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Chapter 491: Ball-Ache

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Driving the tiger to swallow the wolf was not the original plan.

The provocation of monsters around the great magnificent mountain to fight against the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain was initially a move used by Wang Lu in a critical moment to save the disciples of Spirit Sword Sect. And this move did get the desired effect.

But now it seemed like the effect of this move was likely to be even better than expected.

The second time he used the move of driving the tiger to swallow the wolf was initially intended to weaken the strength of the flood dragon. Better yet if it could fit with the current level of Spirit Sword Sect people. Otherwise, if every time there was a fatal crisis in training Wang Lu had to use the Leeroy Jenkins move, sooner or later, there would bound to be incident.

But the result of this second try was that, it turned into a life and death battle between two groups of monsters, which was really unexpected. And this had actually far exceeded the expectation.

The second level flood dragon that dwelled at Blessed Fountain was among the most powerful creatures within the area of hundreds of kilometers. He could also be regarded as the tyrant of this area. All the monsters that settled around Blessed Fountain deeply feared him and, in normal times, would not dare to challenge him. Therefore, according to Wang Lu\'s initial expectation, after he provoked their hatred and then departed the battlefield using the heavenly talisman, the beast tide would shift their hatred, making them inevitably clash with flood dragon. However, soon it would be dispersed due to the suppression from the natural difference in rank. During the period, the strength of the flood dragon would inevitably be weakened, but it couldn\'t be expected to weaken too much.

However, what actually happened was that, those monsters in the beast tide seemed to drop their survival instinct. It was clear that the coiling dragon array composed of thirty-six flood dragons was a meat grinder, yet they still risked their lives and limbs, even sacrificing everything just to bite the opposite party\'s scales to wound them!

This ferocious fighting style was almost as if they had absolutely irreconcilable enmity, but this was actually just a shift in their original hatred.

Then… as the original source of hatred, what exactly did Wang Lu do?

A few thoughtful and deeply careful disciples of Spirit Sword Sect would inevitably think of this part and then cast their eyes on Wang Lu with curiosity and admiration.

Ouyang Shang who was more thoughtful than these disciples and had long correctly guessed Wang Lu\'s procedure, which made the resulting scene before them not surprising at all.

He must have found more inspiration from the invention of sh*t throwing tactic and carried it forward.

This beast tide that came here from all sides was definitely angered till they lost their reason because of this—imagine a human being, their loved ones and children being killed and their homes being shat… It would certainly lead to this uninterrupted hate.

This approach was open to question, but on the other hand… it was a good opportunity for fishing for profit. After this battle, the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain was bound to be injured, but his foundation wouldn\'t be damaged and he would still have a considerable strength, which would be a perfect leveling object.

The fierce battle between the beast tide and the coiling dragon array lasted for three days and three nights.

On the scale, the beast tide had an absolute advantage, but the second level flood dragon, as the hegemon of this place, occupied the upper hand in the actual fight by relying on his coiling dragon array—the meat grinder wore down as many lives as it could from the beast tide. Although the beast tide had the number advantage, under the circumstances where they lost their reason due to them mourning the death of their loved ones, not only they didn\'t cooperate with each other, they even killed among themselves. Thus, they could only display less than thirty percent of their power, so naturally, they were not their opponent\'s match.

Three days later, the battle result had been decided. Within the beast tide, the monsters that were good at fighting and could attack were already dead in combat. The beast tide had no more power to reverse the desperate situation, and although the coiling dragon array also suffered a huge loss, it still stood erect. Witnessing this scene, the beast tide finally recovered some sense of desperation and began to flee.

The flood dragons did not pursue. Not because they were unwilling, but because they simply couldn\'t. On the third day, although they won the battle, it was a pyrrhic victory. More than half of the thirty-six dragon sons and grandsons got killed. And the second level flood dragon himself suffered severe wounds. A crack appeared in one of his dragon balls, and one of his eyes was blown off… the hegemon of the great magnificent mountain had lost at least half of his strength.

Under such a circumstance, the flood dragon didn\'t even dare to guarantee that he could face those human cultivators who had been like ants to him.

If they took advantage of this...

Fortunately, those humans did not appear at all. Even until he returned with his descendants to his dragon palace under the water of Blessed Fountain.

Clearly, this was the best opportunity to strike. If they missed this time, they would never have such a good opportunity anymore—the monsters around the great magnificent mountain had been beaten, the fear and submission toward the flood dragon had been completely printed deep in their soul and bones, no longer could they be instigated for people to take advantage of. And he… even if he could not fully recover from his injury for a long time, he still had the absolute strength advantage.

With how despicable human was, it was difficult to understand why they missed the opportunity to take advantage of this. But they did not come indeed.

This made the second level flood dragon to become filled with dread for a few days in the dragon palace, because he always felt that there would be a more horrible plot awaiting for him.

Until the fifth day. The human plot came late.

"Report my king, not good!"

The flood dragon who had been recuperating from injury opened his one eye. "What\'s the matter?"

At this time, the mind of the flood dragon was instead somewhat relaxed since the burden in his mind disappeared like a huge rock that fell to the ground. No matter what the human plot was, at least they finally came. Then...

Then he heard his men uttered the familiar line.

"They\'re throwing excrement in the water again!"

… Logically speaking, he should be happy when he heard the opponent use the same trick again. After all, by using the same trick again, it meant that the opponent might be at their wit\'s end. However, the flood dragon was completely unhappy.

No matter who, it was hard to be happy when other people threw craps on his or her own home.

The last time, he dispatched his whole army, which resulted in the astonishing three days battle. This time, he decided to go out alone.

Because his dragon sons and grandsons still needed a long time to recover, and he didn\'t want to let them all die just for several human cultivators. With the power of those humans, he alone could cope with it.

When he flew out of the water, more than thirty cultivators of Spirit Sword Mountain had been waiting for him in mid-air for a long time.

There was no need for the two sides to speak. Once they met, they immediately started the fight.

This was the first time the golden generation actually implemented their leveling plan.

After the previous battle with the beast tide, the strength of the flood dragon of Blessed Fountain had been reduced. He could still bring enormous danger to them, but it would not be a fatal one. At the same time, the flood dragon also took a relatively cautious stance in his fighting attitude. He hated this group of cultivators, but he didn\'t want to risk his life fighting with them.

As a result, the battle was carried out in a shocking but not dangerous way, and the decentralized tactic developed by Ouyang Shang achieved great success. The thirty-seven cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect appeared to be loose like sand, but they unwittingly condensed into a whole during the battle. They supported each other and cooperated with each other, their tacit understanding from the dozens of years of training together in the sect caused their actions to be like passing clouds and flowing water. Although the opponent obviously had an overwhelming advantage in power, he could never really overwhelm them.

This battle eventually lasted for one day and one night until both sides felt exhausted. At this time, the situation of flood dragon was slightly better—as a monster, he was naturally born with great magical ability and powerful physique which was more resilient than human beings. But just as he was about to raise his leftover energy to finish them, a brown sword light firmly kept him in place.

"Damn it, it\'s you again!"

After a day of fierce fighting, the flood dragon had already vaguely identified those tiny humans. And the one that held out this brown sword light was one of his most hated humans—because this guy had already thwarted his many opportunities.

Although the cooperation of the cultivators of Spirit Sword Sect during the fight was very tacit, it was not perfect. There were many flaws during that whole day battle. And how could the flood dragon not be able to capture it? It was just that… whenever he was ready to deal a finishing blow, he would be stopped by such sword light, which caused him to be badly bruised.

The defense capability of Non-Phase Sword Defense had already completely surpassed that of Jindan Stage category. Perhaps this would not be of concern for when the second level flood dragon still had his peak strength, but he simply couldn\'t maintain his peak strength under the siege of more than thirty cultivators. That red and white dressed kid\'s ability to grasp opportunity in battle was too strong. Everytime that brown sword light appeared, it appeared just at the right time and spot, which disabled him from showing all his strength.

And whenever he was ready to shift his target and concentrate his attack on him… there would be another pesky cultivator who, at the speed of a ghost, barrage him with fierce attacks, forcing his attention away.

Fortunately, the most annoying guy had jumped out in front of him to die. Others had already withdrawn, leaving him behind alone. No matter how strong his brown sword light was, could it stand against the sharp teeth of the second level flood dragon?

However, in this desperate situation, that human cultivator happily smiled.

"After waiting for a whole day, I finally have the opportunity to have a one on one with you. Let\'s have a good time."

With that, the brown sword light scattered away, only for him to see the human cultivator boldly withdraw the Sword of Mount Kun in his right hand. The human took half a step forward and bloomed out primal chaos light from the hollow of his left palm. Being naturally vigilant, the flood dragon immediately blew out a mouthful of stench toxic gas away from his body.

Then, he was glad that he was careful. That primal chaos light, in a flash, condensed into a sharp blade. Like a hot knife through butter, it penetrated the enveloping toxic gas and reached his body. The flood dragon promptly rose his scales on his body as a defense. Immediately, the primal chaos sword qi exploded and the dragon scales were smashed. Although the fallout sword qi was greatly weakened, it still cut his flesh.

This terribly surprised the flood dragon. If he hadn\'t chosen to stay away due to caution, being hit by such a sword qi, the consequence was really unthinkable...

Being frightened into anger, the flood dragon simply resorted to his own inner core dragon ball, spitting it out from his mouth toward the opponent like an artillery shell… This was a very risky move, but it certainly had the \'get over and be done with it\' effect.

In the face of such a sharp offensive, the opponent didn\'t dare to relax. Wang Lu retracted his primal chaos sword light and then drew out his Sword of Mount Kun, which symbolized his defense, into an arc. It was a three feet radius circular arc, which was one of his strongest defense move that he had mastered.

Three feet sword defense.

The next moment, a strong shockwave came from the tip of the sword and instantly swept his entire body. The three feet sword defense only lasted for a moment before it collapsed. His originally smoothly circulated sword qi scattered away, his two hundred and six sword bones were almost torn to pieces, and he himself was flung away like a rock by a huge irresistible force. In a flash, he disappeared into a lush woodland.

The flood dragon subconsciously wanted to pursue but quickly stopped.

The opponent was directly bombarded by his dragonball… There was no need for him to take a risk.


On the other side, in the midst of crumbling trees, a towering giant tree swayed slightly.

At the root of the tree, the depression caused by the strong impact could be seen clearly. In the middle of the depression, a human shape was vaguely visible, only it was covered with blood, broken branches and soil, seemingly in a sorry situation.

Krak… A crisp bone sound was heard. A moment later, a man tried to stand up in the midst of the mess. Even though his body swayed and some of his joints were visibly distorted, he eventually stood up.

The man moved his neck to the left and right, choked out the congestion from his nasal cavity, and then stretched his limbs.

"Phew, being hit by someone\'s ball in the face is so f*cking invigorating!"