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Chapter 547: A World That People Love To Hear And See

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

When the whirlpool disappeared, Wang Lu found himself lying next to a clear stream. Not far from him, Liu Li was happily fishing. Upon noticing that he had woken up, she showed off a fish pierced in with a branch and shouted, "Senior Brother, Senior Brother, look I caught a \'jelly\' fish!"

The fish at the branch was glittering and soft, and indeed similar to a jelly. And from the dental mark on it, Liu Li could not wait to taste it fresh.

"Hehe, you\'re right, Senior Brother, the immortal dreamland is really awesome, it has everything in it. Senior Brother, look at the fruit on the tree, isn\'t itlike a piece of meat?"

Wang Lu looked up and sure enough saw a bacon-shaped fruit on the tree. Inwardly, he could not help but deride it: The structure of this immortal dream is too uncreative, it\'s nothing more than swapping plant with animals, it could only deceive children like Liu Li.

However, right now was not the time to care about plant or animal matter, the first thing that was needed to be solved was: What is this place? Or in other words, what kind of immortal dreamland is this?

The contents of the immortal dreamland were very strange. Some emphasized fighting, some emphasized strong problem solving, and some emphasized handling interpersonal relationship… It was said that sometimes ago, farmer and other side occupation also began to appear one after another in the immortal dream, which enriched the content of immortal dream even more. In terms of Wang Lu\'s current need, what he most needed was fighting type immortal dream, because compared with any high-level method or magical treasure, what he needed was to hone himself in an actual fight. It was reasonable to say that after entering the entrance of the group of immortal dreams, there should be a selection ring for him to choose which type of immortal dream he wished to enter. The result was, no one knows which program problems, that step was skipped, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived at this strange place.

If this immortal dream land was partial toward storyline, then it would have too little value for Wang Lu. Staying here would waste his time, so he might as well directly give up the exploration.

The second thing was: Why did he come to this place?

If he remembered correctly, the clerk repeatedly stressed that only female cultivators, beautiful female cultivators to be precise, could enter it. Wang Lu didn\'t think that he was deliberately deceiving or anything. Therefore, Liu Li being able to come here was a matter of course, but what about him?

Wang Lu really didn\'t think that he had a woman soul, even though there was a shameful history back in the ancient sword tomb. If that counted, then the rule that stipulated only women were allowed to enter would be meaningless, as a large number of male cultivators could come in with a similar trick. As for the \'must be beautiful\' stipulation, although he was not the kind of rugged, heroic type, both his face and body were quite obviously the characters of a man, so how could he meet the definition of a beauty?

So where was the problem? The demon jade in his pocket? The problem was, although the demon jade was extraordinary, it was essentially the most precious treasure of demon world produced by the fight for the five blood spirits crown instance, which was impossible to affect the entire group of immortal tombs… Or could it be that as the founder of the group of immortal tombs, he had some unknown privileges? It should not be since he had to work hard on the last young generation ring of the thirty-six chain of rings. Therefore, there must be another reason.

"Senior Brother, where should we go next?"

When Wang Lu was thinking hard, Liu Li had already finished eating the \'jelly\' fish and the \'bacon\' fruit. She then asked Wang Lu where they would go next with a face that showed she still wished to continue.

"... Yeah, it\'s meaningless to rack my brain here, better to go around and see what this immortal dreamland is like."

The two then summoned their respective flying sword and flew to the sky, crossed the vast and dense forest, and then saw a settlement in a place surrounded by mountains.

It was a bustling and comfortable small town. Sensing with primordial spirit from afar, they found out that there were no particularly strong individuals in the city. Most of them were only mortal creatures. A few of them had certain cultivation base and magical ability, but at most, they were only around Jindan Stage… It couldn\'t be more suitable to have such a town being as the starting place of an entirely new dungeon or the newbie village.

"Let\'s go down… Huh, wait a moment."

Before descending with their flying sword, Wang Lu suddenly remembered something and hurriedly stopped.

In theory, this immortal dreamland should be a country of women, so his emergence was absolutely an unexpected situation. If he were to appear just like that, it would perhaps cause an unnecessary trouble… Even if the people here were simple and without any evil intention, if they regarded him as a rare creature, that would be no fun at all.

Therefore, before descending, Wang Lu deliberately cast an illusion effect on himself using the five element spell, turning his appearance into that of a female. As for the specific image, Wang Lu was too lazy to think about the design and just directly used the image of his Master. Although her moral integrity was severely lacking, her face and figure were, nevertheless, excellent. Entirely different than the ugly duckling young girl one hundred and fifty years prior, like the difference between sky and earth.

Thus, Wang Lu and Liu Li, like a pair of cultivator sisters, descended from the sky and landed on the town.

Seeing the two of them appear, the people in the city showed just the right amount of surprise. Many cast a curious gaze, but there was no fanaticism nor panic.

It seemed that in this immortal dreamland, immortal flying on their flying sword was not rare at all.

At the same time, Wang Lu was also looking at the people around him. As expected, this place was really the country of women. All the inhabitants of this small town were women. Moreover, without exception, they were all beautiful women. Most of them looked twenty to thirty years old, which was the golden age of a woman. Old age was extremely rare.

Most of them were just average people, no such thing as cultivation base or natural magical ability. However, these people were full of vitality, far superior to that of ordinary mortals of Nine Regions. Moreover, their innate vitality was exceptionally exuberant, which seemed to explain why they looked so young.

"Truly an interesting immortal dream…" Wang Lu muttered to himself and then pulled Liu Li\'s hand. "Come on, let\'s taste the local specialties here."

"Hooray!" Liu Li danced with joy.

Although this small town called Gorgeous Town had many differences with the towns in the Nine Regions, as long as it was a city for people to live in, there would always be something in common. Shortly after the two walked along the main road in the middle of the town, they saw a thriving restaurant. The fragrant smell of dishes wafted out through the air, causing Liu Li to silently make a swallowing motion.

After bringing Liu Li in to find a place to seat in the restaurant and confirming that this establishment accept gold and silver for payment, they ordered a table full of food. Wang Lu and Liu Li then dined together while listening carefully to the people around them.

People always talk more at the restaurant table than they usually do, so there was no place more convenient to get information than at the restaurant table. With Wang Lu\'s hearing sensitivity, the voices in every table in this restaurant could be heard. In this one eating, Wang Lu had heard enough gossips and already had a preliminary judgment about the background of this immortal dream.

First of all, as he had already guessed, this was absolutely womanland. Because after listening to the several conversations for so long, Wang Lu had never heard of anyone mentioning the word man, as if there was no man in the dictionary of the people in this place. Secondly, this world… or at least the residents of this Gorgeous Town were very gentle and kind. There were hundreds of patrons in these two-storey restaurant, but there hadn\'t been any quarrel during the time they ate their meal. This point reminded Wang Lu of the new demon world. Also, the people here and those in Nine Regions were not too different—both had the seven emotions and six desires, as well as tea, rice, oil, and salt. However, this world was not at all completely peaceful, and there were also the chaos of war and dispute. Furthermore, they were not rare at all.

After learning this, Wang Lu finally felt relieved. At least he did not have to worry about not obtaining any harvest in this immortal dream. However, Wang Lu\'s most concerned issues had not yet been answered. For example, the simplest question: If there are only women in this world, how do they reproduce? Is it through mitosis? Or cloning? After listening to the conversations for a long time, Wang Lu did not hear anyone mentioning about children and so on. Secondly, what does this world need him for?

Each and every immortal dreamland had a main plot line, either obvious or implied, or main contention, which ran through the entire immortal dream.

To put it simply, when the cultivator entered the immortal dreamland, it would soon trigger the event, and then unfold a free or constrained adventure. After all, the immortal dreamland was the plan designed by the earth immortals to let the future generation cultivators learn through their experience. However, Wang Lu right now had not been able to find out what the main story for this immortal dream is.

"Since that\'s the case, then let\'s take a look at the temple east of the town." After settling their account, Wang Lu said to Liu Li.

"Temple? Liu Li curiously asked.

"Yes, temple."

Just now, he heard people mention it in their conversation. A temple could be found east of the city where all the townspeople worship... Or perhaps what the people in this world believe in was: Heaven. The temple of heaven was a large religious organization throughout this world. And Wang Lu was interested in this. A religion with influence all over the world often recorded many of the world\'s facts.

Because most religions were actually developed around these questions: Who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going? The examples of the answers would be: The God we believe in, created you. You are the subjects of the God. In the future, you will return to the Kingdom of God. And so on. Of course, these metaphysical theories were irrelevant here, and what was important was that, when religion tried to justify those theories, they tended to record history. And that was the thing that Wang Lu was eager to understand.

Soon after, Wang Lu and Liu Li came to the east of the town and saw the temple of heaven. The construction of the temple was simple, but there were a lot of people coming and going, and the smell of incense was very strong. At the same time, there was a strong concealed aura within; the only powerful Jindan Stage in this Gorgeous Town lied within! In order to avoid trouble, they acted low-key. After entering the temple, Wang Lu imitated the other people and purchased a book that recorded the teachings of the religion—Heaven News, and then peacefully left.

After buying the book, Wang Lu quickly read it and found a lot of important information.

The "Heaven News" said that, at the earliest time, the world was in a state of chaos. At that time, there were also mountains and rivers, birds and beasts, but the living conditions of the living creatures were extremely bad, and they struggled in pain and suffering. And then Heaven, with its compassion for all living beings, gathered all the essence of the earth, and then floated it out of the chaos to form the present world.

At that time, it was the ancestors of this world that was chosen by the Heaven to gather in this land. And without exception, they were all women. These women, regardless of their appearance and aptitude, were all the top standard in the chaotic era. Compared with ordinary mortals, they were no different than daoist immortals. Thus, they were called as human immortal, and this world that floated away by the Heaven was called the Heavenly Earth.