man in red and white robe grandly appeared at this time.