Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain - Chapter 643 Writing This Kind of Xx Plot at the Night Right Before the New Year as a Single Dog...

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"Senior Brother, let\'s do this jade flute together this afternoon. I only read it in the book before. I thought it was just fabricated by the author, but a friend of mine who is a chef said that it could be made. I think it\'s worth giving it a try."

"Oh my goodness, it\'s rare for a person who never washes dishes like you to be interested in doing the housework! However, I understand your kind intention, please put down the kitchen knife."

"Hey, put down the kitchen\'s knife? Don\'t tell me you want my hand to tear? Well, it\'s not impossible either, after all, the slimmer the hand, the more delicate the craftsmanship is…"

"No, no, no, Junior Sister, please step away from the kitchen, just leave the rest to me."

Wang Wu was shocked. "Why? Senior Brother, when did you learn how to cook?"

Ouyang Shang shrugged his shoulders. "To be honest, I never learned it seriously."

"Then why do you want to take away my work?"

"In order to survive." Ouyang Shang said seriously, "Although I don\'t have any good cooking skill, at least I have the ability to cook non-toxic harmless food."

Upon hearing this, Wang Wu sneered. "Oh? That means the food that I cook is poisonous and harmful?"

"Yesterday, I basically didn\'t eat the twenty-four bridges bright moonlight that you did. I just put it in the jade box to preserve the evidence. You might as well taste it personally to see if it\'s non-toxic and harmless. By the way, the chef that you often mention that gave you all kinds of inspirations must have f*cking come from the Ten Thousand Poison School, right?"

"Tsk, she is from a true royal clan in the Western Continent, and she has been serving as the main chef in the key restaurant of a top sect of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals since she was young, how dare you doubt her craftsmanship!"

Ouyang Shang said, "Otherwise, should I doubt my own tongue and IQ? Moreover, if her recipes are really reliable, why didn\'t you eat that twenty-four bridge bright moonlight last night?

Wang Wu said, "Because I want to give you all my love!"

"Please give yourself at least a little bit of self-esteem and self-respect."

"Humph! All in all, you just don\'t love me enough."

"Sorry, it\'s just because of my love for you that I don\'t have the heart to let you be a widow, that\'s why I won\'t eat that suicide stuff."

Outside the arena, countless spectators gaped as they watched the fight unfold in a direction that no one had ever anticipated.

The fight between the illusionary child and Wang Wu was initially a fast-paced confrontation, with great twists and turns. However, when the illusionary child used his illusion as a psychological attack, the rhythm of the fight changed greatly, becoming wearisomely peaceful.

After the initial brief fight, the two people in the arena seemed to have completely forgotten the opposition to each other\'s standpoints. They began to chat, reminisce about the past, and get carried away with their emotion. The two then worked together to built two wooden huts beside a stream and then lived as neighbors.

The pace of life of the two was very stable. Because the cultivation base of the two of them was Jindan Stage, they were able to stay self-sufficient without the need of livestock cultivation. Ouyang Shang was adept at five element spell, so their daily utensils could be manufactured by himself. When they had their mood, they would go out and hunt in the forest, which was highly simulated in the fighting arena. There were all kinds of rare birds and animals in the forest, which could be used to cook dishes.

Today, the two were arguing about improving the taste of the dishes. Although there were arguments, there were actually more words that exuded tender feelings that made people feel bored. Wang Wu, Ouyang Shang… even blind people could see that the deep fetters between them and sincere feelings for each other.

It was just that, the more affectionate they were, the more confused the audience was.

What was the illusionary child waiting for?

At present, Wang Wu was undoubtedly immersed in the illusion and had completely fallen into the dream of the resurrected Ouyang Shang. Then why did the illusionary child not take the opportunity to win the fight?

Why keep the illusion going and let the couple show their intimation every day?

In this point, even many of his Earth Immortal teammates could not see through.

"What is he doing? It\'s been a month! If he can\'t do it, then just give up! This is just a waste of time!"

Because this fight was not in the plan at all, in order not to jeopardize the whole event, initially both sides tacitly waited for the end of this fight before the Grand Competition would officially begin. At that time, dozens or even hundreds of fights would be held simultaneously to save time.

However, no one expected that this fight would last for a whole month; moreover, there seemed to be no sign of ending at all!

"What is he doing, is he trying to help the opponent to delay time?

"Be patient! He has his reason for doing this."

As a close friend to the illusionary child, the Earth Immortal who looked like a young girl, Qin Yin, stood up and cried out, "Can\'t you guys see that in this whole month, Wang Wu has never put down his vigilance? She looks like she\'s pulled deep into the illusion, but which one of you has ever seen her put down her Mysterious Frost Sword? She and that man seem to have a very close relationship, but have you guys ever seen them do the deed even once in this whole month? They have not held hands even for once!"

Upon hearing this, people were shocked, and when they recalled it, they realized that it was true! In this month, the two of them seemed intimate, but they always maintained a delicate distance. If at this time the illusion was put down and the illusionary child made a surprise attack, then it would be difficult to achieve the desired result.

"However, it is only a step closer. Wang Wu\'s psychological defense would soon collapse." Qin Yin\'s face turned cold. "No matter how much resistance she has in her heart, her feelings for that person are too deep."

At the same time, after finishing a plain food, Wang Wu looked at Ouyang Shang as he cleaned the tableware with his five element spells, and suddenly said.

"Senior Brother, do you remember what Uncle Ling Bao said when I first met him when I just entered the sect?"

Ouyang Shang said, "Of course I remember—damn, are Elder Chuan Tong\'s dog eyes blind? How could he accept such a worthless person as a disciple? For this kind of people, let alone soar to immortality, she couldn\'t even have any hope to reach Yuanying in her entire life. To let her in for what? Just for doing some odd jobs here?"

"Humph, because of those words, at that time, I hated him for twenty years."

"Uncle Ling Bao has always been like that, he never knew how to shut his mouth. At that time when he gave his own son spiritual root appraisal, he also shouted that this kind of mediocre spiritual root fool simply defiled his noble lineage, and most likely that his son was stolen by his wife from outside…"

"Ah, I remember, and then he was beaten by his wife so hard that he couldn\'t take care of himself for a long time, right?"

"Yeah, his wife, Ling Yun, came from Royal Soldier Sect and was over fifty years older than him, and also had a whole level higher cultivation base. Thus, domestic violence was a common occurrence… but, Uncle Ling Bao is actually not bad, and there\'s no need to hate him."

"Of course not. When the disaster happened in that year… for some time, I was separated from the main team. During that time, I met with a powerful demon whose cultivation base has reached peak Deity Stage. When I was about to die at the hands of that demon, it was Uncle Ling Bao who rushed pass and perished together with it, so that I survived."

"It turns out it was him."

"I always thought that he really didn\'t like me. But on that day, he stood out like that and died like that. He never said a word to me or even looked at me… But I finally realized that I had hated someone that I shouldn\'t hate for so many years."

"... And then?"

"And then, after the disaster ended, I wanted to go to Royal Soldier Sect to find Elder Ling Yun, but the people of Royal Soldier Sect told me that when Uncle Ling Bao died, Elder Ling Yun committed suicide in the name of love. She spent most of her life fighting and arguing with Uncle Ling Bao, and often showed disgust about Uncle Ling Bao\'s weak cultivation base. Moreover, she usually spent most of her time in her mother\'s house with the child, yet no one in the world loved Uncle Ling Bao more than her."

"Yeah, otherwise, how could a rare talented woman from a noble family, who had a great future in Royal Soldier Sect, deign to lower herself to marry a boy who was still unknown at the time? Alas, the Fallen Immortal disaster is indeed heartbreaking."

Wang Wu said, "Yes, but we have all survived and didn\'t fail to live up to your expectation, Big Brother."

"I know you guys didn\'t. It\'s just that, I regret that I failed to accompany you through that difficult journey," Ouyang Shang said, put the last dish in the cabinet, and then raised his head, looking at the bright and clear artificial moon on the arena.

"More… regretfully, I couldn\'t really be with you. I\'m sorry that I couldn\'t go along with you to cut through the thorns on the immortal cultivation path for you. I\'m sorry that I could only spend this wonderful time with you in this illusion. I regret that I still have too many words in my heart but I don\'t have the time to say it. I regret that… you and I are very close right now but actually as far apart as the horizon."

With that, Ouyang Shang shook his head with a self-mockery and sighed. "Junior Sister, I actually very much want to hug you, but it\'s already impossible."

Wang Wu softly said, "Me too… in this more than one hundred years, there is not a single moment that I don\'t expect you to reappear before me, even if I have to pay the price."

Ouyang Shang said, "I\'m glad to hear that you\'ve always remembered me, but I\'m more happy to see you move away from the memory and see that you didn\'t make silly choices. In this way, it would not be in vain for me to work hard to suppress the illusion technique for you in this resurrected form."

Wang Wu smiled and let out a laugh. "That fool thought that only by perfectly simulating a person could the opposite party put down the vigilance, but he didn\'t think that if that person is perfectly simulated by him, what if that person is far beyond his control? Using the illusion technique to enslave you, he thought too highly of himself."

Ouyang Shang said, "But, I am now almost at my limit. So… it\'s time to say goodbye."

"Alas, only in times like this that time would pass so quickly."

"Is there anything else you want to tell me for the last time?"

Wang Wu said with a smile, "For more than a hundred years, I\'ve finished saying all the words that I want to say to you in front of your grave. You can go back and have a good memory of those. You, on the other hand, is there anything else you want to tell me?"

Ouyang Shang slightly touched his chin embarrassedly. "I just have one question, just treat it as I\'m being gossipy. I\'m curious about who the person that helped you out of the shadow?"

Wang Wu\'s smile became even more brilliant. "You could see that I already have someone new that I love? Why don\'t you guess it?"

"Em, probably a young guy who is as handsome and talented as me?"

Wang Wu shook her head.

"Tsk, it wouldn\'t be an uncle often with a cold and cool look, right? Your taste should not degenerate so badly to that point, right?"

Wang Wu continued to shake her head, her expression was clearly somewhat angry.

"Wrong guess? Damn it, wait a minute, I want to confirm one thing first. Is it a man or a woman?"

Wang Wu silently put her hand on the hilt of the Mysterious Frost Sword.

"Well, I can\'t guess it, so you\'d better directly tell the answer." Ouyang Shang revealed a giving up expression, and at the same time, his figure began to disappear little by little starting from his feet.

This the-guest-act-as-host illusion technique had finally come to an end. Seeing that his tactic was ineffective, the illusionary child began to take the initiative to lift the illusion.

Wang Wu chuckled. "Actually it\'s close to what you guessed at first. He is a handsome and talented young man."

Ouyang Shang said, "Where is the difference?"

"The only difference is he\'s not like you, but rather more handsome and talented than you!"

"Damn! Stop joking okay! Someone who is more handsome and talented than me would only be the one-hundred-years-after me!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Wu was slightly shocked. "You\'re kind of self-convinced! But…"

While speaking, she took two steps forward toward Ouyang Shang and then touched her cherry lips on Ouyang Shang\'s cheek.

"But, in my heart, no one can replace you."

Ouyang Shang sighed. "I truly feel that it would be better if there is someone to replace me."

"No need. I feel that by having the two best men in the world, I would have twice the happiness."

Wang Wu gently closed her eyes, unwilling to look at the final scene of Ouyang Shang\'s disappearance.

"Thank you, Big Brother."