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Chapter 579: The Difficulty of This Test Seems Too High

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The arrival of Heaven was not surprising. Even though she had been hiding behind the scene for thousands of years, even allowing her people to mistakenly think that the so-called Heaven was just an im-personified existence, she was not cold-blooded and ruthless, not able to treat all living beings as worthless things.

Therefore, she could not just sit and watch the destruction of Heavenly Earth.

Before he came to the lower realm, the situation that Wang Lu witnessed, the war between the two worlds, was fundamentally one-sided, with the Heavenly Earth losing ground in front of the chaotic army and could collapse at any time.

In the past wars, the victories of Heavenly Earth were not based on its own strength. The existence of the barrier between the two worlds made every lower realm invasion go only along a narrow passage. Except for the possibility of unexpectedly able to occupy some territories in the early stage, the chaotic creatures were usually soon defeated due to supply line constraint once the Heavenly Earth reacted and pressed their army.

Despite that, in every war, Heavenly Earth suffered a huge loss. The difference in the fighting effectiveness between the two sides could be seen in this.

After all, the women on Heavenly Earth were enjoying a leisure life, while the creatures of the chaotic world were abnormal and born to destroy. At the same time, the reproduction in the Heavenly Earth could only rely on the child bestowing ritual, which had limited efficiency, and thus the population was not large. In contrast, the number of chaotic creatures was totally unrestricted. It had been expanding at an alarming rate for thousands of years and would have been incalculable had they not killed each other from time to time under the control of the source of chaos.

And this current lower realm invasion was based on the shaken position of Heaven, which enormously weakened the basis of the protective boundary between the two worlds. In the chaotic world, those hundreds of towering towers had bored through several hundred passages between the two worlds, and the amount of those towering towers still continued to increase.

The chaotic army bloomed on the Heavenly Earth, and the female cultivators were completely incapable of stopping the expansion of the opposite party. From the quantity to quality, they were completely inferior to that of their opponent; preserving their vitality for the short time was their limit… Before Wang Lu came to the lower realm, the Heavenly Earth\'s side had been completely holed up in the several fortresses, relying on the natural barriers as their defense. Among them, Moon Capital was one of the core fortresses. There, Zhu Shiyao and the others, while also having fun, had to deal with thousands of chaotic creatures every day under the arrangement of Moonless.

However, that was merely because the Chaotic Kings, the several strongest chaotic creatures in the lower realm, had not made their move yet—the channels between the two worlds were still unable to accommodate them. If the war continued, those channels would be expanded, and it would be a matter of time before the whole Heavenly Earth was annihilated.

Therefore, it was not unexpected that Heaven chose to descend to the lower realm—she could, of course, choose to show her true self and sweep the chaotic creatures from the Heavenly Earth, but compared to fighting the endless stream of chaotic creatures, it was better to directly combat the root of the problem.

It was just that, Wang Lu did not expect that the confrontation between the two commanding generals would be in such a ridiculous form.

"... You two have picked me as the prop for the competition, have you two ever thought of asking for my opinion?"

The source of chaos curiously asked, "Now that you and I have the same interest, this is undoubtedly the most efficient way, what do you think?"

Heaven simply sneered. "What else is there to think? This is nothing more than the lack of confidence in yourself! Perfect man? That is a false proposition in itself. What good things do men in this world have?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu felt it funny and said, "A few days ago at the child bestowing ritual, your words were not like this."

"That\'s because I did not think carefully! Saving the adult but not saving the child was not because you respect women, but simply because the child itself is a female! You\'re just abandoning the baby!"


Wang Lu deeply felt his admiration for such a logic because her logic was not wrong. The child bestowed by Heaven were always girls, so the help the adult or help the child situation could not explain the problem at all. Looking from another angle, Wang Lu\'s choice was no different than abandoning a baby girl, which was also the most hated thing by the feminists.

However, this matter had actually aroused Wang Lu\'s interest.

Originally, he had no interest in such a child\'s-play-like way of handling matters. Especially since the deciding factor of victory and defeat was the so-called perfect man, which made him feel like a species of bird pushed out into the front of a wealthy woman for her to stroke his fur coquettishly.

However, now it seemed like this was different. This Heaven was so stubborn that she instead aroused Wang Lu\'s fighting spirit.

As for the question whether he was a perfect man or not, there was no doubt in his mind. The only question was whether he could prove it to Heaven. For a person with a deeply ingrained idea, it would be as difficult as ascending the heaven to overthrow that idea. In particular, this showdown concerned the life and death of Heaven and the source chaos, so she couldn\'t easily admit defeat.

It was just like the previous saving the adult or saving the child problem. Previously, she admitted herself that a good man actually existed, but now, she changed her mind and instead accused Wang Lu of abandoning a baby, which was simply a self-deception. However, this position also made her almost impregnable. After all, as the saying goes, no one could awake a person who pretends to sleep.

And Wang Lu was exactly interested in calling out the person who pretends to sleep.

"Heh." Wang Lu sneered. "You\'re right, I really have no confidence in this bet."

Without waiting for the ridicule from Heaven, Wang Lu said, "Because I have no confidence in you women! Incorrigibly obstinate, self-deceiving… No one would sit on the same bet table with such a person, you guys simply can\'t afford to lose!"

"Hahaha!" The source of chaos let out a sharp cry. "Well said, women basically don\'t have anything good in them!"

"Nonsense!" Heaven trembled in anger. "Can\'t afford to lose? Alright, I will give you a chance. If you can meet my conditions, even if you use any means, I will immediately admit defeat! What do you think, dare to take this bet?"

Hearing this, Wang Lu merely let out a faint smile. Immediately admit defeat? That\'s nice to hear, but what if when the time comes there\'s a fallout and you become hostile? Right now, the upper and lower realms are you-die-and-I-live kind of enemies, everything could be allowed for the sake of victory, so what\'s the matter to lie to someone?

Moreover, as long as the conditions are met? Who knows what conditions would she bring? If the condition was that Wang Lu had to brandish a sword to castrate himself, and since then become a woman, in order to prove that he did not discriminate against women, does Wang Lu have to act according to her words and hence truly become Wang Lulu?

"You don\'t need to worry about this."

At that time, the source of chaos said, "With me here, I will not let her deny it. Let alone this split is largely based on the absolute confidence of both sides in their own ideas. Once you really break her confidence, she can\'t deceive herself. The previous problem of saving the adult or saving the child has already made the barrier of the two worlds crumble. Of course, it would be very difficult to break her belief, and she will definitely put forward quite difficult conditions, so you have to be mentally prepared."

Heaven said with a sneer, "That\'s right, for men, my conditions are as hard as ascending the heaven. However, you can rest assured, I will not deliberately use irrelevant problems to heckle you. Because doing so is tantamount to declaring that I have no confidence in my own belief."

"I see. Then I have no problem. Go ahead, bring it on."

As soon as his voice fell, Wang Lu\'s complexion couldn\'t help but change.

Because in front of him, suddenly, there were more than a few figures, each of which looked very familiar to him.

Zhu Shiyao, Liu Li, Lady Boss, Bai Shixuan, Yue Xinyao, Cat Girl Ling Yan… Every single one of them was in a trance, seemingly falling into an illusion. Just as Wang Lu thought Heaven was going to use them as hostages, he saw the last person in line there.

One which was waving at him, his respected Master.

"What… are you doing here?"

For other people, he didn\'t think that it was strange that they were captured here. Previously, they had taken refuge in Moon Capital and tried to complete their missions by dealing the chaotic creatures, thus, at any time, they could be captured by Heaven. However, what was Wang Wu doing here? To say that she could be captured by Heaven, Wang Lu would never believe it. She might not be able to defeat Heaven currently, but she definitely had the power to protect herself.

"Hahaha, I am here to help you." Wang Wu laughed and said, "Just now, Heaven had sent a trace of her primordial spirit to communicate with me and told me about her plan. I think it\'s very interesting, so I cooperated with her."

"You f*cking…" Wang Lu was so angry that he couldn\'t speak. Moreover, looking at her \'enjoying the show\' appearance, Wang Lu nearly bit off his own teeth.

"My dear, don\'t be angry with me, mua~."

"Mua your f*cking ass! You\'re already so old and yet you\'re still having these kinds of cute actions like others, don\'t you still want your face?" Wang Lu\'s primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi suddenly brewed in his hand, but at the same time, Heaven also let out a sneer.

"Using rude vulgar words toward a woman, blindly using violence to push people down, humph, sure enough, this is the attitude of you men."

"..." Wang Lu looked at Heaven and then coldly said, "Trust me, you will regret bringing that woman into your female camp."

With that, he let out a sigh of relief. "What are the conditions? Say it."

"It\'s very simple, as long as don\'t hurt any one of them, I\'ll consider you win."

"Don\'t hurt any of them?" Wang Lu frowned while deep in though. What kind of condition is this? Liu Li, Bai Shixuan... they were too adorable and no one would ever want to hurt them. Even for those who just have a superficial relationship with me like Big Sister and the stupid cat, I will not be so idle that I want to hurt them.

Or is it that Heaven would control them to attack me to test my tolerance for women? No matter what, with Non-Phase Sword Defense, they are not my opponent.

Wait a minute… these people seemed to include someone who he couldn\'t wait to strike.

It was all right with other people, but toward this peerless cheap person Wang Wu, to restrain himself from not hurting her was really difficult. Heaven had really raised a tricky condition.

However, since it had come to this point, how could he shrink back?

"Fine, let\'s get started."

As soon as Wang Lu said that, he saw the source of chaos and Heaven glancing at each other, sealing the bet, and then the pale world suddenly disappeared. After which, a broken scene took its place.

The fragments of the scene were glued together with great speed, and in the blink of an eye, Wang Lu had already been placed in a magnificent palace. He was sitting on a large, spacious bed, while the red and white robe that he usually wore was replaced by pure white, refined pajamas. At the bedside, a pretty girl was presenting a plate.

There were several wooden signs on the plate, which were written with Liu Li and other people\'s names.

And then, Wang Lu heard a word that absolutely terrified him.

"Your Majesty, whose sign do you want to pick 1 for tonight?"