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Chapter 571: About the Future

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The fresh scent that gradually swayed between the lips was memorable.

Wang Lu gently touched his lips and then subconsciously smiled.

These almost the same words and kiss caused the memories of the two generations to intertwine. The figure of the beautiful woman in front of him had also become blurred.

In a trance, he seemed to see ()that Junior Sister who was crying in his arms, fearing for the future. In his heart, there was an endless desire to protect her at all cost.

However, when he came to his senses, the woman in white had already stood on top of the hill with a newly picked bamboo branch at her waist. Facing the sun, the light cast on her stretched her infinitely beautiful body.

The setting sun created a long shadow behind her, which was long and narrow. And her shadow, which was connected with that of the hill under her feet, was extended to the front of his feet. Looking up, Wang Wu seemed to be high in the clouds, in the midst of fiery sunset.

After more than hundred years, the delicate and timid Young Junior Sister had grown into the Fifth Elder of Spirit Sword Sect, the number one Jindan in Nine Regions. Even his own cultivation was handed down from her.

This could be expressed so accurately by a sentence "the world still stays the same but the people has completely changed.

"I... am already not the previous me."

On top of the hill, Wang Wu\'s voice was clearly transmitted to his ears.

"Remember that time, in the Savage Land, you asked me to live happily regardless of what, no matter if it was one hundred years, two hundred years. Then, you promised that you will come back. Later on, you really did it, but 150 years has already been passed, and how many 150-years could one have? Of course, I don\'t blame you for coming too late, I just want to say, everything is already not the same."

Wang Lu, of course, knew that everything was already not the same. But he also knew that what Wang Wu wanted to say was not really that.

"At that time, I once asked you why you chose me and you said a lot of things. Those good words need not be mentioned now. But, I remember very clearly that you said my biggest problem is lack of responsibility, because I was not interested in everything around me, not in the least bit concerned. However, I had to do my best to keep up with the progress of my Senior Brothers and Sisters with my meager spirit root, so where could I have the time to think about other things? Afterward, you handed me your inheritance, and it made me feel as if I was imbued with wisdom, and my perception greatly increased. My spirit root was also elevated by a level. All of these developments could truly open my eyes, just as I am now."

Wang Wu said as she lightly tapped the ground with her foot and flew straight toward the sky like an arrow, leaving behind the hill under her. Nobody knows how long it took, and Wang Lu\'s Jindan Stage vision could no longer see her.

In Nine Regions, there was a bone-wrenching strong wind on the high altitude. The higher the altitude, the stronger the wind was, just like an indestructible barrier. It was said that at the highest altitude, the strong wind could not even be resisted by a true immortal. Of course, Wang Wu was far below a true immortal, but the scenery that she could appreciate was certainly far better than that of most people.

"Senior Brother, guess what I am currently seeing now?"

Wang Lu remained silent for a while and did not answer her.

His vision at this time certainly could not be compared to that of the number one Jindan in Nine Regions. However, as the main witness to the crisis that nearly brought Spirit Sword Sect down one hundred and fifty years ago, no one knew about the crisis of Fallen Immortal better than him. And the clearer his mind was about this thing, the heavier his heart became.

"One hundred and fifty years ago, it was you, Senior Brother, who supported the situation. Although you were just an insignificant Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, by the strength of your leadership, you temporarily resolved the big crisis that could spread to the whole territory of Nine Regions. I\'ve seen many Nine Regions\' heroes in the past one hundred and fifty years, but no one can match you. But what I have received is your inheritance, and also your responsibility. I don\'t know what I can achieve in the big turbulence in the future with my ability, but Senior Brother, please believe me, I, your Junior Sister, have not been lazy in the past one hundred and fifty years…"

Wang Lu thought about her daily routine in Non-Phase Peak, and found it hard to accept the conclusion that she had never been lazy. However, considering the fact that she was, after all, a woman, if he turned a deaf ear to her words… he could barely think her words counted.

Moreover, from another point of view, she really did well. Among the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall, although her stage was the lowest, her actual combat ability was firmly at the forefront. And in Nine Regions, she could be considered as an expert. What does this mean? Those who were at the same level as her like the Supremes the level of peak Deity and Unity Stage, or those who could reach Deity and Unity Stage, were basically the present age geniuses with exceptional aptitude and perception. And those guys\' cultivation time was almost no less than five hundred years.

But how long had Wang Wu been cultivating? Not even half of that of their time!

Of course, Feng Yin and the others were also not simple. They inherited the inheritance of the golden generation, and in less than two hundred years of cultivation time, they would become the top experts in Nine Regions, which could be rated as an unbelievably amazing achievement no matter if compared with those cultivators in the past or now. At that time, in the time of calamity, Spirit Sword Sect was able to stay among the Five Uniques by relying on their exceptionally amazing meritorious deed in wiping out the Fallen Immortal, and now, Spirit Sword Sect retained their very high prestige even just by the name of Heavenly Sword Hall.

Everyone did not waste time. Just as he thought of this, he then thought of his peak Jindan Stage cultivation level with an unstable base, and Wang Lu could only smile bitterly.

"More than a hundred years, it has indeed been too long."

"Therefore, Senior Brother, what are you planning to do?" Wang Wu said, and then in a flash, she had already returned back to Wang Lu. Her curious eyes looked at him, looking forward to his answer.

Wang Lu was silent for a while and then sighed. "From now on, don\'t call me Senior Brother. My time as your Senior Brother has already long ended one hundred and fifty years ago. And more than twenty years ago, I did give you the Disciple-Master salute."

"Okay." Wang Wu was not surprised by this answer.

In her impression, although the Big Brother had a mouth that was a bit vicious, and there were occasionally breaks in character… after the reincarnation, there had been a considerable change to that of what he was in the past. However, one thing remained unchanged: Know when to advance and retreat.

Of course, it was a bit awkward to call it as knowing when to advance and when to retreat. However, Senior Brother was indeed very genuine when dealing with his own people.

Yes, he was the Big Brother of that year\'s golden generation, the savior for all the survivors, and the top rank person with exceptional achievement. However, more than a hundred years have passed.

If she gave out the reincarnation identity of the Big Brother, how should Feng Yin and the others respond to this? When the time comes, it was basically an unsolvable difficult problem!

Hand over the position of Sect Leader?

Not to mention the fact that the progress made by Spirit Sword Sect from the time of near extinction crisis to the present contained a lot of hardworking effort of the ten people in Heavenly Sword Hall, let alone the pressure for the sect because of the sensation created by the fact that a leader of one of the Five Uniques was handed over to a Jindan Stage cultivator... And from Wang Lu\'s own point of view, he did not feel that it would be a good thing to take over the authority of the Sect Leader. Currently, he was still in the fastest period of cultivation, so it was best for him to just focus on experience and cultivation.

Then, if not mentioning the Sect Leader position, should Wang Lu be directly be promoted as an Elder of Heavenly Sword Hall, so that he could enjoy his high status? That was still not feasible. When the time where the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders convene to a meeting came, with his past prestige, who would dare to object Wang Lu\'s words? That level of authority was no less than that of the Sect Leader.

And if they didn\'t do anything about it, just let Wang Lu keep his lead disciple position… when the sect meeting came, and Wang Lu have to perform the respect to the Elders ritual, except for Wang Wu who was different from ordinary people, who would dare to accept it? Who would dare to treat him as a disciple?

The prestige of the previous generation\'s Big Brother was actually a very cumbersome thing, such that he might not as well have it. Therefore, Wang Lu simply didn\'t want to disclose it.

Wang Wu said, "But, this wouldn\'t be hidden for long. Sooner or later, everyone would find out. After you came back from the demon world, your temperament… is becoming more and more like that of you in the past."

"It doesn\'t matter. As long as I don\'t say it, they can\'t confirm it, and they won\'t take the initiative to confirm it. Moreover… the root of the problem is that my strength is still not enough, still not worthy of the illustrious name of Big Brother. And the gap between me and you all is actually more than one hundred years, but with my lifetime accumulation, once erupted, it would just be a matter of minutes to catch up with you all."

As soon as he spoke those words, Wang Lu unconsciously shrugged his shoulders. Because saying this kind of words in front of Wang Wu would almost certainly invite a ridicule retort from her: With Void Spirit root yet after cultivating for twenty years only resulted in reaching Jindan Stage, yet still have the face to say \'erupted\'? In the past few years, there were many times this topic came up in their quarrel in Non-Phase Peak, with the same kind of ridicule retort from her.

However, this time, Wang Wu actually nodded gently. "Okay, I look forward to it."

Wang Wu\'s back was facing him, so he couldn\'t see her face clearly. However, Wang Lu always felt that her so-called \'look forward\' was not just about his vigorous advancement in cultivation base, but about being able to become the omnipotent Big Brother once again. But then… when he thought of this, Wang Lu couldn\'t help but feel awkward.

After that, there were no words coming out from the two of them.

There were too many problems that the two of them needed to think about. For example, for Wang Lu, he felt that Ouyang Shang\'s two crossings in the infinite void were not just for survival. After returning to Nine Regions in his second crossing, it was no coincidence that he had the Void Spirit Root qualification. Unfortunately, he did not fully inherit the memory of Ouyang Shang—it seemed like it was an inevitable loss in the void crossing—therefore, many things could only be understood by guessing. At present, according to Wang Lu\'s view, it was likely related to the providence thing.

He remembered that Mr. Feng Yue seemed to have said that the providence of Nine Regions was just a joke to him. At that time, the golden generation similarly had each of their own providence, and it was reasonable to say that each of them was a very talented person who had the luck of a main character, like finding a rare book after jumping over a cliff kind of luck. Yet, in the midst of that crisis, nearly all of them were killed and wounded. On the contrary, Wang Wu, who had no such providence, actually survived.

The reason for this was obviously not quite simple. But unfortunately, currently, it was still elusive. But no matter what, with his current Jindan Stage cultivation base, it was useless for him to ponder it. If he really wanted to fight against the Fallen Immortal, he needed to continue to follow this current immortal cultivation path, no time for him to talk until he at least reached Deity Stage.

After nobody knows how long, Wang Lu finally broke the silence.

"Enough reminiscing about the past, let\'s first finish this immortal dreamland."