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Chapter 631: A Good Woman Can Make a Man Go Ten Times Faster

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

"Two days ago, I ask everyone to hold back, so now let me deal with this situation."

With that, Xuan Mo stood up and stretched her arms, as if she wanted to put something in front of her chest.

At the same time, on the other side of the rostrum, the Supremes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals stopped talking and, as if by prior agreement, all looked at Xuan Mo at the same time. Each of them was on alert.

Obviously, the Earth Immortals could not stand it anymore and wanted to take action… but, no matter what their action was, it would never benefit the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Therefore, if necessary, they would not hesitate even if they had to have a frontal confrontation with the Earth Immortals.

However, when the \'swords were drawn and the bows, bent\' 1 , Wang Wu stood up and said.

"Hey, you guys are not going to go crazy and directly intervene with the performance right?"

Xuan Mo chuckled and softly said, "If we don\'t intend to follow the rules, we wouldn\'t have waited for so long. Don\'t worry, it won\'t violate any rules."

As she spoke, the strength that she had gathered in front her chest became stronger and stronger. It was now above the strength of that of any cultivator in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, beyond Unity Stage, even so much as reaching the strength of peak Mahayana Stage.

There was no doubt among the Supremes present that no one could withstand the full explosive power of this strength alone. Thereupon, He Tu, Feng Yin, and the other Sect Leaders of the major sects invariably, as if by prior agreement, connected their magical power to prepare to join forces against the enemy.

At the same time, feeling the momentum from the other side, the Earth Immortals responded in kind. Each of them summoned their immortal treasure or simply chanted. Golden vein lines appeared on the skin and their fighting intent was blazing like fire.

A battle was about to break at any moment.

As the initiator, Xuan Mo reluctantly smiled and said, "Everyone, stop this aggressive stance. Please take back your immortal treasure and pull back your immortal technique. We really don\'t need to waste precious power on each other."

Wang Wu said, "That\'s a good idea, but please explain what does that Genki dama 2 that you gathered in your chest do? Is it used to brighten up the atmosphere?"

Xuan Mo said, "To be clear, I am trying to stop this farce."

"Oh? The rule says clearly that no force can interfere within the field."

Xuan Mo smiled and said, "That is true. But on the other hand… the rule never said that it is not allowed to interfere with the venue itself!"

With that, Xuan Mo finally gathered enough strength, and then a huge force that could shock a region was detonated!

At the same time, several Supremes subconsciously launched their spells to stop it. However, the difference in stage and quality made these spells unable to withstand the power of the energy ball.

Thus, people could only watch as this huge force erupted and wrapped up the whole field in the twinkling of an eye.

However, the force didn\'t penetrate the field. As promised, Xuan Mo indeed did not interfere with the field using external force.

"... What did she do?"

The same problem actually appeared in the minds of the Earth Immortals. Although they were friends who experienced \'life and death\' together in their fight sixteen years ago, as the top cultivators of Nine Regions, each of them more or less had secrets. However, everyone tacitly agreed to not touch these sensitive issues.

Xuan Mo\'s move was actually one of her secret cards. It was just that, what was the meaning of this card?

During the ensuing silence, the red-robed old man suddenly said, "Wait a minute, is this just my illusion or what? Why do I feel that… Wang Lu\'s writing speed seems to be faster?"

"What?" Upon hearing this, the several Supremes beside him looked at Wang Lu intently. They saw Wang Lu bending down on the lawn in front of the desk, writing hard with his wrist and shaking like phantom. The papers flew one by one from the table.

"It seems… a bit faster indeed. But, there\'s nothing unusual about it, right? Perhaps Wang Lu had a breakthrough in his sword intent and thus he couldn\'t help but move the brush like a dragon and forgot to control the time?"

After seeing it for a while, the red-robed old man said with amazement, "It\'s not only Wang Lu who is faster! Look at all the fallen leaves in the woods!"

"That\'s right, the speed of the falling leaves is getting faster! Wait, could it be…"

At this moment, even Daoist He Tu was shocked. "Time warp?"

According to rumor, an immortal technique cultivated to perfection could warp time. Immortal Qin\'s A-Cup-of-Immortal-Tea 3 was one such example. However, in one hundred years of recorded history of Nine Regions, there were only several examples like that miracle immortal tea, which was born in the Prosperous Age.

After the Age of Chaos, the immortal path was in decline. And it was only in the last one thousand years that the decline was slowly reversed. It was impossible to reproduce that kind of immortal power with the people in the current age. Even Daoist He Tu, the one with the highest cultivation base, could only affect the passage of time to a small extent. Moreover, he could not reverse time, but only speed it up or slow it down.

However, at this moment, right in front of them, a huge time warp was happening. Xuan Mo accelerated the time of the entire fighting arena, and it was getting faster and faster!

In the eyes of He Tu and others, the brush in Wang Lu\'s hand seemed to be flying, and his whole person had turned into a vague illusion. On the table, the manuscript paper flowed down like a waterfall and covered the lawn. And the red sun which previously crept slowly from the horizon now climbed up at a speed that could be observed by the naked eye.

"... It is ten times acceleration at least."

Soon, the red-robed old man even calculated the acceleration multiplier of Xuan Mo.

The multiplier was not particularly big, but… this was a time warp that extended throughout the arena and with an unknown duration. To exaggerate a bit, under the current immortal cultivation theory in Nine Regions, this phenomenon was impossible to exist in Nine Regions.

"Is this really legal?" the red-robed old man asked.

"She interferes with the whole site, but the force itself really doesn\'t penetrate the interior of the site. Therefore, Wang Lu didn\'t even notice the abnormality. At most, it\'s just skirting the edge of the line." Wang Wu said, "But when it comes to skirting the edge of the line, how do you judge the things that Wang Lu did? Thus, we don\'t have enough position to blame the other side. We both can play some tricks like this… heh, time acceleration, she is indeed formidable."

"But, only ten times accelerated speed."

Wang Wu inwardly sneered, so what if it\'s ten times faster?

Yes, the length of the super long novel by Wang Lu was not endless. So far, there were already about twenty million characters, which was appalling.

Wang Lu\'s transcribing speed was one hundred thousand characters a day, which was already far above any mortal. Ten times faster meant that it was a million characters a day, and thus, the twenty million characters novel could be transcribed in just twenty days. This might seem a bit long for the ancient Earth Immortals, but it was too short for the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals! Twenty days was far from enough time for those contestants to make a qualitative breakthrough. Wang Lu\'s own expected time was about more than a year.

How to make up for the huge gap between twenty days and a year? It was very simple, by creativity!

Because the novel had not been finished, so far, the plot was completely open. No one knew what would happen next. Thus… After Wang Lu finished copying the existing part, he would simply start his own creation!

As for Wang Lu\'s creative ability, Wang Wu had no doubt about it at all. In the past early few years, when the Master and disciple lived happily together on Non-Phase Peak, it was common for them to mutually cheat each other. And it was often for Wang Lu to write many fan-novels 4 about his Master as a mean of retaliation. In those novels, the plot design was full of fantastical ideas such that even the main character of the novel, Wang Wu, was amazed and could not stop reading, even forgetting to eat and sleep, until she clearly read what kind of experience her character in the novel encountered. Only then could she rest assured.

And the most hateful thing about Wang Lu was on this point—writing about her fan-novels was fine, the problem was, each time, he never finished them. When the story was about to reach its climax, he simply stopped writing, and it never had any follow up. When Wang Wu took the manuscript in front of him and questioned him angrily, Wang Lu would keep sneering in a particularly hateful way. "Wretch, want to reach climax? In your dreams!"

Never finishing his story was undoubtedly a bad deed from the point of view of ordinary people. However, in the present situation, it was a rare divine skill! It would be best if Wang Lu could maintain creative vitality for one hundred years! Writing non-stop forever or until the black-clad Earth Immortal could not hold back and come out to stop it.

On the other hand, after warping the time, Xuan Mo sat down with exhaustion. Her body shook uncontrollably and sweat began to fall from her forehead.

Warping time was also an extremely heavy burden for this first rank Earth Immortal. Just now, when she made her move, even her immortal spirit almost became unstable. Fortunately, she was able to complete that immortal technique.

The effect of this immortal technique was almost entirely based on tricky method rather than pure power. Warping time had always been the supreme masterpiece of the immortal path. Although Xuan Mo had studied this matter deeply, she could not be considered as the top master.

In the past, Immortal Qin could only use the A-Cup-of-Immortal-Tea, so how could she possibly be above Immortal Qin? The key to this immortal technique was in borrowing power to defeat power, which was essentially very much fragile, and there were three weaknesses. One was that, there must be no excessively overbearing presence. The stronger that presence was, the stronger it would affect the space and time, and thus the more difficult it was to interfere. If there was a Supreme cultivator in the field, it would be very difficult for her to do two or three times acceleration. Secondly, the change in the field should not be too intense. For example, if there were storms or lightning and thunder, they would greatly affect the time warp. However, Wang Lu chose the quietest and most peaceful performance. His fierce sword qi was restrained in those thousands of sheets of light paper, and thus the impact on the time warp was reduced to the lowest point. Third, there was only one living being in the field. The time warp immortal technique was most afraid of many people. Each additional person would reduce the effect of the technique by half. More than three or four people and it would become ineffective.

Fortunately, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals didn\'t know much about the immortal technique and thus did not see the defects.

At present, the time in the field accelerated by ten times. However, as time went by, the time warp effect would continue to increase, up to twenty, thirty, or even a hundred times. And according to Wang Lu\'s daily copying of one hundred thousand characters, no matter how grand scale the literary work was, it would only take several days at most to end this.

Having such thoughts, Xuan Mo converged her immortal spirit and her eyelids turned extremely heavy.

Before she went to sleep, she did not forget to entrust the people around her.

"Keep an eye on him for me, don\'t let him play any tricks."

Her companion laughed and said, "Rest assured, you\'ve done your share, how could we drag you down?"

Thereupon, feeling at ease, Xuan Mo finally allowed herself to sleep.

It was twenty days later when she opened her eyes again.

Xuan Mo was surprised at how long she had been sleeping this time, the blowback from using the time warp was also more than what she anticipated. She thought that after her personality became whole again, her strength would go up by a level… it seemed like the sixteen thousand years of sleep had caused her to degenerate a lot. On the other hand, twenty days had passed, yet no one had actually woken her up during the period? When did they become so patient?

Then she heard a dialogue that she could not understand at all.

"Interesting, unexpectedly, after this ordeal, the protagonist\'s level does not decline but instead rises up to level five thousand. Presumably, in the next war, he could collaborate with the Allied Force to sweep away the Holy Spirit World."

"But the three Holy Spirits are all above level six thousand, so it\'s not easy to win this war."

"But the protagonist is equipped with a higher grade of equipment, and there are a lot of magic pets. The numerical advantage here could not be underestimated."

"In short, let\'s vote with spirit stones and gifts first."