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Chapter 590: Outspoken

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the Management Committee of the Group of Immortal Tombs Excavation had held six consecutive meetings within ten days.

Each meeting was presided over by a Supreme level cultivator, and all the participants were the movers and shakers of all stripes of Nine Regions. There were sect leaders of major sects, leaders of various immortal cultivation families, the highly respected seniors with tall prestige, and even many spirit beasts who had been transformed and became kings of the mountains.

In the last few meetings, people even saw the figures of evil sect cultivators.

Such specification and such density could hardly be seen in the past hundred years. The last such meeting happened when Shengjing Sect was attempting to promote its continent-wide strategy through the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. And the continuous meeting was still not enough.

And for a meeting which specifications higher than this only happened in the last great war of immortal and demon. The entire Union of Ten Thousand Immortals moved up, and the occasion was unmatched in grandeur.

The group of immortal tombs had created a big fuss, for the awakening of the Earth Immortals and the subsequent Fallen Immortal crisis.

As a matter of fact, the matter about the Fallen Immortal was not a secret among the top ranks of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. The tragedy of Spirit Sword Sect, which was nearly annihilated one hundred and fifty years ago, had already long sounded an alarm bell for everyone.

However, in order to maintain the basic stability of the entire immortal cultivation world, the news of the Fallen Immortal crisis had never spread. It had only been mentioned from time to time in the meetings of the Standing Committee of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and specifically dealt with case by case. For example, the Spirit Sword Sect recovering from the tragedy of near extinction, the assistance from the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was indispensable. When they were in \'temporary deficit in manpower and resources,\' not only their super sect title wasn\'t taken away, they were also given material support. In the final analysis, in the face of Fallen Immortal, the sacrifice of Spirit Sword Sect was remembered by all.

However, right now, the real immediate problem was the Earth Immortal. The arrival of Fallen Immortal should be at least hundreds of years later, which is a crisis that belonged to the next generation… As the saying goes, a day in heaven is a year for the human. For those Fallen Immortals, it should be normal to plan an action that spanned three to five hundred years. Just like retreating in seclusion for a hundred years was nothing new for those Unity Stage Supremes.

In recent days, many meetings have been held by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in order to deal with the challenge of the Earth Immortals, to coordinate the various forces under their jurisdiction, and to unify their thinking and avoid fighting.

However, it was not difficult to see from the frequency of the meeting that the progress of the meeting was not smooth. To persuade those big sects to put aside their longtime grudges to put on a unified voice toward the outsiders was easier said than done. Let alone just to convince them to accept the fact that they had to compete with the Earth Immortals would take a lot of effort.

On this day, there was another high-level meeting. The giants of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and the management committee gathered again in the high-level conference room in Plentiful City. After Supreme He Tu, who presided over the meeting, read aloud the situation report, he was quickly questioned by some of the delegates.

"Supreme He Tu, let us first accept all the assumptions that you put forward in your report, including the existence of the Fallen Immortal, and their possible descent on Nine Regions. In light of this, however, I would like to ask, do we really have to contend with the ancient Earth Immortals before dealing with the Fallen Immortal crisis? Since our advantages and disadvantages are the same right now, and the ancient Earth Immortals are far beyond our qualifications and power, would it not be good if we just let them lead the struggle? Why bother adding internal frictions?"

As soon as that voice dropped, there were many other voices that voiced out their agreement. Obviously, these people have agreed to rely on their numbers to strengthen the momentum of the argument.

Sitting on the main seat, Supreme He Tu glanced slightly at the original speaker. However, just before he could open his mouth to give his answer, a young voice was coldly inserted in and responded unceremoniously.

"Supreme He Tu, I think we have some problems with the arrangement of this meeting. Actually, even these trash fishes, no, the plankton-like trash fragments have been included in, and they are still allowed to speak. We don\'t have time to waste on these trashes."

Before the words were over, the person who initially made the argument said, "Who do you say are trash fishes?"

"Who else aside from you? A sect leader of a middle-rank sect, with mere Deity Stage cultivation base, allowing you to attend the venue is already an extrajudicial benevolence, who gives you the right to speak here? Haven\'t your parents taught you to know your place? After five hundred years of cultivation, have you not yet realized the fact that you a trash?"

"You…" The man was overcome with a rush of anger such that his face actually turned pale. "You little Jindan actually dare…"

"I am a member of the Management Committee, the founder and the opener of the group of immortal tombs, the trigger and coordinator of the Earth Immortal event. Even if you use up all your life, it would be very hard for you to even get close to any of these identities. Every word that I told you should be cherished and remembered, and handed down from generation to generation as the family heirloom to your doomed to be good-for-nothing descendants. Provided that you find a woman stupid enough to give birth to your offspring."

Just as Wang Lu\'s momentum in the front row of the venue became fiercer and fiercer, Supreme He Tu waved his hand. "Wang Lu, that\'s enough."

Wang Lu immediately shut his mouth and said nothing. At the same time, the man who suffered his abuse was directly teleported out of the meeting.

The meeting hall was quiet for a while. When everyone stopped talking, Wang Lu put a smile on his face and said, "Isn\'t it good? Why not do it earlier? These insignificant sects shouldn\'t have been allowed to enter in the first place. The inheritance of the group of immortal tombs and the preparation for the leadership of the Fallen Immortal crisis are originally unattainable for them. For them, instead of trying to fatten up our big sects with their strength, they might as well try to increase their sense of existence, showing the pride of cultivators, as well as holding the thigh of the Earth Immortal. This kind of trash will only hold us back, completely without any value at all."

"Wang Lu." The two long eyebrows of Supreme He Tu trembled slightly. "That\'s enough."

However, Wang Lu refused to stop. "You are the leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, a person of virtue and prestige, so every word and deed have rules and regulations of restraint. However, I\'m not the same, I\'m a younger generation, a little Jindan guy, so if I said something wrong, it could be regarded as \'children\'s words carry no harm\'. Thus, some ugly words are better to be said by me. In today\'s meeting, in addition to the members of the two committees, there are also heads of some middle of low-rank sects.

"What I said to you guys just now, though unpleasant to hear, in retrospect, don\'t you think that this battle against the Earth Immortals has nothing to do with you? Because, in the end, the fat meat of the group of immortal tombs is the dishes of the top rank sects. I think for you to drink up two mouthfuls of leftover soup is about right. Even if we win the battle against Earth Immortal, it\'s not your turn to enjoy the richest trophies, simply because you can\'t make enough contributions. For you guys, except having an overwhelming numerical advantage, regardless of which aspect, are worlds apart compared to top rank sects. Thus, sharing with you a few mouthfuls of leftover soup is already a compassionate thing…"

Before he could finish his words, Wang Lu saw a blur. He had already been teleported out of the meeting room.

Having a dual identity of Committee Member of Tomb Excavation and Plentiful City Committee Member, among the people present, only Supreme He Tu was qualified and had the ability to expel him directly.

And after He Tu made his move, there were suddenly more talks in the meeting room.

The heads of the middle and low-rank sects had varied looks. Most of them were happy to see that happened. Wang Lu\'s spicy and even vicious words were truly hard to digest even if one was a well-rounded person. More importantly, they could not decide whether it was the single opinion of Wang Lu or the collective opinion of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals\' Management Committee.

Daoist He Tu tacitly acquiesced him to be incessant, was that a hint that he was actually supporting him?

If Daoist He Tu also meant that, then these low and middle-rank sects would have a hard time later on. When the time comes, they had to make some unpleasant measures in order to protect themselves.

Fortunately, in the end, Daoist He Tu forcibly expelled Wang Lu. It seemed that he did not want to get into a deadlock situation with the low and middle-rank sects. Therefore, the choice of sacrificing Wang Lu—being driven away from the venue, should be quite a shameful thing for him..

At the same time, the Elder of Shengjing Sect closed to He Tu was somewhat hesitant, saying through primordial spirit, "Sect Leader Senior Brother, Wang Lu, he is, after all…"

However, He Tu actually chuckled. "That kid has been talking for so long and so grandiose. But actually, none of his words are sincere. He just wants to help me put ugly words at the front. Rather than being bored sitting here, he had begged me to let him out."

"Ah?" That Shengjing Sect Elder incredulously said, "At such an important meeting, he actually…"

"Hehe, I heard that he had recently encountered some particularly tricky private affairs."

"Tricky private affairs?"

"Being young is indeed good."

"Senior Brother?"

"Let\'s not talk about him… humph, that kid looks down on us seniors too much, he thinks a little guy like him can be outspoken? What a joke!"

After that, Supreme He Tu closed that primordial spirit dialogue, coughed at the meeting hall, and then opened his mouth.

"What Wang Lu said just now, is exactly what I mean."

Immediately, there was an uproar.

He Tu ignored all these people\'s comment and said, "I know that all of you here have your own plan. For the personal benefits and that of your own sects, these are understandable. But now is a matter of great importance, so there\'s no time to reconcile and weigh the interests of each party present. As such, I will just come to the conclusion, and you only have the power to accept it. Simply put, you\'re invited here not for a discussion, but to receive notification.

"Supreme is such a straightforward person, which also saves us a lot of trouble. A few days ago, the committee has held a series of meetings, presumably, a mature plan has already been discussed with the major top rank sects, during which, we never have the opportunity to speak… and now, Supreme even spoke out without reservation, and we can only accept it. Heh, in the eyes of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, we small and medium-sized sects, indeed, are not worth a penny. That being the case, then we…"

He Tu coldly said, "Your value is reflected in your contribution. If you contribute more, you might not necessarily have to drink soup and might be able to eat meat instead. If you contribute less, even the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals might not necessarily be qualified to enjoy the spoils of war. You could choose not to help, but if you dare to hinder us, or even opportunistically venture to the Earth Immortal side… the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals will let you see the fate of a traitor."

Daoist He Tu said those words with the power of a Supreme, causing many of the sect leaders present to feel a tremendous shock and lose all their five senses. Unutterable fear flooded them.

After they came to their senses, the meeting had already ended.