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Chapter 596: Get the Money While Standing Up

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

While the group of massive-practice team was fighting for the size of their p*nises and breasts, hundreds of similar groups were doing the same under the jurisdiction of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals.

"Hurry up, hurry up! Haven\'t you guys eat?"

Thousands of miles high in the sky, a group of cultivators who looked like they had turned into a group of swift rays of light were trying their best to catch up with a small figure in front of them.

Flying in front of them was a young girl dressed in purple tight-fitting clothes. A beautiful pony tail braid blew along with the high-altitude wind, yet it gently attached to the girl\'s back as if not feeling the wind pressure at all. While she rapidly flew forward, she looked back and made a dissatisfied urge.

"Too slow! What are you guys doing!"

Behind her, a group of cultivators complained, "Senior Sister Liu Guang, you are too fast. Your speed is completely not in the Jindan Stage level. It is even more than enough to compete in the Yuanying Stage level. How can we keep up?"

"You guys… are really frogs at the bottom of a well!"

The girl name Liu Guang was so angry that she stamped her feet in mid-air. And as her petite feet shook, it created a thundering voice that reached dozens of miles away.

"Let alone able to compete in Yuanying Stage level, even in Jindan Stage level, my speed is not at the top. If not participating in a group competition, I simply don\'t have the qualification to compete at all! Listen, the team competition is the only chance for us, small and medium-size sects, to get ahead. Whether our Flying Light Cave can go one step further in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, this is the key opportunity! But if you guys have that kind of attitude, Flying Light Cave would never be listed as a top rank!"

The girl spoke with an arroganct imposing manner, but her fellow brothers and sisters behind her obviously had other ideas.

"The rank advancement of our Flying Light Cave is not the thing that we Jindan Stage disciples can hope to contribute, right? There are Uncles and Master who work hard in Yuanying Stage level."

"Ignorant!" Liu Guang angrily stopped her flight, turned around to face her fellow brothers and sisters, and said, "The Yuanying Stage level is full of monsters, our Flying Light Cave is simply not qualified to stand in that level! Master and Uncles are indeed formidable, but let alone those abnormal Yuanyings of Spirit Sword Sect… even common high-rank sects like Flowing Cloud Sect have Daoist Masters of Yuanying Stage with astonishing speed. The advantage of our Flying Light Cave is very limited… Only in Jindan Stage that our core method has the greatest advantage, that\'s why the sect always places great hope on us. You guys… absolutely must not be as lazy as this!"

"Alright, we will work hard in the next two month. But, Senior Sister Liu Guang, what do you think we can get in the end even if we work hard?"

"... Regardless of the outcome, as long as we put out an attitude like we are trying our best efforts, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals must definitely notice us."

There were many small and medium-size sects like that Flying Light Cave. Using their best skills, they tried every means to find their place in this grand competition. Even if they could not gain the expected result, it would still be a good thing to show off their mettle under the eyes of everyone.

The planned competition designed by Wang Lu was divided into too many events, thus, many unknown sects had the opportunity to appear… However, compared with this large number of small and medium-size sects, the sects that bore the heaviest responsibilities in the competition were still the Five Uniques and other top rank sects.

At the same time, compared to those small and medium-size sects, the training intensity for the top rank sects was even more alarming.

In the hot lava cave, the boiling air contained explosive energy, and the surrounding spiritual energy was both unusually violent and rich. It was a unique training room designed for the destroyer type.

Inside it, cultivators\' offensive spells could be enhanced by several points, but on the contrary, a defensive spell would be a wasted effort. The constantly blowing scalding hot wind in this place alone might disintegrate some carelessly formed strong defense.

However, even in such a harsh environment, a female cultivator steadily propped up her defensive circle, allowing seven cultivators around her to launch violent attacks, which caused this hot lava cave to be filled with crushed stones and the ground to shake. Yet the girl still stood.

"Come on guys, use a bit more strength. It was rare for the Royal Soldier Sect to allow us to use this special environment, so we must cherish this opportunity."

Her voice had just fallen when a gray sword qi sliced through the cover of gravels and crushed stones in the air straight toward her chest. It was quick and ruthless, tricky and difficult to prevent.

However, the woman didn\'t even cast a glance at it, nor did she lift up the sharp sword in her hand. Her body\'s magical power alone protected her from the attack, melting the sword qi into thin air. Then she let out a taunting sigh.

"Wang Lu, can you do it or not? How can you be so weak at such a young age? I, this Master of yours, don\'t remember teaching you to be this weak and incompetent."

Among the dust and sand, Wang Lu cursed, "You wretch, being a pretentious prick is like a second nature to you! What else have you taught me besides this divine skill of tortoiseshell? My offensive is completely self-taught! Moreover, you have reached such an old age, yet you come to play with us young teens? With such a generation difference, you have the nerve to fight with us? Although everyone here is Jindan Stage, as an old-aged-woman Jindan, don\'t you have no shame?"

"Damn, your counter attack skill is not that good, but your mouth attack is actually ruthless enough!"

"Now, it\'s the time! Qiong Hua, attack her left ankle!"

Wang Lu\'s voice suddenly turned loud amidst the dust, and at the same time, a red sword wave came right toward Wang Wu from the front.

In the face of this fierce and swift sword wave, Wang Wu\'s complexion could not help but change. "Kill Immortal Sword? Qiong Hua, do you really hate me so much that you even use this killing blow on me?"

Qiong Hua remained silent as she kept on urging the sword wave to keep moving forward. This was the only chance to win for them.

The seven carefully selected Jindan cultivators represented almost the strongest power of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in Jindan Stage. However, in front of this old female Jindan, they were helpless like little kids. Wang Lu\'s primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi had already gone well beyond the attack level of Jindan Stage, and after the addition of the quasi-immortal sword Rouge Tears, ordinary Yuanying could not withstand his direct attack. Yet, even after he went all out, he couldn\'t even cause a ripple in the opponent\'s Non-Phase Sword Defense.

And Wang Lu was already at the front row in terms of pure attacking power among the seven selected people. His own understanding of Non-Phase Sword was already far above the others, yet he couldn\'t even wear down Wang Wu\'s sword defense, much less other people.

Except for Qiong Hua.

In terms of cultivation base, Qiong Hua was not stronger than Wang Lu. His latest rare encounter in the immortal dreamland had caused his cultivation base to soar to peak Jindan Stage, which was an incredible experience. Even if Qiong Hua herself had her own rare encounter, at present, she would only reach peak Jindan Stage, and would also have the unstable foundation problem.

However, the Kill Immortal Sword in her hand was irreplaceable. It was a steady and reliable immortal treasure and had a synchronization rate far higher than Wang Lu\'s Rouge Tears. Therefore, the power of this Kill Immortal Sword was still several times higher than that of primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi.

If they have any mean to break through the unbreakable golden body of this older female of Jindan Stage, it would be Qiong Hua\'s Kill Immortal Sword.

However, after experiencing Wang Wu\'s invincible sword defense, Qiong Hua didn\'t have enough confidence that she would break it in one strike. Thus, several people needed to make grounds for her first. And after Wang Lu locked in his Master\'s weakness, Qiong Hua finally tried to break the enemy\'s defense in one fell swoop.

Left ankle… This was the only spot on Wang Wu that could reluctantly be called as a flaw after receiving the previous barrage of attacks. Previously, when she fought against Bai Ze in the immortal dreamland, she did not hesitate to sacrifice her cores. She looked as if nothing had happened, however, she had actually received some injuries. So far, her left ankle had not been healed, which would cause a bit of inconvenience when she was fully supporting her sword defense.

Qiong Hua\'s Kill Immortal Sword once swept a small world. At this time, when her cultivation base had gone a step further, she was able to consolidate the power of Kill Immortal Sword a bit better and specialize a bit… If this sword strike could not break the sword defense, then they had no other way.

After nobody knows how long, the red light in the lava cave was finally extinguished. Qiong Hua tiredly retrieved her Kill Immortal Sword back into her Jade Mansion. Her feet turned soft, and she almost stumbled to the ground. She really did give her all in that sword strike.

However, the golden sword defense in front of her still desperately stood. Under the full-blown attack of the Kill Immortal Sword, which was aimed at her weakness no less, Wang Wu was actually able to survive.

"Hey, You are obviously cheating, right? Are you sure the power you were using was really 30% of your overall strength?!"

Wang Lu said as he came out of the dust that covered the whole lava cave. At this point, they had no chance to win the frontal fight. Originally, it was agreed that Wang Wu could only be allowed to use 30% of her strength, and as long as the seven of them could break through her sword defense, then that meant they passed the test. However, facing the Kill Immortal Sword, Wang Wu clearly took out her true ability, which could withstand the attack from peak Deity Stage or even higher. What could a mere peak Jindan do anything to her?

Wang Wu herself looked a bit awkward. Just now, the power of Qiong Hua\'s Kill Immortal Sword was really against the heaven. Let alone 30% strength, even half strength might not be safe enough to withstand it. Thus, she had to temporarily raise her power output limit… However, before entering the cave, she had sworn to other sect elders and high-ranking management of Mysterious Sky Mansion that: "To deal with these several little rabbits, I would be able to withstand them for a year with just 30% of my strength. I have defeated an earth immortal, so the strength is without a doubt. When the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals first chose me, they hesitated about the ten million spirit stones cost, but now it seems like they had actually made a profit from that. Thus, if you guys chose me to be the product spokesperson, even if the endorsement fee is signed at five million a year, it would still be worth it!"

However, in just half a day\'s of effort, the little rabbits had managed to break her body 1 … No, break her method. This older woman had completely lost all her face!

"What a joke, just now, I merely used twenty percent of my strength!"

Wang Lu sneered. "If you have the ability, show me the remaining eighty percent of your strength."

Wang Wu sneered back. "Just now, I only used two golden cores, guess how many more back up cores do I have?"

"Damn, this could also be counted?"

Wang Wu was not about to back down. "Why not? In short, you guys are far from being able to pass! Just continue to work hard!"

However, after half a day of siege, Qiong Hua and the others had already long been tired. Even a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage had a limit on how much magical power they could send out in this indiscriminate barrage of attack… Therefore, everyone\'s eyes were now focused on Wang Lu.

Among the seven people, only Wang Lu and Qiong Hua were young cultivators in the truest sense. Most of the other had already cultivated for more than fifty years, and their comprehensive strength was only a few points stronger than the two. However, they also placed their hopes on Wang Lu at this time.

Wang Lu also hoped that he could fulfill those hopes, but looking at the solid sword defense of his Master, he could only sigh. "Indeed, there are only the exhausted-to-death cattle, but there is no over-ploughed earth 2 , we really don\'t have the strength to continue to fight further."

Wang Wu said with a smile, "Is that throwing in the towel?"

Wang Lu said, "Throw the towel? How could we throw in the towel without showing our unique skill? We indeed do not have the strength to fight a protracted fight, but we can show you our killer move for once."

Wang Wu immediately let her guard up. Although the kid\'s strength was less than a tenth of hers at present, after all, he was the reincarnation of her illustrious Big Brother… Most of her present achievements came from the inheritance that he left her. Thus, she became even more vigilant.

Who knows what kind of card he would pull out?

Wang Lu reached into his bosom, and in the blink of an eye, three mysterious sky crystals were sandwiched between his fingers.

Wang Wu\'s complexion immediately changed. "What do you mean by this?"

"Let us pass the test, and these three mysterious sky crystals are yours… Oh, such an easy money, you have no reason to refuse it, right?"

Wang Wu\'s face immediately showed a hesitant expression.

Wang Lu tried to strike while the iron was still hot. "The sword strike from Qiong Hua just now has already swept clean the detection array in this cave, so if you don\'t say it and I don\'t say it, no one would know what happened here. So…"

Before he could finish, Wang Lu saw a blur, and the three mysterious sky crystals in his hand had already been taken away.

"You guys Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage indeed deserve to be the stars of hope of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Congratulations to all of you on passing the test!"

After going out of the lava cave, Qiong Hua and the others still showed a complicated look.

It was indeed not glorious to break the test in this way, but it was also impossible to pass the test in the face of peak Deity Stage level defense. The price of the three mysterious sky crystals was also quite high. Wang Lu was indeed worthy to be called as the richest person among the younger generation. Three million spirit stones were taken out by him without the slightest hesitation! Moreover, he was thoroughly generous since that gesture meant that he had paid everyone\'s bills, which was quite unlike the rumor that said the Non-Phase Peak of Spirit Sword Mountain was insidiously stingy.

Just when they secretly praised this lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect for his generosity, Wang Lu suddenly turned around to face them.

"Oh, by the way, those three mysterious sky crystals have to be reimbursed back by you guys."


Wang Lu righteously said, "Or you guys plan to let me pay for you all? Three million spirit stones will be divided into the six of you, so each person only needs to come up with five hundred thousand spirit stones. Everyone here comes from large famous sects so no one has a shortage of such a small amount of money, right?"

Everyone took back the praise that they had just said. There was, as expected, no good person on Non-Phase Peak of Spirit Sword Mountain!