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"The hell, who are these two people?"

"The body of Supreme He Tu actually consists of two people?"

"Moreover, it\'s a man and a woman. So, does that mean the real gender of Supreme He Tu is… hermaphrodite?"

"F*ck you! Your mother is hermaphrodite!"

"Damn you Shengjing Sect people, why couldn\'t we say it! See that, that\'s obviously a man and a woman!"

Inside and outside the City of Immortals, people who saw the situation in the fighting arena through various channels fell into great shock one after another. The mystery of Xuan Mo\'s great immortal technique, Yin and Yang Divide, might not be clear for everyone, but He Tu\'s body being split into two, the upper and lower parts as male and female, was obvious to all.

It was not uncommon for cultivators to divide themselves into avatars, but it was quite rare to make themselves avatars of a different gender than themselves. After all, every avatar came from the same source. If a man could make two types of avatars, male and female, did that mean there was a female component at the source?

This kind of situation was not actually without precedent, but it was inevitably shocking when it came from the number one person in Nine Regions. Did that mean under the solemn and serious face of Daoist He Tu, there was a delicate female soul?

However, unlike those stunned audiences outside the arena, Xuan Mo, as an ancient Earth Immortal, understood the meaning of the yin and yang avatars of Daoist He Tu.

He Tu was certainly not a transvestite, or had a delicate mind, but rather, he had begun to transcend the human level and set foot on a higher level.

The definitions and concepts of men, women, and gender were only valid for individuals. However, for groups, gender was meaningless. For example, in a village where there were a total of one hundred families, with half the population being men and another half, women. Was this village male or female?

And He Tu was exactly starting to break away from the individual category and ascend into a group. Therefore, only after this Yin and Yang Divide could the complete male and female be separated. The hard and strong male symbolized the pure and dirtless masculine energy, while the feminine and soft female were separated from the yin realm of the primal chaos like a fish back in the water.

"Is this your Dao?"

The avatars of He Tu, which was divided into yin and yang realm, did not reply. But there was no need to. At the peak Unity Stage, a half step away from Mahayana Stage, every move and every word contained its own unique dao. And Xuan Mo, whose stage was half a step higher, was also completely able to interpret this kind of dao.

For a time, Xuan Mo was stunned. However, instead of rushing to make her move, she softly said, "Since ancient time, the immortal path has always been going away from the mortal world, and almost every individual tries to soar to immortality by a realization of the Great Dao of heaven and earth. During this period, they distance themselves from personal feelings. Therefore, it is often said the immortals place themselves far above the common populace and don\'t care it at all. Yet, you are actually doing the very opposite, using the path of all-living-beings to prove the Great Dao… no wonder, no wonder that with your strength, you are still half a step away from Mahayana. You have given up the common immortality!"

Although her voice was not very loud, it sounded like a thunder in the spring, which shocked countless of people inside and outside the City of Immortals.

Supreme He Tu had abandoned the common path of immortality?

He was the number one person in immortal cultivation in Nine Regions. If even he gave up the immortal path, then did that mean… there were serious defects in the current immortal cultivation path?

After the last Age of Chaos, none of the thousands of capable people in Nine Regions was capable to break through the last barrier and soar to immortality… Considering that fact, many people thought and were shocked. Especially those cultivators who had stepped into Unity Stage and had been working hard to reach Mahayana Stage and ascend to immortality, they were even more shocked.

Only those Spirit Sword Sect Elders were just slightly stunned after hearing those words. After hearing this, the eyes of a certain lazy-looking master of Non-Phase Peak flashed, her mouth arched up into a smile, and she nodded slightly.

"Unexpectedly, the old bureaucrat\'s mind is not dead."

On the other side, in the center of the whirlpool, He Tu had no choice but to open her mouth.

"This has nothing to do with the immortal path."

The young man in the Yang realm said, "I am the Sect Leader of Shengjing Sect, the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Therefore, only promoting one\'s own cultivation alone is not my dao."

Upon hearing this, Xuan Mo was startled. "Could not promote one\'s own cultivation alone?"

A moment later, Xuan Mo sighed. "As the leader of hundreds of millions of people, you must shoulder the mission and responsibility of these hundreds of millions of people, so no matter how good the dao of promoting one\'s own cultivation alone is, it would not be the choice? Therefore… you have chosen this kind of path. It turns out to be so. Then, your decision to refine the Nine Regions Map was also due to this consideration, right?"

The two avatars of He Tu nodded and then stopped talking. Each of them began to power up, ready to fight with the ancient Earth Immortal in this Yin and Yang realm.

However, Xuan Mo suddenly raised her hand.

"I didn\'t expect that after more than ten thousand years, there would still be people like you in Nine Regions. In order to express my respect, I will give this round to you."

With that, Xuan Mo\'s figure slowly disappeared from the arena. After she left, the yin and yang realm in the arena disappeared, and the strong and soft energies began to mix again. But it did not return to chaos. Instead, it gave birth to the sun, moon, stars, mountains, and rivers. In the blink of an eye, the previous green mountains and rivers returned.

In a short time, the arena experienced a small universe creation from the primal chaos. However, the overall structure of the arena was not chaotic, and there was no sign of collapse, which made the viewer deeply sigh with emotion toward the means of the ancient Earth Immortal. Xuan Mo\'s Yin and Yang Divide was simply a mysterious technique beyond imagination. But now, it seemed that the person who built this venue was even more brilliant.

However, what was more impressive was the temperament of the ancient Earth Immortal.

"W_What did she say just now? She gave this round to us? She admitted defeat?"

On the rostrum, the old man in red robe was extremely surprised. "Just because of He Tu\'s serious responsibility, she gave up? Isn\'t a bit too much of a child\'s play?"

From the side, Supreme Tian Lun laughed softly and said, "I\'m afraid things are not that simple. There are other reasons for this that, for the time being, we couldn\'t know. Let\'s just wait and see what happens. It\'s not bad to win the first round."

The red-robed old man froze for a moment before turning his gaze to the other side. He saw that on the Earth Immortal side, each of them seemed to have an entangled look, but it didn\'t seem to be a big surprise for them. Obviously, they had also expected that Xuan Mo might choose to give up.

"Heh, Brother Tian Lun, unexpectedly, as the leader of the world famous nerd sect, you are quite worldly."

Supreme Tian Lun smiled again, which actually contained a bit of pride in it. "The so-called human relationship, if deconstructed in details, is nothing more than calculations and choices. As long as we refer to the world\'s various states and formulate tens of millions of formulas, we could compare all the situations that we might encounter one by one, and we could do whatever we want. And, as needed, we could freely switch between various forms of temperament and experience. Whether we want to be worldly or be driven, we could achieve it in an instant. This is a set of method that I was able to accomplish fifty years ago. It\'s a pity that only the primordial spirit of a Supreme could master this method. Otherwise, I would\'ve popularized this earlier and not let the world laugh about my sect\'s lacking in human interaction and the stunted emotional growth."

Upon hearing this, the red-robed old man was startled. "You, Ten Thousand Arts Sect, are all monsters!"

Supreme Tian Lun said, "Cultivators cultivate to immortality should be just like this. Although the Great Dao is one, until the day of soaring into immortality, the immortal path is just like a tree. In the beginning, there\'s no big difference, but the longer it grows and extends, the farther the branches and leaves are. When the cultivation of immortal path reaches its peak, it has long been far from the so-called normal state of ordinary people. The so-called monster is nothing more than a realm that is too high to be understood by ordinary people."

The red-robed old man said with a smile, "You guys, Ten Thousand Arts Sect, have been using this argument since thousands of years ago, stubbornly refusing to admit that you guys are nerds. But, it is indeed unprecedented that you could create a set of social relationship method."

"Fellow Daoist red robe, if you are interested in this, we can continue our discussion tomorrow…"

The two chatted happily and gradually forgot the victory or defeat in the arena. Although the victory of Daoist He Tu in the first battle was important, it did not make the two Supremes worry about it.

On the other side, the Earth Immortals were entirely different. After Xuan Mo stepped into the rostrum from the arena, she apologized. "I\'m sorry, I lost the first battle. But… I really have no way to deal with him."

At this moment, even Bai Ze who liked to castigate people the most did not speak, but just silently turned his back. One of the Earth Immortals who was Xuan Mo\'s best friend and appeared like a young girl came and patted her on the shoulder. "We all understand. If it were me, I would also forfeit. After all... it\'s too alike."

Bai Ze snorted. "Alike my ass!"


The victory in the first battle should be a piece of great news for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

Although the points gained by one victory was insignificant compared to the entire events, as the first battle, the symbolic meaning was much more important. In other words, the victory of He Tu meant that the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, in their peak fighting power, were not as far apart as Earth Immortals as what people imagined.

Yet, few of those who witnessed the battle with their own eyes were happy.

The gap was not that far?

Perhaps… as the number one person in Nine Regions, He Tu having strong cards was not surprising. Over the years, those who had been in contact with him had guessed that he was far more powerful than he looked.

But that was He Tu!

What about everyone else? In the face of the splitting of heaven and earth of the Yin and Yang Divide, how many people could guarantee that they could overcome it? At least, when Xuan Mo used this immortal technique, many Supremes who witnessed everything from outside the arena could not help but have their complexion changed.

For example, Supreme Tian Yue, the famous mad dog of Shengjing Sect... The moment the Yin and Yang were separated, he gawked and his body went stiff. Obviously, he absolutely could not resist the move. Among the Supremes, Tian Yue was famous for his fighting prowess; he did the various dirty jobs of Shengjing Sect, thus his fighting power would absolutely not bring a disgrace to the title Supreme.

If even he was like that, then the other people need not be mentioned. Moreover, they had been dealing with the Earth Immortals for quite some time now, so they more or less knew that among the Earth Immortals, Xuan Mo\'s strength was far from the top!

This time, the other party conceded the victory, but if not, what would happen then?

Sure enough, it was really difficult to win the high-level battle. It was thus the right choice to put the focus on Jindan and Yuanying. However, those Jindan and Yuanying cultivators who were still in training, did they make enough progress?

Thinking of this, many people could not help but feel worry.

However, at this time, on the rostrum, a languid voice, taking advantage of the strategic location, spread over the whole City of Immortals.

"Aaa, I have witnessed a wonderful battle, it makes my emerald green bamboo sword so unbearably hungry. Could it be possible that you guys let me solve this hunger first?"

With that, a woman in white stood up. Completely irresistible, she stepped over the rostrum and into the arena, and then stood in the middle.

An emerald green bamboo was held in her hand. This time, she did not even have a sword, merely a stick-like item.

Naturally, no other people would have such a unique weapon.

"I am Wang Wu of Non-Phase Peak, Spirit Sword Sect, Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, please enlighten me!"

This bamboo-wielding Wang Wu no longer had her previous laziness. Although the weapon in her hand was not really a sword, in both of her eyes, the golden cores rotated, and her sword intent was awe-inspiring!