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"W-Wang Wu?"

After the woman in white entered the arena, there were many people who exclaimed in surprise.

"What is she doing going into the arena?"

"Who let her into the arena?"

"A little Jindan, what does she want to show off at this time?"

However, after a moment of doubt, a more supporting voice came.

"Damn brother, don\'t talk nonsense like that. If the others hear that, the rest of us would be implicated… She\'s now not just a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, but also a popular idol in Nine Regions, Murong something-something. There are many fans of her, and there are quite a lot of Supremes among them. If they want to crush us, it would as easy as eating a pie!"

"Tsk, I\'m just telling the truth. Even in front of those Supremes, the fact is she is just a little Jindan, she couldn\'t just presumptuously act without restraint like that?"

"Little Jindan? You, two idiots, do you really think she got her reputation because of her look? The title number one Jindan in Nine Regions came first before her Murong persona became famous! If she is a little Jindan, then there would be no Jindan in Nine Regions! You guys have eyes but unable to see, this Grand Competition actually only happens because of her!"

When the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals first handed over the Grand Competition plan to the Earth Immortals, if there was no Wang Wu who won the fight, the Earth Immortals would not have accepted it. And Wang Wu\'s near-absolute superiority in the fight against Bai Ze also thoroughly established her reputation as the number one Jindan in Nine Regions.

"At present, the three major evaluation halls of Nine Regions classified her strength to be on the Supreme level and ranked her among the top one hundred cultivators, which is comparable to peak Deity! As far as I know, in the Jindan level fight in this Grand Competition, she absolutely ranks as the number one! If you think you are qualified to underestimate her, you might as well find an opportunity to fight her. It is said that based on her temperament, it is easy to have a fight with her. As long as you put a ten thousand spirit stone bet, she would surely find the time to fight with you."

"P-Peak Deity Stage? That\'s impossible, right? She is just a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage. Even if she could cross-stage fight, there\'s no reason for her to be able to cross two stages at once! Moreover, if she really has the power of Peak Deity Stage, how could she lower herself for the sake of ten thousand spirit stones, this…"

"Perhaps it\'s an eccentric hobby of an expert. I heard that Mysterious Sky Mansion once looked for someone to roughly count Wang Wu\'s income rate. Because she\'s an expert in haggling over every penny, her ability to make money is quite good. If all her income in recent decades is counted, it is enough to make her a well-known wealthy person in the entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

"... But I always heard that she\'s poor and destitute. Could it be that her spending ability is particularly good?"

"Compared with her income, her lavish consumption is actually nothing. That\'s why it\'s called the eccentric hobby of an expert. Obviously, she should be very rich, but she still looks destitute. Perhaps she enjoys the taste of being poor."

"... The talented people of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals are indeed abnormal."

While the audiences were arguing endlessly, in the arena, Wang Wu had become somewhat impatient, because no one came out to fight her for a quarter of an hour after she entered the arena, they just looked at her with a stunned look.

Wang Wu restrained her initial posture and slammed the bamboo stick on the ground. "Is there no one here that wants to fight? How could a grand Earth Immortal be so doubtful? If you don\'t think you can beat against me, I can send another one."

The Earth Immortals in the rostrum immediately talked somewhat loudly.

Send another one? That was really a joke. Xuan Mo throwing in the first victory to He Tu was still excusable. After all, the dao of all living beings of He Tu had shaken all of them.

However, that was not a precedent of conceding defeat. How could people who stood up against the immortals more than ten thousand years ago be easily defeated? On the contrary, this second battle was a must-win for them, and all the impact of the first lost must be fully compensated on.

Previously, there were hesitant not because they worried about Wang Wu\'s almost invincible strength in Jindan Stage. Instead, they were discussing whether or not this fight would disrupt the schedule and prevent many matches scheduled later from going on smoothly.

But now, being so provoked, there was no reason for them to not respond. Otherwise, the people fo the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would really think that they, the Earth Immortals, were afraid of them!

Therefore, before long, another person\'s figure appeared in the arena.

"Hey, why it\'s you again?"

Somewhat beyond her expectation, Wang Wu saw Bai Ze. In the past, this defeated person had a cold and indifferent look. But at present, he wore a plain white robe and no longer surrounded by a circle of immortal treasures negation stamps, and his temperament seemed to be much calmer.

After meeting, Bai Ze no longer talked much. He merely said coldly, "The humiliation of the past would be returned a hundred times today."

Wang Wu could not help but quip, "A hundred times? Do you mean it\'s not enough to lose once so you till want to lose another one hundred times? I don\'t mind if you are willing to repeat the scoring, the victory score in this Grand Competition is still very valuable in the Mysterious Sky Mansion."

Bai Ze coldly said, "Empty talk only!"

With that, he no longer cared for her nonsense.

He lifted his hand and immediately the sky was torn and the starlights fell.

"Hey, are you trying to cheat?"

Wang Wu was shocked at the sight of this situation. He tore up the sky with his hands and summoned the light of countless stars. Although it could not be compared with the supreme might of Xuan Mo\'s universe Yin and Yang Divide, it was far beyond the scope of a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage right?

"Heh, why would I need to cheat with ants like you? I\'m just being a bit more serious, that\'s all."

Bai Ze said, and suddenly closed his right-hand palm. In an instant, the countless stars rushed from the cracks in the sky. Like the waves of a great river, the momentum was boundless, and the speed was as fast as lightning. In just a moment, the starlights came down to the ground and instantly engulfed Wang Wu.

A moment later, the light faded, leaving a deep, bottomless, circular hole. There was a faint shimmering on it, which was the ember of the starlights. However, there was no shadow of Wang Wu anymore.

Deadly silence descended on the arena.

The change came so fast that before the audience outside the arena could gather their focus, it seemed that the outcome had already been decided. Many people looked at the pit with incredulous look and mouth opened wide.

What-what just happened?

"Wait a minute, isn\'t this definitely cheating? Wasn\'t the Earth Immortal supposed to suppress their stage in the fight? But how could this be the power of Jindan Stage?"

"Yeah, these Earth Immortals are too shameless!"

"Calm down. Things are not that simple. Although it does seem inconceivable, but if it\'s cheating, there\'s no reason for Supreme He Tu to not speak out about it. So there must be something else in it."

"Something else in it? What else is there? It\'s such obvious cheating…"


As if he was able to hear the questioning voice outside the arena, Bai Ze sneered and then his voice passed through the thousands upon thousands of broadcasting props inside and outside the city.

"The narrow-view ants have always been difficult to understand things beyond their realm. So I\'ll explain it in a way that you could understand. What makes you think we might lose to you at the same level? With your half-baked method and unsightly power? Your chances of winning are nothing more than our inability to adapt to this stage repression and our inadequate command of the scale of our effort. However, how hard do you think it would be for the Earth Immortals to adapt to these little things?"

Bai Ze said as he walked slowly and aimlessly in the arena.

"There are many talented people in Nine Regions and many of you do have impressive strength, such as the number one Jindan in Nine Regions."

With that, Bai Ze pointed to the deep pit near him.

"As far as defense is concerned, she is indeed far beyond the standard of Jindan Stage in the general sense. Her method and cultivation are eye-opening. But, how difficult could it be to derive and create a better method with our ability once we have seen it? Why couldn\'t we do what you weaklings could do?"

With that, Bai Ze stopped, closed his eyes and pursed his lips tightly. His right hand was hanging on the side of his body, clenching and loosening his fist, seemingly to control the aftertaste of the stars just now.

At the same time, there was a deathly silence outside the fighting arena.

What Bai Ze said just now fell into people\'s heart like a heavy hammer.

Why couldn\'t we do what you weaklings could do? Wang Wu could create Non-Phase Method, couldn\'t we create an even more powerful method based on the means of ancient Earth Immortal?

Such a simple truth, why had we never thought of it?

Previously, everyone was only concerned about the strength of the number one Jindan in Nine Regions and rejoicing in her momentary victory. However, they did not think that while the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was in a state of emergency training, how could the ancient Immortals were just idling?

Once the ancient Earth Immortals got serious, how could the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals even have a half chance of winning the battle?

The more they thought about it, the heavier their hearts were, as if there was a mountain pressuring their chest. Even the face of some Supremes on the rostrum looked really ugly.

Until another voice came from the scene.

The voice of Wang Wu.

"Well said, but, you\'re not Bai Ze, right?"

At the same time, Bai Ze suddenly opened his eyes, opened his left hand and held it forward, as if to clutch someone\'s throat.


The palm squeezed the air and gave off an ear-piercing exploding sound. His five fingers clenched into a fist. Though this was a small action, it could actually oppress a wave of energy.

However, after clenching his hand tightly, there was nothing that he wanted in his palm. Instead, it was a green bamboo stick that appeared suddenly. The stick was crystal clear and had a powerful magical power circulation. The clenched hand that could destroy metal and crush stone actually could not do anything to that bamboo stick.

On the contrary, a slender and gentle hand appeared on the back of his neck.

Then it clutched violently.

It was the same strong grip that could destroy metal and crush stone the same as that of Bai Ze. And likewise, this grip was also unsuccessful.

Because the moment the palm clutched the neck, Bai Ze\'s figure shrank by one-third in an instant. The man who originally was half a head taller than Wang Wu had become a child whose height was only between her chest and her abdomen.

The child smiled, his eyes curved into a crescent, and in his hand, there was actually a curved dagger, which he thrust to the back.


The muffled sound of a dagger piercing the flesh came. Wang Wu\'s impenetrable Non-Phase Method actually could not withstand the dagger\'s sharp edge!

However, that Wang Wu who was stabbed then turned into the green bamboo that she previously held while the original bamboo in front of the child turned into the charming woman in white. The woman slightly curved her finger like a curved dagger and then pierced the forehead of that smiling child.


Like broken glass, the body of that child turned into fragments. More than one hundred feet from there, a small tree slightly shook and then turned into a person.

It was that smiling child.

"What a great intuition. Did you see from the beginning that I was fake?"