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Chapter 540: The Trees Long for Peace, but the Wind Will Never Cease

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

In regard to the patience of an elite Jindan Stage cultivator, cultivating in seclusion for three to five years was a common occurrence. Wang Lu didn\'t plan to do this for that long, but he also wanted to live in seclusion at Mt. Mang for at least several months.

At the beginning, he, Qiong Hua and the others went to explore the Demon World. Later on, Qiong Hua and the others smoothly returned, but he himself lost on his way back… After that, five months had passed in Nine Regions. During which, the news of his loss must have spread through from the mouths of Qiong Hua and the others. Right now, the person that ought to feel worried ought to have already felt worried. But after getting through the initial heat, one must be ready to take care of the aftermath. Now, his own \'inheritance\' might fall into someone\'s hand… so there was no use to feel anxious, and he might as well spend his time quietly here for a few months.

Unfortunately, Wang Lu\'s seclusion living in the mountain only lasted for five days before a sudden change broke the calm.

On this day, Wang Lu\'s eyes were closed in rapt attention, concentrating on shrinking his core and formally beginning to research on how to fuse Non-Phase and Primal Chaos. As a result, just as his mind entered the dark and mysterious state, he heard a piercing laughter from the foot of the mountain.

"Hahaha, ten thousand spirit blood pearl, ten thousand spirit blood pearl is finally born, hahaha!"

Wang Lu suddenly woke up from his meditation. This laughter could be heard at the summit of the mountain, three thousand meters high from the foot of the mountain, meaning that this was the work of a cultivator. He initially did not want to deal with another cultivator, but the thing that cultivator said, was the thing that he had to care.

Ten thousand spirit blood pearl is born?

The term ten thousand spirit blood pearl actually had a tacky connotation in the immortal cultivation world. The earliest ten thousand spirit blood pearl was born in the great desolation age. It was refined from the blood condensation of ten thousand types of spiritual things by the almighty ancestor shaman, which had the power to pass through the heaven. Later on, people continued to imitate according to the legend of the story, churning out all kinds of strange finished products. They were all called ten thousand spirit blood pearl, but each of them could have a completely different effect. The ones that were strong were close to the level of immortal treasure, while the weakest barely touched the edge of the magical treasure level.

However, no matter what their level was, this ten thousand spirit blood pearl was most likely evil. The need to refine the blood of creatures was not necessarily an evil thing, but in today\'s immortal cultivation environment of seeking instant benefit, expecting a cultivator to collect the blood from creatures peacefully was simply a joke. Nowadays, the ten thousand spirit blood pearl that spread in the immortal cultivation world was basically not a decent thing. The laughter that climbed three thousand meters to the summit right now was full of unscrupulous killing nature, and along with it came a bloody smell. Thus, Wang Lu naturally guessed what happened below.

Sigh, at that time, he wasn\'t too concentrated, and inadvertently looked away. The Xudan Stage cultivator that occupied Mt. Mang City was not a patron saint, but an evil cultivator! The guy came to Mt. Mang, not for anything else, but with desire to refine the ten thousand spirit blood pearl from the blood of the several thousand mortals in the city!

"... Damn, can\'t I find a quiet place to hide! How could this sky be so blue!"

With Wang Lu\'s current mood, the tragedy that occurred at the foot of Mt. Mang was not of a concern to him. The so-called path of immortal was different, and mortal principle had long ago been marked in him. With how big the Nine Regions was, and with its number of creatures that reached hundreds of billions, killing and tormenting happened all the time. Such that even if he had an even greater ability, it was impossible for him to take all into account. Moreover, the thing that happened here would be handled by a regional representative of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal, and as an outsider, he didn\'t need to intervene.

It was just that, the evil cultivator in Mt. Mang City had made such a big move, and especially shouting out the name ten thousand spirit blood pearl, as if fearing that others would not know what he was doing… It would not be long then before the commissioners of the local sect to arrive. They might not have the time to intercept that evil cultivator, however, if by any chance they came, Wang Lu would not be able to stay at Mt. Mang anymore… An even more pessimistic consideration was, the traces of him trying to shrink his core at the top of the mountain might also be found, and then his whereabouts would be exposed. In less than three days, an old woman who lacked in moral integrity for more than one hundred years would come and drag him back to the sect to bow to the heaven and earth to get married, force him to have sex with her day and night, try to make a baby with him, and then expect to be rich as a mother with the child support...

Thinking of this, Wang Lu\'s body shivered, and he hurriedly began to sweep all of his traces—however, for a cultivator of Daoist Master level who was good at divination, the traces were very difficult to clean, so he merely did what he could.

At the same time, he directly operated his primordial spirit downward, planning to leave a mark on that evil cultivator. That guy had done his bad deed, but he might necessarily finish. If he didn\'t beat him, the guy might come back again. However, when Wang Lu swept the area with his primordial spirit, what he saw was something unexpected.

The inhabitants of Mt. Mang City had been massacred by that evil cultivator. All over the place, the tiles and walls were broken, and flame soared to the sky. At the entrance to an inn next to the main road of the old Mt. Mang City, a man about forty to fifty years old lied on the ground with a huge hole in his chest. The blood had already solidified. Seemingly after his heart and chest were smashed out by a cruel technique, he was thrown aside.

Both of the man\'s hands were spread on the ground. A few silver ingots in his palm reflected the flame around him.

"... How come it\'s you!"

The man was the big brother coachman that drove him to the city five days ago. Unexpectedly, the guy had stayed in this remote Mt. Mang City for five days, only to meet with a disaster at the end!

Wang Lu inwardly sighed. He and the coachman could also be calculated as barely fated. The conversation in the carriage was far from inspiring, but it gave him some relief. Therefore that day, he left the coachman some silver ingots and spirit stones. To think that this was his fate....

The result was… it seemed that the coachman, having made a huge sum of money, began to get carried away. Alone in a small city and with money in his hand, what else would he do? But in the end...

After thinking about this, Wang Lu was no longer in a hurry to clean up his traces. From the top of the mountain, he leaped down. His escaping technique was mediocre, and Ouyang Shang\'s blessing of the land had not come up to this generation. However, despite so, Wang Lu was still the lead disciple of one of the Five Uniques, so his immortal method attainment was good. In a blink of an eye, he had already arrived inside the city walls of Mt. Mang City, in front of that dying coachman.

Wang Lu lit up a fire from his hand, ready to let the coachman reincarnate. But then he saw the silver ingots in his hand and suddenly thought of something.

Where were the spirit stones that he gave him that day? Although those spirit stones were not a rare treasure, its value for ordinary people was quite good. Was he so impatient to let the spirit stones go? That ought to be no. The several silver ingots were not some pocket money—one was enough to let him splurge all his want in the city. The coachman was also a man with a family and a job, so he couldn\'t do things as recklessly as young men.

Thinking to this, Wang Lu simply gathered the several threads of the remnant soul from the coachman\'s body by soul-searching technique—the main soul had been refined into the ten thousand spirit blood pearl. Although the remnant soul was destroyed, only remembering the images from his last few days before death, Wang Lu had restored it with a spell.

"Hahaha, Old Third Tian, how come you\'re here again? This black pine pavilion is the first class restaurant in Mt. Mang City, but you\'ve been coming here every day, did you just murder people for money recently?"

In the restaurant, a middle-aged man dressed in expensive attired greeted the opposite party with a teasing smile.

Old Third Tian scolded, "Bah! You\'re the one f*cking killing people for money, I, this father, am a lucky man, I met a nobleman!"

"Could you, Old Third Tian, meet with a nobleman?"

"Humph, believe it or not, wait for a few days, you\'ll be envious. Waiter, bring the same food as yesterday!"

In the pink pavilion, the coachman was leaning on two alluring and charming girls.

"Mr. Tian, I heard from the sisters that you recently made a fortune."

Old Third Tian, who was already drunk, laughed and said, "What made a fortune? I have long regarded being rich as nothing! I was having fun in the city, and the cost all comes from my secret purse because this time I ran into a great luck by bumping into immortal fate."

The several girls were curious. "Immortal fate?"

Old Third Tian couldn\'t keep a secret. Moreover, he knew the girls in this kind of establishment liked this kind of novelty story the most. Thus, he took out the few silver ingots and spirit stones to show off. "I, this father, have met an immortal, hahaha!"

However, the next moment, the door opened, and a gust of wind rushed in.

Along with this gust of wind, a young looking man broke into the room. He was wearing a black robe with hundreds of red dots printed on it. As soon as he came in, he stared at the spirit stones in Old Third Tian\'s hand and coldly asked, "Immortal?"

Old Third Tian was stunned and immediately furious. "W-Who are you? Who told you to come in? Get Out!"

That young man coldly said, "I will ask you again, you said you have met an immortal… But is it an immortal like me?"

The next moment, the black robe fluttered and a red dot flew out. In mid-air, it turned into a sad a shrill bloody skeleton, which then bit off a girl\'s half body in one bite! Suddenly, blood and intestines flowed to the ground.

Old Third Tian was terror-stricken. "Ahh, forgive me, great immortal, forgive me, great immortal!"

The young man ignored him and just directly reached for the several spirit stones. Playing them in his hand, he suddenly frowned, and then his face immediately became fierce.

"Sure enough it\'s the spirit stones of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals… Unexpectedly, they don\'t want to give up and keep chasing me here. Okay, since you guys are so aggressive, then don\'t blame me to act out of desperation. Ten thousand spirit blood pearl, activate!"

The subsequent images could no longer be seen.

Wang Lu dissipated the remnant soul and then sighed. This Old Third Tian really was really out of luck.

That black-robed young man was probably a wanted cultivator. He ran to Mt. Mang City to hide between humans and waited for the opportunity to heal. The surrounding area of Mt. Mang was mostly depleted of surrounding spiritual energy, so almost no cultivator would come here. It was even more difficult for the hunting party to expect that an injured cultivator would go to a place where there was almost no spiritual energy. The guy had actually chosen a good place.

However, after Old Third Tian led him into the city, because of Old Third Tian\'s inability to control his mouth, the story of immortal encounter gradually spread, and immediately startled the evil cultivator.

For many years, no cultivator had ever come to Mt. Mang City, and he himself came because he was hunted down. So for another cultivator to arrive after him, to say that it was just a coincidence was too much. However, people in the world of mortals were ignorant, so the person might not really meet with an immortal, perhaps he just had too much imagination when drunk. Therefore that evil cultivator just secretly watched Old Third Tian. As a result, when he was drunk, he actually took out a few pieces of spirit stones! After that, driven by desperation, Mt. Mang City was exterminated.

Wang Lu shook his head. This Old Third Tian died unjustly, the entire people in the city died unjustly—that evil cultivator did not want to do this at first, but merely due to stimulation. And the source of this stimulation was none other than...

Of course, Wang Lu did not have any mournful for the world feeling 1 . Although this disaster was caused by him, he had no responsibility at all. But to simply just pat his ass and leave 2 ...

"Very well, let\'s waste some time to kill an evil for people."

With that, Wang Lu no longer concealed his aura. A fierce sword qi rushed up to the sky, directly breaking the bloody sky that covered the entire city.

"Who is it?"

The blood curtain of the ten thousand spirit blood pearl was broken, the evil cultivator was shocked and panic-stricken.

Wang Lu coldly shouted, "An immortal."