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Chapter 610: I Am Very Curious!

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

The beautiful scenery of Beautiful Creek at Shengjing Sect had always been known as paradise on earth. It was the location where Supreme He Tu and other respected Elders cultivated in seclusion. More than seven hundred years ago, the Sect Leader position in Shengjing Sect was held by a woman. At Beautiful Creek, she constructed the Beautiful Hall to spend her leisure time. Because of its unique architectural style as well as it\'s carefully selected building materials, many cultivators called it a marvel of Shengjing Sect. However, in today\'s Grand Competition circumstance, the Beautiful Hall of Beautiful Creek had also been expropriated, becoming the resident of the Beauty Contest.

Nowadays, the most beautiful women in Nine Regions were gathered here. For the upcoming Grand Competition, they were busy every day, from dressing up to cultivating perfect temperament. Therefore, although there were quite many people in this Beautiful Hall, usually it was quite peaceful.

It was just that, at the center of the Beautiful Hall, there was an angry woman\'s voice.

"That kid Wang Lu is simply \'win an inch want a foot\'!"

After receiving the letter from Hai Yunfan through flying sword, Daoist Master Miao Yan stamped her feet in anger.

"What does he take our beauty contest group for? A group of girls ready at his beck and call? I have already helped him dress a group of stinking barbarians, now he wants us to form a cheerleader group? We are the beauty contest group, not a prostitute group! Wu\'Er, what is wrong with your disciple?"

The woman in question, Murong Icy Bling-Night Glamour Phoenix-Stellar Oriole-Wu Er, was standing beside Daoist Master Miao Yan. She and Daoist Master Miao Yan had formed the most popular idol group in Nine Regions.

After taking the letter from Hai Yunfan from Miao Yan\'s hand, this pop idol smiled and said, "Isn\'t this good? This is a win-win opportunity."

Miao Yan asked, "What win-win opportunity? It\'s clear that we do hard toil for him! You\'re really good at telling lies with your eyes open; because he\'s your precious disciple, so everything he does is all right."

"Yo, Sister, you\'re being unfair to me. I am just considering the matter in itself. Think about it, as long as we can build a strong cheerleader team to help the junior group succeed in the cross-stage confrontation, our Beauty Contest group would quickly become famous in Nine Regions, and no one will say that we\'re just a group of \'vases\'. Aren\'t you always saying that beauty is a supreme force? I think that sentence is very good, and now is a good chance to prove it."

After hearing Wang Wu\'s persuasion, Miao Yan thought about it carefully. "You\'re right. So, should we really form a cheerleader team for him?"

"Yes, don\'t we have a few energetic but idler young girls? It would be good for them to do some activities. At the same time, we could also let the newly joined innocent girls learn to display their own charm."

While saying that, Wang Wu paced around the room while holding the letter. After a few turns, she snapped her fingers. "That\'s it, this plan can be further improved. Wang Lu thought about the positive incentive of the cheerleader group, but he didn\'t think that the cheerleader team could also carry out negative incentive."

Miao Yan asked, "What do you mean by negative incentive?"

"It\'s…" Wang Wu chuckled and then whispered in Miao Yan\'s ear.

After listening to her for a while, Miao Yan\'s countenance changed and then she finally sighed. "... You two are indeed a pair of Master and disciple."

"Obviously. Beauty and intelligence have the same origin."


After seeing Wang Wu off, Daoist Master Miao Yan sat in the room for a while, patted her cheek and took a deep breath. "Alright, this is in order to prove the power of beauty to the world and for my own dao… I didn\'t do anything wrong. Mm, yeah, that\'s it."

After talking to herself out loud, Daoist Master Miao Yan rose up and went to the young girls\' resident, shouting in her hearty voice, "Alright girls, get up. There\'s no time to rest. We have a new assignment!"

A series of groan and wail came from the girls in the room. "Nooo… we just finished the body etiquette training, we\'re too tired!"

Miao Yan scolded them, "You can\'t even do a little bit of exercise? I didn\'t ask you to serve men! Don\'t act like a spoiled brat and hurry up. Otherwise, there would be two more classes in the evening and you\'ll meet with Sister Wu who you \'love\' the most!"

"Sister Wu\'Er? No!" Suddenly there was a chaotic flurry in the room.

A moment later, more than a dozen charming women came out of the room. They were all beautiful women who had been carefully selected from various sects. Moreover, all of them were young so their skin was still extremely tight.

Seeing that in the midst of chaos they still didn\'t lose their charm, Miao Yan nodded lightly. "Not bad. Alright, you may look at this plan."

One by one they read the letter and then all of their countenances fell. "Is this real? We have to cheer for that group of barbarians? It\'s too shameful. Moreover, we even have to wear shameless clothing?"

Miao Yan said, "Beauty can\'t just stay alone and admire itself. Beauty is a kind of power, mysterious power. I have taught you the basic beauty skills, but that is not enough. Next, you will have to unearth this power yourself. You must show this power to the world, and let them understand the value of beauty!"


"There\'s no but! If you don\'t want to do positive incentive, I don\'t mind putting you in the negative incentive team."

A young girl timidly asked, "What is this… negative incentive team?"

"It\'s something that your Sister Wu\'Er elaborately designed. If you are interested, I can let you experience it for yourself."

"No, no, no, I am not interested in it at all!"

"Since you\'re not, then join my cheerleader team!"

With the roar of Daoist Master Miao Yan, the girls immediately scattered. Each launched their respective means to leave Beautiful Hall and go to Royal Soldier Sect.

After yelling at these young girls, Daoist Master Miao Yan sighed.

Ever since she became the head of this beauty contest group, she had been yelling more than normal, so much that she almost forgot how to speak like a normal person. What kind of beauty was this?

However, it was indeed gratifying to see a group of young girls with rough knowledge of beauty marching towards perfection under her guidance.

It was also a pleasure to spread the dao of beauty to others, especially to those talented geniuses.

Daoist Master Miao Yan had been praised by many as the number one beauty in Nine Regions—which was certainly an overpraised and based on hype. However, her beauty was indeed acknowledged by many people. But, few people knew Daoist Master Miao Yan was actually not a natural beauty. Her current dazzling beauty was completely acquired. Therefore, she greatly attached importance to beauty cultivation and continued tradition.

"Ai, I hope this time it would be like what Wang Wu said, after letting the world realize the value of beauty, more people would devote themselves to the pursuit of beauty."

With that, Miao Yan sighed again. "Unfortunately, the next step to do is the most annoying work. Negative incentive, only she can come up with it!"

After that, she got up and went to another room in the Beautiful Hall.

"All of you trashes inside, get out. You guys have a mission too!"

As soon as that sentence came out, there was a boiling heat inside the room.

Daoist Master Miao Yan unpleasantly squinted her eyes. She knew very well that the burning sensation was not because of high temperature, but the boiling resentment emanating from the people in the room. Unlike those chattering girls just now, outside this place, any one of these people were powerful figures that shook an area. It was just that, nowadays, they were trapped inside this Beautiful Hall, suffering an indescribable humiliation.

"Negative incentive… what a genius idea, sis\' Little Wu. In order to attract the attention and enmity of the people in the world… what a risky move."

After muttering to herself, Daoist Master Miao Yan rose up her beautiful eyebrows and loudly said, "Didn\'t you hear me? What are you waiting for?"


One day later, the area around the training ground of Royal Soldier Sect was once again crowded with people. The lingering noises once again made this valley look like a boiling oil in a pan.

In theory, this was an area dedicated to cultivators from various sects to train so there should not be many people in it. After all, this would be the most important place in the Grand Competition, and at the same time, Royal Soldier Sect always had a xenophobic tendency. In the last few fights, the overcrowded scene made several army heads of Royal Soldier Sect openly expressed their dissatisfaction.

However, this time, most of the people who came to watch the fight were people with high authority. This sect\'s Elder and that sect\'s Sect Leader, they all jointly requested to be allowed to watch, such that even with the toughness of Royal Soldier Sect, they had to allow these people to enter.

As a result, the area was filled with people to the brim. The reason for this was that, those Elders and Sect Leaders, each of them brought their own relatives, daoist companions, favorite disciples, sect\'s right-hand man… there were simply so many of them, which caused the people of Royal Soldier Sect to gnash their teeth in anger.

All of this was just because unprecedented fights were about to start in Royal Soldier Sect!

On one side there was this Jindan fighting group, which was hailed as a once-in-a-century team of talented cultivators. On the other side was a group of Peak Deity Stage experts. A few days ago there was already a confrontation between the two sides. In that confrontation, the talented geniuses who many put high hopes for were successively defeated. Even Qiong Hua lost in the hands of the Sect Leader of Beast Master School, King of Ten Thousand Beasts, while she was yet able to summon her Kill Immortal Sword. As for the equally anticipated Zhu Shiyao, due to the lottery that she drew, she, unfortunately, had to fight her own Master, Feng Yin. After a moment\'s of standoff on the arena, her eyes began to bleed and she was declared defeated before any move was even launched.

The result of that confrontation caused people to realize that those talented geniuses were not omnipotent. Even if their talents were much higher than their predecessors, even if the fight was confined to the same Stage, the hundreds of years of accumulated gap was still difficult to make up.

Of course, on the positive side, this unique cross-stage confrontation helped these geniuses to rapidly grow in battle. After their defeat, the several Jindan Stage geniuses made great gains, some even showed signs of loosening of their cultivation bottlenecks.

The problem was that, in just a few days, the confrontation would happen again, which was unavoidably somewhat unplanned...

However, today, the major sects in Nine Regions have gathered not in order to witness whether these talented geniuses really had to ability to turn the table around, but...

To see how the cheerleader team, personally set up and selected from the elites in the beauty contest group by the founder of the recently popular idol group in Nine Regions, cheer for the Jindan group with their sexy moves!

It didn\'t matter what words they would use to cheer, what mattered was how sexy and attractive they were with their moves… this was really what made people curious!

Immortal cultivation and seeking the dao, were essentially an exploration of the unknown. The sages have clouds, but if people had no curiosity, they would be no different than salted fish. Therefore, these cultivators who were full of zeal for cultivation, gathered here to carefully explore the secret of sexy and attractive!