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Chapter 504: Beautiful Regardless of Gender, Sexy Regardless of Race

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Meeting someone that one recognized far from home should be a joyous occasion. Especially since the opponent that they were initially on guard against with trepidation was actually a friend\'s mother—they should feel relieved.

But Wang Lu felt as if he instantly fell into an ice hole.

Because he had realized that he had made another mistake. It was not the invisible devil, feared by the desert demon for two thousand years, that caused the fall of the golden generation—it was another person!

The reasoning for this was very simple. If the disaster was caused by this monster wolf, then when Wang Lu picked Quan Zouhua in the black tide in Western Mountain and returned to Spirit Sword Mountain together with him, Wang Wu would have no reason not to recognize his kind! He was the descendant of the murderer that she hated for life!

Not only Wang Wu did not recognize him, even the other people on Spirit Sword Mountain did not recognize him. In the end, it was Aya who finally broke his secret. This could only mean that the monster wolf Fenrir of the Western Continent did not occupy any important position in the cultivation life of the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect. At least, she couldn\'t possibly be the culprit that caused all the disaster!

Who was the real culprit then?

Since he traveled back in time till now, Wang Lu had experienced too many failed expectations and took many wrong turns along the way. Therefore, Wang Lu did not mind being wrong once again. Wasn\'t success the fruit that could be tasted after repeated failures? Moreover, every failure could lead to new clues, so it wasn\'t entirely worthless.

But this time, the clue that he got from being wrong was chilling.

If the culprit was not the monster wolf Fenrir… considering that a hundred years later Quan Zouhua was alone in the black tide, it meant that his mother was likely to die in the same disaster, even to the point of dying in silence… But, with her strength, who at present age could kill her?

There was only one possibility for this...

Wang Lu lowered his head to ponder and then said, "Excuse me… Previously, you said that the person who sneaked on and caused you to suffer a huge damage two thousand years ago has been suppressed by you, right? In other words, that person isn\'t dead?"

Fenrir was obviously not a fan of the subject. Her voice was somewhat cold and indifferent as she said, "Hump, sooner or later, I\'ll kill him."

"That means he\'s not dead?"

Fenrir cast a quick glance at him and did not say anything. She raised her head to indicate her disdain—obviously, she was dissatisfied with Wang Lu\'s response.

I rarely show my true form… In two thousand years, only these two little guys had the honor to see this perfect physique, which was indeed worth dying for. The reaction of that one was good, he had been deeply struck by it. Obviously, he was someone who knew how to appreciate beauty. But the other one was clearly unenlightened.

At this time, instead of kneeling down in prostrate before the beautiful goddess, he actually cared about what happened to that lowly person two thousand years ago? Does he feel that I can\'t suppress the sneak attack of that villain with my own strength?

Although all her effort indeed failed to annihilate it two thousand years ago, that was only because she was trapped in a cage. Once she broke free, she could immediately scatter away its soul. Not to mention that this ordeal had caused her to be gradually reborn, bringing her to another level.

Moreover, even if he was worried about a hidden danger, how come he didn\'t even raise his head to look even a bit? Does he really think that since I dote on him, he could act unbridled? Tsk, these humans little guy are all like this, just giving him a bit of face and he immediately has an exaggerated opinion of himself!

Thinking about it, she was very dissatisfied with Wang Lu. Her original favorable impression of him quickly vanished because she felt like she was being used. The little guy didn\'t care about her situation, but only about the resources that she might have in her hands… She hated this kind of little thing the most.

Wang Lu initially intended to ask for more details, but seeing the scowling look of Fenrir, and the black shadow gradually began to cover the cave… it immediately dawned on him that this was not a good time to ask questions.

At the same time, it was also not a good time to immediately apologize. Because once he apologized, it meant that he acknowledged his mistake, and for the monster wolf of Western Continent, a toy that makes mistakes no longer qualifies as a toy.

Therefore, Wang Lu had to think of a way to pique her interest up once again, such as...

He turned his gaze slightly so that his gaze moved away from the monster wolf. Then he used his acting skill to make his cheek red. The words that came out of his mouth then became incoherent.

"I think you still have to be careful after all as the saying goes... since erm... being careful can sail a boat for ten thousands of years. It\'s not easy for you to cultivate till this stage, moreover, despite the fact that your strength is strong enough, you are so... so…"

Hearing this, the monster wolf Fenrir immediately became impatient—what the hell is this? Inwardly, even a murderous intention began to appear. Then at this time, she suddenly found that Wang Lu\'s reaction seemed strange. His eyes continued to drift from side to side, without any pause at all, as if there was something unbearable to look at on her.

Thereupon Fenrir snapped at him. "Mortal, look at me!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was immediately shocked, feeling that his two hundred and six Non-Phase Sword Bones faintly shook. And then he somewhat unwillingly looked up straight toward the eyes of the monster wolf, but he appeared very reluctant.

This further annoyed Fenrir. "Mortal, can\'t my look even enter your eyes?"

"No, it\'s mainly because… you\'re naked."

"... What did you say?"

Wang Lu tried to make his face even redder. "It\'s rude for me to look."


Hearing this \'it\'s rude for me to look\', it unexpectedly caused Fenrir the monster wolf unable to respond for a long time.

And Wang Lu took this opportunity to turn his head and explained, "Because your body is too beautiful, I\'m afraid I won\'t be able to hold myself if I look at it for too long… Naturally, if you don\'t mind me unable to hold myself, then the thing that I mentioned before about the joy of having children still counts."

Fenrir felt that her mind seemed to be whirled around. After a moment, she asked with interest.

"For a human like you, my looks can actually make you… actually have the interest in that?"

Wang Lu confidently said, "Beautiful regardless of gender, sexy regardless of race. I have always been a man of universal love!"

With that, Wang Lu inwardly remembered that non-human mother-daughter at Grand Cloud Mountain, so when he said about universal love, it was really not a lie! Especially for a canine-type animal, he simply has an indissoluble bond with them!

"... Very well, I\'ll let this aside this time, little guy."

With that, the monster wolf Fenrir smiled, once again feeling the joy, so her voice returned to the previous relaxed and easy going tone. "Then, say what you want to say before, what do you think about my old enemy?"

"I am worried that your old enemy is still trying to stir up trouble because both of your experience was too similar. Both of you were sneak attacked and suppressed and then stuck in a difficult situation. Two thousand years ago, you had already found a way to break through, I\'m worried that he could too."

Monster wolf Fenrir laughed and said, "Are you worried that he could break free? Ha, since I personally suppressed it two thousand years ago, its every action and movement could not escape my perception. I\'m not worried that it would stage a comeback, so what are you, a newly arrived little guy, worried about?"

Wang Lu paused for a moment and then confidently said, "Rationally, I certainly know that this is a groundless fear, but I still can\'t help but worry about you. Before I see that person completely has no way to free himself, I won\'t be able to feel assured."


In the monster wolf Fenrir\'s long life, she had never seen such a maverick little guy. Although she knew perfectly well that these were just honeyed words, but… these honeyed words didn\'t seem to be annoying.

Perhaps it was because of the familiar smell on Wang Lu, or perhaps she had been bored for two thousand years, therefore, she decided to meet Wang Lu\'s request.

"Since you\'re so worried…" Monster wolf Fenrir shook her head. "Alright, I\'ll let you see the miserable situation of that fellow so you can feel at ease."

After that, Fenrir\'s front paw slammed on the ground, and suddenly, the earth cracked and then a bottomless pit appeared on the ground.

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang could not help but curiously stoop to look into it. The deep darkness in that pit cast fear in people\'s heart, as if it led to an unknown space.

Fenrir explained, "This is its cage. At present, it is suppressed by me in the ninth depth prison, which is an absolute nothingness. If you two little guys were to be thrown in, in a cup of tea time, you would be melted by nothingness. Inside it, it could only barely manage to maintain a feeble existence. For two thousand years, it had not received even a shred of energy. Instead, it must consume its own energy to continue to maintain its survival, which caused it to become weaker and weaker. Two thousand years ago, it could not come out, now it was even more hopeless."

Wang Lu carefully looked at the endless pit and asked, "Absolute nothingness? It\'s… pretty safe."

Hearing the explanation from Fenrir, Wang Lu became even more puzzled.

This is not going to break, right? Absolute nothingness… For most creatures, it\'s an absolute deathtrap. Even just to maintain the form in absolute nothingness, anyone less than Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage would not be able to do it. Therefore, if Fenrir did confine it in the absolute nothingness, it really did not have any chance to escape. However...

However, vaguely, Wang Lu felt that this thing was not that absolute. Unfortunately, based on negligible clues, for the moment, he could only think of this, and because of it, it was hard for him to continue his train of thoughts.

"Alright, you have seen this ninth depth prison, now you can feel at ease right?"

Wang Lu revealed a smile and said, "You\'re indeed the illustrious monster wolf that could extinguish the world, I have no worry now."

No worry the hell… If the real culprit more than one hundred years ago in his timeline was really the old enemy of the monster wolf, then things would become easier instead. Because at least, the target range could be locked, and then he could be full on alert. At the moment, however, it was actually tantamount to losing all the clues and he had to do it all over again.

Therefore, after a moment of silent, Wang Lu asked, changing the topic, "In this Savage Land, is there any powerful presence that is worth paying attention to?"


Monster wolf Fenrir firmly replied, "This land is indeed magical, but it hasn\'t produced an extremely powerful individual… So you don\'t have to worry about any external threat that might harm you. During the first hundreds of years, there were indeed some creatures who didn\'t know the immensity of heaven and earth who came to try to take advantage of my severe injury. In the end, they all ended up as my nourishment. Now I actually hope that this Savage Land can really have a particularly powerful presence, then maybe I can get out of this cage in a few years."

After listening to this, Wang Lu couldn\'t help but feel helpless.

This is wrong, that is also wrong, damn it, who exactly was the culprit one hundred years ago? Why is this reasoning problem so hard?

While he was anxious, he heard Fenrir somewhat boringly said, "Speaking about that guy, it\'s actually really strange. After being trapped in the ninth depth, it hasn\'t moved for hundreds of years, but it\'s not dead, like it\'s sleeping leisurely, I also don\'t know what it dreamed of."

Wait a minute, dream?