Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain - Chapter 597: Don’t Marry a Woman Who Treats More Than One Hundred Million Cash as Pocket Money

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Chapter 597: Don’t Marry a Woman Who Treats More Than One Hundred Million Cash as Pocket Money

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

In response to the fight competition against the Earth Immortal two months in the future, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had set up training bases in many places, one of which was the lava cave of the Royal Soldier Sect. Jindan, Yuanying, and Deity… a total of three groups of cultivators would take part in the special training to enhance their attack capability in various ways.

Not too long ago, the seven Jindan Stage cultivators besieged Wang Wu in the lave cave, which was the specialty of the Jindan Stage group. By trying to break through Wang Wu\'s triple successive force of Non-Phase Sword Defense as the starting point, they should eventually increase their attack power by fifty percent on average before the competition while maintaining their stage.

The special training program was very rigorous. Every day, there was a corresponding task, and if it was not completed, there would be no rest and no supplies.

However, in Jindan Stage, the power progression was always based on years, so it was difficult to imagine that the fifty percent progress would be achieved in just two months. In fact, it was a fluke that they managed to pass the first-day task. If there was no trick involved, the group would not get a rest until they end up tired and passed out in the lava cave.

Fortunately, among this group, there was a clever person who was good at passing a hurdle. Today, that clever person was laughing in the bedroom in the training base.

"Hahaha, earning money while leveling, such a thing are rarely seen in years."

Outside the lava cave, the first training day ended with the master and disciple of Non-Phase dividing out their booty.

"As previously agreed, I will take thirty percent of all the proceeds during the training period, so this mysterious sky crystal should belong to me."

Wang Lu pointed at one of the three crystals in his master\'s hand.

Wang Wu, somewhat unwilling, reluctantly said, "Tsk, I was the one who basically gave out all the hard work, yet you can make thirty percent profit just by moving your mouth. Isn\'t it too easy for you to get this money!"

"Damn, relying on your low IQ, you can only make blind efforts! If you don\'t want to get tired in making money, you might as well sell your body!"

Wang Wu woefully lamented, "Getting old and beauty faded, it\'s really not easy to sell it anymore."

"Well, that\'s true, so why don\'t you consider selling yourself to me at wholesale price? Both of us can also be considered as having criminal records… Ah, wrong, it should be having a predestined affinity."

"Okay," Wang Wu said as she softly chuckled. She lightly kissed Wang Lu\'s cheek, and then, to Wang Lu\'s dismay, snatched back the mysterious sky crystal from his hand.

"Damn it, you\'re robbing me!" Wang Lu was shocked as he touched his cheek in disbelief. "A kiss on the cheek is worth one million spirit stones? Is this a wholesale price or arsenic price, have some face will you, my elder sister!"

Wang Wu affectionately said, "It\'s not the kiss that is expensive, but the sincerity behind it!"

"I am sorry, but your mind is too dirty, so I don\'t want it." While saying that, Wang Lu tried to recapture the mysterious sky crystal.

"I\'m sorry, I have a no return policy."

The two argued for a while until Wang Lu gave up and tried to grab some food. It was just that, he was still a bit curious. "Seriously, what on earth do you want so much money for? From the time we met—I mean in this lifetime—I\'m afraid you\'ve consumed spirit stones up to hundreds of millions in range. Even if you spend it on a handsome guy every day, you shouldn\'t have been able to spend that much money, right?"

Wang Wu put away the mysterious sky crystals and then smiled sweetly. "There are always things that women spend their money for, and… where do you think I got those backup cores? With my trash spirit root, even if I have inherited your inheritance, in order to cultivate a lot of golden cores during this more than one hundred years, doing it alone is impossible."

"Mm, so that\'s the case. I knew it, how could you not even be able to get yourself a decent outfit after spending so much money? No matter what, that can\'t be justified." Wang Lu nodded. "But you need to take it easy, the fund from my side does have a limit. Even if my Wisdom Sect has already entered the profitable stage, it is, after all, only a grass-roots sect, so it can\'t afford this bottomless pit of consumption of yours. Li Nana has complained to me more than once about the problem of withdrawing too much funds."

Upon hearing this, Wang Wu was actually happy. "I know. From now on, I\'m just not going to ask from you anymore. Moreover, to tell you the truth, do you really think that you\'re my big financial backer? It\'s actually just a pocket money."

Wang Lu really wanted to beat someone. He had seen shameless, but not this shameless. After a few decades of providing her with hundreds of millions of spirit stones, she told him that it was just pocket money?

However, before Wang Lu could open his mouth, there was a knock on the door.

"Excuse me, is fellow daoist Wang Lu here?"

Since there was an unexpected guest that came to disturb, the two master and disciple no longer laughed. Wang Wu nodded and then vanished from the room, and at the same time, Wang Lu went out of the bed to open the door.

When he opened the door, he saw a small baldie with a sunshine-like smile plastered across his face. Seeing this, Wang Lu couldn\'t help but laugh. This kind of zen cultivator indeed has business everywhere. Through fate, one of them actually ended up on his own door. He wondered about the work efficiency of the guards from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals; he was, after all, an important member of the Management Committee, yet here he was, actually disturbed by this door-to-door salesman at the training base.

Just as he thought about whether or not he should throw the leftovers inside the house to shoo this baldy away, that baldy said with a smile, "Fellow daoist Wang Lu, I have been looking for you for a long time… I am Luo Xiao of Flower Stern School. I have been cultivating for eighty-one years, currently in peak Jindan Stage, and I especially came here to challenge you."


Wang Lu frowned. He did not remember any Luo Xiao of Flower Stern School from his memory. Even his impression of Flower Stern School was not deep enough, seemingly just an unknown middle-rank Zen school. Speaking about middle-rank sects, for a person to reach peak Jindan Stage in eighty years, he ought to be a once in a hundred years rare genius. As one of the Five Uniques, there were many disciples of Spirit Sword Sect who hadn\'t even reached Jindan Stage in fifty years of cultivation.

It was just that, this Luo Xiao actually dared to come to challenge him; his courage was really commendable… Although his own peak Jindan still had some instability, a few people in the whole Nine Regions could match his overall power.

After all, for common cultivators, there was a limit in their Jindan Stage that no matter how diligent they were, with their limited method and limited spirit root, their comprehensive strength could not be compared to Wang Lu.

Seeing Wang Lu\'s not too pleasant face, Luo Xiao explained, "I just joined the fighting group as the new member. Just this morning, I had fought with the several team members and had benefited a lot. Then I heard that fellow daoist Wang Lu is recognized as one of the top three members of the solo fighting group. So, I especially came here to ask for advice… It is indeed presumptuous of me. Please consider it, fellow daoist."

Hearing this, Wang Lu was even more surprised. "You\'re in the solo fighting group?"

The fighting group, as the name implied, was a group of Jindan Stage cultivators who would have a one on one fight against the Earth Immortal side in two months. This group\'s requirements were the most stringent, which was gathered from the pool of all the fighter type Jindan Stage cultivators in the Nine Regions. Even among the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, only Wang Lu and Qiong Hua got picked. Because their cultivation base had not reached peak Jindan Stage, Zhan Ziye and Zhou Mumu could only take part in some sub-events. And within this group, Wang Lu was, at most, only at the top three. In addition to the number one Wang Wu, Qiong Hua, Zhu Shiyao… and several other veteran Jindan Stage cultivators, other people were also peerless and tyrannical. If Wang Lu met any of them, he had no confidence that he would surely win. Him being mentioned as one of the top three was mostly due to his reputation.

However, at present, this little baldy could actually earn a place among those tyrannical Jindan Stage cultivators and even dared to look for him to issue a challenge. It seemed like this group was not going to be easy.

In addition to being a member of elite Jindan, Wang Lu also had an identity as the planner and organizer of the whole events. The competition plan was made by him, so he must participate in the overall work. In addition to a handful of people in the Management Committee, such as Supreme He Tu, he had a very strong voice in all of these events. Therefore, it was necessary to understand this unexpected change in order to make a decision.

"Very well, since I just finished dinner and have nothing important to do right now, let me accompany you to play a bit."

The most indispensable part of the Royal Soldier Sect was its training fields. Outside the lava cave, three luxurious venues had been built to accommodate the fighting of the peak Deity Stage level. Wang Lu randomly chose one of them. After he entered the stage, he found that it was surrounded by a sea of people...

Except for the several members of the fighting group, all the people in this special training flocked in to form a crowd. At the same time, a large group of enthusiastic audience came from Royal Soldier Sect.

Seeing this crowd of people, Wang Lu inwardly said \'what the hell!\'

"It seems like the training of these guys is not enough, a trivial farce has brought out so many idlers. Seems like their lots need to be added, by popularizing the massive-practice training… Wait a minute, outsiders should not be allowed to come and go at will at this place, what are the guards doing?"

And then, Wang Lu turned around and found the culprit that caused all of this.

"Only three hundred spirit stones and you can closely watch the fight of the current number one legendary Jindan! Want to know the secret of Wang Lu the legend? Want to crack the legendary unbreakable Non-Phase Sword? The ticket is only three hundred spirit stones each. This is a fight that you simply can\'t miss!"

That white figure, even in that crowded crowd, was very attractive, which caused people to immediately want to beat her.

"Hahaha, fellow daoist Wang Lu has a very interesting Master, truly enviable. My Flower Stern School\'s elders are so old-fashioned, they don\'t even laugh even once in a year. It\'s extremely unbearable."

Luo Xiao laughed and said those words. He didn\'t seem to particularly care in ridiculing his own sect.

Wang Lu let out a cold hump. "Less gossip, I\'m not that familiar with you."

Luo Xiao shrugged his shoulders, jumped on the stage, and then put up a pose on the stage.

Wang Lu had never dealt with the baldies of Flower Stern School before, and only knew about the method of their school through books… Generally speaking, nothing remarkable about this sect. From its leadership and inheritance, it has the characteristics of the most common middle-rank sect.

For those at the bottom pool of the immortal cultivation world, this was a brilliant sect. But for those who stood at the top, it didn\'t have any quality that was worth paying attention at.

It was just that, Wang Lu\'s intuition told him that this baldy was not that simple.

Thinking about it, it was actually not a surprise. In recent decades, rare geniuses emerged one after the other across Nine Regions, such that their value had actually fiercely devaluated. Wang Lu and Qiong Hua were obviously one of the best, but there were also a large number of talents that flowed into low and middle-rank sects, and after several rare encounters, they rapidly advanced.

Although this little baldy came from Flower Stern School, it didn\'t mean that he never had a rare encounter with an ancient heritage and thus had the strength and cultivation base far more than that of his peers.

"Fellow daoist Wang Lu, please be merciful."

Wang Lu nodded. "Rest assured, for the first time, I will be gentle."

As soon as his voice fell, the pink dagger in his hand sparkled with blood-like crimson red luster, and the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi shot straight with an unprecedented momentum!

This was a one-shot kill move!