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Chapter 511: The Truth Is Once Again Revealed

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Under the grounds of the demon spirit dream, the brutal pursuit and attack continued.

Ahead, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang were fleeing, while behind, the demon king was in hot pursuit.

As Wang Lu asked the key problem, the two sides\' briefly-maintained communication link was instantly cut off. The demon king was no longer interested in talking to them, but just trying his best to pursue and kill them.

This time, the pursuit became thrilling, because the demon king\'s suppression of his own power became smaller and smaller, the way he launched his moves became more varied and strange, and the power of the eruption of darkness strengthened more and more. Many times, Ouyang Shang solely relied on luck to be able to pull Wang Lu away to avoid the eruption of darkness in the nick of time.

As the demon king\'s attack power continued to rise, now Wang Lu was no longer able to use his Non-Phase Sword as the cushion for the collision—that would be a dead end. Therefore, all the pressure was now on Ouyang Shang. The battle in the underground world had now become the stage for Ouyang Shang and the demon king to single out.

But Ouyang Shang actually withstood the pressure. Regardless whether it was due to his perception before the outbreak or due to luck, he could always avoid the pursuit and attack of the demon king without mishap.

After a few rounds of this, the demon king suddenly stopped.

He looked at Ouyang Shang carefully and with a vision that had a bit of pondering in it. "Oh? It turns out there\'s someone with providence, the whole earth is protecting you. No wonder you\'re so slippery. But…"

Before he heard the rest of the demon king\'s words, Ouyang Shang felt his whole vision turn dark. His keen intuition kept warning him that a life and death crisis was about to come, and he had no way to deal with it.

Beside him, Wang Lu also felt that the crisis was coming, but he had a sliver of inspiration broke out in this desperate situation.

Just before the demon king made his move, Wang Lu fiercely lifted the demon jade to the top of his head.

It was not a move to trade their lives for the demon jade, but to use all his strength to drive the power within it and make it burst forth with unprecedented intense rays of light.

When the light shone, the demon king\'s complexion abruptly changed. The demon spell that he was about to launch aimed at Ouyang Shang was immediately canceled and he turned it to aimed it at Wang Lu. However, he was still a step late. In the instance during this delay, the demon jade in Wang Lu\'s hand smoothly burst out its brilliance.

The demon king reluctantly withdrew his hands, surprised by the reaction speed and thinking agility of this little guy.

The other side had seen through his predicament: The demon king was finally suppressed by the monster wolf Fenrir. The battle in the dreamland seemed to be imposing and limitless, but once it was perceived by Fenrir…

This demon spirit dream could be hidden from her for two thousand years because she previously had no knowledge about the dream building technique. But if she knew in advance the existence of the demon spirit dream…

Taking advantage of the opportunity where the demon king momentarily gave up, Wang Lu lifted his other hand towards the demon jade on top of his head and exerted out all his strength to cause the brilliant rays to become even more dazzling. He was apparently afraid that the output was still not big enough and thus unable to alarm the monster wolf who suppressed everything.

"Enough. Stop it. You\'re going to get me blind."

Fenrir\'s voice arrived as expected. However, the source of that voice was on Wang Lu\'s chest.

The next moment, Wang Lu incredulously looked at his chest and saw a tiny wolf hair in the wrinkle of his red and white robe. Then that wolf hair fluttered slightly and fell down. It then quickly grew into a wolf-eared girl.

Wang Lu was extremely shocked. "... It\'s you?"

That wolf-eared girl moved her ear. "Yes, it\'s me, who else could it be? Hehe, am I still very beautiful in this dreamland?"

With that, the girl twirled around. Her naked body was \'nothing more beautiful can be imagined\'.

In contrast to the terrifying dark figure in the cave, Fenrir that appeared in this demon spirit dream clearly looked like a fourteen years old little girl. However, from the gloomy face of the demon king, it could be seen that this little girl had such a powerful deterrent force.

When Fenrir arrived, it seemed that all the crisis had been lifted. However, Wang Lu still had a problem.

"You\'ve been following us all this time?"

"Humph-humph, otherwise, how could I get here in such a timely fashion?" With that, Fenrir smiled smugly. "When you talked to me about the dream building technique, I already knew what he is trying to do. But I thought that it would be to no avail if I want to catch his noumenon. If I personally come forward, with how slippery he is, he will certainly not appear. But if it\'s just the two of you, plus the demon jade, he won\'t be able to help himself."

"... So you\'re using us as baits? Then you could\'ve have shown up earlier when you have confirmed that this stupid fish has taken the bait."

"Earlier? Earlier I haven\'t trusted the two of you." Fenrir said, downplaying it. "Who knows if the two of you were specially sent by him to entice me to enter the demon spirit dream? Outside, I have the absolute suppression advantage, but not necessarily in the dream. What if all of these are just a plot to trick me to fall into the pit in the dreamland?"

At this point, that demon king interrupted, "You knew perfectly well of this possibility, yet you still dare to come here?"

"Of course, if even these two little guys dared to have risked their lives, why wouldn\'t I dare? And after confirming that there\'s no collusion between the three of you, I have even more confidence to show up. Old friend, it seems that, in the end, this showdown that has been persisting for two thousand years, is won by me."

The demon king curled his mouth upward. "Won? Are you sure? Based on this first encounter in the dreamland?"

Not long ago, outside the dreamland.

"... How come they haven\'t come out yet?"

A young cultivator of Spirit Sword Sect anxiously paced back and forth inside the tent. Beside him, his Junior Brothers and Sisters all put up a serious face. Some of them even revealed their flying sword. Their killing intent filled the air just like a substance, firmly sealing up the entrance of the tent.

Outside the tent, noisy sound faintly lingered.

"Let our great elder go!"

"Release him at once!"

"Don\'t think you can do whatever you want!"

Listening to the angry roar outside the tent, the cultivator who paced back and forth sighed once again.

"Oh, they\'re really… Previously, they didn\'t tell me anything, but now I\'m left with this mess."

Looking back, he saw in the middle of the tent, the great elder of the desert tribe in an unconscious state. Although his life was not in any danger, he appeared to be in a sorry state. Obviously, someone had made a move against him.

The culprit who did this was not far away, not far away from the great elder. Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang lied side by side, both similarly were unconscious.

Not long ago, a demon girl who was in charge of serving the great elder wanted to go inside the tent to tidy up the great elder\'s lunch tableware. However, when she opened the curtain, she saw three unconscious people. One of them was the great elder who had blood on his lips, seemingly as if he had just received a heavy injury. The girl screamed and startled half of the oasis.

The first to come were the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect. Before the other angry demons rushed into the tent, they first entered the tent and blocked everyone.

Although it was not clear what was going on, they also knew that their big brother and Wang Lu were facing a special situation, or were dealing with a difficult problem, and it was not the time to allow the outsiders to enter the tent to disturb them. Thus, they would rather turn their back against the demon race and insist on staying in the tent to protect Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang.

As for the great elder of the demon race, it was actually of no significance to them, but no one was sure of how much he had to do with the unconscious state of Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang. At this time, all they could do was to maintain the status quo, not adding any new variable.

This move was naturally unbearable to the demons. However, the huge gap in strength made it impossible for them to make further moves, and could only protest outside the tent.

Although the human cultivators in the tent were still young and immature, the flying swords in their hands were genuinely sharp, and though they had never been in a conflict with each other, they also knew that if conflict were to indeed happen, the desert tribe would have to pay a disproportionate price. Moreover, this matter was indeed suspicious, the great elder and the two most outstanding human cultivators all fell unconscious in the tent simultaneously… Was this the curse of the invisible devil?

With this in mind, the demons were even more afraid to act rashly. Of course, their protest had not been cut down and continued to exert pressure on the human cultivators in the tent.

"What the hell is going on here!" Inside the tent, the young cultivator who paced back and forth once again sighed. As if to vent his anger, the pacing of his feet became a bit faster.

"Senior Brother Feng Yin, stop it, will you, you\'re making us dizzy here."

"... You\'re just dizzy, but I have a headache!" Feng Yin snapped back, thinking that Wang Chenye, this kid, actually still has the mood to say sarcastic remarks, if he and Zhang Sheng, the two idiots, did not peep on other people\'s ritual, causing them to be cursed with the sand poison… How could there be such a meddlesome thing after that!

Wang Chenye was one of the youngest in the golden generation. He had a fickle temperament, and his tendency to play was very big. At this time, seeing the dark and gloomy face of Feng Yin, he chuckled and said, "Senior Brother Feng Yun, you always have negative thinking in everything, what if perhaps the truth is actually very simple instead?"

Feng Yin ill-humored-ly asked, "Such as?"

"You see, Big Brother and Wang Lu are lying side by side in an ambiguous position. Perhaps when they were doing the double cultivation, the great elder accidentally saw them. Greatly alarmed, they suddenly injured him, but they were also hurt by the force backfire. And that\'s why we have this scene."

Wang Chenye\'s dirty voice had just fallen when they heard a young girl cultivator peevishly said, "Absolutely absurd! Can\'t you think of something normal with your head?"

This Junior Sister\'s name is Lin Wan. She had a gentle and quiet temperament, and her popularity had always been good. Listening to her suddenly miffed, no matter how playful Wang Chenye was, he couldn\'t help but shrink his neck back. "Junior Sister Lin, I\'m sorry, I was just joking…"

But before Wang Chenye could finish talking, the still angry Lin Wan said, "They are both extremely smart people, so only if there\'s something wrong with them will they run to other people\'s tent to do the double cultivation!"

Wang Chenye stared dumbfoundedly at her. "... I think there\'s something wrong with your anger. According to common sense, what you should question is the why the two of them want to double cultivate."

Lin Wan cast him a glance, "What\'s so strange in them doing double cultivation?"


"Senior Brother Ouyang is so talented that no one can match him, and no woman is worthy of him. As our Big Brother, he\'s been a bit lonely in these few years. But although this Senior Brother Wang Lu appeared all of a sudden, I could see that Senior Brother Ouyang enjoyed his time with him, and so was Wang Lu. Therefore… Even if they double cultivate, what\'s the big deal?"

Wang Chenye closed up his dislocated jaw. "Junior Sister Lin, I think the real \'big deal\' is that you can organize those words in a reasonable way."

However, when he looked around, everyone, including Feng Yin, started to have a subtle change in their eyes toward Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang.

Hey, guys, don\'t be like this okay?