Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain - Chapter 566: It Seems There Is No Other Choice Than to Sever the Master and Disciple Relationship

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Chapter 566: It Seems There Is No Other Choice Than to Sever the Master and Disciple Relationship

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Three days later.

The plan to nail the unscrupulous Master into the wall using his Piercing Dead Brier Spear was not able to be put into practice. After all, the gap between a genius Jindan cultivator and the number one Jindan in Nine Regions was too big. It would take Wang Lu at least twenty to thirty years of cultivation before he could officially overthrow his Master\'s ghostly reign.

After thinking to this point, Wang Lu regretted that when he was Ouyang Shang, he was so generous to leave all his legacy to Wang Wu that one hundred and fifty years later, this woman was out of control.

However, from another point of view, this was not a bad thing. With Wang Wu, this thing near him, she undoubtedly became a reminder and motivation for him to cultivate hard all the time so that he could nail her on the wall as soon as possible. As a mean to stimulate his cultivation, it was good.

In addition, Wang Wu\'s entrapment plan smoothly progressed. After three days, all the Harmonious Heaven and Open Heaven rank nuns on the plan list had been completely collected and become the slaves that fell down under Sister Wu\'s skirt.

Among them, two powerful Harmonious Heaven nuns were captured by Wang Wu herself. One of which was accompanied by Wang Lu, who witnessed how the number one Jindan in Nine Regions, in just three breaths, overwhelmingly crushed a nun whose power was equivalent to middle-level Deity Stage, and then captured her and trained her. The whole scene was very satisfying.

Without any fancy, superfluous move, an all-out counter-attack through Non-Phase Method stunned the opponent, completely ignoring the huge difference between Jindan and Deity Stage. When the Harmonious Heaven rank nun fell down from the sky, it was very hard for Wang Lu to understand how could he and Wang Wu cultivate the same cultivation method.

Of course, what was more pleasing was that, Wang Wu had chosen the wilderness as the battlefield. Although no one came and went, it could be regarded as under the full light of day. And unexpectedly, from the start to finish of the battle, no one was alarmed at all.

The Heavenly Earth was a place of stable social structure, and the Temple of Heaven controlled the whole world. A minor fight could be ignored, but if it was an intense fight, there was no reason for Temple of Heaven not to discover it. As for the Deity Stage level fight, let alone fighting with people, in theory, even their every move should be included in the scope of monitoring.

After years of development and improvement, the well-designed monitoring network of Temple of Heaven was filled with loopholes under the effort of the vassal lords, so much that they could not detect when their own ascetic nun was being dealt with by other people, which was simply amazing.

Of course, one of the most important reasons for this was the cost consideration for the monitoring network which focused on the after the fact reconnaissance. Only when someone reported it and confirmed the accident would a large number of resources be put into the incident investigation. Therefore, everytime Wang Wu hunted down a target, she would immediately conquer the target\'s mind with Telepathic Finger. Thus, no one would report the situation, and naturally, the Temple of Heaven would not be alarmed.

"At present, the resources have been basically integrated. Plus Moonless, we have four Harmonious Heaven rank, and fifteen Open Heaven rank in our camp. Compared with the whole Temple of Heaven organization, it is insignificant, but our competitors are not this huge organization, but the seven Supreme rank top management of Temple of Heaven. Among those seven people, even the one with the biggest influence only have about ten Harmonious Heaven rank nuns, and the relationship is more based on converging political consideration and interest, meaning the loyalty to each other is very limited. It is quite different from the nuns who have been trained by Telepathic Finger. So now, even as an independent force, theoretically, we have the power to muddy the water in the successive events."

In the secret home base, Wang Wu seriously analyzed the current situation for everyone with her rarely shown serious posture.

"Of course, it\'s not enough just to muddy the water, so the next step is this: I\'m going to capture one of the Supreme rank candidates so that we would be able to achieve an overwhelming advantage in the next events by combining the two forces. If we do it well, we can even reach to the top in one fell swoop."

"Reach to the top in one fell swoop? How could it be so easy?" Wang Lu asked.

"Of course it would not be easy."

As a bureaucrat-managed religious institution, the social class barrier within the Temple of Heaven is getting stricter day by day. If a grassroots nun wants to go all the way to the top rank leadership, she had to go through a long journey. Exceptional promotion only happened in a few cases. Even in the special period of the invasion from the chaotic world and war, the election of the highest leader of the Temple of Heaven was done in an extremely cautious manner. For Wang Wu to support a puppet leader, it was still somewhat probable—although she had to face great difficulties, but to personally go into battle and reach the top level openly was simply too difficult.

A stranger who had no foundation in Heavenly Earth wanting to become the leader of the Temple of Heaven in one night? Where would the thousands upon thousands of nuns of Temple of Heaven be put? However, since it was a religious organization, there was always a shortcut to the highest level.

"Ask the Heaven."

Wang Wu whispered her answer.

"Ask the Heaven?"

"The so-called ask the Heaven is the mean by which the Temple of Heaven submit to Heaven for decision when it encounters a very serious problem that can\'t be resolved by normal procedures."

Hearing this, Wang Lu frowned. "Submit to Heaven\'s decision? Is it like a game of asking Bunshinsaba 1 for opinion?"

"... You can consider it that way."

"Well, it\'s traditional religious fanatics\' stuff after all. But the Heaven they serve should be an impersonal existence, so how could it have the ability to solve problems?"

Wang Wu said, "The impersonal existence is not wrong, but don\'t forget, according to the records in the ancient book of Temple of Heaven, it was this impersonal existence that sublimated the Heavenly Earth and selected the Human Immortal to live in it from all the other living beings. Do you think that this is something that an impersonal god would do?"

"Mm, if it\'s really an impersonal existence, then in theory, it would not do anything on its own initiative. However, no one has ever heard the Temple of Heaven ever carried out the procedure of asking the Heaven for so many years. At least I, myself, have never heard of the ritual of asking the Heaven."

"Asking Heaven\'s authority is only open to a few people at the top of Temple of Heaven. If it\'s not a matter of life and death crisis of the Temple of Heaven, who would disturb an impersonal god? Moreover, every time the procedure is started, someone has to pay a heavy price—a Supreme rank nun or higher would lose more than half of her cultivation base. The Temple of Heaven has been established for thousands of years, but the number of times this program has actually been activated is no more than five, so it\'s normal if you didn\'t know it before. And when it is activated, it means that the god they serve will make this judgment, which naturally could not be overturned by anyone."

Hearing this, Wang Lu finally understood. "At the same time, the rules and regulations of Temple of Heaven can only restrict itself, but can\'t restrict the Heaven. So even if the answer given by the Heaven violates the teachings of the Temple of Heaven, it is the teachings that need to be changed, not the decision of the Heaven. In other words, if the result of the ask the Heaven shows that a newcomer named Wang Wu inherits the top leadership position of Temple of Heaven, then even if everyone is dissatisfied, they can only accept the reality, right?"

"Yes, that\'s the ideal situation."

Wang Lu said, "I have two questions. First, are you sure that this procedure will commence when you want it to? Second, how can you ensure that the Heaven will pick you? In fact, unless the Heaven is blind, it would choose its own people, not an outsider."

Wang Wu laughed and said, "The first question is very simple. I don\'t need to care about the rules of Temple of Heaven about the procedure of asking the Heaven—in theory, it needs the permission from top leader and four or more Supreme ranks to disturb the Heaven with common matters. However, this rule is actually meaningless, because the Heaven does not care about this procedure. As long as there is a Supreme rank nun or higher who sacrifices herself to propose to communicate with the Heaven, the process of asking the Heaven will start. Then, even if I violate the rules of Temple of Heaven, the final decision of the Heaven is not allowed to be violated. So it doesn\'t matter if the rules of Temple of Heaven are violated. The second question is indeed the key and also the focus on our next step. According to normal development, the Heaven can\'t choose me to be its spokesperson in the world, but I think this issue could be discussed."

"Discussed? How?"

"The first step is to try to get in touch with the Heaven, and then try to negotiate and see how high the price should be to let it choose me. If that doesn\'t work out, then it\'s okay to resort to violence."

"... That\'s a really good idea, Sister Wu."

Quite possibly, only Wang Wu could come up with the plan of threatening to blackmail the god of this world. Of course, it did make sense logically, but in practice...

"Well, when you are struck by the wrath of Heaven, I will remember to burn incense for you."

"Oh, who\'s burnt 2 you say?"

"That joke is so lame… In short, it\'s a good idea to try to first find out the details about the Heaven. After all, if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. But asking the Heaven is costly, and once you use it, it would immediately alarm the Temple of Heaven… Do you have any other way to get in touch with the Heaven?"

Wang Wu said with a smile, "Of course I have. In fact, almost everyone in Heavenly Earth has a way to get in touch with the Heaven. After all, this is totally different from letting the Heaven make a decision on a specific issue."

Wang Lu\'s countenance changed slightly. "Are you referring to the child bestowing from the Heaven?"

"It is exactly child bestowing from the Heaven. In Heavenly Earth, everyone will experience this ritual. Together with the beloved person, the couple will request the Heaven to grant them an offspring. The Heaven will then brew a new life according to the couple\'s characteristics. In this ritual, it is inevitable that there would be a connection between the Heaven and the person."

"In principle, I understand. The problem is…" Wang Lu hesitated. "Who do you intend to do the ritual with?"

According to the rules, the ritual of communicating with the Heaven is not simply kowtowing and pray together with the beloved. When praying the Heaven to bestow an offspring, it is necessary for the couple to fully engaged with each other and unite wholeheartedly, so that the Heaven can feel the tight bond between the couple, which can give grant them the continuation of their bloodline. To put it simply, it is necessary for the couple to be a real married couple."

Upon hearing this, Wang Wu let out a laugh, stretched out her hand and pointed at Wang Lu, "Do you even need to ask this? Of course it\'s you…"

Just as Wang Lu felt absolutely terrified, he found that Wang Wu moved her finger a bit and pointed at somewhere behind him.

"It\'s your Junior Sister Liu Li~ baby face with big boobs, which is my favorite!"

"In your f*cking dreams!"