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Chapter 563: The Story Line Dramatically Changed

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

After listening to the grand idea of Wang Wu, Wang Lu was once again lost in thought.

Although it seemed that her idea was a bit in the realm of fantasy, in terms of logic and feasibility, there was actually not much problem with it. After all, it was easy to steamroll this immortal dreamland with Wang Wu this abnormal Jindan.

Let alone she had that Telepathic Finger… in this world without men, she was simply out of control.

Of course, this was actually not accurate enough because there was still a man in this Heavenly Earth. Moreover, it was a strong man whose capability was absolutely superior to that of mere Telepathic Finger. However, Wang Lu was not stupid enough to jump out this time to become Wang Wu\'s coolie.

Three Harmonious Heavens and fifteen Open Heaven, relying only on a strong man to deal with them, he would only end up dying from excessive ejaculation. Therefore, he would just let Wang Wu show off her Telepathic Finger. The worst thing that could happen would be suffering from tenosynovitis 1 .

However, there was still another problem. According to Wang Wu, the time for the top leader succession in Temple of Heaven was not far away. So would they have the time to subdue those eighteen high ranking individuals?

"Of course. There\'s still a week away from the succession grand ceremony, and I have a lot of helpers here…"

"You still have helpers?" Wang Lu began to feel that things were far from being good. "You didn\'t come here alone?"

"Yeah, Feng Yin and the others thought that this is a rare experiential learning opportunity. If it\'s just to consider getting the magical treasures from this immortal dreamland, that would be a pity, so it\'s better to take this opportunity to let the younger generation disciples grow and broaden their horizon. Thus, they asked me to lead a team consisting of outstanding female disciples who were around Jindan Stage."

Wang Lu was immediately shocked. "Has the head of Uncle Sect Leader been filled with water? It\'s rare for Spirit Sword Sect to have those few pure flowers, yet he handed them over to you, was he not afraid that you might spoil them?"

"... Who do you think I am, you rebel disciple?"

"A walking human-shaped Telepathic Finger."

"... I will not put my hands on our own sect\'s disciples."

"Really? Who was the person who cried and yelled that she wants to marry me when she saw my assets?"

"You still have the face to mention that!" Wang Wu jumped on the spot and said, "I rarely asked for a marriage to other people, yet you refused without hesitation! You simply don\'t put your Master\'s dignity in your eyes!"

"Sorry, your \'Master\'s dignity\' is too tiny, I really can\'t see it."

"... In short, this time I brought a lot of people. With their help, there\'s more than enough time."

"Who are they?"

"First of all, Yao\'Er. She is the strongest, enough to take charge of any important task. I wanted her to bring the eight Open Heavens in three days to me so that I can train them, but now, in just half a day, she already dealt with two of them."

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes. "Big Sister? She\'s indeed the successor disciple of the Sect Leader."

"Yeah, after reaching Jindan, Yao\'Er has finally digested the inheritance that she got from the ancient immortal tomb thoroughly. In terms of swordsmanship alone, she is already comparable to the Elders of some high-rank sects."

Remembering how almost incomprehensible her attainment in swordsmanship was, that even the talented genius like Liu Li wholeheartedly admitted her defeat, Wang Lu was not surprised that she could easily solve the several Yuanying Stage Open Heaven clergies.

"And then there\'s Shixuan and that stupid cat. This group is a bit weaker in fighting strength, so I\'ve assigned them six targets. Right now, they\'ve already solved one target, but their progress seems barely able to catch up."

Wang Lu was quite surprised by this. "Even Bai Shixuan had gone down the mountain? She was actually willing to come with you?"

In Wang Lu\'s impression, this daughter of Grand Cloud Fairy has an indifferent-to-fame nature and unlikely to go out for experiential learning. Apart from himself, it was difficult for other people to invite her.

"Of course, it\'s because of my personal charm," Wang Wu confidently said.

"... Who else?"

"The last two are a non-combat group, Yue Xinyao and little Ling\'Er…"

Before she could finish her words, Wang Lu had already interrupted her in surprise, "Feng Ling? How come she\'s here? Isn\'t she supposed to not be able to leave Blue River Region?"

"Before, it was really not possible, but during your disappearance, the Heavenly Sword Hall developed the Mountain Range Seal. As long as one carries this seal, it is the same as if you are in Spirit Sword Mountain no matter where you are. This time, they called little Ling\'Er to come along because they also want to test the effect of Mountain Range Seal. At present, it seems that the effect is good, her strength can be used Southern Heaven Region. So although it\'s a non-combat group, when necessary, they have the ability to protect themselves."

Wang Lu nodded. "I understand, two combat groups, one spectator group, plus yourself, it\'s indeed enough members to subdue eighteen people in a week. Moreover, even if something goes wrong during the course so that you don\'t get all the targets, the fact that you already have Moonless in your palm ensures that you have enough pivotal force to ensure that your next step can be smoothly carried out."

"That\'s right. Moreover, if I can take all the targets, I can go even further. Without supporting any puppet ruler, I can personally inherit the Chengtian position and completely control the Temple of Heaven and even Heavenly Earth." Wang Wu said, and then turned to look at Wang Lu, "According to the original calculation, to achieve this plan perfectly, there is still some shortage of hands, so my goal was not set too high. But now that I have met you and Liu Li, I think I might as well handle things perfectly. So what do you think, do you want to help me? You and Liu Li should also really need actual combat experience right?"

"Okay." Wang Lu thought deeply. If he had the support of Wang Wu, he and Liu Li would dare to challenge even the Harmonious Heaven level of opponents! Thereupon, he nodded his head in agreement.

"Great, then let\'s go back to our home base. You and Liu Li can take a rest there first, and then after you two are completely fresh, I will let you participate in the action."

Led by Wang Wu, the three of them came to a beautiful and gorgeous courtyard in Sky City.

This piece of real estate was built by an Open Heaven level clergy, which although not located in the central part of the city, was still a valuable property. However, after that Open Heaven level clergy was stunned by Zhu Shiyao in an ambush and then delivered to Wang Wu to let her taste her Telepathic Finger, she offered this property, which then became the home base of Wang Wu\'s team.

When Wang Lu came to the entrance of the courtyard, he saw a young girl in the courtyard spreading a swordsmanship scroll in front of her, looking as if she was lost in thought.

When she heard the footsteps at the entrance of the courtyard, the young girl was interrupted and she then turned around to look. Immediately, she showed an inconceivable look. "Ah, Senior… Senior Brother Wang Lu, it\'s you?"

Wang Lu waved his hand. "Long time no see, Junior Sister Yue."

"Where have you been all this time?" Yue Xinyao put down the swordsmanship scroll and then anxiously asked, "Everyone is worried about you!"

"Em, it\'s a long story." After Wang Lu said that, he noticed that Yue Xinyao\'s eyebrows furrowed and both of her eyes were moist—obviously, she was still not satisfied with the answer. Thus, he had no choice but to reluctantly shrug and smile. "Simply put, I had a good dream."

"Good dream?" Yue Xinyao curiously tilted her head, but from behind Wang Lu, she suddenly saw Liu Li running into the courtyard with a bag of candy in her hand and then flung herself toward Wang Lu to hug his arm, swaying it back and forth, acting like a spoiled child. "Senior Brother, I still want that candy just now, can you give me more of it please?"

Yue Xinyao immediately gawked, her eyes incredulously looking back and forth at Wang Lu and Liu Li, and then her face rapidly turned gloomy. "It turns out the good dream that Senior Brother refers to is… I\'m sorry, just now, in a moment of anxiousness, Xinyao has been too rude, asking a question that should not be asked. Please forgive me, Senior Brother."

Wang Lu was puzzled. "What do you mean by rude?"

Yue Xinyao refused to say anymore and just shook her head. "I\'m sorry, I… don\'t feel so good, I\'ll take my leave now."

With that, the girl flew out of the courtyard with her flying sword away from Sky City.

Gazing at the receding back of Yue Xinyao, Wang Lu was stunned, thinking that there might be a misunderstanding here.

Looking back, he saw Wang Wu with a gloating smile. "Little Lu, you really are a scum."

"What the hell!"

Being judge as a scum by the most unqualified person to criticize other people in the whole world was simply an intricate injustice throughout the ages. Wang Lu stared at his Master\'s smiling face, unable to speak for a cup of tea\'s time.

After a long time, Wang Lu finally slowly came to his senses and was about to go after Yue Xinyao to give her an explanation when he heard someone walking and pushing open the courtyard door from the outside.

The sounds of footsteps and the slight push were the characteristics of someone. Wang Lu turned around and greeted, "Long time no see Sister Ling…"

As a result, Feng Ling angrily pointed at his nose and asked, "I just saw Xinyao crying out, and when I asked her, she said that you\'re here! What did you do to her?"

"... I just had a good dream."


After he finally explained everything to Yua Xinyao and Feng Ling, a lot of time had been wasted.

After the misunderstanding was solved, Yue Xinyao and Feng Ling were embarrassed, and each of them offered their apology to Wang Lu. However, just as Yue Xinyao, filled with remorse, raised her head, she heard footsteps coming from outside the door.

It turned out Bai Shixuan and the cat girl Ling Yan had come back.

At the sight of Wang Lu in the courtyard, the two spirit beast girls were taken aback, but then Ling Yan clearly showed an expression of disgust, and then hid behind Bai Shixuan. As for Bai Shixuan, she calmly nodded to Wang Lu and greeted him.

"Half a day ago, I met with several Junior Sisters from Yin and Yang School outside of Gorgeous Town. They asked me to send their regards to you Senior Brother."

"Um, okay." An ominous feeling welled up in Wang Lu\'s heart.

"They also said that next time when there is a chance, you guys can play together again, and the play method will certainly satisfy you."

"... They\'re deliberately playing with me, aren\'t they?"

Bai Shixuan looked at Wang Lu and then at Liu Li, and continued, "They said, next time, they will definitely not lose to Liu Li."

"Ah." Upon hearing this, the nearby Yue Xinyao gently covered her mouth, her eyes drifting between Wang Lu and Liu Li for a moment, sighed, and then walked away covering her face.

Feng Ling fiercely glared at Wang Lu, and then walked away together with Yue Xinyao.

Looking at the two of them gradually drifting away from him, Wang Lu inwardly said, this is the so-called Heaven Subduing Asura Field...

From behind him, his Master tenderly patted him on the shoulder and asked, "Do you need me to teach you Telepathic Finger to solve the crisis?"