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Chapter 503: She Is Bare Naked!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

In the end, Wang Lu did not persuade the devil to play the role-playing game. Although at the end of the day, his creativity did arouse the interest of the devil, but there was a technical difficulty that could not be surmounted.

"Those worms, just smelling them makes me nauseated, much less take possession of them or something… My subconscious rejection will wipe out their city in a flash."

Considering the two thousand years of absolute rule of this devil, Wang Lu didn\'t think that this was just bragging. Therefore, he had to regretfully offer an alternative proposal, "Have you ever heard of mahjong?"

"What is that?"

Wang Lu answered, "A very exciting traditional competitive game."

Then he opened his mustard seed bag, took out a huge jadeite, and gently touched that jade stone with his fingers. The jade stone was then neatly cut into hundreds of small blocks. Each block was green in color on the back and white on the front. Then, as Wang Lu\'s finger gently swayed, a variety of different patterns appeared on the front of the block.

Ouyang Shang simply found it funny. "Do you want to teach her to play mahjong?"

"Yes, moreover, it\'s a special kind of mahjong."

"... What\'s special about it?"

Wang Lu let out a chuckle and then said to the devil, "Compared to the mahjong that can be seen everywhere, my mahjong has a unique way of playing: the loser must take off the clothes."

"... Wait a minute, how come I have never heard of such a dirty game?"

"That\'s why Big Brother, although you\'re good at almost everything, you\'re not experienced enough and not knowledgeable enough."

While bickering with his Big Brother, Wang Lu explained the rules of mahjong game to the invisible devil. The primordial spirit of that devil was really powerful, and she completely understood the rules of the game in just one explanation.

The mortal world game was not much fun for her, but the biggest attraction of the competitive game was the fight against the opponents. And although the strength of the two little guys in front of her was not worth mentioning, they always had surprising novel ideas.

"Alright, I\'ll play with you. But the rules about taking off clothes… I know what you want, and I can promise you, if you can really defeat me, then I will let you see my proud appearance."

His intention being seen through by the other party, Wang Lu didn\'t feel embarrassed. Instead, he slightly smiled and said, "Okay, but before the game begin, can I wear my clothes first?"

Previously, in order to clearly smell the scent on his body, the devil forced Wang Lu to go naked. But Wang Lu was also confident, so confident that even after being naked for so long, he didn\'t rush to put on his clothes back. In any case, there was no harm in letting others see the thing that he was most proud of—hiding one\'s own treasure all the time was too boring.

The invisible devil was also very concerned about the fairness of the game. After all, the fun of the game lies in making the others take off their clothes. Although Wang Lu had gone naked in front of her, she was totally not interested in human nudity. What she was interested in was to let these two proud little guys taste defeat over and over again.

But soon she found out that she probably shouldn\'t tolerate them too much. Because Wang Lu\'s so-called \'wear clothes\' was clearly a loophole in the procedure. After wearing his underwear and robe, Wang Lu began to wear more clothes. From the simple gown to the luxurious fur coat, there were dozens of layers of them, including a lot of small pieces such as belts and shawls. Obviously, these small pieces, although small, must be counted as one each.

God knows how many things were stored inside the mustard seed bag by Wang Lu, these clothes were clearly not his everyday wear. The outer clothes were at least a few times larger than his size, and their style also seemed to be quite incompatible. He just casually collected them, yet they all came in handy at this time!

When the devil was amazed, she heard Ouyang Shang suddenly say, "Oh, that\'s right, there is this trick!"

Then he also untied his mustard seed bag from his waist, began to pull out clothes one by one, and then wrapped himself into a ball in just a short moment. These two lead disciples of Spirit Sword Sect that were separated by more than one hundred years were a pain in the ass in this kind of thing—there was an extraordinary tacit understanding between them!

"Hey, don\'t go too far, I now think this game is somewhat not fun anymore!"

Thereupon, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang took off half of their clothes, and then the three of them officially began the game!

There was no flashing of lightning, rolling of thunder, blowing of wind, or rising of water. None of the three people used magical power or magical ability, each played the game with their most basic skill and luck.

Because if magical power or magical ability were to be used, there would be nothing fun to play. The great devil will get a natural win every round. As for Ouyang Shang and Wang Lu, let alone lining up a nice matching mahjong tile sign, perhaps they could only fish out plum orchid and bamboo chrysanthemum [1].

And when it came to basic skill, Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang did not have any advantage. No matter how talented they were, it was impossible for them to diligently study every trivial matter. Moreover, in the entertainment, mahjong was only a small part of it. It was an ordinary mortal game, not worth spending the time to study it.

What they had was nothing more than the ability to plan and calculate far more than an ordinary mortal. However, when it came to planning and calculation, who could compare to this devil who played the demon race like a toy for two thousand years? Even if the latter was only a beginner in mahjong game, her skill was still above those two disciples of Spirit Sword Sect.

That being the case, they could only stake all with their luck

The so-called luck was invisible and unpredictable. For many people in the martial world, this was something that exists if they believe, or non-existent if they don\'t believe. Even if some people were astonishingly lucky, they didn\'t dare to say that they only relied on luck.

However, for the cultivator of the immortal path, mastering the changes in the rules of the heaven and earth was like the ability to survive. And this one letter luck was one kind of embodiment of the rules of the change in heaven and earth. Thus, cultivators naturally had a different understanding of it.

Luck (good or bad) was real, the difference between good luck and bad luck was also real. Of course, this didn\'t create an absolute result. For example, no matter how lucky a person was, it was impossible to throw a coin and get the head for one hundred consecutive times. However, people who were lucky could tip the coin to their favor in the crucial moment.

The three individuals present were undoubtedly individuals with good luck. Without good luck, Ouyang Shang couldn\'t possibly have heavenly spirit root and enter Spirit Sword Sect. As for Wang Lu\'s luck, there was no need to even mention it...

However, the huge devil\'s luck was also not simple. In general, there were only a few kinds of ancient creatures in the world, and they weren\'t born powerful. In order to be able to have all the abilities, it was necessary to diligently cultivate, train hard, and also have good luck.

With the strength of this huge devil, she must have had an extremely good luck to be able to grow to this point. According to general standard, her luck must be much stronger than that of Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang. After all, the world was vast, and there were countless Jindan Stage level geniuses, but it was very rare to have one as strong as the huge devil.

The huge devil knew that the two little guys relied on luck to win, but she also believed that these two little guys were too overconfident. In the battle of luck, at least she would not lose to them.

Although she was seriously injured by a sneak attack and suppressed in this place for two thousand years, which looked like a bad luck, but for two thousand years, she did not neglect her cultivation. On the contrary, this imprisoned life had made her realize more things. Once she got out of this prison, she would probably break through the bottleneck that she had once thought impossible to break.

Compared with the breakthrough in strength, the two thousand years\' imprisonment was too cheap, not to mention the fact that her days have been very comfortable in these two thousand years.

Both sides had great confidence in themselves. The huge devil speculated that she could get the two little guys to go naked and ashamed in only half a day.

After half a day, the result was indeed confirmed.

The huge devil inconceivably looked at the row of jade tiles that showed a disordered match up before her, which caused her to be completely uninterested in continuing with the game from the start. However, the two little guys in front of her revealed a smile after showing a continuous row of good mahjong tile.

That damn smile!

In the previous half a day of contest, whenever they showed such a smiling face, it meant that they were not far away from victory.

In fact, they did win a lot of times, at least eight out of ten times. Moreover, each time they won, they won big… This had nothing to do with magical ability or trick, nor was this cheating; no one could cheat in front of her. Those wins were simply pure and unadulterated luck.

In short, the luck of these two youngsters was even more powerful than the devil whose power could be rated as the number one in the world!

But this… was simply impossible.

Just as she was thinking about it, it was Wang Lu\'s turn to pick a tile. As a result, he directly completed a winning hand. Moreover, he won fairly big.

"Stop, no more playing."

The huge devil finally lost her interest in the game. She was not interested in mahjong from the beginning, but only interested in winning over the two little guys. Now that she couldn\'t win, naturally, there was no need to play anymore.

"It\'s really strange. You guys are actually not that remarkable. Previously in Nine Regions, Jindan Stage level like you two are not uncommon, but how could your luck be that good? If your luck is that good, how come you\'re not stronger so that I can have a mental preparation!"

Wang Lu was stunned. "Your so-called \'previously\'\' was it before the age of chaos?"

"I don\'t know what the age of chaos is, the last time I came to Nine Regions, I can\'t remember how long it was… If it wasn\'t for being plotted against, I\'m afraid I wouldn\'t have come here again. Forget it, since I lost the bet, I\'ll let you two see my true appearance."

With that, the darkness in the cave receded. Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang felt that their eyes were suddenly opened and the rock wall around the cave suddenly became clear. Then… one corner still seemed dark and deep.

But that was no longer the shadow that the devil used to hide her appearance. Instead, it was the true body of the devil. First, they saw black furs that faintly shone under the light. And then, looking up along that shiny furs, they saw two eyes that shone brightly like the stars. And then they really saw her figure.

It was a huge, mountain-sized wolf with elegant curves and jet black fur.

Although she was indeed not a human, she possessed the universal beauty of all living beings. Perhaps the ordinary mortals couldn\'t clearly feel it, but the more they cultivated their mind, the more they could feel the shocking power of this beauty.

The huge devil did not boast, her beauty was indeed worthy to be proud of.

Ouyang Shang\'s vision was somewhat blurry as he was deeply shocked by the beauty of this pure black creature. Wang Lu was even more surprised. He even took several steps back and almost fell to the ground.

Because he had seen a similar creature, far from being huge, and also not that shocking, even their temperaments were poles apart.

But he was sure that they must be of the same kind.

The stupid dog in the black tide of Western Mountain.

"... Fenrir? You are the monster wolf Fenrir of Western Continent?"

"Hey, you actually recognize me!"

[1] (In general, they are useless cards)