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Chapter 543: Give Me a Chance!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy


Facing Wang Lu, Chi Xuanying felt an unprecedented irritability. In his fifty years of cultivation, he had seen all kinds of people, even the aloof and remote Qiong Hua, he could talk cheerfully and wittily with her, but he had never seen a person like Wang Lu… No wonder in the social circle, Wang Lu\'s reputation was the most controversial.

However… this might not necessarily be a bad opportunity. The meeting between the lead disciple of Reaching Firmament Temple and the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect would be bound to attract a lot of attention within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. At that time, the performance of the two sides would be judged. One side was arrogant, while the other side was well-mannered.

Chi Xuanying did not deliberately use others to increase his influence, but if he could do it smoothly, he would never resist it. Those who lived under the shadow of the five super sects must always have their own way of survival.

"I think…" In the face of Wang Lu\'s overbearing attitude, Chi Xuanying was ready to open his mouth and insist that all this was just a misunderstanding. His eyes gazed at Liu Li whose face looked pleasant as her head was stroked by Wang Lu\'s hand, and his heart was moved.

Misunderstanding? Huh, in Plentiful City, everyone knows that this is not a misunderstanding. A few months ago, I met with Liu Li at Plentiful City and was smitten by her beauty, which was soon known by everyone in my social circle. If I continue to insist that this is just a misunderstanding, then it is nothing more than self-deception. Moreover, what would that imply in front of the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect? The lead disciple of Reaching Firmament Temple didn\'t even have the guts to speak out the truth?

This is not a matter of morality, the two of us are single, and I, Chi Xuanying, am upright and square in pursuing her, how could there be anything shameful in that? Even if I told you the truth, what can you do?

You, Wang Lu, are just her Senior Brother, not her daoist companion!

Therefore, Chi Xuanying calmed himself, smiled, and said, "Junior Sister Liu Li is innocent and kind, her graceful bearing is outstanding, so I really admire her."

"I\'m not interested in your thoughts." Wang Lu interrupted, "Liu Li has already been contracted by me, so go find other people to admire."

"You really like to joke, people are not goods, you can\'t just say you contracted her."

Wang Lu sneered. "I have contracted her, so what? Sue me!"

Chi Xuanying said, "Don\'t you feel that such a declaration is too overbearing and did not respect the subjective will of the concerned party?"

"Subjective will? What a joke." Wang Lu shook his head and asked Liu Li, "Liu Li, tell me, what do you think of this Chi Xuanying?"

Liu Li turned to look at Chi Xuanying, who smiled and nodded at her with natural and relaxed demeanor.

"Senior Brother Chi is a good person!"

Wang Lu laughed and said, "Heard that? You\'re just a good guy to her, nothing more."

With that, Wang Lu cast him with a \'what an idiot\' look, pulled Liu Li\'s hand and then turned away.

"Hey!" Chi Xuanying refused to give up on this. As a matter of fact, he was somewhat encouraged. He had not been in contact with Liu Li for a long time, but she has already considered him as a good person… Obviously, this meant that he had made a good impression on her. If he could continue to develop this… of course, as long as there was Wang Lu, things would never go smooth, which he had already expected a few months ago.

The news of the disappearance of the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect had just recently circulated in his social circle, and it happened just as he began to try to approach Liu Li. Thus, someone around him said to him that trying to approach Liu Li at this time would make people suspect that he was taking advantage of the situation. However, Chi Xuanying retorted that not only Wang Lu and Liu Li had no marriage agreement, they also had no love between man and woman. That even if Wang Lu did not disappear, this was not a taboo topic. Thus, the so-called taking advantage of the situation was out of the question.

Nevertheless, Chi Xuanying had actually anticipated that once Wang Lu came back, he would become a hindrance in front of Liu Li. Wang Lu and Liu Li indeed had no man-woman relationship, at least not for now… But from his private talk with a source from within the Beast Master School, the relationship between the two was more like a master-servant relationship. However, this kind of relationship was actually even more awful… Chi Xuanying had been cultivating for fifty years, so he had seen quite a lot of relationships. Among which, most of the obstruction lies not from the two people who love each other, but from the families behind the couple. And now, Wang Lu\'s action, in his view, was more in line with the stereotypical cunning and unreasonable mother-in-law.

Seeing that Wang Lu was about to go away with Liu Li, Chi Xuanying quickly shouted, " Fellow Daoist, please wait 1 !"

Although this was a reckless move, Chi Xuanying had to do it. If he let Wang Lu really go like this, he would never be able to see Liu Li again… In his fifty years of cultivation, this was the first time he was attracted to a woman. If he just let the matter go like this, perhaps in a few decades, it would form into a lingering heart demon. Therefore, even if Wang Lu disliked him, he would not care.

Who knew that Wang Lu\'s reaction was actually much bigger than what he expected. Wang Lu did stop, but when he turned around, he sent out a sharp sword qi that came right at Chi Xuanying\'s face, which greatly shook his primordial spirit.

At this moment, the power of Chi Xuanying, as the lead disciple of Reaching Firmament Temple, fully erupted. In his jade mansion, purple cloud curled up, the fully refined peak golden core brewed under the total sublimation of the purple cloud, and then condensed into a vague, semi-immaterial little person.

When this human form was established, Chi Xuanying activated the whole magical power in his body as a trace of immortal spirit qi flooded his whole body, which comprehensively activated the surrounding spiritual energy… Astonishingly, this was a magical ability of Yuanying Stage.

Displaying the magical ability of Yuanying Stage while still in Jindan Stage, Chi Xuanying vividly displayed his strength. Although this kind of cross-level magical ability was only in just a split second, only useful for just one move, this move could often decide the victory or defeat.

Facing the sword qi that came right at his face, Chi Xuanying didn\'t even dare to think about victory or defeat. At the last moment, he barely turned the Yuanying Stage immortal spirit qi into a sparkling and translucent red pine to block the sword qi in front of him. This was his personal spiritual treasure but also the supreme magical ability of Yuanying Stage, immortal spirit transformation, which was imparted to him by his Master who was also the leader of Reaching Firmament Temple.

The next moment, the sword qi exploded and the red pine tree fiercely trembled. Countless pine needles scattered like a rainstorm. The straight trunk was pushed back, turning into an arc. The branches and the trunk were torn apart as if about to break… The spirit tree had more than half of its magical ability dispelled before it could be used effectively.

As for Chi Xuanying himself, he felt a huge earthquake in his jade mansion, the newly formed and condensed nascent soul broke apart and turned into violent purple gas that ran rampant in his body. Only by exerting all his strength did he manage to suppress it.

However, the attack was finally blocked...

On the other side, Wang Lu was also surprised, his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi could actually be blocked? This was a bit unexpected… One must know that the attack that he sent out just now didn\'t refer to a sword, nor did he use his Sword of Mount Kun as the medium, but rather using Liu Li\'s Skybreaker sword that he casually took—which was also the proper match for his Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi. This caused the power output to be twice as normal. Let alone peak Jindan Stage, even low-level Yuanying would still be chopped by the sword.

Of course, in view of the side effect of the weapon, after unleashing his attack, Wang Lu immediately gave the sword back to Liu Li. Moreover, just now, the sword strike had made him feel empty in his jade mansion, so it would be difficult to launch the second strike.

"Not bad, you have some skill." Wang Lu nodded and converged back his primal chaos sword qi, not taking advantage while the opponent\'s primordial spirit was still in a daze.

In fact, from the beginning, he didn\'t have much opinion about Chi Xuanying. The charm of Liu Li, this little cherub, was without a doubt, so it was only normal for other people to fall for her. It was just that, Chi Xuanying was only one of the braver ones, and in terms of etiquette or moral, there was actually not that much problem. Although there was a bit of a gap in cultivation time between the two, with Liu Li\'s peerless talent… She had left behind most of those with similar cultivation time as her in Xudan Stage, how could they have the qualification to pursue her? Thus, restriction in age was too far-fetched.

It was just that, when he appeared, Wang Lu was in a very bad mood. When he came back from the demon world, his heart was very heavy, so he planned to cultivate to dispel the agitation in his heart. What happened was that, he was interrupted by the evil cultivator Zheng Liming. When he rushed down the mountain to vent his anger at Zheng Liming, after exerting for a bit, the last hit to Zheng Liming was actually taken away by Liu Li!

Wang Lu had always doted on Liu Li, but if he had to speak frankly, that sword strike from Liu Li was tantamount to kill-steal 2 … The irritation in Wang Lu\'s heart hadn\'t disappeared, but he didn\'t want to vent his anger at Liu Li. Thus, when Liu Li proposed the sword match, he readily accepted it. However, before they could fight, someone recklessly came to pursue Liu Li to make her his girlfriend!

Even if that person wanted to court disaster, he shouldn\'t go so far as that. Not immediately turning hostile on the spot was already an indication of Wang Lu\'s good self-restraint. But as a result, when Chi Xuanying uttered the taboo words \'fellow daoist, please wait\', Wang Lu could no longer hold back and immediately sent his sword strike.

Of course, at the last moment, Wang Lu still had some reservation—there was very little killing intent in his primal chaos heaven splitting sword qi. Even if this sword strike could not be blocked, it would not kill its target. However, Chi Xuanying was still able to block it.

After this sword strike, Chi Xuanyin\'s gaze on Wang Lu changed.

He had long heard that the strength of the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect was against the heaven, unexpectedly… it was indeed against the heaven. Although he was two full major levels above him, he was barely able to block his sword strike. Such a big disparity was really disheartening.

Therefore, even after the sword strike and Wang Lu\'s hostility had disappeared and began to put out a friendly gesture, Chi Xuanying could not muster up any enthusiasm.

"Senior Brother Wang Lu\'s swordsmanship is so amazing, I am ashamed of my inferiority."

This was the first time Chi Xuanying called Wang Lu as senior brother. This also meant that he had sincerely admitted his defeat, stepping back gracefully—both of them were the lead disciple of their respective sect and with similar stage, and based on the cultivation base, he should be the senior brother. However, compared with cultivation base, a person\'s strength was more respected. And after experiencing that sword strike, Chi Xuanying absolutely did not dare to put on the senior brother\'s air.

Nevertheless, although he lost in terms of strength, on the emotional matter, he could not. Chi Xuanying gritted his teeth and earnestly pleaded, "On strength, I might not be able to compare myself with you in my entire life, but I still hope that you can give me a chance!"

Wang Lu was shocked: The thickness of this kid\'s face was so against the heaven. After being beaten that he spat out feces, he still had the nerve to put on the attitude of facing the father-in-law to propose marriage?

"You…" Wang Lu tentatively asked, "Just now, I sent out my sword qi through the Skybreaker sword, did it accidentally hurt your brain?"

"No, my mind is very clear, I am serious!" Chi Xuanying\'s eyes were burning.

"Serious?" Wang Lu muttered to himself irresolutely and then cast his glance at Chi Xuanying. He felt more and more that he had caused an irreparable loss of IQ… Thinking that since the beginning there was no big mistake from the other party, he couldn\'t help but think that he should give him a compensation.

Unfortunately, what the other party wanted was Liu Li, but he couldn\'t give him little Liu Li as compensation, right? After thinking it over, there was only...

"How about this, I have a family heirloom of flesh reishi mushroom 3 , I\'ll give it to you!"