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Chapter 555: The Reform and Opening of Moon Capital Harem

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The news of the riots in the harem of Moon Capital shocked many people.

Under the might of Moonless Harmonious Heaven, the entire tens of millions of people in the Palace of Heaven trembled with fear. As for Moon Capital, the personal palace of Moonless herself, needless to say, that ice-cold and oppressive atmosphere had damaged the mental state of many of the cultivators there.

However, the riot did break out. Upon hearing the news, the harem guards gathered fifty people in a cup of tea\'s time. However, when they arrived at the scene, they were greeted with the scene that they could not bear to look straight at.

On the ground laid more than ten harem members. Most of whom broke their face by iron fist—their faces were marked with a very clear fist mark. They remained unconscious with blood continued to flow down from their noses like rivers, some even mixed with nasal mucus and gray matters of the brain, which was too horrible to look at. At the same time, there were seven or eight people shivering around the wall. They included both harem members and maids. The culprit who caused everything was standing in the middle of the river of blood, wiping the fists with the bedroom sheet, looking very pleased.

"It\'s so refreshing. Although it\'s only a group of trash, I feel that my experience has gone up by more than two levels."

Wang Lu lowered his bloody fists and sighed with emotion.

A harem member, with a trembling voice, cried out, "Do-do you know what you are doing? Dare to be this fierce in Moon Capital, you… you will never be able to reincarnate!"

Wang Lu cast her a glance. "I always respect the family planning program."

That harem member actually didn\'t hear clearly about what Wang Lu just said. When Wang Lu turned his eyes, she screamed in fear, "Guards, take her down! No, kill her! She has been polluted by the chaotic creature from the lower realm!"

The head guard Han Yu immediately sighed.

This group of harem beauties, they had no other skills, but their ability to manipulate the right from wrong is already printed into their bones… So scared that she wetted her skirt, and not in her right mind, yet once she opens her mouth, she can actually say words with the intent of killing people with a borrowed knife. This is really disgusting.

This screaming harem member was added into the harem by Lady Moonless five years ago. At that time, she was a somewhat reputable wandering cultivator in Beautiful Rearing Forest who had just entered Jindan Stage and advancing fast. Who would\'ve thought that five years later, she became so mean and bitter that she practically lost her spirit in cultivation. Such a character, Han Yu had seen too many of them. Most of the harem members had gone on the same path.

At the beginning, Han Yu was puzzled, why did the wise and mighty lady Moonless allow her harem to degenerate so much? Afterward, she gradually understood, especially since by chance she once saw how indifferent the eyes of Moonless were toward her harem. She realized that this was what Moonless wanted.

Moonless was never actually moved by the members of her harem. Even her possessiveness was not genuine. She only needed the huge harem to support her bureaucratic scene. However, she was not interested in managing her harem, thus she followed the most orthodox harem model—allowing the harem members to argue and fight with each other while Moonless herself watched with indifferent eyes from the side, as if she was watching a play. And in recent years, the play on the stage became more and more splendid. Han Yu felt that that group of people headed by the leading concubine Xiao Yun became exactly like those imperial concubines in novel stories!

Unfortunately, there was an extra player on the stage today who did not perform according to the script. Looking at the rivers of blood on the ground, Han Yu had very mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, she sincerely admired that person\'s courage, and also could not help but secretly feel pleased. Those harem members who were unconscious on the ground usually put on a high and mighty act, and quite disrespectful to the harem guards. On the other hand, her responsibility dictated her to not allow that person to freely show off her fierceness.

To kill the other person directly, Han Yu did not have that courage. Because she could not be sure whether this person ought to be killed or not. Not long ago Lady Moonless personally added these two people into the harem, who could possibly say what was her intention in doing it? Therefore, it was better to find a way to capture them alive, and then deliver them to Lady Moonless so that she could deal with them herself. As for whether she could take them down or not...

Heh, as a true Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage, if she could not even take down one middle-level Jindan and one peak Xudan, she did not deserve to work in Moon Capital anymore.

Thinking of this, Han Yu, tightly holding a short stick, took a step forward. Immediately, the whole bedroom spun and the scene changed into a vast grassland. At the same time, dark clouds covered the sky above their heads, turning everything into the darkness that they could not even see their fingers. Only the occasional flash of lightning brought them a bit of light.

After a moment, as if the sky cracked open, torrential rain poured down. Bathed in this gloomy torrential rain, Wang Lu was unable to determine whether the rain was real or not.

"Original magical ability?"

He had indeed not seen this changing-scene-in-an-instance skill in a long time. Because in recent times, Wang Lu\'s battles were all short and fast, the outcome was basically decided within a few moves. Regardless of him or the opponent, both would not sacrifice out their original magical ability, this big killer move.

Although original magical ability is powerful, it was essentially meant to drag the time. Moreover, the wear and tear in doing it were enormous, so nobody would be willing to use it casually… Unexpectedly, this head guard, as a Yuanying Stage cultivator, was really decisive. As soon as she decided to fight, she immediately launched her original magical ability. Moreover, from a certain point of view, this torrential rain on the grassland scene was actually a quite powerful original magical ability.

Wang Lu did not know that Han Yu was just trying to control the situation to delay time, waiting for Moonless to arrive. He thought, could it be that this head guard was able to see that he had a lot of hidden cards? If that was the case, then his strength evaluation of the head guard would have to be raised by several times. High cultivation base alone is not terrifying, but the high cultivation level plus carefulness would be very terrifying.

In this moment of hesitation, the torrential rain became heavier and heavier, and Liu Li could not help but take two steps toward him—the girl was still at the peak Xudan Stage and could not bear the pressure from a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage. Especially since she was good at offense but not that great in defense. Before reaching Jindan Stage, she almost had no resistance in the face of a Yuanying Stage cultivator.

Wang Lu took a look at Liu Li, and then took her into his arms. Then he propped up his Non-Phase Sword Defense. The bright golden sword defense dazzled in the pitch-black rain world. However, from the beginning, the person who raised this rainstorm remained hidden in the dark.

A cultivator with Yuanying Stage cultivation base actually did not hesitate to use stealth move against one Jindan Stage and one Xudan Stage cultivators, this was not killing chicken with cattle broadsword, but rather killing chicken with divine rapier 1 . In that rainstorm, Wang Lu was silent for a while, and then he took a long breath, spun his golden core, and then launched his own original magical ability hidden in the deepest part of his golden core.

Jindan Stage original magical ability could not directly counter that of Yuanying Stage, thus, after the red light vaguely flickered on the sky above the grassland twice, it then stopped, unable to change the scene. However, soon, the grass on the grassland hardened and solidified under a bloody wind, and like sharp swords, the grass went straight to the sky.

Han Yu, who was hiding among the grass, was in awe.

She had seen many original magical abilities, but Jindan Stage original magical ability that could exist independently within the Yuanying Stage original magical ability was really rare. Especially after that bloody wind from the opposite party blown, the whole grassland seemed to become no longer her own. In particular, when she saw with her own eyes that, a weed right next to her in just short of several breaths, extended, freeze, and finally, under the moistening of the rain, turned into a green sword with metallic luster, she even stopped breathing for a split second.

The next moment, the sword glittered and rushed toward her. Although the moment the grass sword was separated from the ground it was crushed by the body shield of a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage, it nevertheless shocked Han Yu.

What magical ability was this? Unexpectedly, it could actually corrode her original magical ability! Original magical ability could only be covered by a more powerful and higher level magical ability. But just now, the sky briefly changed its color, meaning that although the original magical ability of the other party was powerful, it was still not an opponent of that of Yuanying Stage level. However, soon after, the grassland was corroded and assimilated, which meant the magical ability of the other party was extremely high level.

Could not wait anymore, Han Yu decided to directly fight to quickly decide the outcome. At this time, she felt that there was a hidden crisis everywhere, and her torrential rain could not do anything to the other party\'s golden colored sword defense.

Unable to win by using original magical ability alone, Han Yu decided to personally make her move. As soon as she thought about it, her body melted in that rainstorm and instantly got rid of the threat of the grass sword, as well as moved closer to Wang Lu.

However, as she approached Wang Lu, she found that the golden sword defense looked completely flawless, and could not be broken unless it was forced by the Yuanying Stage level strength.

Then so be it, she would use force to pry it open!

Along with Han Yu\'s roar, the rainstorm became more violent, and after a while, billowing sound of tide came from the distant, unexpectedly gigantic wave appeared on the grassland! The incoming huge hundreds of feet high mountain-like waves was indeed earth-shattering.

This was Han Yu\'s water comprehension that she got when she cultivated on the mountain. At that time, she saw torrential rain washed down a mountain and swept away the rubble and everything along the way. After seeing all this, she created her original magical power. When she urged her magical power to the extreme, she could crush everything with water pressure.

Wang Lu softly sighed. Regarding this stormy wave, he was unwilling to resist it with all his strength. Middle-level Jindan Stage competing head-on against Daoist Master of Yunying Stage in magical power was simply following the path to one\'s own doom.

"Liu Li, lend me a hand."

Liu Li didn\'t speak, but the Skybreaker was already in her hand, with her whole magical power condensed on it. She just needed to wait for the command of Wang Lu and she would release the strongest blow under her current stage.

Although normally she was often absent-minded, upon entering the battle state, Liu Li\'s keen intuition could guide her to make the right response in the first place.

When Wang Lu saw this situation, somehow he suddenly got an inspiration. Promptly, he discarded his original plan and instead, driven by intuition, he held Liu Li\'s hand that was holding the sword and immediately brewed up the primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi. He then flowed it through both of their hands and then sent it out along the Skybreaker. Suddenly unprecedented terrifying wave burst out from this immortal sword. The sword wave swept across, leaving thousands of cracks on the ground within the radius of thirty-three meters. And this was just the shockwave that was barely released unconsciously.

Based on the combination of primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi and Skybreaker, which then amplified through Liu Li\'s brilliant sword heart, before he unleashed this sword strike, Wang Lu felt that, under this resonance, his primordial spirit had the tendency to break!

This was no longer a power that a Jindan Stage cultivator could handle. Wang Lu did not dare to wait any longer and thus immediately joined hands with Liu Li to unleash the entire power of this sword strike together. In front of the gigantic wave, the Skybreaker rived a long crack line from the earth to the sky, dividing everything in its path through a grey line.

At that moment, the world stagnated, the advancing roaring waves were blocked by an invisible force in an instant, while time seemed to stop. Then, the gigantic wave was suddenly separated into the left side and the right side, revealing a deep canyon in the middle, which seemed without an observable end in a glance. The huge flood that Han Yu used up all her power to summon was divided in two parts along the gray line.

Han Yu, who floated above the gigantic wave, incredulously looked at the huge flood wave that had been forcefully separated. It could no longer become one as it rushed pass from the left and right side of Wang Lu\'s Non-Phase Sword Defense.

The next moment, a mouthful of blood was spewed out of her mouth. As a Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage, she suffered a blowback due to her original magical ability being destroyed by that sword strike.

However, the power of primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi had not yet bottomed out. After a moment, even the ground disintegrated, opening a bottomless crack. The clouds in the sky unprecedentedly surged violently, and a line of light passed through the pitch-black sky.

Although the Skybreaker strike only happened in a moment, its power had penetrated into the entire space, causing continuous damage.

More and more blood spewed out from Han Yu\'s mouth as no matter how hard she tried, she could not stop the disintegration of her original magical ability.

Finally, the grassland that was showered with torrential rain under the pitch black sky turned into countless pieces of land. Han Yi wobbled a bit, and then fell down.

However, Wang Lu was unable to feel happy about it. Just now, although the experience in sending that sword strike had benefited them greatly, it also invited out an unprecedented enemy. After the fall of Han Yu… in the middle of the room, Moonless had stood before her.

This Daoist Master of Deity Stage seemed to reveal a smile, but the intermittent shaking of her right hand revealed how angry she was at the scene.

"Do you have anything to say?" Moonless asked Wang Lu with a smile.

Wang Lu had no doubt that the implicit intention of that question was to ask him his last words. No matter how much she valued him before, this uproar had hit her in the face, and a political figure could not allow anything to dirty her face.

However, Wang Lu had already prepared for this scene. He smiled and then said to Moonless.

"Your harem needs reform. The original system in this harem can only produce wastes that do not commensurate with your reputation, like those that lied at both of our feet." Wang Lu said and then snorted. He then continued, "You started your career with outstanding military service, yet your harem has even forgotten basic fighting skills. This kind of harem is laughable."

"So?" Regarding this, Moonless showed neither approval nor disapproval.

"So I thought about it and decided to offer you a plan."

Moonless lightly kicked an unconscious harem member at her feet. "Is this your so-called plan?"

Wang Lu said, "Correct, that\'s part of the plan. Because from now on, I want the harem to be like a battlefield, where the only thing that could be respected is the strength. Every five years, there would be a competition in the Moon Capital harem. The winner would be the harem leader for the next five years. Thus, with this superior-wins-and-the-inferior-washes-aside plan, you can cultivate a harem concubine that matches your reputation."

"... Harem competition?" Moonless narrowed her eyes and began to seriously consider this never-before-heard idea.

There had never been such a harem in the Heavenly Earth, but it was undeniable that this was indeed very interesting. Especially for letting the harem members kill each other for the harem leader position, which sounded really fun.

"Very well." Finally, Moonless nodded and said, "Since this is your idea, then show it to me."