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"Senior Brother, you don\'t need to say it anymore, in my heart, I already know it."

On a full moon night, a martial brother and sister were standing quietly under a mottled tree, hugged by its shadow.

The Junior Sister raised her head, letting her beautiful visage faced the moonlight, which made her look as white as jade, perfect and flawless. It was just that, her long eyelashes were trembling slightly, showing that her heart was actually shaking.

"Ai, after all, it\'s a matter of great concern to the entire Nine Regions. You, me, and anyone couldn\'t do it alone. Although my heart couldn\'t bear it, I could only reluctantly let you."

"It\'s all right, Master told me that Senior Brother would never harm me and wanted me to listen to you. Whatever you wanted me to do, I will do it. So… I will go all out in the next match!"

The girl said as her eyes gradually turned firmer. Her clear eyes showed the same coldness as a sword.


Wang Lu didn\'t say much, to say more would be superficial. Two days ago, a letter was sent to Liu Li who was training in Royal Soldier Sect, was it not to invite her to participate in the match? Was the grand feast in the Full Mountain Red Restaurant not a farewell feast?

Tomorrow, Wang Lu would once again fight against the Earth Immortal in the Full Mountain Red Restaurant. The same type of match in the Food Category of Cultural Events. It did not, however, require the contestants\' ability in testing the food, but instead, it would test their endurance in eating.

The opponent was also a Food Immortal, but the contestant that Wang Lu prepared to send was not Aya who had the power of a Supreme and once defeated a Food Immortal, but the somewhat unknown Jindan Stage cultivator Liu Li.

But the hardships of this match was actually higher than that of the previous one. After obtaining the victory over the Food Immortal in the last match, she was only extremely exhausted, but in this match… regardless of the outcome, it might cause negative psychological effects on the participants.

To date, Wang Lu had always spoiled Liu Li the most, so, letting her made this kind of risks and even sacrifices, was really unbearable for him to say it. But there were too many advantages to send her to the match, and there was really no other choice.

First, the special physique of Liu Li was too suitable for this match. In the whole Nine Regions, perhaps no more than mere five people were more suitable than her.

Second, letting Liu Li experience this hard fight could better illustrate the selflessness of Wang Lu as the chief planner. In order to further calm the noise from the public opinion.

Third, the mental state of Liu Li was clear, so it was difficult for the match to leave a psychological effect. Even if she was hurt, it would be easy for her to recover

Fourth… he hadn\'t seen her for a long time, and thus he really missed her.

Finally, after touching Liu Li\'s head, Wang Lu took a deep breath and began to calculate the various arrangements for tomorrow\'s match.

"If you want to win, in addition to Liu Li, you have to use the strength of another person. However, if she ended with negative psychological effects, then you would be guilty of a great crime, so you have to seriously consider some excuses. Oh, almost forgot, this match is of great importance and needs media momentum. After the downfall of the leader of the Heavenly Book Building, I was able to use the media resources…"


The next day, there was a crowd of people outside the Full Mountain Red Restaurant; more than one hundred spectators had come to watch the match. For a marginal event held in the Human Area, this was already the limit—the area surrounding the restaurant simply could not hold any more people, no matter how many people were there in the Human Area.

Outside the restaurant, the audience had set up the banners early. The flowers and fireworks were layered together, making the Full Mountain Red Restaurant worthy of its name. Many of the audience, the closest to the restaurant had come a few days ahead of the schedule, in order to seize the favorable position to watch Wang Lu at close range—although everyone knew that Wang Lu was not the contestant, to be able to watch him as the host of the match was enough to satisfy many fans.

Nowadays, Wang Lu\'s polarity was so high. Not only he was highly sought after among cultivators below Jindan Stage, but also among many Yuanying and Deity Stage seniors.

Before the start of the match, under the banner of Mysterious Sky Mansion, the most influential newspaper reporter, a young male cultivator with a pretty face, came to the entrance of the restaurant through the transmission array in the building, began to record the grand occasion, and interviewed the audience one by one.

"There\'s still about two hours before the match starts, and the surrounding area is completely crowded with people. It is said that the price on the black market for the position closest to the hall has already risen above ten thousand spirit stones and even no price at all! The people who had grabbed the position are reluctant to sell it all! So, these early arrivals here, the audience nearest to the venue was undoubtedly making a lot of money. Now let me interview them for you."

"Hello! Are you coming here to watch the match?"

The reporter was holding writing utensils as he asked an old man who was in the front row.

That old man raised his head and glanced at him. "What nonsense are you talking about? If it\'s not to watch the game, am I here to buy breakfast?"

Although the old man\'s tone was fierce, when the young man saw his face clearly, that young man was shocked. "Ancestor Yan He? It\'s you! Are you also coming here to see Wang Lu\'s game?"

There was a burst of exclamation around them. Ancestor Yan He was quite a prestigious expert among Deity Stage cultivators. His middle-level Deity Stage cultivation base made it difficult for him to show his power in this Grand Competition, but he once single-handedly eliminated seven great demons on the banks of Prolong River, which shocked Nine Regions.

Such a senior actually became one of Wang Lu\'s fans? Had Wang Lu\'s popularity reached to such extent?

"Humph, who wants to see the performance of the younger generation? I\'m here for my granddaughter!" Ancestor Yan He said with a helpless face, "That girl is currently cultivating in seclusion, so she insists me to come here to ask for his signature for her! Instead of looking up to me, her grand Deity Stage grandfather, she was actually obsessed with that Jindan Stage kid, she has truly lost her old grandfather\'s face!"

After venting out his anger, he directly turned his back and never paid any attention to the young reporter.

The young reporter laughed and then turned his attention to others.

"Excuse me, are you all here to watch the game?"

The five girls who were interviewed laughed in unison and said, "We\'re all here to cheer for Wang Lu! Wang Lu, we will always love you!"

The reporter said, "I believe Daoist Master Wang Lu could feel the enthusiastic support from the audience and would be deeply touched. But today\'s contestant is, after all, someone else, so we would also like to cheer for that person. Okay, with this opportunity, do you have anything to say to Wang Lu? Either cheer or expectation is okay."

One of the girls boldly said, "Wang Lu, I want to give you a baby!"

The reporter forced out a smile and was about to speak when he heard the sarcastic sound from another group of girls from a distance, "A little toad b*tch wishes to eat a swan!"

The young girl in front of her clearly heard that and immediately flew into a rage. "You\'re the little b*tch, your whole family is a little b*tch!"

Another group of fans from another side was not polite either. "Does the little b*tch refuse to accept it? You\'re just deluding yourself! You don\'t even deserve to lick Wang Lu\'s shoes! You\'re basically of a different species!"

The young girl who bore the impetus of the ridicule was very angry. "I\'m going to fight you!"

Seeing that riots were about to happen in front of the Full Mountain Red Restaurant, the reporter\'s eyes shone with delight. He quickly picked up his writing utensils to write the description and then took out the video equipment, ready to record this scene faithfully.

However, very quickly, the reporter found out that there were waves of astonishing cheers in the crowd that surrounded the Full Mountain Red Restaurant. From the outside to the inside, from far and near, deafening waves of cheer came one after another!

The reporters clearly heard that the tens of thousands of people were shouting the same name in unison.

"Wang Lu! Wang Lu! Wang Lu!"

The two words, Wang and Lu, just like the peaks and valleys, came in turbulent cascades, which swept people away and made them lost their sense of direction… Many otherwise calm audiences were ignited by the atmosphere and chanted along.

Seeing this scene, the reporter felt amazed. A young Jindan Stage cultivator who had been cultivating for less than thirty years could actually gain such a high reputation in the City of Immortal! Such a thing was scarcely seen in the history of the entire Nine Regions.

Of course, in terms of young and famous, there were several people who were more famous than Wang Lu. From his first step in the world of immortal cultivation to his ascension, Immortal Qin traversed the world for twenty years. At his peak, his Immortal Tea was able to tie the hands of the crowd of heroes. But… Even Immortal Qin could never have accomplished so many great achievements in Jindan Stage.

At this time, Wang Lu still bore a lot of controversies, but anyone had to admit that the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had already been inseparable from him.

When the reporter thought of this, he sighed softly and then added a few more words on his note.

"At the moment, it\'s only the beginning of a marginal event with less than ten points, I think I\'m witnessing the opening ceremony of a new era."


"Hahaha, thank you all for coming here!"

Amidst the cheer, Wang Lu landed leisurely from mid-air, waved his hands to the audience around him, and then, from time to time, took out a stack of signatured photos from his mustard seed bag and threw them away, triggering a riot among the girls below… Beside him, Liu Li in her usual gorgeous colorful dress, squatted on a flying sword and looked down at the frenzied atmosphere with interest.

"Senior Brother, are they coming to cheer for me?"

Wang Lu smiled and said, "Do they know you? Of course, they all come to cheer me up. By the way, seeing how many female fans that I have, do you have something on your mind?"

"Um, no." Liu Li asked curious, "What do you think I should think?"

"Mm, what you think now is right, except for the competition, you don\'t need to be distracted by other things… Do you still remember what I said before?"

Liu Li nodded. "Just enjoy the food, nothing else needs to be cared about."

"Correct, enjoy as much as you can."

Wang Lu patted the girl on the shoulder and then landed on the ground with her.

The moment they landed, in front of the restaurant, the crowd was automatically separated, revealing a spacious passage that pointed directly to the entrance of the restaurant. Behind the entrance was the familiar open hall, which hung a banner written by the owner of the restaurant himself.

"Warmly celebrate the dark cuisine competition held in Full Mountain Red Restaurant!"

At the same time as the gate was opened, a strange smell that shocked one\'s internal organs came from the kitchen around the main hall.