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Chapter 591: The Plan

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Yo, Wang Lu, why are you here? Shouldn\'t you be at the meeting?"

On the streets of Plentiful City, the greetings from a certain acquaintance made Wang Lu boil with anger instantly, his ever calm face twisted, and blue veins bloomed on his forehead.

"Wang Wu, you still have the face to appear in front of me!"

As he spoke, a fierce primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi blossomed out of his fingertips toward a spot behind him. It was just that, as soon as he sent out that sword qi, Wang Lu had to take it back.

Because there was no white beauty figure behind him, only a piece of paper floating in the air—a kind of letter paper that could transmit sound—Wang Wu really had no face to appear in front of him, so she directly used this paper instead.

With the destructive power of primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi, it was easy to tear the paper into pieces, not to mention crush the pedestrians and buildings behind the paper at the same time. Wang Lu didn\'t want to kill people on the busy street of Plentiful City, so he had to take back the sword qi, even though the blowback was very uncomfortable.

"Hahaha, sure enough, young people are eager to act, very impulsive. It\'s just that, isn\'t it a bit inappropriate to shoot me full in the face as soon as we meet?"

Wang Lu spat in contempt. "You wretch!"

"Hmmm, saying this kind of words to your Empress is not good then?"

"Less nonsense, you\'ve now been promoted to the cold palace empress [1]."

"Hahaha, don\'t be that cold and ruthless, will you. I have previously handled the harem contradictions for you, wasn\'t the result good? Those girls who were nearly going to fight until their brains almost turned into mush have now obediently settled down."

"Mm, your Telepathic Finger has indeed improved, you can make them obedient in a flash just by shaking your finger. Next time, I\'ll look for a group of big tool good skill Kunlun Slaves to have a nice and deep exchange with you."

"Are you sure? The emerald crown of your is in my hands, you know."

"Damn, I\'ll break you b*tch sooner or later."

"It is fine to break with me, but then the property must be equally divided."

"I\'d rather donate it to charity."

"I will open a charity institution and welcome the donation!"

The two continued their enthusiastic banter for a while until the pedestrians on both sides avoided them one after the other. Only then did they temporarily stop and get into the meat of the problem.

The paper voice that was sent by Wang Wu also changed its light and thin property to thicker in texture, and there were many red-colored characters that formed a line that read: Spirit Sword Sect official document.

"First of all, I bring the greetings from the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall. During this period of time, you have been working hard alone in the front line."

Wang Lu immediately scolded, "They also know that I have been working hard? A mere Jindan Stage disciple facing a group of Supreme level Sect Leaders and Elders, talking and laughing comfortably with them all day long. Those old codgers of Heavenly Sword Hall are really able to do such a thing!"

"You are the excavator of the group of immortal tombs, the trigger of the Earth Immortal\'s incident! You possess a pivotal position, so your status could not be measured by cultivation base. Right now, with this Management Committee arranged meeting, you have already ranked in the top ten of the Standing Committee."

Then, the piece of paper voice that Wang Wu sent turned to a white head, and its tone subsequently became frivolous. "Moreover, the elders of Spirit Sword Sect are hindered by reputation, so there are many things that are inconvenient and improper for them to speak out directly. Therefore, it only relies on you to be the mad dog. In any case, your reputation in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals is also similar to this…"

"... The world is too ignorant to understand my elegance."

Among the younger generation of cultivators, Wang Lu\'s prestige had been in full swing, especially after the Earth Immortal incident, which had already overwhelmed even Qiong Hua of Shengjing Sect… Although his fame was great, his controversy was not small.

Unlike the nearly perfect image of Qiong Hua which was fully supported by Shengjing Sect, Wang Lu\'s reputation was based on successive victories using unconventional methods. Since his debut, he had been controversial. For example, winning the title of Lead Disciple by trickery over Liu Li in the sect competition had made countless people in the world who have pity and love especially for beautiful young girls unable to hold their anger on Wang Lu.

Coupled with Wang Lu\'s unruly character as well as the unparalleled and as sharp as knife mouth, after the several days of the Management Committee meetings, too many people had seen the elegant demeanor of this Jindan Stage disciple who dared to stand on equal terms with Supreme level leaders. Thus, under this great reputation, Wang Lu also had another nickname, which was Spirit Sword Mad Dog.

"But He Tu and the other old guys also know very well how to take advantage of the situation. During this period, I was able to speak bluntly in the meeting hall more or less due to the tacit consent of He Tu, Tian Lun, and the others. Their pursuit is slightly different than that of Spirit Sword Sect, but everyone wants to form the contest plan in the shortest possible time, so it could be considered as each takes what he needs. At present, the plan has taken into account of Spirit Sword Sect to the greatest extent, and is also most likely to be accepted by the Earth Immortals… Although it has not yet been finalized, we might as well make some preparations in advance in accordance with the plan."

Upon hearing this, Wang Wu curiously asked, "What exactly is this plan?"

"... You, this guy, are obviously currently in Plentiful City, yet you don\'t know about the situation? There should be a lot of gossips in the city these past few days… Simply put, the main key in the competition plan against the Earth Immortal is that it\'s fighting a duel."

"A duel? Are you guys crazy?"

Wang Lu explained, "According to common sense, the advantage of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals is that it has a large population and possessed the resources of the entire Nine Regions. And the advantage of the ancient Earth Immortals is that they have high enough stage, and they have dozens of Earth Immortals level experts. Moreover, they also mastered a lot of secret techniques that have been lost. Therefore, for us, the most advantageous plan is not to limit the number of people, while the most disadvantageous is to fight alone.

"But this is, in fact, a trap. The number of Earth Immortals seemed to be just a few, but they hold the group of immortal tombs. Any of them has their own huge immortal dreamland or even a group of immortal dreams. For example, that Xuan Mo, who controls the entire country of women alone. Aside from being the master of the immortal dreamland where we pierced Heaven, there are also seven or eight branches of immortal dreamland. If the cultivators in these immortal dreamlands are stacked up, their number would be terrifying. If the immortal dreamlands of the dozens of Earth Immortals are added, their sum of power can even surpass the entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. After all, the foundation of the group of immortal tombs is the Feng Shui Line of the Nine Regions, and compared to cultivators, the power of the Feng Shui Line of the Nine Regions could be regarded as infinite."

Wang Wu said, "That analysis is reasonable, but compared to a duel, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals does not have any advantage either."

"Mm, from the previous situation, the power of Xuan Mo alone is not below the sect leader of the Five Uniques. As for the most powerful ones amongst them, for example, that Bai Ze who has put all his attribute points on brain damage is probably superior to anyone… So the way to do the duel is not to stupidly rely on strength, but pay attention a bit to the skill."

"Hm… are you planning to set restrictions on the duel? For example, suppressing the stage?"

Wang Lu said, "Yes, that\'s the basic idea. After the Age of Chaos, because of the thinning of the surrounding spiritual energy, it is difficult for the present day cultivators to compare with their predecessors in term of stage. For example, there is no Mahayana Stage cultivator in the present day Nine Regions, but because of this thin surrounding spiritual energy, we would be more desperate in our use of the scarce resource. Therefore, within the same stage, our strength might be stronger. If we can limit the duel to the same stage, we will have a chance of winning. Of course, without the actual comparison, no one knows whether the result will be achieved or not. Perhaps for these Earth Immortals, the abundance of surrounding spiritual energy in their cultivation will allow them to carry out more experiments to improve their cultivation system…"

Wang Wu pondered for a moment. "Do you think they will accept this restriction scheme?"

"There\'s no reason for them to refuse. As long as they admit and are clearly aware that cooperation is the premise, then the nature of this duel is competition and not killing until death. And for any competition, it must be always under enough restrictions.

"In addition, one of the purposes of this duel is for the competition of the real inheritance hidden by the Earth Immortals in the group of immortal tombs. For example, the five blood spirit crown, or Xuan Mo\'s Rouge Tears. These are the treasures that could not be automatically synthesized by the group of immortal tombs. Their number is limited, and their significance is great. The next is the leadership in the future war. In theory, even those who self-proclaimed as the Earth Immortals are still weak in the face of the True Immortal who descended to earth. Therefore, simply pursuing power is a wrong direction, and how to make use of existing resources is more important. Competitive duel in different limited levels can undoubtedly better measure this ability."

After he finished speaking, Wang Lu took a deep breath and then said with a smile, "What do you think? Could these arguments convince the Earth Immortals?"

Wang Wu thought for a moment. "It\'s useless if you just rely on argument alone. Even if the unfavorable factors are just a little bit, they have no reason to accept it. So it\'s better to add a little stimulation so that they have to accept it."

Wang Lu nodded. "Do you mean \'inciting people to action is more effective than request\'? That\'s a good idea. When I negotiate with the Earth Immortals later on, I will provoke them that no one could break your defense in Jindan Stage or lower. No, even in Yuanying Stage. When the time comes, as long as they have the pride of being an Earth Immortal, they would definitely take up my challenge. And after losing, they would no longer have the initiative in this matter."

"The hell, don\'t just push me that arbitrarily out to be the target of people!"

"Rest assured, I would apply a special budget for you."

"Then no problem. But, if you want to use this trick, it\'s better for you to bet with them that nobody can beat you in shouting abuse on the street using Nine Regions language."

Wang Lu laughed and said, "This has actually been included as a necessary option in the plan by me. This time, the competition with Earth Immortal would be a battle to test and compare the full range qualities of the two generations of cultivators, so I will not miss any detail. Let alone the skill of shouting abuse on the street, in the preparation for the implementation, mahjong, writing, singing, and even the skill in bed are also included in the plan… In a sense, this also could be counted as playing the numerical advantage of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

"Alright then, I look forward to the day the competition officially begins."


[1] (it means the concubines who have lost the favor from the Emperor and get demoted into a palace that people hardly would go to)