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"H-How is this supposed to work?"

It was only a tea time after the food competition began that Aya already fell into confusion.

She had never heard of this kind of competition. She had to find some deliberate flaws left by

the chefs from the dishes and win the competition by accumulating five hundred points.

The rules were not hard to understand. The difficult thing was about, what role could she play in

this kind of competition?

When it came to culinary judgment, she already had quite an extensive experience. In his stay

in Nine Regions for many years, out of hobbies, she had tasted a lot of food… thus, it was not

wrong to say that she was a food expert.

However, the opponent was the \'Food Immortal\'.

In a cup of tea\'s time, the other side had already got eight points in succession. Most of the

food, as long as they passed through his mouth, he could immediately tell even their slightest

defect accurately.

"Well, previously, this shiitake mushroom hasn\'t been soaked enough. Though it doesn\'t affect

the taste much, it is ultimately defective. In addition, the water quality of this soup is not up to

standard, is it deliberately mixed with well water? It\'s not actually that much, just a spoonful."

Wang Lu nodded. "Food Immortal, you get another point."

Hearing Wang Lu\'s score announcement, Aya was even more at a loss.

Could such defects be picked out? He was indeed worthy to be an ancient Food Immortal! If it\'s


Aya looked down at the char-fried meat on the plate. A third of the dish had been eaten, but she

still couldn\'t tell where the flaw was.

The taste seemed to be a bit heavier and the meat seemed to be fried a bit longer, but to say

conclusively without a doubt that these were the defects, Aya actually didn\'t dare to say it.

Because it was the best char-fried meat that she had ever tasted. Better than any experience

she\'d ever had in Nine Regions. By rougher standards, it was perfect, so how could there be


While he was hesitating, the Food Immortal had completed the tenth appraisal. And after

reporting the defect, the Food Immortal turned to look at Aya and then asked, "Are you really

sure you want to choose her as my opponent? She doesn\'t even know how to judge food, this

kind of useless person would only reduce this old man\'s appetite."

Then, ignoring Aya, whose cheeks were already flushed with anger, Food Immortal said to

Wang Lu, "I think it\'s better for you to personally come out and compete with me."

Wang Lu laughed and said, "Me?"

The Food Immortal pointed at Wang Lu with his greasy finger. "I heard that you are a person

with versatile talent, you have good attainment in anything. Moreover, in the past month, we

have won many battles and took many victories. As the Chief Planner of the Union of Ten

Thousand Immortals, you have always been silent all the time. Yet, today you suddenly appear,

so presumably, you want to win a game to reverse the unfavorable situation of the Union of Ten

Thousand Immortals. Thus, in this battle, you have to win and must not lose, and therefore, you

ought to have an assurance to win! And this assurance couldn\'t possibly be her, right?"

With that, he took a sip of tea and laughed again. "Moreover, how could you let a beautiful

young girl lose face on the field while you just watch by the side?"

When Wang Lu heard this, he could not help but sigh. "Senior Food Immortal, it seems that your

big mouth is not only good at eating, but also good at provoking. Yes, if possible, of course, I

want to personally come forward to grasp the victory myself, pinning the hope of everyone as

well as mine on myself. And I did have a lot of experience in food tasting. Unfortunately,

because of not enough effort, I realized that I could never compete with the expert in this. Food

tasting requires talent, to love the food from the soul, not just the taste and the smell. If it\'s a

competition in theory, especially after training, I am confident that I could compete with anyone.

But what is the use of pure theory? True masters could surpass my learning just by intuition, not

to mention the world-class masters who interpret the dining table as a battlefield."

The Food Immortal merely let out a laugh. Wang Lu\'s unwillingness to fight was as expected.

His invitation to Wang Lu a moment ago was just to shake Aya\'s confidence.

However, very quickly the Food Immortal frowned.

Because on the opposite table, Aya revealed a look of someone who suddenly had an

enlightenment. She said, "The meat is added a bit more salt, and the beef type is deliberately

chosen wrong, which results in a slight deviation of the meat quality!"

Wang Lu nodded. "One point for Aya."

At this time, the Food Immortal suddenly realized what happened and scolded himself for being

muddled. Why would he want to provoke Wang Lu if everything was going well for him?

Wang Lu\'s remark just now sounded like an excuse for not coming forward, but in fact, he was

signaling Aya, telling her the correct way to judge food!

Although he didn\'t know why they didn\'t make this preparation before the match, one the match

started, Wang Lu could not interfere with the match for any reason. And it was also forbidden for

Wang Lu to warn… However, just now, he took the initiative to talk to Wang Lu, so Wang Lu

immediately took the opportunity of talking, to tell Aya the key to the match!

However… that Western Continent girl did indeed have some abilities. It could be seen that she

had no experience in tasting food and was only interested in food itself. She was very young in

both knowledge and means. But… it was not easy to recognize the flaws of the Chared-Fried

Meat. The salt was just a cover, the real difficulty lied in the meat quality identification! The extra

salt was just to obscure some of the meat\'s taste, making it difficult to tell if the chef actually

chose another kind of beef.

It could be said that this was a trap carefully designed by the chef. Even he, the Food Immortal

took a bit of time to find the details of the dish, after smelling the scent and then restored the full

flavor of the dish with the common sense of immortal method. For an average foodie, this was

already a very difficult problem.

And was Aya\'s ability to successfully advance through such difficulties a talent? Or...

While he was still astonished, Aya had successfully told the flaws of two dishes in succession.

"That was fast!"

After Wang Lu\'s instruction, Aya seemed to have been awakened and quickly completed the

tasting of all kinds of delicacies in a completely incomprehensible way. It was as fast and as

accurate as the Food Immortal. Any food only needed to be touched by the tip of the tongue and

the pros and cons of the food became clear and plain. The Food Immortal cast a glance at it

and immediately became dazed.

Because it was totally unreasonable! She did touch them with her tongue, but it was in the

wrong place! For example, just now that Fire Turtle dish, whose flavor essence was at the

bottom tip of the center. Once they tasted that point, they could have a comprehensive

understanding of the whole dish. However, what Aya tasted was in its opposite direction!

And then she gave the right answer: A negligible seasoning was deliberately misplaced during

the seasoning.

Someone cheated!

This was the first reaction of the Food Immortal because such a scene was beyond his

understanding… Of course, instead of using the opposite direction, he could see the problem

without even using his tongue, but he was the Food Immortal, what of Aya then?

Nevertheless, the cheating accusation did not come out because he was the Food Immortal.

Not only he was the number one foodie in the world, but his cultivation base was also

world-shaking. From the beginning until the end, he could not see where the two people could

have cheated at and thus could not open his mouth to criticize them.

However, a moment later, a more horrific scene appeared.

In order to make up for the nearly ten points gap in the previous period, Aya began to speed up

her food tasting. She reached out with chopsticks and picked up a fried eggplant, and then…

shook it in front of her mouth and before her tongue could reach out to taste it, she threw it

aside and eagerly said the answer, "The oil used is wrong!"

Wang Lu immediately nodded. "A score for Aya."

The Food Immortal slapped the table and stood up in anger.

However, the moment he stood up, he suddenly found something.

Aya\'s concentration was extraordinary.

Although her action seemed a bit hasty, but from the beginning until the end, the girl\'s eyes

shone, her breathing was steady, and her focused stance was similar to as if she was facing an

opponent worthy of her vigorous effort.

If this was cheating, her acting skill was a bit too realistic. However, after all, the Dao of good

food ultimately needed skill and experience, so how could she possibly do it just by relying on

concentration alone? Except...

Suddenly, the Earth Immortal thought of a possibility.

Could it be that she was just guessing?

A talented warrior could see the future direction of the fight from the complex environment in

battle, almost as if it was a foreknowledge. And Aya\'s posture at this time was more like a

warrior than a foodie!

Thus, she could tell a good dish from a bad one without using her tongue? In theory, it seemed

to make sense, but, was there really such a thing?

While he was still in shocked, the Food Immortal found out that the gap between him and the

other side was only five points.

Ah well, now is not the time to pay attention to the other side. Since she has the ability to

compete with me, then… I need to be a bit more serious.

When the Food Immortal got serious, his food tasting speed was incredibly fast, which

immediately threw off Aya again.

Soon, the first batch of thirty dishes in front of the Food Immortal had already been tasted by

him. At this time, from the nearby kitchen, a dozen chefs brought out thirty new dishes. Food

Immortal smoothly identified the flaws of the first fifteen dishes. However, when it came to the

sixteenth dish, sliced fish with vinegar, Wang Lu shook his head. "Unfortunately, you could not

score a point."

The Food Immortal was stunned, could not score?

According to the rules, there were many flaws in a dish. If one could not mention all the flaws,

one would not get the score. This meant that the Food Immortal had yet to find all the flaws.

Was it because after tasting more than forty dishes in succession, his taste bud became numb?


Did the difficulty begin to imperceptibly rise?

As the Food Immortal, the resilience of his Earth Immortal\'s body was far from that of a normal

human being. Even the most stimulating dishes could not numb his foodie\'s tongue. The only

problem was that the difficulty had been raised, and it was no longer possible to identify the

flaws easily.

Thereupon, the Food Immortal immediately picked another piece of fish and tasted it. Suddenly,

there was something else in his heart.

In terms of taste, he did not intend to change his own answer. But, outside the taste...

"The chef who cooked this dish was in a gloomy mood and thus contaminated the dish with it."

Wang Lu laughed. "You are indeed the Food Immortal, that is indeed correct. The wife of the

chef who cooked the dish had just died a few days ago. Unfortunately, you could no longer get

the score for this dish. Please start tasting the next dish."

The Food Immortal nodded and then sighed internally.

My goodness, this foodie\'s challenge was indeed interesting. The difficulty kept increasing and

gradually entered an unthinkable situation. After tasting more than forty dishes, he was asked to

guess the psychological health of the chef! If this thing continued, when it came to the four

hundredth dish, would it involve the failure of the eighteenth generation ancestor of the chef?

However, the more of that happened, the more interesting the competition would be.

The Food Immortal looked at Aya on the opposite table and his competitive spirit was furiously