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Chapter 510: This Grandson Is a Veritable Grade A War Criminal!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

This Grandson 1 Is a Veritable Grade A War Criminal!

In terms of the ability to comprehend the dream building technique, Ouyang Shang was actually even better than Wang Lu. However, the situation did not allow Ouyang Shang to divert his attention to study the dream building technique, because only by using his Earth Moving Technique could he buy time in the demon spirit world, moreover, he must use his Earth Moving Technique to the fullest. Also, Wang Lu, after all, had been exposed to dream building technique earlier, so his current attainment of it was deeper. Wang Lu also had the jade of the five blood spirit crown as the most precious object of the demon race, which bore the heavy responsibility to be used in dream building technique to withstand the demon king.

Of course, it was not easy to break the dream blockade by the demon king. Wang Lu immersed his mind in dream building technique, using the demon jade to help strengthen the effect of dream building, constantly trying to tear up the barrier of the dream space.

During this period, the last demon king was in hot pursuit. The darkness spread unceasingly underground. Each burst swallowed everything within a few miles radius from existence. Moreover, the burst came almost without any sign. Everytime Ouyang Shang managed to respond it at the crucial time by relying on his intuition, and then he used his escaping one hundred miles in a flash skill, only then could he barely get away.

Every evasion was extremely difficult. If a third party was observing this, they would certainly think that Ouyang Shang would be caught in less than ten times of dodging. This simply because the gap in strength between the two sides was too obvious. A huge gap that even any genius that had rare encounter would still find it hard to close.

However, even after a hundredth time of evasions, Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu were still alive and kicking and not be engulfed by the darkness. Although Ouyang Shang was already full of sweat, the fluctuation of his magical power was still at its peak, even more powerful than at the start of this battle.

The longer the fight the stronger Ouyang Shang was, and his perception to sense the burst of darkness also became keener as time went by. Every time he escaped via earth, the more prompt he was. After dodging for a hundred times, he instead became calmer. So much that he even had the time to care about other things.

"How is it going?" He asked Wang Lu.

"It will still take time."

"Don\'t worry, take… As much time as you want."

With that, Ouyang Shang once again used the magical power within his body to link with the earth and fused together with it along with Wang Lu. The next moment, the darkness burst, and a heavy muffled sound came from the depths of the earth. It was the sound of collision between the soil and the rocks after everything was swallowed up in such a big space.

Across the thick layer of soil, the sound sounded fuzzy, but Ouyang Shang felt a huge pressure in his heart.

"Such devastating power, but… What level is that last demon king?"

At this point, Wang Lu had just completed a stage in his task. Taking a deep long breath, he said, "Since he is the king of demon world, of course he is the demon world\'s Supreme level."

"But if he\'s really the Supreme level…"

"Yes, if a Supreme of Unity Stage is here instead, we would\'ve died a long time ago, no matter how amazing your Earth Moving Technique is, it\'s useless."

Escaping one hundred miles in a flash was indeed a great skill—for a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage. If it were the Supreme of Unity Stage, even if they didn\'t rely on immortal method or magical ability, they could achieve the same thing with their tempered physique. Coupled with the difference in the quality of primordial spirit, it would be impossible for Ouyang Shang to run away.

"Therefore, there are several possibilities: The first is, the demon world two thousand years ago was already \'unable to withstand a single blow\'. The so-called Supreme power is only at the level of Yuanying or Deity Stage. The second is, the demon king is suppressed by Fenrir for two thousand years, so he has long ago being squeezed out of his sperm, making his strength significantly reduced to less than one percent. The third is, he was awakened by my action when he was in a deep sleep, now he hasn\'t fully woken up yet."

Ouyang Shang sighed. "Junior Brother Wang, you might as well say what the fourth is."

Wang Lu let out a laugh. "The fourth is, he was deliberately throwing it to let us think lightly of him."

"Really?" Ouyang Shang tilted his head, and then once again fused with the earth, dodging the darkness that came to devour them. Although he seemed calm, it was still a thrilling thing.

"Well, if so, he was throwing it in a really unnoticeable way."

"Otherwise, how can he deceive both of us?"

"For what?"

Wang Lu put his hand on his demon jade. "Of course it\'s for this. Other than this, could two Daoist Masters of Jindan Stage have anything worth for his majesty the demon king to waste a lot of his energy?"

"That makes sense. The proof of the rulership of the demon world is actually in the hands of a human. If I were the demon king, I would not accept this. Moreover, by using the demon jade, you\'re able to continue to give trouble for him in this demon spirit dream, obviously you\'ve become a thorn in his side. Thus, snatching the demon jade is a matter of vital importance."

"But, he couldn\'t be sure of what I had done with the demon jade, so he didn\'t act rashly. He is waiting. Waiting for me to think that it\'s safe, thinking that his attention is on you so that I will feel safe to use the demon jade to start the second stage of the dream building technique. At that moment, he can quickly snatch away the demon jade. In that case, no matter how keen your intuition is, after adapting to his initial rhythm, it would be difficult for you to keep up with the change in his rhythm and take action."

Ouyang Shang said with a wry smile, "A mere Daoist Master of Jindan Stage like me, it has already been very difficult to follow this current rhythm, okay? And based on what you said, if you want to break through the dream space blockade, you have to use the demon jade. But as long as you use the demon jade, it would leave a flaw that would give the opportunity for him to snatch it?"

"So I need you to do me a favor. Let\'s really put some tricks on the demon jade. As long as it leaves my control, then immediately destroy it."

"Destroy it?"

"Yes. In any case, we can\'t get it back once it\'s been taken away. Although this thing is the condensation of the laws of the demon world, it is by no means indestructible. And I happen to know several ways to destroy it. For example…"

Wang Lu said and about to put the demon jade before the eyes of Ouyang Shang, to demonstrate to him the methods to destroy it. However, just at this time, a flicker of shadow swiftly appeared. Its speed was almost inconceivable, completely beyond the limit of reaction speed of a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage.

However, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang seemed to have a foresight to this and already made the appropriate response ahead of time. The two of them, one launched the Non-Phase Sword Defense, another one launched the Earth Moving Technique that had been effective many times before. This allowed them to barely block one round of full power strike from the demon king.

In a twinkling of an eye later, the two of them appeared in the depths of the ground hundreds of miles away. Ouyang Shang was pale and his body trembled. Meanwhile, Wang Lu was bleeding from his seven orifices, and his right hand that held the sword strangely twisted from the elbow. His Non-Phase Sword Bone was actually broken. However, these injuries were not worth mentioning, especially in the moment when they narrowly escaped, the two of them had already figured out a bit of details of the opposite party.

It was indeed true that the other side was far above them. However, at this moment, he also had a strong restriction. There is ninety percent of his power that he did not dare to use. Just now, he stopped the power burst that they received halfway, not daring to actually let the explosion run its course.

Therefore… In the final analysis, there was nothing to be afraid of from the other side.

At the same time, the demon king who had been hiding behind the scene change his tactic and walked to the stage.

"What a wonderful performance."

It was a classical accent of the common language of Nine Regions. His clear pronunciation, youthful and gentle voice swept away the previous chilling, life or death at stake atmosphere. A demon dressed in crimson cloak and black armor walked up to them in this dark passage. Two scarlet eyes, like burning flames, shone on his face.

Sure enough, like the previous observation in the demon world, the last demon king who was in charge of the demon world two thousand years ago, is a young demon who looks even childish and innocent, yet he also has the imposing manner of a monarch that ruled over the whole world, which could directly assault people\'s senses.

The demon king sighed with emotion slowly. "After two thousand years of human world, I can\'t believe so many great talents appear in Nine Regions again, who seems even better than the elites in the great war of immortal and demon, truly enviable."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu\'s eyebrows could not help but furrow. "That\'s strange, how did you know about the second great war of immortal and demon?"

According to his previous knowledge of the demon king, during the second great war of immortal and demon, the demon king should remain in the demon world to turn the tide against the chaotic laws of the demon world using the wreckage of the Eternal Tree. When all efforts failed, he led the survivors to build the new demon world. During this period, the creatures of the demon world who were beyond his influence, after the laws became chaotic, became frenzied and followed the passage between worlds and entered the Nine Regions, triggering the second great war of immortal and demon.

When the demon king entered Nine Regions, it was supposed to be after the construction of the new demon world. However, after listening to his words, it seemed that there was something hidden in the past.

Wang Lu was considering on how to find a way to worm the facts out of the other side\'s mouth when he saw that his majesty the demon smiled.

"Isn\'t the truth very simple? More than two thousand years ago, how could an irrational mob able to turn Nine Regions upside down?"

Both Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang, as if by prior agreement, sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Was this guy just admitting that he was the one who planned the great war of immortal and demon two thousand years ago? Or at the very least had a deep participation in it?

This was widely different with the view of the demon king of the later generation… Wang Lu didn\'t think that the two demon king sisters deliberately deceived him, meaning that they were also kept in the dark by this previous demon king? But why? What was the point in doing so?

However, just as he thought about this, he saw the shadow in front of him flashed. The demon king once again made his move. This time, Ouyang Shang reacted very quickly, but Wang Lu was slightly slower by half a beat… Fortunately, Non-Phase Method was really wonderful. Even if the cultivator itself was absent minded, the subconscious defense was still water tight, so much that there was even already a preparation ahead of time.

One collision and one Earth Moving Technique to escape. Hundreds of miles away, the two young cultivators appeared. Their injuries were heavier, but still ready to block another round.

"Great." The young demon king then also appeared after following their track. "This time, you guys are really beyond my expectation."

Wang Lu coughed out blood, scoffed, and said, "You also exceed my expectation… Honestly, what the hell are you?"

As he spoke, the demon jade in his hand bloomed with dazzling red luster.

"You didn\'t notice it, right? Just now, when we collided, I used the demon jade to lightly illuminate you. Although the law to control doesn\'t exist anymore, but it\'s impossible for any demon to be indifferent to being illuminated by the proof of the ruler. So, are you… really a demon?" Wang Lu finally sorted out his thoughts and said his own doubt, "Throughout the major events that you have experienced, there were too many questionable points about your actions. You\'re not a demon, right?"


That young demon king burst into laughter.

"Do you want to know? Knock me down and I will naturally tell you!"

The darkness loomed once again.