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Chapter 621: Where Did the Time Go?

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It was two days later when the Nine Regions crowd left the group of immortal tombs.

The City of Immortal was a magnificent city with many facilities. It took a lot of time even when it was only for a general tour. Not to mention that they had also experienced two fierce fights in the center of the city, the second one was especially time-consuming...

However, these long and time-consuming fights had achieved gratifying results. With one win and one loss, it could be counted as without a loss. The win was soul-stirring, and the loss, although it was a loss, was still a win.

As long as they thought about the situation on the second fight, the Supremes could not help but smile.

After Wang Lu used all his means and traps, putting Bai Ze in an extremely difficult situation—which was ultimately in vain—he naturally threw out the white flag. He just quietly left the arena, deliberately leaving Bai Ze roaring and shouting in the arena for a long time.

In the end, his fellow Earth Immortals could not bear to see it, so one of them came in to remind him that the fight was over.

At that time, the expression of Bai Ze was really worth watching for a long time.

It was hard to imagine a very able person who had achieved the Earth Immortal status to show such a desperate, crazy, and distorted expression. If the immortal heart of the Earth Immortal wouldn\'t return to its stable state outside the arena, perhaps when he walked out of the arena, Bai Ze\'s immortal heart would\'ve collapsed and his primordial spirit, broken.

At least several Supremes inwardly asked themselves that if they were in Bai Ze\'s position, being played in full view of the public… perhaps it would be very difficult for them to have a face to live in this world.

"Wang Lu, this kid, is really shrewd." A Supreme of Nine Regions sincerely sighed with emotion.

"Mm, though his cultivation base is also powerful, it\'s actually not the most important thing he showed here." Another Supreme felt the same way.

In the fight against Xuan Mo and Bai Ze, Wang Lu showed his astonishing strength. In the first fight against Xuan Mo, the crushing situation impressed everyone. However, what really mattered was the second fight.

From the beginning, Wang Lu had no chance to win in the fight against Bai Ze—the difference in strength was simply too huge. However, Wang Lu had actually managed to steal a victory. Although on the surface, Wang Lu gave up the fight, anyone with eyes knew who was the real winner of the fight.

The exquisite and comprehensive pre-fight preparations, the interlocking trap arrangements, and the strategic principle formulated from the outset to withdraw on time were all manifestations of fighting wisdom. This kind of wisdom was by no means a mere momentary inspiration. Instead, it was essentially a massive calculation.

A man with a quick wit was not necessarily terrifying, but one with wit and good calculation was truly terrifying.

"Spirit Sword Sect is truly blessed. With such a disciple, they would certainly achieve successes in the next hundred years."

"They are full of talented people. Apart from Wang Lu, there are also Zhu Shiyao and Liu Li. They are not inferior to Wang Lu in terms of cultivation base, it\'s just that, they lack his talent… Alas, in the past few decades, many talented young cultivators appeared one after another in Nine Regions, but there are actually not many who really stood out from the crowd. Unfortunately, although there are ten thousand cultivators in our sect, none of them are like this disciple."

"Hahaha, fellow daoist, why are you so self-deprecating? Your sect\'s Qing Yangzi has outstanding strength, not inferior to the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, I don\'t know how many people are envious to that."

Upon hearing that, the previous Supreme shook his head. "I did have high hopes for Qing Yangzi, even enormously proud of him, but after I saw Wang Lu today…"

After saying that, the several Supremes shook their heads.

Each of them had a similar talented disciple in their sect who was more powerful than their peers, worthy to be the future leader of a high-rank sect… However, compared with today\'s Wang Lu, the disparity was too obvious.

On the other side, Wang Lu was not the least bit proud of himself.

It was natural that he was better than his peers, because he was, in essence, not truly their peers… He used to be the Big Brother in the golden generation of Spirit Sword Sect, the same generation cultivator as Feng Yin and the others. The fact that he was absolutely able to crush a group of younger generation cultivators, was there anything for him to be proud of?

Moreover, in the eyes of others, his second fight was an easy one… but in the end, he had still lost.

He had done everything in that fight—whether it was the pre-fight calculations or in-fight calculations, all were done at his peak level. Moreover, he rarely used a lot of his tools and props. The three golden thunder origin cones and exterminate immortal powder were rare products that used a lot of public funds to collect.

Even so, he was only able to push Bai Ze to an extremely difficult situation, but didn\'t really defeat him in the truest sense. From start to finish, he didn\'t dare let the opponent launch the negation seal on himself because he knew he would not be able to withstand it.

The gap between Earth Immortal and Jindan was so great that it almost let people fall into despair...

However, Wang Lu never easily fell into despair. On the way back, he thought over and over again, and his heart was a bit hopeful instead.

"Compared to three months ago, the difference is like heaven and earth. Three months ago, I thought only Wang Wu has the chance to win in Jindan Stage. The others simply came to be defeated. But today… in two fights, I managed to score a win after all. As far as combat effectiveness is concerned, I am not the undisputed first place in the Jindan group. The gap between Zhu Shiyao, Qiong Hua, and me is just minuscule. If I can have a bit more time…"

Wang Lu further thought that, if he could train a few more months so that he could raise both his Non-Phase Method and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword for several layers more… was there a chance to win in that second fight?

There was. In his fight against Bai Ze, he was actually very close to victory. If he could just consolidate his strength and further advance his method...

"Unfortunately, there\'s no time."

"Fortunately, they have no time."

Inside the group of immortal tombs, the Earth Immortals also summed up the gains and losses of the two fights.

The first speaker was Xuan Mo. Although she lost to Wang Lu in the fight, she won more recognition than Bai Ze in the second fight. Thus, the summary speech was also done by her.

At this time, Xuan Mo had a solemn face. Her ice-cold expression could frost the air solid, completely the opposite of her previous cultured and refined posture.

"They have shown an astonishing rate of progress. I even regret that I have given them three months of preparation… But, this regret is meaningless. We just have to be ready and win every event, and then we can completely end this unnecessary dispute. In the fighting event, based on the two fights today, it is too late for them. Wang Lu would not fight a fight that he is not sure of. The strength that he had shown today should be the best cards that he holds. In these last few days, he won\'t have enough improvement. As for the cultural event…"

With that, Xuan Mo looked to the side. "Luo Xue, how is your preparation? Do you have any problem?"

A petite young girl smiled sweetly. "Rest assured."

Xuan Mo sighed. "Fortunately, we have you. If you hadn\'t woken up, we would not have the confidence to compete in cultural events against the entire cultivators in Nine Regions."

Luo Xue said with a smile, "With me here, there\'d be no problem with the cultural event."

At this time, an Earth Immortal asked, "Although Luo Xue\'s ability is without a doubt, there are so many events that need to be competed at, could she do it alone?"

Before his voice fell came a charming laughter of a young girl. "Did you say alone?"

A petite figure quietly appeared behind that Earth Immortal and patted his shoulder. It was another Luo Xue!

"The number of people is not going to be a problem."

With that, the third Luo Xue appeared, and then the fourth, the fifth...

"There are fewer than a hundred of us who woke up, and among which, only less than half are worthy, which is not enough to fully compete with a large team of more than two thousand people. Fortunately, they demanded graded competitions, dividing most of the events into different grades… This is, in fact, actually beneficial to us."

"Yes, it really makes people look forward to this grand competition that will happen in a few days."

"Ah, I look forward to the start of the grand competition.

"Look forward to it… look forward to it…"

In Wang Lu\'s office in the lava valley on the back mountain of the Royal Soldier Sect, a white dressed uninvited visitor continued to hinder Wang Lu\'s normal business by moaning about all kinds of sentimental nonsense.

Soon afterward, the master of the office slapped the table and said, "Enough, you, this trickster, get out of the office!"

"Damn you dog official, how could you treat the cultural worker of Nine Regions so arrogant and rude?"

"Damn, cultural worker my ass!"

"I am the king of popular idols this year! I don\'t know how many single cultivators call my name in their dream—Murong Icy Bling-Night Glamour Phoenix-Stellar Oriole-Wu Er. Show some respect!"

"Call your name in their dream? That is true, I don\'t know how many single cultivators rely on you to alleviate their loneliness. Unfortunately, every time they miss you, hundreds of millions of lives would be lost, and half of the sin would be on your head. Since now you are guilty of a terrible crime, you should hurry to find a place with greenish ancient head ornament where you could atone for your sins."

While the two of them were arguing vigorously, the third person in the office finally could not bear it.

"Be quiet, you two! If you want to flirt with each other, do it outside. Don\'t forget there\'s someone working here!"

The two quarreling people suddenly shut up and looked at the third person in surprise.

"Little Hai, you actually stood up?"

"This is a strange change! How could the always gentle and virtuous intellectual Hai Yunfan of Ten Thousand Arts Sect be this irascible? In my opinion, it must have been you, this dog official, who coveted his handsome appearance and has done something wrong to him!"

"Damn, I have been assigning him various tasks every day so he can get a full range of experiences. This kind of leader\'s concern for his subordinate is a mountain-like paternal love. Such a pure feeling, yet you slander me of coming out of the closet?"

"Enough!" Hai Yunfan once again slapped the table. "You two… aren\'t you supposed to deliberate on the countermeasures? It\'s only three days away from the grand competition, but our progress is still far behind. Have you two come up with any ideas?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu smiled and said, "Isn\'t this obvious? By the look of the two of us, of course, we have found a way."

Hai Yunfan somewhat doubtfully said, "Found a way? When?"

Wang Lu said, "Just now. When she gave me the work report, I thought about it and suddenly had an inspiration."

Wang Wu also said, "When I saw that he had an inspiration, I also thought it too."

Hai Yunfan sighed. "Do you two… have a telepathic connection between your minds?"

Wang Wu said, "How could there be such a thing? It\'s just that, by looking at the material on his desk, determining the general scope, and then using your brain to think about it, you could also think of his idea."

Hai Yunfan inwardly said, "Isn\'t that telepathic connection?"

"Then what is it? I remember previously when I studied the plan for this grand competition, I couldn\'t find a chance to delay the time."

Wang Lu said, "It\'s not that it\'s impossible to find that chance, but it\'s almost impossible to find the chance to delay enough time. Right now, I am barely able to do it."

With that, he stretched out his hand to spread out the plan book on the table and pointed his finger on one line.

Opening ceremony.