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Chapter 620: Go M*sturbate Yourself

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

When the pain came, Bai Ze\'s wrist no longer belonged to him.

The sharp sword qi directly cut through his body protection method and also his stronger than metal flesh and bone, breaking his wrist.

This sword strike came too fast and too ruthless. In the twinkling of an eye, Bai Ze had lost his hand. However, under this intense pain, he calmed down like never before.

He did not consider whether Wang Lu\'s white flag was a deception, and how such deception should be dealt with in the rules of the competition. At the moment, he didn\'t even care about treating his broken wrist.

It was very simple for him to negate the wound with the negation seal, connect his broken wrist, and suppress the pressure of the disordered immortal spirit qi in his body.

But he simply had no time.

The person who attacked with the sword spirit was not far away from him. Under the cover of the golden thunder origin cones, the person successfully avoided his perception and managed to land a sneak attack at the critical moment. And the more fatal blow was still waiting.

Compared with Wang Lu\'s white flag and his broken wrist, the sneak attacker who was close at hand was his top priority. At this moment, Bai Ze\'s power as an Earth Immortal was fully exerted. Even in the face of the chain trap of the opposite party, he still made a timely and effective response.

The intact left hand picked up a negation seal and flicked it to the side. The immortal spirit qi condensed in the golden seal and then launched his immortal technique.

Although he launched his immortal technique in haste, at such a close distance, it was enough to a peak Jindan Stage cultivator in an instant. Sure enough, as soon as he flicked his golden seal, there was a loud voice beside him as the negation seal had hit its target.

However, the next moment, a sharp sword qi came right at him. Bai Ze quickly launched his skill to wipe out the sword qi. However, after launching the immortal technique in succession, he became breathless, and at the same time, his heart shook.

What kind of thing could withstand his negation technique head on?

In a trance, a white shadow passed by, and more than ten sword qi came toward him from all directions.

Was this that white-clad b*tch? This pair of Master and disciple wanted to gang up on him?

Bai Ze gritted his teeth, held one of his negation seals up, holding it up like a huge seal shadow, and blocked all the sword qi. At the same time, he accurately seized the figure of the attacker.

Surprisingly, the attacker was not the woman who defeated him three months ago. Although both wore a white dress, this person looked indifferent, with facial features more delicate and elegant, a completely different person.

More importantly, she held a pink sword, which emitted out an imposing fluctuation. It was an immortal treasure level. And the shape, the aura… Rouge Tears!

In an instant, Bai Ze judged the identity of the sneak attacker—the Rouge Tears fought independently, the woman in white was its sword spirit.

No wonder he couldn\'t defeat the opponent with her negation seal. In Jindan Stage, his immortal technique could not negate an immortal treasure. As far as existence stability was concerned, Jindan Stage was far from being equal to immortal treasure.

However, this did not mean that Bai Ze had no way to deal with the opponent.

His wrist was broken not because of the strength of the opponent, but because the sword strike came too suddenly and unexpectedly. Once he stabilized his position, dealing with a mere immature immortal sword\'s sword spirit… was as easy as flipping one\'s own hand.

Using negation immortal technique was of course invalid. Dealing with an immortal treasure, suppression must be the main focus.

Thereupon, he put down the negation seal pushed his left hand downward.

Sword spirit Autumn Beam immediately staggered and the girl\'s eyebrows revealed an incredible shock.

Just now, in a half attached mode, she drew the natural high speed of Rouge Tears to look for Bai Ze\'s flaw, ordinary Jindan cultivators could not even capture her shadow. However, Bai Ze merely stretched out his hand and a great force came down from above her head. Even the space hundreds of feet around her was locked, so she could not move at all.

"Do you think my trick is only the negation immortal technique?" Bai Ze lightly said, and then firmly made a grasp with his left hand.

Sword spirit Autumn Beam shrieked and was forced to return inside the body of Rouge Tears, unable to come out anymore. The pink sword then fell from mid-air and lost all spiritual energy.

Apart from negation, as an Earth Immortal, Bai Ze had too many means, so it was not a surprise that suppressing an immortal treasure was just one of them. Moreover, the target was Rouge Tears—the weapon previously used by Xuan Mo.

The Earth Immortals in the group of immortal tombs were all brothers and sisters that had gone through thick and thin together. There were all familiar with each other\'s means, thus, Bai Ze knew the characteristics of Rouge Tears like the palm of his hand.

With only his left hand, he suppressed sword spirit Autumn Beam and made Rouge Tears fell from mid-air.

However, on its way to the ground, a powerful palm held it up.

"Wang Lu…"

Bai Ze\'s long-awaited opponent finally came. After several rounds of Autumn Beam\'s delay, Wang Lu had rushed from the five hundred miles away.

With Rouge Tears in his right hand, he stepped forward and then, like a wave and landslide, his sword defense came forward unstoppably.

Bai Ze inwardly sneered, and at the same time, took off the negation seal beside him, ready to negate Wang Lu\'s sword qi and Wang Lu himself.

However, just when he lifted his arm up, he felt numbness in his joints, and his movement slowed down. The reaction of an Earth Immortal was fast, Bai Ze\'s immortal spirit qi swept through his body, and immediately found the root cause—the poison had entered his body through the wound on his broken wrist, and now it was everywhere in his body.

"Exterminate Immortal Powder?"

This deadly poison that was known as blood sealing throat, at this time, was running wildly in his body. This kind of poison had a world of difference in lethality compared to the terrifying exterminate immortal powder ten thousand years ago, but its concealment had actually far exceeded that of its past.

People who came from that era had a keen sense of several kinds of violent poison, but at present, he only realized the poison when it had been in his body for quite a long time and had shown its symptoms.

These past sixteen thousand years, Nine Regions had indeed changed a lot… Unfortunately, it was mostly degraded. If it was the real Exterminate Immortal Powder, even just a little bit would take his life. Right now, he only needed a little bit of his immortal spirit qi to expel it.

Bai Ze\'s left hand was numb and aching, unable to launch the negation seal. At the same time, the poison had spread in his body, so it was difficult to fully exert his immortal spirit qi to defend against it. However, he moved his feet and retreated several miles away, easily avoided the unstoppable Non-Phase Sword Defense of Wang Lu.

However, when he stopped his footsteps, Bai Ze looked up and saw a bloody sky. And amidst those boiling clouds, thousands of sharp swords appeared.

"Damn, it truly is watertight."

At this point, Bai Ze could not help but admire this chain of means of Wang Lu.

From the moment he entered the arena, he fell into the opponent\'s means one after another. From the Golden Thunder Origin cones, immortal sword Rouge Tears, Exterminate Immortal Poison, and the opponent\'s original magical ability...

Every step of it had been successful, breaking his wrist, poisoning him, and forcing him to retreat. The scene was even more embarrassing than when he lost to Wang Wu three months ago.

"But, the victory will still belong to me!"

Bai Ze roared and then his figure was drowned in the tens of thousands of swords that fell from the sky.

Those sharp swords contained Wang Lu\'s primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, each sword was like a full-blown attack of Daoist Master of Jindan Stage. Being bombarded by tens of thousands of such swords, the place where Bai Ze stood was cut off by hundreds of feet, becoming a breathtakingly deep valley.

And Bai Ze was standing at the bottom of the valley, holding a blood-stained golden seal that was pointing at the sky with his hand. His face was pale, and his figure was shaking… but, under the bombardment of the swords, he seemed unharmed!

At the very critical moment, he forcibly used his blood life essence to launch his negation seal and negated all of the flying swords that were coming at him. Thus, although the ground was blasted into deep valley, he himself was safe and sound.

However, the cost of using the blood life essence was actually quite high.

He had the Earth Immortal physique, but at this time, he suppressed his power and imitated himself to that of Jindan Stage. No matter what damage happened to him, once he was out of the arena, he would be able to quickly recover. As for the magical power consumption, it was but a drop in a bucket for an Earth Immortal.

However, the blood life essence was different. Once used, it would be very hard to make up the loss. Moreover, the use of blood life essence in Jindan Stage was an unforgivable waste and most of the energy would be lost in vain.

But, at that time, there was no better way for Bai Ze to solve the problem. There were, of course, more than one way to solve the problem, but the blood life essence was the one with the least loss.

Nevertheless, the most difficult period had finally passed. He now had dispelled the poison in his body and was able to reuse the immortal spirit qi. Thus, he pushed his left hand forward. The bloody clouds immediately dissipated and the broken right wrist was also quickly healed.

Negation immortal technique was not his only technique, but it was the easiest to use and nearly omnipotent. By relying on the negation immortal technique, he could even stay in the fight indefinitely—regardless of whether it was serious injury or magical power exhaustion, he could always negate them with the negation seal.

This kind of causality reversal allowed him to stand out among the many Earth Immortals, becoming second only to the group leader. Even though there were many people who were quite vocal about their criticism of his character, they had to be ranked behind him.

Of course, in Jindan Stage, Bai Ze was unable to achieve the indefinite fight state. Now he was quite exhausted and in an extremely difficult situation.

However, he now had successfully grasped back the initiative. Wang Lu\'s chain of traps had finally over, thus, soon, they would have to face each other head-on and Bai Ze was confident that the could end the fight in an instant.

As long as successfully launched the negation immortal technique, Wang Lu could not resist it. Wang Lu did not have the using-sword-to-look-after-the-body remarkable ability of Wang Wu.

However, when Bai Ze was ready to launch his negation seal, he found out that his target had disappeared without a trace.

In the entire thousand miles arena, he had completely lost his trail.

Bai Ze inconceivably used his hand to poke spot between his eyebrows, trying to use his immortal spirit qi to try to arouse his divine scan. This time, he even veered to the edge of the rules and used the power that did not belong to that of Jindan Stage. Under such divine scan, no Daoist Master of Jindan Stage could hide from him.

However, it was still nothing. It was like Wang Lu had never existed, his trail was completely lost.

"You…" Bai Ze\'s body trembled slightly. He poked the spot between his eyebrows again, using his divine scan over and over again. In the thousand miles fighting arena, his consciousness rippled everywhere.

"Where are you hiding… come out!"

"Come out and fight me! Don\'t you want to prove that you are better than the Earth Immortal, come and prove it to me then!"

"What kind of ability is this hiding thing!"

"I will find you, you can\'t hide from me forever!"


At the same time, outside of the fighting arena, Wang Lu had been sitting in a lounge, enjoying tea and desserts.

"It tastes pretty good."

Xuan Mo said, "It\'s good that you are satisfied with it. This is the lounge that we have prepared for all the participants. The facilities are all designed according to your design."

With that, she looked back once again. On the fighting arena, shaking sound, which was the anger of Bai Ze, could still be heard from time to time.

Wang Lu chuckled and said, "Let us guess how long would it take for that brain damage guy to find out that I have left the arena?"

Xuan Mo sighed and declined to comment.