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… What a great fist!

When Wang Wu\'s fist went down, the illusionary child\'s peak Jindan Stage body, as well as body protection sword qi, were actually powerless to resist. In an instant, the bridge of his nose broke into small pieces and his mind became dizzy.

Even the martial monks of Bright King Element, who among the Zen Schools, were experts in diamond body, would find it hard to withstand that fist. The illusionary child suspected that if he was hit again several times, the entire illusion would collapse.

However, this was a necessary pain.

The disintegrating the mind illusion technique seldom worked immediately. The evil seed took a long time to take root and germinate. During this period, it was quite normal to be questioned or even tried to be killed the opposite party\'s instinct...

The illusionary child once turned into a son who had been dead for many years in front of the mother. At first, the other party was certainly unmoved. Seeing that it was an illusion, the mother even directly chose to make her move against him. However, under the principle of drips of water could bore a hole in stone given enough time, the other side finally succumbed to the erosion of the illusion, revealing a fatal flaw… At that time, the illusionary child spent a full month, during which, his extreme sufferings were countless.

It was just that, the illusionary child had never imagined that this fight against Wang Wu would be so difficult. Wang Wu, who should\'ve been bound by the demon heart oath to not take the initiative to attack, could actually wield such a powerful fist!

Sure enough, this pair of Master and disciple treated the demon heart oath like sh*t!

After sending out that punch, Wang Wu\'s face was full of joy as she wiped her fist with a handkerchief and said, "Oh, don\'t misunderstand me, I have always obeyed the oath seriously and never hurt people with immortal cultivation skill—except for when I return the damage after I am hurt."

The illusionary child found it funny and ridiculous. I merely greeted you just now and did nothing else, yet I was rewarded with a broken nose!

Wang Wu could see the other side\'s thought and sneered, "Do you think you are innocent? Do you know how badly your illusion has hurt my innocent girl\'s heart?"


The illusionary child had to use a lot of endurance to stop himself from shouting: You f*cking have a girl\'s heart? In my thousands of years of immortal cultivation, I have never heard a pure girl who drinks and gambles!

If it hadn\'t been his thousands of years instinct to maintain the illusion, Wang Wu\'s words alone would\'ve instantly broken the illusion of the illusionary child!

However, the Earth Immortal had the mental state of Earth Immortal. The illusionary child very quickly suppressed his anger and once again immersed his mind in the illusion and gradually let himself enter the world of Ouyang Shang.

Heh, whether she was pure or not, there would always be an infatuated heart in the woman\'s heart. For a person like Wang Wu… this should be especially true.

This kind of person would surely swallow the bait.

"Junior Sister, we haven\'t seen each other for more than a hundred years, as a result, you gave me a big surprise when we met."

In the fighting arena, the youth in a red and white robe casually wiped the bloodstains on his face and then smiled.

"But, I\'m still very happy to see you."

"Damn, this guy is actually…"

Outside the arena, Liu Xian, the second Elder of the Heavenly Sword Hall of Spirit Sword Sect could not help but curse.

That youth in a red and white robe had the exact same tone of voice and look like one hundred and fifty years ago. People could not even find the slightest flaw in the most subtle places.

Even though they all knew that it was just an illusion, they still couldn\'t help but think of that person who meant something extraordinary to everyone.

Even outside the arena, all the Elders of the Heavenly Sword Hall couldn\'t help but have their thoughts drifted away, let alone her who was in the arena.

Everyone knew that the person Wang Wu most liked was their Big Brother. Even when her temperament changed greatly after the disaster, the matter about their Big Brother was always a taboo that should not be brought up in any conversation. It was not until the last few years when Wang Lu came to the mountain that her attitude relaxed slightly.

However, at this moment, the illusionary child resurrected the deceased with his illusion, so no one could guarantee whether Wang Wu could keep her calm.

Liu Xuan turned his head and questioned the Earth Immortal, "Have you guys been planning to imitate such a situation for a long time?"

The best friend of the illusionary child shook her head. "Planned? No one plotted for an insignificant Jindan. He basically doesn\'t know who that person in a red and white robe is, it\'s just the effect of the immortal technique."

"What the hell is this immortal technique?"

The illusionary child indeed did not know Ouyang Shang. Although he had collected some information about her before the fight when Wang Wu beat Bai Ze, his understanding of Ouyang Shang was merely in that there was one such a person in Wang Wu\'s life. The rest were unknown to him. Nevertheless, the illusion of illusionary child was like a mirror, which faithfully reflected the sensitive point in the opposite party\'s heart. It was not that someone had achieved such a perfect illusion, but rather an indelible memory in Wang Wu\'s heart. And the effect of the immortal technique was not only this. Because someone\'s memory would have beautification and modification, the illusionary child could pull in the cause and effect, which further improved the mysterious power on the basis of the other party\'s memory, and ultimately perfectly simulate all the characteristics of the other party.

In a sense, as long as the illusion was maintained, Ouyang Shang, who should\'ve died more than one hundred years ago, was truly resurrected.

"Junior Sister, I understand how hard it is for you to accept this unexpected reunion. But to be honest, after meeting you with great difficulty, I was subjected to domestic violence by you, so my heart is really hurt."

While saying that, Ouyang Shang approached Wang Wu.

Unsurprisingly, Wang Wu once again greeted him with a heavy punch.

And then, Ouyang Shang merged with the ground with a perfect Earth Moving Technique, appeared behind Wang Wu to dodge her, and then wrapped his arms around her, trying to hug her.

As a result, the golden sword qi defense immediately sent him flying away.

"Oh, I haven\'t seen you for more than a hundred years, you have actually cultivated such a brilliant sword technique? Hahaha, you are indeed worthy to inherit my inheritance, making me feel that I didn\'t die in vain."

Wang Wu sighed and said, "You really know how to provoke others in a provocative way, using that face to say such words to me…"

Ouyang Shang thought for a moment. "Junior Sister is right. It\'s such a rare occasion for us to meet each other again, yet what I said was some unspeakable nonsense, no wonder you\'re not happy about it. Very well then, I\'ll be straight with you—it\'s rare for us to meet, let\'s have sex."

"... Court death!"

Wang Wu\'s eyebrows jumped up, the bamboo sword in her hand flashed away, and the cold light of the mysterious frost bloomed out from the palm of her hand.

The figure of a semitransparent silver-haired sword spirit with silver eyes appeared on the nimble sword. She held the sword with both hands and swung it from top to bottom. The freezing-everything cold air, as well as the unstoppable sword qi wrapped each other like a surging tide.

The Mysterious Frost Sword was a middle-rank spiritual treasure. At this time, being fully charged by Wang Wu, its power was already much stronger than that of the one previously made to self-destruct by Wang Lu with the golden seal of the Sect Leader!

However, the cold sword qi was blocked by a lofty mountain. Ouyang Shang had raised his hand and turned the ground upside down. The thick earth element spiritual energy condensed into an indestructible shield, which kept off all the damage.

"Oh, don\'t be angry. Actually, if you carefully think about my proposal, you should realize that this is a great idea. At that time, we only had the time to confess our true feelings, but there was no time to exchange bodily fluids. Thus, life is missing a very important link, isn\'t it? And now, although I was only resurrected because of the illusion, at least, at this moment, I really exist!"

"Ridiculous," Wang Wu said in a cold voice, took back the Mysterious Frost Sword, and sent out the bamboo stick straight toward the lofty mountain of Ouyang Shang, the tip of which submerged into the rock and soil.

The next moment, tens of thousands of bamboo swords burst out from inside the mountain. Wood subdue the soil—the indestructible lofty mountain thus retreated in defeat by the vitality of the emerald green bamboo.

Ouyang Shang didn\'t care. He merely escaped a few miles away with his earth-moving technique.

"Of course, my existence is only temporary. Perhaps when the illusionary child lifts the illusion, I would disappear. But, before that, we have the time to make love, leaving behind the crystallization that would never disappear. Junior Sister, I\'m looking forward to what our child would look like…"

"Shut up!"

The fierce sword light interrupted Ouyang Shang\'s incessant talk, but he soon found the time to speak again.

"Junior Sister, I could understand the resistance in your heart… After not seeing you for more than a hundred years, as soon as we meet, I immediately asked you to make love with me. This kind of boorish animal in heat is indeed too rough, but time and tide wait for no one. Right now, I could still dominate this illusion, but after all, the illusion is the source and I\'m just its derivative, the amount of time that I could exert my dominance is limited, so we might as well do it."

With that, Ouyang Shang took out a tiny porcelain bottle from his pocket.

"This is the life essence that I just extracted a moment ago… quickly integrate it into your body and the yin and yang would combine, which is the supreme principle of the universe. The new life would break away from the realm of illusion, and would no longer be bound by the illusionary child. That child would truly belong to us, and would be the continuation of us!"

Another fierce sword light came and cut through Ouyang Shang\'s thick defense, which had thrown him into confusion.

"Hey, hey, don\'t be so stubborn, this opportunity is really hard to come by… Be careful not to break the porcelain bottle, the life essence is not easy to extract."


Wang Wu suddenly stopped her action, sighed, and then said, "You fool, did you not consider that you could maintain your existence precisely because I didn\'t let you succeed? As long as I don\'t give in, the illusionary child couldn\'t stop the illusion, and this illusory illusion could continue… until I could no longer hold on."

When this statement came out, there was a great outcry outside the arena.

"What\'s wrong with Fifth Junior Sister? Is she going to give up?"

"... I think we shouldn\'t be surprised. For more than a hundred years, she could not put this out of his mind. Moreover, let alone Fifth Junior Sister, if it\'s me, how could I have the heart to cut off the foundation of the existence of Big Brother? Even if I know perfectly well that this is just a dream, it\'s good to be able to dream a bit longer."

"But, Fifth Junior Sister is not such a weak-willed person…"

"That\'s because Big Brother is not here. Imagine if Big Brother could live till the present, how could she become what she is now?"

"... You\'re right, originally, her emotion is actually very simple."

Several Heavenly Sword Hall Elders talked about it and their hearts gradually sank. This time, the other party\'s illusion was too tricky.

Upon hearing their conversation, Feng Yin, who knew more of the inside story, could not help but laugh.

Fifth Junior Sister, you are really cunning, you actually put your own scheme out in the open!

As long as she didn\'t give in, the other party could not stop the illusion, and this illusory reunion would continue until she could no longer hold on.

The problem was, how long would she last?

Feng Yin roughly calculated it through his stellar divination technique and the result was not unexpected.

"Sure enough, it\'s infinite…"