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Chapter 598: As For You, Don’t Come and Mess Things Up, Okay?!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy


On the training field, the primal chaos sword qi explosively erupted. The sword qi catalyzed by the immortal sword Rouge Tears possessed a terrifying power to destroy a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage. The whole training field ground rocked, seemingly as if a mountain range broke in the middle which pushed a huge amount of sand and dust into the air.

For many well-informed elite cultivators, this scene didn\'t faze them at all. However, no one could have imagined that Wang Lu would launch such a fierce opening!

This was the real mountain cutting stone splitting sword, which was a bit too rich for an appetizer fight. The audience self-introspected; no one below Yuanying Stage dared to say that they could surely take on that sword.

Sure enough, he was indeed worthy of the legendary Jindan moniker. Although Wang Lu became famous more through his wisdom rather than power, his power was indeed worthy of his reputation.

Only Wang Lu himself, after launching that sword strike, slightly frowned and was dissatisfied with the outcome. Those mountain cutting stone splitting did look gorgeous, but for a sword cultivator of his realm, it could only show that most of the energy was wasted on environmental destruction, and not fully concentrated on the target.

That little baldy really had some skills—he could escape this as fast as lightning primal chaos sword qi. Only one in a hundred Jindan Stage cultivator could possibly do this.

On the other side, Luo Xiao was still haunted by that strike, with his black-clad figure barely able to stand up on a cracked peak. He then shouted. "F-Fellow daoist Wang Lu! Didn\'t you agree to be merciful? Didn\'t you say that you would be gentle for the first time?

Wang Lu smiled and said, "Yes, if you can\'t escape, there won\'t be any pain, it\'ll be gone in a flash, isn\'t that gentle enough?

Luo Xiao\'s whole body trembled. "This... this kind of gentle is really not easy to accept for me."

Before his voice fell, his figure flew up like lightning. The next moment, there was a rouge-colored sword light that went straight from the bottom toward the sky on the spot where he previously stood.

"You are so good at dodging skills, ah-huh?"

On another side, Wang Lu received his left hand and discontentedly pinched the sword knack. This was the first time he showed his creation primal chaos heaven stealing sword out, but unexpectedly, it didn\'t produce any result.

Unlike the primal chaos heaven splitting sword that smashed everything in its front, the primal chaos heaven stealing sword drew from the fine and delicate characteristics of the immortal sword Rouge Tears, which infinitely compressed the sword qi and quietly pierced the opponent.

Its absolutely powerful penetrating force and unobtrusive concealment made this sword strike the most powerful sneak attack in Wang Lu\'s hand. Wang Lu had planned to use this trick on his Big Sister Zhu Shiyao, to see if her stellar divine eyes could see through the camouflage of the immortal sword.

As a result… it seemed like there was no need for him to ask his Big Sister to humiliate himself. If even this baldy could escape from it, how could it hide from her stellar divine eyes?

After all, the degree of completion of the primal chaos heaven stealing sword was only about thirty percent, so he couldn\'t expect too much at this stage. Nevertheless, Luo Xiao\'s performance had already increased Wang Lu\'s vigilance.

Perhaps he was oversensitive, or perhaps it was a natural discrimination against skinheads, but Wang Lu really didn\'t like this ever smiling Luo Xiao.

"Fellow daoist Wang Lu\'s sword strike is so formidable, it\'s silent and powerful, and it almost got me."

In mid-air, Luo Xian\'s black long coat was completely unfolded, and two jet black wings appeared on his back, slowly flapping to cast a large shadow on the ground. His forehead was full of sweat, which sparkled under the sun.

The next moment, an unprecedented intense light flashed over his head, tens of times more dazzling than the sun behind him. At that time, Wang Lu was looking up at his opponent, so when the dazzling light assaulted his eyes, he could hardly keep his eyes open. However, this light had been infused by a magical spell, which resonated with all of the five senses. Thus, the hearing, taste, smell… have also lost their keenness.

However, Wang Lu was not disturbed. With his right hand holding the Rouge Tears, he inflated out his Non-Phase Sword Defense at an alarming speed, which was truly spectacular. His left hand pressed on his chest and launched his personal magical ability. Tens of millions of remnant swords stormed off from around him, and each one of them was like a full power strike from a common Jindan Stage cultivator.

The storm lasted only a short time before it was over, but the training field was already in a mess. There was a kilometer deep pit that almost ran through the training field, bringing it to the brink of collapse. Before entering the stage, the manager of the training field had set the stage level to the highest level Jindan. This, in theory, meant that it could accommodate dozens of peak Jindan cultivators. Unexpectedly, in just a short time, the stage had already crumbled.

"Is that guy really peak Jindan?"

The cultivators on the sidelines stared with their eyes almost popping out. Wang Lu\'s violent power output had reached the point of challenging the common sense. Let alone Jindan Stage, even the top Yuanying cultivators in the solo fighting group might not be able to do it. The amount of magical power that erupted in a short time was enough to drain the magical power of more than ten of the top Jindan cultivators. And although it was used in a very rough way, no one was willing to taste it.

Moreover, it was said that at this time, Wang Lu hadn\'t really reached his peak in Jindan Stage, and many of his methods and techniques had yet to keep up. In other words, his foundation was still shaky.

"Are the people of Spirit Sword Sect all monsters! How could a peak Jindan Stage be this formidable?"

"What exactly is the method that he cultivates? What method could possibly make people so abnormal in Jindan Stage?"

"It has nothing to do with his method. Although Non-Phase Method is indeed a top-level method, this is actually the privilege of the Void Spirit Root… After this guy reached Jindan Stage, he can finally bring the power of this legendary spirit root into full display."

Among the crowd, a young man with golden hair was staring at Wang Lu in the training field. Although he looked calm, his hands were sometimes clenched and relaxed, showing the turbulence in his heart.

Soon, people around him recognized that he was the lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, Zhan Ziye, who had also advanced by leaps and bounds recently. His hair had turned pale gold under the catalyzed power of thunder, which had become one of his hallmark features… However, although Zhan Ziye\'s progress was fast, it was not as fast as Wang Lu who progressed several times in a row in just a few moments. Currently, his cultivation base was only high-level Jindan which barred him from entering the solo fighting group. However, Zhan Ziye was one of the best in the racing group. With thunder body\'s thunder flight immortal technique aided by the motionless immortal heart of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, his flight speed was comparable to that of Yuanying Stage, which caused countless of his peers to sigh in frustration.

However, at this moment, after seeing Wang Lu\'s performance, his heart could no longer be calm… Once upon a time, his team of Ten Thousand Arts Sect young cultivators visited Spirit Sword Mountain with heads held high. Among the disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, except for Zhu Shiyao who still lived in seclusion, only Liu Li was able to fight with him. As a successor disciple, Wang Lu was still not on the same level as him. But in a short span of several years, it had become a thing of the past.

"Wang Lu is indeed Wang Lu, truly formidable, making one feel ashamed of one\'s inferiority."

Regarding Wang Lu\'s catching up from behind, Zhan Ziye was actually indifferent. However, a petite and cold young girl beside him suddenly frowned. "Senior Brother Ziye, you are the sect\'s lead disciple, how could you say so lightly that you feel ashamed of your inferiority?"

Upon hearing the girl, Zhan Ziye suddenly asked, "Tch, so do you want me to kneel and lick him? That\'s not good. Though my strength is not as good, I am still the lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect…"

The girl directly stomped on his foot, which produced a loud thumping sound.

"Junior Sister, why did you crush my foot…"

"You are the lead disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, so your every word and action carry the reputation of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, how can you easily admit defeat? Moreover, now that you are under the watchful eyes of the public, you cannot back down. Wait until after Wang Lu finish this round, then you can go up."

"... Wouldn\'t that be bad? Seems like fellow daoist Liu Xiao has been badly beaten and bruised. After this fight, I\'m afraid he would have to stay in bed, unable to move for a few days. If I go up and hit him while he is down, wouldn\'t that be a villainous act?"

"I\'m asking you to challenge Wang Lu!"

Zhan Ziye felt even more strange. "Then isn\'t that a self-humiliation? As a professional manager, how could you be like a senile old man? You\'re hired by my sect at a high price to help our low EQ cultivators to stay out of trouble, but unexpectedly, I think you\'re actually worse than me."

The girl sighed and took out a cold embroidered needle from her pocket.

Zhan Ziye\'s complexion instantly changed. "Okay, after this fight is over, I\'ll go and challenge Wang Lu and will go all out!"

Ever since the Elder of Ten Thousand Arts Sect hired this professional manager, Zhan Ziye had suffered the pain of that lightning rod in her hands several times. The embroidered needle was personally made by Supreme Tian Lun. Its specialty was to break the world\'s thunder method. When one needle struck down, regardless of how high he cultivated his thunder body and how fast his thunder flight such that he was almost immune to common physical attack, he would still suffer extreme pain.

With this embroidered needle, the professional manager had the absolute control over him. Even if Zhan Ziye was completely unwilling to confront Wang Lu, he could only bear with it and get into action.

At the same time, the battle in the training field had come to an end.

Seizing the opponent\'s sight by the solar fist and taking the opportunity created by it to attack, Luo Xiao\'s tactic was good initially, not to mention the sun fist did indeed sway Wang Lu\'s eyes. However, the combat experience from countless battles made Wang Lu respond correctly in an instant.

The inflated sword defense and the roar of countless remnant swords turned the land around him into a deathtrap, and Luo Xiao, who was quietly creeping close to Wang Lu, was bombarded by this violent force.

"No, stop, I give up!"

In a deep pit, Luo Xiao wrapped himself in a broken black cloak, scarred and covered with blood. Yet that brilliant smile never left his face.

"Tch, that actually didn\'t kill you?"

"Hahaha, I\'m wearing my Flower Stern School\'s most treasured collection, the black kasaya… Unfortunately, it seems like I have broken it."

While saying that, Luo Xiao stood up, cupped his hands toward Wang Lu, and then withdrew from the training field.

Wang Lu shook his head. Since his opponent had admitted defeat, he couldn\'t attack him anymore and could only wait for a chance later on.

However, before Wang Lu was ready to leave, a lightning bolt of a human figure leaped into the arena from outside the training field. That person\'s imposing fighting intent was like a sword thrust.

Wang Lu could not help but inwardly cheer up, but when he recognized the person\'s identity, he was even more surprised.

"Big Sister?"

At the same time, many people outside the arena were stunned.

Zhu Shiyao? What\'s she doing here?