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Chapter 502: Unthinkable Announcement

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"The joy of having children and breastfeed… Does sound fun. Unfortunately, I don\'t remember who raised me as a kid…"

While speaking, the voice in the cave seemed very distant, as if immersed in the memories of thousands of years ago.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ouyang Shang immediately passed his voice through primordial spirit.

"Junior Brother Wang Lu, are you crazy?"

Wang Lu replied, "Otherwise, what are you going to do? In addition to this, tell me, what else can I do to satisfy her entertainment needs? Teach her the upgrade (a card game)? We have only 3 people, still lacking one more player! At least, wait until she has babies and raised them, then she can play it."

"What the, you still have the mind to think all this?"

"Would you want me to show you the scared shitless expression?" While conversing with Ouyang Shang through primordial spirit, Wang Lu\'s eyes gradually showed a bit of madness. "This is a life and death situation, in order to survive, any tricks can be used!"

"... You\'re really playing a win-or-die method."

"Do you want to drag this out to the late game with this kind of opponent? Our chance is only a hair\'s breadth, that\'s all."

While the two of them were talking, the voice in the cave rang out again.

"The pleasure of breastfeeding does make me a little interested, but you two little guys are too small to help."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu became greatly worried. "This is because you don\'t know about it! Don\'t just judge me with my current low stage, which is dirt on the ground to cloud in the heaven if compared with your stage, but I have a big tool, guarantee to satisfy you! If you don\'t experience it, don\'t jump to conclusion!"

Hearing this, Ouyang Shang\'s jaw dropped. "Hey…"


When Wang Lu had finished talking, that devil in the cave suddenly began to laugh.

"Little guy, you\'re getting more and more fun, which makes me reluctant to kill you. But, if you want to be intimate with me based your meager ability, that\'s simply whimsical. Perhaps before you even come close to me… Huh? Strange, why do have a familiar smell on your body? It makes no sense."

Then, the voice in the cave was silent for a long time.

Just as Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang looked at each other in dismay, that devil spoke again.

"Tsk, I don\'t understand. Come over here and let me have a good look at you, I want to know what is really going on here!"

As soon as that voice fell, a dark shadow came out of the cave, wound around Wang Lu like a rope and then pulled him deep into the cave.


Ouyang Shang immediately tried to save him, but his speed was still too slow compared to the devil. When he reached out, Wang Lu\'s shadow had already disappeared in the cave.

Ouyang Shang didn\'t hesitate, he immediately jumped out. However, he was bounced back by an invisible repulsion force. The strength of the force was gentle but firm. Ouyang Shang tried for several times using various methods but he couldn\'t get around it. In desperation, he launched his Jindan Stage sword qi to attempt to break the ground, only for his Jade Mansion to get shocked by the counterforce. Obviously the devil had completely blocked this road.

"..." Ouyang Shang was silent for a moment, clenched his teeth, and then shouted, "No matter how well endowed Junior Brother Wang Lu is, he is, after all still young, he alone is not enough! Let me in, so that us brothers will serve you together! I bet on a man\'s dignity that I will make you satisfy!"


There was no response at all. Ouyang Shang betting on a man\'s dignity didn\'t seem to arouse the interest of the opposite party.

"Hey, don\'t be like that okay? It took a lot of determination for me to say that!"

"... To be honest with you, I am very popular with the girls in the sect. Even some female spirit beasts have expressed their affection for me! You must not look down on me!"

"At least you have to tell me why you chose Junior Brother Wang and not me? In which point is he better than me? What he can give that I can\'t?"

"And also…"

This time, before Ouyang Shang finished his words, can impatient voice came from inside the cave.

"Are you done?"

Then a black shadow rope flew out, wound around Ouyang Shang\'s neck directly, and then pulled him into the hole.

Ouyang Shang only saw a blur and he had already been brought into the interior of the cave. The cave was dark, and his perception as a cultivator was suppressed, so he tried to ignite a flame with a spell.

The light lit up without a hindrance, thereupon Ouyang Shang saw it… Not far in front of him, Wang Lu was sitting cross-legged on the ground, completely naked.

"Holy shit!"

Ouyang Shang was shocked, which almost snuff the samadhi fire on his fingertip.

"Junior Brother Wang Lu, you…"

Wang Lu was also surprised. "Senior Brother Ouyang? Why are you here? I didn\'t know that your taste is actually very heavy, you\'re actually willing to be a part of this."

"... I\'m not a part of this? Don\'t tell me I have to let you bear the responsibility alone and play the leading role alone? As the Senior Brother, I would lose my face."

Wang Lu certainly knew that he was worried for him. His heart slightly sighed, and then asked, "But since we have both came, what about the others?"

Ouyang Shang answered, "You are more important than anyone."

"... Em, Big Brother, you\'re not talking lame like that because you\'ve seen me naked, aren\'t you? Don\'t waste such a romantic line on me, give it to those Junior Sisters who have long adored you!"

"What kind of person do you think I am?"

While the two were arguing, the devil let out a laugh, "You two little guys, could it be that you two want to rehearse with each other first before I do?"

Wang Lu was stunned for a moment. "That scene would be too beautiful for people to take a look… By the way, I\'ve been completely naked before you, so what do you think?"

The devil said, "It\'s very interesting."

With that, the darkness within the cave suddenly became heavier, and Ouyang Shang\'s samadhi fire on his fingertip was suppressed by a force, tottering, and withering under the pressure.

And through this faint light, a huge mountain-like black shadow was faintly visible.

"Little guy, you have a similar smell on your body as my kind… It\'s really strange. I don\'t remember if there\'s any of my kind left in this continent. But the smell is not wrong. No wonder when I first discovered you two, I wasn\'t particularly interested in killing you."

Listening to this, Ouyang Shang could not help but stunned. Junior Brother Wang Lu has the same smell as that of the devil\'s kind?

Wang Lu also tightly knitted his brows.

When have I ever come into contact with the devil\'s kind? Moreover, her words implied as if her kind has already been extinct. But I\'m not coming from the past, but going back from the future.

While thinking about it, Wang Lu filled his face to the brim with smile and said, "Since we are so close, then…"

"Oh, no, no, little guy, the smell on you makes me feel familiar with you, but it doesn\'t arouse my interest in copulating."

Wang Lu was immediately startled. "Could it be that it\'s the smell of a sunshine boy (A caring guy - or good guy; It has the same negative connotation. See https://www.echineselearning.com/blog/nuan-nan-the-new-popular-type-of-boyfriend)?"

Then Wang Lu turned around and looked at Ouyang Shang. The later changed his countenance several times, seemingly not quite comfortable.

Wang Lu was offered a good guy card by the smell, then the next logical thing was… He, as someone without the good guy smell, was duty bound to do it.

Damn it, if I had known that, why would I follow him here? Wang Lu was not in danger at all, but he instead put himself into one! This payment is simply...

"Hahaha, little guy, don\'t worry, I\'m not interested in that now. It\'s just that, it\'s been too boring here, so I\'m always looking for some fun."

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang looked at each other and inwardly felt grateful.

It seemed like they had passed this hurdle. Although it was somewhat inexplicable, they relied entirely on luck to pass it, but luck was also part of the strength.

Since they met her, this devil seemed gentle and easy to talk to. But to really think that her personality was gentle… The tens of thousands of martyrs carved on the outer wall of the shrine must be indignant.

Of course, looking from another point of view, this devil was merely venting out her anger at the remaining of the demon race because of that powerful opponent that she met two thousand years ago, her natural instinct might not necessarily cruel and heartless. If that was the case...

Did this mean the crisis of the golden generation had been lifted?

After Wang Lu went back to the past, all the way to the present, the only thing that could cause the future catastrophe was this deeply immeasurable huge devil.

Then, in that timeline, was it because he wasn\'t there that Big Brother Ouyang Shang didn\'t find the room for mediation, and thus was killed by this devil? His desperate attack before his death aggravated her injury, making her greatly furious, and thus the rest of the Junior Brothers and Sisters were implicated, by being hunted down by her one by one...

No, this explanation was too far-fetched. Moreover, it didn\'t explain how the black tide appeared in the future. After all, it was a special product of normal demon race. But this demon race that lived on the desert oasis, even if they were ten times as many, it would still be impossible for them to cause the black tide.

So what exactly the truth of the matter? What role did the devil who was suppressed here play in the event of those years? But aside from her, who else could have such a big ability?

Wang Lu and Ouyang Shang didn\'t discuss anything, but their idea invariably shifted to the same problem as if by prior agreement. Both of them were quick-thinking people, so they quickly caught something.

And just at this time, overcome with boredom, that huge devil said, "Hey, now I\'m really bored, and it looks like this cage won\'t be broken through in five hundred years. How would you suggest I should pass through this long years?"

As soon as the huge devil opened her mouth, the two men\'s vague idea vanished into thin air, but they didn\'t get discouraged, because they were never short of inspiration. They would think about it when there was a time.

Hearing that the tone of voice of the huge devil vaguely similar to that of a spoiled brat, Wang Lu inwardly found it funny, thinking that, now you actually don\'t treat us as outsiders anymore… Since that\'s the case, I\'ll give you a hand.

"If you just feel bored, then I\'ve got an idea for you."

"Tell me about it."

"Try to play role-playing, consider it a success party."

"Role-playing? Success party?"

"It\'s to let yourself play a special role, then set up some specific challenges, and then complete the challenges for fun. In fact, you already have a good toy in your hand. But because you\'ve already been playing it for two thousand years, it doesn\'t feel fresh anymore. Now I will give you an innovative play."

"Oh?" Hearing this, the devil seemed very interested.

"First of all, with your ability, it\'s not difficult to control any member of the tribe right?"

"Yes. And?"

"Then, try to control a poor loser as the basis for role-playing, and then set an achievement goal: Find a way for all the beautiful girls in the tribe to conceive his children. During this, you can\'t use your power on a large scale. What do you think, fun isn\'t it?"

"... What\'s the fun in that?"

"Give it a try and you\'ll know it."