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Chapter 513: Break a Pair of Couples up for Two

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The change in the poison extracting physician lasted only for a short moment. The blackness in the pupil flashed away, and the slight stiffness in the movement was also gone.

For this subtle change, two or three people present were aware of it, but they did not care too much. Each of them moved a few steps and stood between the physician and their two Senior Brothers.

The two poison extracting physicians turned a blind eye to this. Standing in front of the unconscious body of their great elder, they took off their loose coat, revealing two smooth and delicate naked bodies, ready to do the poison extraction.

The male cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect turned their heads away, not looking at them out of politeness. At the entrance of the tent, Wang Chenye and Zhang Sheng were even more depressed. They simply went to the corner of the tent, closed their eyes and meditated.

However, at this point, Wang Wu suddenly stood up and stopped the two demon girls.

"Wait a minute."

The two young girls looked at her in astonishment. They tried to explain to her with gestures, but Wang Wu basically didn\'t even give them a look.

She just turned around and somewhat strangely asked Feng Yin, "Why… did you let them in?"

Feng Yin said, "They\'re here to save their own people…"

Wang Wu was even more surprised. "Then hand over their elder, what\'s the use in keeping him here?"

Feng Yin was stunned, and then explained, "There\'s no guarantee that the elder has nothing to do with the unconsciousness of our two Senior Brothers. Before the truth is unveiled, it is important to maintain the scene intact… This is what Big Brother told us before."

Wang Wu said, "Yes, it\'s true that Big Brother did say to keep the scene unchanged before the truth is clear, so we must not let outsiders in, much less the two of them! You… Big Brother always has hopes for you. When he is away, he even let you take his place as the leader, but you actually let this happen?"

Feng Yin was confused and stunned by Wang Wu\'s interrogation. In his impression, Junior Sister Wang Wu had never been so aggressive… No, she never even talked so loudly like that!

Because of her lack of aptitude, Wang Wu was considered to be at the bottom tail of the golden generation. Were it not for her extra efforts that were multiple times beyond that of average people and the extra care from the Big Brother, she would not have been qualified for the golden generation at all. And she had always been self-conscious about this. Apart from cultivation was cultivation. In the golden generation, she seemed to be invisible, but now, this...

"Junior Sister Wang Wu, what exactly are you trying to say?"

Feng Yin\'s position within the golden generation was second only to the several people of elite qualifications, so it was unusual for him to have other people pointing at his nose and interrogating him. However, he also knew that Wang Wu did not blame him for no reason… No matter what, he had to listen to her reason.

Wang Wu furrowed her brows tightly. "Is it still necessary to ask? They are the poison extracting physicians of the demon race!"

"And then?"

The quarrel between the two soon attracted the attention of others. Especially Wang Chenye and Zhang Sheng who angrily got up and cast her a stern look.

They did not know much about Wang Wu, and their relationship with Wang Wu was only so-so. And even because of her cultivation base problem, she received veiled criticism from the golden generation. At this time, listening to her blatantly accuse the two poison extracting physicians, their heart was even more indignant.

Wang Wu, however, turned a blind eye to this. When she was on the mountain, she was indifferent to the various gazes cast upon her by the other disciples, not because of self-awareness, but she just didn\'t care. At this time, she also didn\'t care about how other people thought about her. She just wanted to say what she had to say. As for how the others judged and made the decision, that was of no concern of her.

"They are the poison-extracting physician, they extract sand poison from the tribe members by mating. We have all heard of this right?"

Wang Chenye said, "Yes, we all know this, so what? Do you want to say that they…"

Wang Wu gave him a look. Her clear and cold eyes made Wang Chenye whose cultivation base was a full stage higher than her suddenly unable to speak.

"What I want to say is, have you guys ever considered this: When they removed the sand poison from others, where did the removed sand poison go to?"


While everyone was astonished and speechless, Wang Wu continued, "The sand poison goes into their body, and since they are the best poison extracting physician in the tribe, they have the most accumulated sand poison in their body. In my opinion, they are basically a weapon full of poison. Yet you guys… just let them in and let them get close to the two Senior Brothers?"

"Isn\'t that too serious?" Wang Chenye sternly argued, "They shouldn\'t be that dangerous right? Aren\'t they always living well in the tribe?"

"Their place of residence is separated from that of other people, isn\'t that enough of a proof? Moreover, the essence of the sand poison is a curse. And since it\'s a curse, in theory, it can be induced for other people. On this point, even the poison extracting physicians themselves are also involuntary."

Wang Chenye felt that his throat became drier and found it almost impossible to speak. "But… that\'s just your guess."

Wang Wu nodded. "Yes, it\'s just a guess, so if you guys are still willing to gamble, there\'s nothing I can do. But as long as I am here, I will never allow them to act freely here."

With that, she no longer paid attention to the other people as she directly stepped forward to push the two poison extracting physicians away, no matter how desperately the two girls gestured, explaining that they came without malice. At the same time, she also didn\'t care that Feng Yin and others had yet to fully digest what she just said, and had not yet expressed their support for her point of view.

Wang Wu\'s thinking was very simple. Since she had already said what she should say and tried her best to do what she should do, if Feng Yin and the others obstinately persisted in going about things the wrong way and thus wanted to counter against her ideas, then there was nothing she could do. At worst, their Brother-Sister-friendship broke up and took a fight. She was certainly not their opponent, but at least, she would\'ve done all that she could—if in the end, she couldn\'t do it, then it would have nothing to do with her. Even if the two Senior Brothers came back, they could not blame her.

If she could, she really didn\'t want to take the initiative to do this thing… She did not have the aptitude in immortal cultivation like that of Feng Yin, Zhang Sheng, and the others, every second of her time was invaluable; she wished that she could convert it all to cultivation. As for other things, she would have given them to other Senior Sisters and Brothers who had the spare time. Unfortunately… why were they so clumsy? How could they not see through such a simple scheme?

In fact, at this time, Wang Wu was a bit too harsh on Feng Yin and the others. As the younger generation disciples of Spirit Sword Sect, they have been cultivating in Spirit Sword Mountain for many years, but their experiential learnings were very few. When they encountered difficulties and unsolvable problems, they mostly relied on their Big Brother Ouyang Shang, one person, to step forward and deal with it. Others have almost no experience in solving things on their own—this was the biggest reason why the sect decided to send them to the Savage Land for the management trainee program. If everyone was as good as Ouyang Shang, there was no need for any training program.

At this time, in the demon tribe, suddenly there was an unexpected situation. Feng Yin and the others inevitably became impatient and unable to maintain their calm. Even if they could use their immortal heart to force themselves to calm down, many details of thinking would still appear dull.

Only Wang Wu, a person who was cold by nature, could be immune to the environment and think one step ahead over the others.

However, just with this one step, Wang Wu saw the risk that the two poison extracting physicians contained. Thus, she took the initiative to try to drive them out of the tent. However, for this, she actually ignored one point.

Among them, the one with the lowest cultivation base was her, so what qualification does she have to rush to the front?

The next moment, the eyes of the nearest poison extracting physician from her turned completely dark. A trace of dark qi on her soared to the sky. An intense power and influence intimidated everyone on the spot, which caught them off guard that even Feng Yin let out a muffled hum, seeing that everything turned blurry and all his five senses were polluted. For a time, he could hardly exert his strength, and even feel drowsy.

Wang Wu, who bore the full brunt of this, could not withstand at all—even though she was fully prepared, and when she spoke and stepped forward she had raised her Xudan Stage power almost to the max, and the middle-rank magical treasure that the sect issued for her was already activated beforehand. However, the instance the pitch-black demon flame rose up, she was directly beaten and sent flying away. Her body pierced the tent and continued to tumble away, only stopping in the broken ruins after breaking through several heavy walls in the city. By then, she was already unconscious, and her life and death were unknown.

"Aqing! What are you doing!"

Wang Chenye was horrified and rushed to the side of that demon girl who just did that. His cultivation base could only be considered as slightly above the average among them, but under this urgency, his potential actually erupted and recovered quicker than Feng Yin. During his rush, his customary flying sword already flew out from the cuff of his sleeve and was held in his hand. More than ten talismans with various capabilities were already activated by his primordial spirit and came out, circling around his body, ready for the fight in an instant.

In front of him, the demon girl Aqing, who just a moment ago was head over heels in love with him, stared fixedly at him with her pitch black pupils, waiting for him with a faint smile.


Using primordial spirit link, Feng Yin screamed out, promptly stopping Wang Chenye.

"Protect the two Senior Brothers, don\'t bother with anything else!"

Under this startling change, Feng Yin came to his senses. He knew that the sudden violent outbreak of the demon girl must certainly have someone behind the scene who controlled it. The opposite party\'s scheme must\'ve not been targeted at the few of them, but rather the unconscious Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu. Therefore, the most important thing right now was to look after the two of them!

They didn\'t know much about demon race and sand poison, so in a short period of time, it was difficult for them to judge the strength of the other party—they could only guess that it should be about the same as with the others, or there was no need to disguise and hide it—and when the details were not clear, caution was the most important quality.

Perhaps if he were Ouyang Shang, he would have enough courage and boldness to bet on aggressive behavior. But Feng Yin did not dare, he at least had the self-awareness about this.

"Zhang Sheng, Wang Chenye, go save Junior Sister Wang Wu, while the rest of you form a formation with me! Defend our two Senior Brothers!"

Zhang Sheng and Wang Chenye were not weak, but since this time the opponents were their lover, their young mind would inevitably be affected. Especially Zhang Sheng who cultivated emotional sword; it was difficult to say what he would actually do. Thus… It was better to send him away. The less he sees the better, and it would be better for everyone.

Zhang Sheng nodded slightly to show his acceptance of the order, but his gaze never left his beloved. Wang Chenye\'s lover, Aqing, had already turned, and the eyes of the demon girl beside her were also covered in darkness, just one step away from completely changing.