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Chapter 593: 10-Million-Spirit-Stone Battle!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

A grand Supreme of the Earth Immortal level being brought down to a life and death battle of Jindan Stage level was simply an Earth Immortal disgrace.

In the arena he personally built, the disgraced Earth Immortal Bai Ze waited for a long time before he saw his opponent casually strode in.

"You finally came?"

Bai Ze was somewhat impatient. Without even waiting for his opponent to make her stance, he had already summoned his own personal immortal treasure—of course, it had now been suppressed to the level of spiritual treasure—the immortal spirit in that immortal treasure had also been dumbed down accordingly.

It was a finger-thick golden stamp, and the bottom was engraved with a complex dazzling pattern. Along with the appearance of the stamp, the surrounding spiritual energy had undergone a drastic change.

"Hey, how could you easily show your card? Seems like you do have some strong points."

Wang Wu praised him somewhat in amazement.

Bai Ze sneered. "For a trash like you, there\'s no need to hide anything."

Wang Wu said, "What I mean to say is that one of your strong points is being stupid enough. Do you think I would sincerely praise you? This is just shamelessly fantasizing getting praise from the enemy."


Bai Ze was able to cultivate from an ordinary mortal all the way to the peak of cultivator. Naturally, there was something outstanding about him. However, when it came to arguing, he was still too far from the master of Non-Phase Peak.

"I will let you suffer extreme torture before your death!"

With that, Bai Ze was about to make his move. As soon as this Earth Immortal level expert lifted his hand, the earth immediately quaked and the mountain shook. Within the radius of several kilometers, the ground shook and cracked along with his action, showing his Earth Immortal level prowess.

He did not use more power than that of Jindan, and being a proud Earth Immortal, he even suppressed his power a bit lower. If, for example, the power that an ordinary peak Jindan Stage could utilize was 10000, a few especially talented cultivators could reach tens of thousands. Wang Lu and Qiong Hua, for example, could even accumulate as much as 100000. Thus, there was nothing wrong if Bai Ze limited his own power to around 100000.

However, instead to referring to this highest standard, he had suppressed his own strength to the level that was even lower than that of ordinary Jindan, around 8000-9000. But, although the quantity was small, the quality was high. And the way to harness power was even more exquisite, which was an eye-opener.

All of this did not go beyond the scope of that of Jindan Stage. Bai Ze did indeed suppress his own power perfectly, but even so, standing at the height of Earth Immortal level to operate a fight in Jindan Stage level, for common Jindan Stage cultivators, it was an absolutely crushing situation. This shaking the ground by lifting the hand was already enough to make the vast majority of Jindan Stage cultivators in Nine Regions ashamed.

Bai Ze fully unleashed his imposing manner, wanting to win by crushing the opponent!

However, in the face of Bai Ze\'s imposing momentum, Wang Wu interrupted it in just once sentence.

"Wait a minute!"


Bai Ze forcibly stopped the violently lashing out magical power, and the surrounding ground also stopped shaking.

"... What do you want?"

Wang Wu lightly said, "I haven\'t said I\'m ready, why are you in such a hurry? Do you want to launch a sneak attack?"

"To deal with you, do I even need a sneak attack?"

"Humph, not necessarily. In short, I have to do some preparatory exercise first, so please wait for a while."

"You… Fine, I\'ll wait you for a while! In any case, you\'ll die sooner or later!"

Thereupon, Wang Wu began a long preparatory work. At this time, she fully took her advantage as a woman to the limit. In the eyes of the already-lost-his-patience Bai Ze, she slowly took out a makeup kit and then began to apply makeup on her face with her already a bit rusty skill.

After applying the powder, she began to draw her eyeliner, put on lipstick, brush her eyelashes...

Not to mention Bai Ze in the arena whose veins had almost popped out, many of the other Earth Immortals on the sidelines had also sucked in a mouthful of cold breath.

They had seen shameless, but never this shameless!

Wang Lu also slightly twitched his face.

When have you ever f*cking put on makeup in Spirit Sword Mountain? Even when attending foreign guests and visiting conference you never cared about such a thing. You didn\'t even wash the wine stain on your clothes. Yet now you pretend to be a delicate woman who loves makeup!

Xuan Mo asked, "Is she using a psychological attack? It\'s no use. Although Bai Ze is a bit reckless in doing things, this doesn\'t make any difference to him. If she relies on this to gain victory, I\'m afraid she would be in danger."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu sighed and said, "Psychological attack? You look down on her too much. To deal with Bai Ze, how could she use psychological attack? Right now, she is just teasing the enemy, no practical significance whatsoever."

"Teasing… the enemy?"

Wang Lu shook his head and said no more. Because even if he told the truth, it would still be hard to win the trust. On the contrary, the fact was more powerful than any argument. As long as they saw the fight, they would naturally know the power of the number one Jindan in Nine Regions.

Of course, in theory, after seeing the strength of the later generation in the same stage, these Earth Immortals should be resolutely opposed to the stage limitation in the competition. However, if things went too extreme, the opposite things would occur instead. If they lose too miserably in this battle that no reason could explain it, then that would be a good thing.

There were no weak and incompetent people among those who were able to rise up against the Immortal in that time, thus, a crushing defeat would only double their desire to struggle.

Therefore, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals would not hesitate to hire Wang Wu to fight this battle. When it came to actual combat capability, there were many Supreme level experts in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals that it was not her turn to come forward before them. However, there was absolutely no one who has the biggest difference between actual combat capability and the stage other than her.

It was also because of this that Wang Lu could help her extort the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals for the exorbitant commission.

Next, it was her turn to prove her worth.

"Have you played enough! I can\'t just wait here indefinitely!"

An hour later, Bai Ze finally couldn\'t hold himself and begin to urge her. At the same time, the golden stamp in his hand was repeatedly spun by him for dozens of time.

"Moreover, are you trying to use that blood tattoo on your face to create a visual illusion? Unfortunately, it has no effect on me, no need to waste time on it!"

Her effort for makeup being called as blood tattoo, Wang Wu actually didn\'t care at all. She calmly wiped off all her makeup with a handkerchief and then took out her bamboo sword.

Bai Ze said with a smile, "Is that how you want to fight me? Don\'t you have other alternatives that would be beneficial for home advantage, or perhaps take out your spiritual treasure?"

Wang Wu said, "Non-Phase Peak can adapt to any situation, but for you, this long and hard bamboo is enough. In short, it\'s much stronger than your little short stamp."

"... Courts death!"

With that, Bai Ze could finally unleash everything without any scruples.

This time, there was no earth quaking mountain shaking power. Bai Ze merely pushed forward his golden stamp.

The next moment, Wang Wu turned her face and aimed her sword forward. At the same time, the middle part of the sword began to grow vigorously, and four branches sprouted between the bamboo knots, which vaguely took human form.

Just as soon as the human form was completed, the whole bamboo strip turned into a mass of ashes. However, very quickly, Wang Wu moved her left hand. A small tree rose from the distance and flew toward her. On midair, countless invisible sword qis turned it into a green wooden sword that contained the vitality of the whole tree and then eventually fell into Wang Wu\'s hand as a replacement.

This action was smooth and elegant, but the look on Wang Wu\'s face had become extraordinarily serious.

"That\'s actually a pretty good \'instant kill\' move, I have somewhat underestimated you."

Wang Wu said and then moved her left hand once again. From the woods, more than twenty trees were summoned by her magical power and each of them was transformed into a wooden sword that floated by her side.

Bai Ze was also amazed seeing this scene. He never thought that his decisive blow was actually blocked. Just a moment ago he made his move fast and without a warning, but the woman was actually able to respond!

Moreover, from the more than twenty wooden swords around her, his Negation technique would be blocked even if he used it again. And judging by the power that he used just now, it would be impossible for him to use the Negation technique on her dozens of time in a row.

"But, you\'re just asking for trouble in doing this, you obviously could\'ve died a bit better… very well then, let me Negate everything that you have bit by bit."

With that, Bai Ze also summoned even more immortal treasures, which was a set of thirteen stamps with the same size and style as the golden stamp

"Negation Stamp?"

Outside the arena, there was a faint exclamation from among the Earth Immortals.

Wang Lu asked Xuan Mo, "What is that thing?"

Xuan Mo said, "That\'s Bai Ze\'s Dao. He went all the way to the peak of immortal path relying on his Negation, only half a step away from ascending to immortality, very powerful… In short, it is to negate everything that he wants to negate. You see, this is how he usually speaks and does things. When you open your mouth, he would sing the opposite tune, when you throw out an argument, he would immediately refute it. These are all the specific expressions of the Dao of negation."

Wang Lu squinted his eyes. "What you said should be called the daos of Chunibyo, right…" [1]

"Don\'t underestimate him. The power of his Negation is very convincing to us all, so even with his temper, he can actually become our deputy leader. The dao of negation can cause a distortion in the cause and effect, but since in this fight he suppresses himself to the power level of Jindan, you can\'t see this cause and effect distortion. Even so, his strength is by no means comparable to that of ordinary Jindan Stage cultivator. I have fought with both of you, so I know that your Master is far more powerful than ordinary Jindan. But soon, you\'ll realize that you\'ve been too foolish to pick Bai Ze as the opponent."

Hearing Xuan Mo\'s solemn words, Wang Lu also roughly inferred that Bai Ze\'s Dao of Negation was a kind of conceptual level technique, in which the level had gone far beyond that of magical spell in general sense, which could already be considered as immortal technique. The gap in this level was a qualitative gap that could not be compensated for by any amount.

Just like how a three pennies worth thick iron dagger could take the life of a billionaire.

Immortal technique was a crushing technique at a higher level. Reaching the boundary of immortality and being able to understand immortal technique, Bai Ze indeed had no qualm in using the appellation of Earth Immortal since it was not a self-boasting to inspire morale.

In Wang Lu\'s impression, only a handful of people in the entire Nine Regions could really master an immortal technique. When he cultivated his primal chaos heaven splitting sword to the highest realm, he could also have the magical ability of immortal technique. However, to reach that highest realm, even with his Void Spirit Root qualification, it would still impossible for him to accomplish it in just three to five years.

However, there was absolutely no need for him to worry about Wang Wu.

Although he was not sure whether her one hundred and tenth layer of Non-Phase Method could really withstand the immortal technique, Wang Lu believed that in this ten million spirit stones worth battle, Wang Wu would never lose!


[1] //Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chunibyo