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Chapter 613: One by One, the Audience Feels Uncomfortable

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

At the training field, a surging heroic voice penetrated the darkness, and then the ground was shocked by the heavy pace. And every time there was a shock, the shock wave spread around from the training arena, sweeping the darkness and tearing the ink-stained world into innumerable gaps.

"Tsk, so you want to break my river of ink through sheer brute force? Wu Xu, you look down on the power of knowledge and culture too much!"

In the darkness, the Three Rivers Scholar sneered and then poured more ink from the sky, which tightly packed the training arena. Although Wu Xu\'s wind and thunder divine body had the power to shake the heaven and earth, it was bound more and more tight by the soft-conquer-the-hard characteristic of the river of ink.

This river of ink was meticulously accumulated by Three Rivers Scholars in his lifetime. Not only it had the softness of water element, but it also had the characteristic of ink as the carrier of knowledge. It symbolized the timeless spiritual inheritance of the immortal cultivation civilization, which was the most continuous and enduring. Wanting to break through it with sheer brute force would be as difficult as ascending the heaven.

Nevertheless, the complexion of Three Rivers Scholar could not help but slightly change. Fortunately, when he went to battle, he did not look down on his opponent. So, when he suppressed his power, he only suppressed it infinitely close to the power level of that of Yuanying. This made him barely able to exert thirty percent of the power of the river of ink… Otherwise, it would\'ve been broken by Wu Xu.

Even if the river of ink was good at using soft to conquer the strong, it did have its limit. And Wu Xu\'s wind and thunder divine body was unexpectedly infinitely close to the limit of that of Three Rivers Scholar. His strength was simply incredible!

If Wu Xu immediately revealed this kind of power from the start… the river of ink would not even have the chance to begin. Three Rivers Scholar couldn\'t help but feel glad that he was the one who took the lead in the attack. Otherwise, the situation would\'ve probably been reversed. Fortunately, the outcome had already been determined.


Daoist Master Wu Xu once again roared. The sound billowed out, but it quickly disappeared in the darkness.

"Fellow daoist Wu Xu, stop wasting your effort. Your mouth is so big, careful it might swallow the ink."

As soon as his voice fell, Wu Xu\'s roar abruptly stopped, which startled Three Rivers Scholar. "So obedient?"

However, the next moment, Three Rivers Scholar was surprised to find that Daoist Master Wu Xu actually opened his mouth and took a deep breath, sucking in ink around him.

"You\'re insane… damn it!"

Three Rivers Scholar correctly guessed the intention of the other party in an instant. He wanted to break the river of ink using this!

This whimsical move actually poked into the fear of Three Rivers Scholar… This river of ink was originally the means of a Daoist Master of Deity Stage, thus by using the power of Jindan Stage to unleash it, naturally, it had a serious defect—the amount of ink was actually finite!

This seemingly torrential-river-like scene was, in fact, created by Three Rivers Scholar using the principle of water circulation, which built a circular array so that the ink could be recycled continuously. As a matter of fact, he did not use much ink, merely five thousand ton.

For ordinary people, this was an unimaginable amount. However, for cultivators of Jindan Stage, it would be very easy to find ways to accommodate thousands of ton ink. Especially for cultivators who were good at body forging, their bodies contained innumerable mysterious methods, and the technique of storing large quantities of materials in the abdomen in case of emergency was not new.

And Daoist Master Wu Xu was precisely an expert in body forging. In just that one deep breath, he managed to directly suck in almost half of the Three Rivers Scholar\'s ink. Even though Three Rivers Scholar had the circulation array to recycle the ink, the river of ink this time suddenly stagnated. Thereupon, the pitch-black darkness that completely wrapped the training arena became full of holes.

Thus, the people outside the training arena finally saw the situation inside. A burly giant of several feet tall was standing straight on the ground, with mouth opening wide, crazily sucking the surrounding ink. Thousands upon thousands of kilos of ink was swallowed by him, but his muscular abdomen merely bulged slightly, seemingly doing it with ease!

And although he was only Jindan Stage, the heroic spirit of this strong man and the massive amount of ink that was still swallowed continuously by him was soul-stirring, making the Yuanying and Deity Stage cultivators outside the arena moved!

"What a formidable wind and thunder divine body! No wonder when he was young he was known as the invincible Jindan for a while… If it weren\'t for an accident that cut off his hope for ever reaching Yuanying Stage, he would\'ve been one of the strongest powerhouses in today\'s Union of Ten Thousand Immortals!"

"But, before this fight, Daoist Master Wu Xu was just a withered old man… How could he get that youthful glow and return to his peak?"

"Is it because of the song sang by those young girls?"

"That is the only possibility… But it\'s really strange, although the song is pleasing to the ears, it shouldn\'t be enough to turn people young right?"

"Not necessarily. You can\'t feel it\'s mysteriousness because the song is not directed outside the arena. What we hear can only be regarded as the aftermath."

Although the duel between Daoist Master Wu Xu and Three Rivers Scholar had not yet over, it had already attracted a lot of discussions.

In any case, the frail and old Daoist Master Wu Xu who had lost his vigor should\'ve no chance of winning against Three Rivers Scholar. And the first half of the fight also confirmed the people\'s speculation.

However, at this time, the singing from outside the training arena magically awakened the long-lost vitality of Daoist Master Wu Xu, and even allowed him to return to his peak state for a short while. Thus, he was able to forcefully break the continuous cycle of the river of ink.

Was this Wang Lu\'s way of winning? Using outside force to help push the participant was indeed a good move. According to the rules of the fight, outsiders must not interfere with the fight, but cheering was obviously not prohibited. It was just that, no one had thought that the effect of cheering was actually that good!

For the participants of the fight, the shocking effect of this turn of event was even stronger. Three Rivers Scholar sighed. "What a blunder, never thought that there\'s such a trick. Had I known this, I should\'ve added more seasonings in the ink."

At this time, Daoist Master Wu Xu had thoroughly drunk the river of ink of Three Rivers Scholar. His abdomen was quite bulging and his face was red, but he still seemed able to handle it with ease.

"Are you now going to throw in the towel, damn worthless scholar?"

With the return of his youth, Daoist Master Wu Xu had also become an entirely different person.

The complexion of Three Rivers Scholar sank. "Don\'t get too happy too early, that was just a mistake, I am still far from losing this fight! You have the ability of tiger swallowing the whale, but can you swallow my epic long river?"

With that, Three Rivers Scholar shook his wrists and countless books poured out of his sleeves and rapidly flew in mid-air. Their pages were constantly flipping, projecting tens of millions of images.

People saw that, on the boundless land, monsters were raging and people were in a terrible situation. A group of blood-soaked cultivators resolutely launched their attack against the army of monsters. People also saw that a grey-haired cultivator with a child-like face was working with all his heart beside the pill furnace, trying to refine artificial spirit root in defiance of heaven. People also saw...

People saw an epic, the tens of thousands of years of history of cultivators had been condensed inside those countless books, becoming the source of power of Three Rivers Scholar.

Although limited by Jindan Stage, the epic long river of Three Rivers Scholar was far from being able to compare to the real "Epic of Immortal Path", but it was by no means could be overcome by sheer brute force.

Wu Xu held the lantern in front of him with a solemn look. Except for the brute force, the spiritual treasure inherited from his sect was his only hope. However, in the face of the personal spiritual treasure of a Daoist Master of Deity Stage, he didn\'t even have half of a certainty.

"Able to break my river of ink, you, Daoist Master Wu Xu, can be proud of your achievement. Fellow daoist Wang Lu, your cheerleading plan has indeed achieved results, but unfortunately, I do not plan to lose this fight."

When Three Rivers Scholar finished talking, he suddenly took a book from among the sea of books and recited it out loud. Immediately, the heroic figure described in the epic appeared over the training arena. Even though it was just a projection spell… the hero who once ruled the world still brought with him a soul-stirring and powerful momentum.

Daoist Master Wu Xu\'s countenance remained unmoved, but his left leg actually bent, and then he fell to the ground on one knee.

At the same time, Wang Lu transmitted his voice to his Master.

"It\'s time to reveal the card."

Three Rivers Scholar was actually more powerful than expected. Even though Daoist Master Wu Xu was not really able to truly reach his peak, it was really difficult to rely on the positive incentive from the cheerleader.

Therefore, it was time for the negative incentive to appear.

"Hahaha, I\'ve been waiting for you to say that for a long time." Wang Wu chuckled, "Sister Miao Yan, please let our new talent out."

"Ai, don\'t you regret it."

In mid-air, the voice of Daoist Master Miao Yan sounded helpless. And then the four directions eight trigram teleportation array lit up in mid-air. A burly figure then slowly appeared in the array.

From the outline of the figure, people soon recognized the identity of that person.

"Hey, isn\'t that the recently lost King of Ten Thousand Beasts, how could he come back here?"

"This is the teleportation array opened from Shengjing Sect, did he really go to report to the beauty contest group? Hahaha, I wonder how many tribulations that he has already gone through."

"Yeah, I\'m really curious…huh?"

Around the training arena, the noisy arguments came to an abrupt end.

Because the teleportation process had been completed and the King of Ten Thousand Beasts had fully shown his figure. It was the same tall and sturdy figure, and the muscles seemed as if they were about to burst. It was just that, his attire was entirely different.

Pink fur skirt, fluffy cotton boots, two cat-paw-shaped hugely exaggerated gloves, and a pair of cat ears ornament over the head… The attire of King of Beasts was greatly in contrast with his figure and temperament.

Outside the training field, the crow and peacock made no sound 1 as the people dumbfoundedly stared at the frightening figure. No one could say a word.

Even the two people who were about to end their fight could not help but have their attention drifted away. Three Rivers Scholar almost lost his breathing and interrupted the epic reading.

Fortunately, he was still able to control himself… otherwise, he would suffer blowback from blaspheming the epic, the hero projection would turn around and punish him for the blasphemy!

However, the next moment, a more severe blow came down to him.

The body of King of Ten Thousand Beasts trembled as if he was having an intense internal battle. However, with the sneer from Wang Wu, he finally made up his mind.

"Three Rivers Scholar, you can do it!"

Like being struck by a thunderbolt, the situation on the training arena nearly froze. Everyone dumbfoundedly stared at the King of Ten Thousand Beasts. This brute in pink was trying to raise his voice and loudly yell using as high pitched sound as possible.

"Three Rivers Scholar!"

Three Rivers Scholar\'s whole body trembled. Though he was still able to recite the epic out loud, inwardly, he was desperately screaming, "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"Three Rivers, I will always cheer for you!"

"Can\'t hear, can\'t look, can\'t think, can\'t hear, can\'t look, can\'t think…"

"Three Rivers, I will always love you!"

"F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you."

Finally, The King of Ten Thousand Beasts made a heart-shaped sign with his hands in front of his chest with his cat claw gloves.

"Three Rivers, I am your… cutie beast!"

"Go f*ck yourself, get lost!"

With red eyes, Three Rivers Scholar directly ripped the epic book into two halves!