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Chapter 515: Squeezing the Last Drop of Positive Energy

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Junior Brothers and Sisters, who among you can explain what is going on here?"

In the same small oasis city. Outside the tent of the great elder in the center of the city, hundreds of demons still crowded outside the tent. However, the previous intense atmosphere had been swept away, and replaced with… something that was difficult to look straight at.

Hundreds of demons whose hardened black blood turned into a layer of armor, at this time, let loose those armors and exposed their naked bodies. Then they gathered together and their bodies intertwined. Of course, there were also a few of them who couldn\'t find a companion, so they simply rubbed themselves on the tent column, enjoying themselves.

Then came the moaning sound from here and there that formed a sonata of pleasure that caused people\'s face to turn red.

"Is this a magical psychological attack?"

Within the tent array, a cultivator of Spirit Sword Sect could not help but ask

Feng Yin who stood at the center of the array cautiously nodded. "Maybe… So you must tightly guard your primordial spirit, don\'t let this madness confuse you."

Just as his voice fell, a moaning and shrieking came from outside the tent. Some men and women who were entangled in a group could not help but twitch as if they were being struck by lightning. At the same time, both of their eyes turned white, and their saliva continued to drip from the corner of their mouth. This scene, no matter how one looked at it, there was no mistake, it was a tide of climax.

"... Is this part of the illusion?"

Feng Yin said, "Maybe… it\'s used to further confuse us?"

"In this way?"

Feng Yin tried to explain, "Perhaps the customs of the demon race are different than ours…"

"Or," Lin Wan hesitated a bit in her guess, "Senior Brother Feng Yin, I feel like they seem to be… taking drugs?"

"Taking drugs?"

"Yes, the Elder once said that in the mortal world, there\'s a kind of drug that called five minerals powder 1 . It seems to be like this when consumed."

Feng Yin was even more confused. "I know five minerals powder. The effect is not as strong as this, but their nature is similar. In short, do you think… after the bloodline awakening, they surround us just to let us see them taking drugs?"

"Perhaps… They are trying to lure us to use it together?"

When saying this, even Lin Wan felt that it didn\'t make sense, but she could not understand what the demons were doing.

"You guys… A bunch of idiots."

At this time, from outside the tent came a thin trace of the voice of the seriously injured Wang Wu.

"This is clearly the work of Senior Brother; he has created a chance for you. If you don\'t go now, then when?"

Being reminded by Wang Wu, Feng Yin was suddenly enlightened. For whatever reason, at this time, these demons fell into an abnormal state… Isn\'t that the perfect time to escape? He just hated that he had not responded to this immediately and thus nearly missed the opportunity!


In fact, there was no need for Feng Yin to give out his order. Lin Wan and the others had already withdrawn the array and began to flee at full speed.

The wall of demons outside the tent existed in name only. At that moment, the demons were still completely immersed in the inexplicable euphoric sensation, completely indifferent to the escaping human cultivators.

Several cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect unfolded their magical treasure, launched their transportation method, and escaped the desert oasis as fast as possible, flying away to the far distant desert.

"Where should we go next?" Feng Yin, as the head, of the team asked loudly.

"Blessed Fountain." Wang Wu who was carried on the back by Wang Chenye barely raised her finger to point at a direction. "Over there, it\'s the nearest safe place, and it also has a base arranged by Senior Brother."

"Sure." Feng Yin also planned to go to Blessed Fountain. At this time, hearing Wang Wu also made such a suggestion, he made up his mind and flew straight away.

"Interesting. What is this white powder?"

Inside the demon spirit dream, Fenrir looked at the pile of white powder in Wang Lu\'s hand with interest. Just a moment ago, through dream building technique, she spread this white powder at the desert demons and it immediately produced a wonderful reaction. Those whose ancient bloodline had been excited by the demon king, their strength and determination actually fell, unable to hold themselves back from being immersed in the thrill of nothingness, wantonly squandering the little bit of life that they had left.

According to the design of the demon king, this tribe was abandoned by him and should die in the fierce battle. They would attack the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect like a moth to a flame and be overwhelmed by the young cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect with their numerical advantage, and then die from overdrafting their vitality.

The anger in battle, plus the pain of overdrafting the vitality… this was a huge negative emotion, which would be the last brick to complete the black tide. The demon king\'s design was interlocking and seemed almost impossible to solve.

However, unfortunately, Wang Lu had immediately found the flaw.

The demon king\'s body was sealed in the ninth depth prison and the demon spirit dream was his only bridge to communicate with the outside world. But when he stimulated the ancient bloodline of the demons on the outside from within the dreamland, Wang Lu managed to see his course of action in full view.

Then, while Wang Lu pretended to break through the dream blockade with all his strength, Ouyang Shang took this opportunity, using this as a cover to thumb through the dream building technique scroll. In the quickest time possible, he found the similar spell. And then relying on his level of comprehension that was against the heaven, he immediately mastered this spell at the first try.

And then Wang Lu provided the ammunition—the mysterious white powder that could make people feel as if they were in the seventh heaven. And then, with Fenrir providing her power, Ouyang Shang built a bridge to make the mysterious white powder directly function in the brains of the desert tribe. These were interlocking actions, where not a single one was dispensable.

"White powder? It\'s just a little trick that makes people enjoy in positive energy to death. Were it not for the demon king who first opened a bridge between the dreamland and the reality, on the basis of the meager mastery of the dream building technique of us two, we are far from being able to project existence into the reality from the dreamland. But in the end, everything is going according to the plan. These demons have been thoroughly finished, making their last contribution to the disintegration of the black tide before dying. It could even be said that they died in an extreme happiness. After them, there will be no new growth points for the black tide, and even if the unfinished black tide is detonated, its destructive power is also relatively limited, but…"

Fenrir gently swayed her tail. "But, things obviously won\'t be that simple. That guy is so cunning that he was actually able to hide the truth from me for two thousand years. Previously, I thought that there was no chance for him to stage a comeback, but as a result…"

Wang Lu inwardly said, "If I hadn\'t changed the history with my time traveling, you would\'ve been finished by him."

Taking into account the horror that befell the Spirit Sword Sect in his own timeline, Wang Lu believed that the tactics of that demon king would not end here… No, to be exact, perhaps he should not be called as a demon king. The demon jade as the proof of the ruler of the demon world had no effect on him. Unfortunately, now there was absolutely no clue to answer the following question: What actually was his true identity?

"How much do you know about that guy?"

Fenrir shook her head. "I\'ve told you everything that I know, so there\'s nothing new to ask. By the way, I\'m really curious, you two little guys, especially you, seem to have a good understanding of him. Properly speaking, he has been suppressed for two thousand years by me, so it\'s impossible for you to have seen him since you were born."

Wang Lu inwardly sighed. It was indeed hard to conceal the tons of shiny light of a time traveler, as it was easy to leave some flaws in his prophetic-like reaction to the event. Especially since this senior monster wolf was so careful. It was difficult to conceal anything in front of her. In this point, the stray dog Quan Zouhua who had a similar monster wolf bloodline completely could not be compared on the same level.

Fortunately, Wang Lu had a reason to temporarily avoid this sensitive issue.

"Ah, the dreamland blockade has been broken."

After a long effort, the boundary blockade of the demon spirit dream was finally lifted, and Wang Lu immediately slipped off.

"I\'m sorry, right now, my primordial is too far away from my body, if I don\'t go back now, I probably won\'t be able to go back forever."

With that, Wang Lu left the demon spirit dream together with Ouyang Shang, leaving behind the girl form of Fenrir who gently pouted her mouth.

"Heh, this little guy slips really fast, but… this is a \'thinking oneself clever\' action. It will not be long before we meet again."

With that, she gently raised her head and let out a wry smile.

"You guys were leaving so quick that I didn\'t have the time to tell you, I don\'t know when exactly it happened, but that guy… has escaped the ninth depth prison."

"Alas, those idiots have almost killed us with their \'thinking oneself clever\' action."

Wang Lu sighed, feeling both happy and funny at the same time.

Feng Yin and the others really knew how to grasp the opportunity in battle, they took the bull by the horn, cleanly and neatly escaped. However, they didn\'t think that the primordial spirit of Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were imprisoned in the demon spirit dream, and thus could not immediately follow them. They carried the body of the two of them as they flee as fast as they could, but they didn\'t know that the connection between the body of the two and their primordial spirit was almost cut off! If that were to happen, the two lead disciples would\'ve degenerated into wandering souls since then.

Fortunately, Wang Lu broke the dreamland blockade in time. At the same time, the strength of the primordial spirit of the two was far beyond that of ordinary Jindan, which caused their primordial spirit not to disperse all the way back to their body.

However, when their primordial spirit returned to their body and their consciousness awakened, it was unknown how long it has been.

"Big brother, you finally woke up!"

When Wang Lu opened his eyes, he was already in their base at Blessed Fountain. He heard a pleasant surprise cheer—unfortunately, the focus of that cheer was not on himself, but at someone beside him.

Feng Yin, Yang Fei, Cai Xia, and the others all gathered around Ouyang Shang. They inquired solicitously about his well being but slightly gave a cold shoulder to Wang Lu. After all, the former had already been with them for decades, being as close as brothers and sisters.

However, there was still one person who chose to stay by Wang Lu\'s side.

"Hey, Mast… em, sister." Wang Lu smiled and greeted the young girl before his eyes. At the same time, he inwardly berated himself for almost calling her master.

However, after he woke up, Wang Wu directly closed her eyes and began to enter the rhythm of practice, completely ignoring Wang Lu\'s greeting.

This cold reception made Wang Lu particularly miss the Master that he knew when he was cultivating on the mountain. In those years, his Master, greedy for his richness, repeatedly proposed for a marriage unscrupulously.

Alas, the you in young age, though having a max moral integrity, is really not cute.

In any case, this desert trip had finally come to an end. Although not everything was accomplished, there had been significant progress. The real killer more than one hundred years ago was finally out, and one of his biggest killing technique, the black tide, had also been dealt with. The next thing to do was to gather all the power that could be gathered and crush him thoroughly.

However, at this time, Wang Lu suddenly heard Feng Yin speaking to Ouyang Shang.

"Big Brother, we have just received a letter from Senior Brother Liu Xian. A Junior Brother has disappeared in the Ghost Weeping Forest. They haven\'t found him for a long time, so they are asking for help here."

The risk factor in the management trainee program of the Spirit Sword Sect was enormous. The disciples explored the Savage Land on their own, so it was commonplace to encounter danger.

However, hearing this news, both Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang, as if by prior agreement, felt a chill behind their back.