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Chapter 470: How Come It’s You Again?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

When any civilization entered the advance state and solved the basic necessities such as food, clothing, and housing, the desire for entertainment would become an indispensable part of the total social demand. The new demon world was undoubtedly in the advanced state of such a civilization.

Without any external enemy, and no more suffering from within, the demons of the new demon world had plenty of reasons to go crazy for entertainment. And the lightning ball was the entertainment most loved by the inhabitants of the new demon world. In the new demon world, the number of certified cups and leagues was no less than one hundred per year. In which, the eternal shield champions league was the most influential and the largest. Being the winner of the eternal shield champions league was the highest honor in the lifelong pursuit of the lightning ball teams throughout the new demon world.

And Zanarkand, which was the city located at the edge of the new demon world, was famous for its superior lightning ball prowess. In the past one hundred years, the team from Zanarkand had won more than ten league titles. The city master even received an award from the demon king, and the city\'s rank had been upgraded to the number one in the twenty second-tier cities, second only to the four first-tier cities.

The enthusiasm of the residents of Zanarkand for the lightning ball was not hard to imagine. On the third day before the competition, the whole city began to boil. On the main streets and small alleys, the topic of conversation among the residents was almost inseparable from the lightning ball. Even the food stalls that Wang Lu frequently visited have all introduced various lightning ball theme packages… From those great demons with revered status and tyrannical power, down to mediocre ordinary demons, their life focus was the lightning ball.

Fortunately, before the opening ceremony and the first match of the lightning ball league, the wind of destruction did not come again, and the atmosphere of celebration continued. On the day of the ceremony, the temperature of the whole Zanarkand seemed to rise. When the sky has yet to turn bright, the noise had filled the entire city.

"Hahaha, are you guys ready?"

Similarly, when the sky wasn\'t bright yet, Aba had hurriedly rushed to the courtyard of Wang Lu and his teammates and knocked on the door.

After Wang Lu opened the door, he saw the five demons with a bizarre dress—the ink demon Aba and his four bird demon junior partners. The five of them usually wore armored guard dress, but now, they were all dressed in black and red shirt. The top part of the shirt was printed with a domineering badge, while the back was printed with a name and a number… Obviously, it was the uniform of Zanarkand\'s star team.

"... The new demon world is really terrifying, the advancement of their civilization has actually reached this level?"

Shaking his head, Wang Lu took a look at Aba\'s enthusiastic face. The lively and cheerful head guard now had bloodshot eyes and appeared particularly tired. But his spirit was excited as if he had taken a banned substance. If he hadn\'t seen such fanatic fans in the city in the past few days, Wang Lu would have surely thought of him as someone who had fire deviated.

But at this time, Wang Lu only sighed and asked, "Isn\'t the opening ceremony in the evening?"

Aba nodded his head. "But now it\'s almost morning."

"... What is the logical relationship between those two statements?"

"The opening ceremony is already less than a day. A qualified Zanarkand star team\'s fan should at least enter the stadium half a day in advance to sing the team song and cheer for them."

"... Do you think by entering the stadium half a day in advance and singing the song for them, the team can hear you?"

"That doesn\'t matter! The important thing is…" Aba was about to explain but suddenly found out that he had no convincing arguments. For the stoic wood-like inhabitants of the old demon world, how could he explain the romanticism behind his passion for lightning ball?

"Alas, in your old demon world, there\'s probably no sport to speak of, so there\'s no way for you to understand the charm of the number one sport in the new demon world."

Wang Lu raised his eyebrows. "Of course there is. In fact, although our civilization is dying, we also have a wealth of sports."

"Oh?" Aba immediately became interested. "What is the most popular sport there?"

"The most popular?" Wang Lu thought for a moment. "That should be the sport of piston-pumping."

"... What?"

"It\'s a sport that is born to cope with the high mortality rate in extreme circumstances, which consist of a man and a woman. The content of which is to create love through friction and releasing passion. A sport that is very ideal for multiplying lives."

Aba appeared to understand but not really. "In short… since you also like sports, then that\'s the best. But that piston pumping you just described is after all the product of the old demon world. If you want to truly experience the charm of the immortal shield lightning ball league, then come with me."

With that, Aba took Wang Lu\'s hand and pulled him out of the door. Then, his four bird demon friends who each wore a fancy hat put on the jersey of Zanarkand\'s star team on Wang Lu. The clothes were exactly the same as them. After that, they shouted and laughed cheerfully, like a group of people who had lost their mind.

However, during the league, the atmosphere in the entire city was probably like this. Thus, after thinking for a moment, Wang Lu felt that he should not be pretentious. After changing his dress to the team uniform, he began to greet his teammates, "Senior Sister Mumu, you guys should change clothes too! They\'ve got one for each of us!"

At the gate of the courtyard, Zhou Mumu looked disgustedly at Wang Lu, who had dressed up as a full-fledged fan, and then puzzledly asked, "Don\'t you… feel ashamed?"

Wang Lu replied, "What shame is there in doing as the natives do? When you watch the game later, everyone around you wears the same team uniforms and cheer the same song, only you who are elegant and noble like a green tea b*tch 1 , and that is really a shame."

Zhou Mumu was therefore speechless and had to change to the uniform like him… The strange thing was, after she put on the shirt, she magically felt a heartfelt joy. It seemed like there was a magical power in the uniform. In Wang Lu\'s view, it didn\'t matter what mysterious power it was, because losing moral integrity was far easier than keeping one\'s moral integrity.

After Wang Lu and Zhou Mumu took the lead, the other three lead disciples also changed their clothes. In a short time, the five of them had completed their transformation to a veritable professional team of fans of Zanarkand star team.

Afterward, Aba led the way to the lightning ball stadium in the center of Zanarkand—which was a sphere floated in mid-air. Tens of thousands of demons gathered outside the stadium. They lined up in a long queue, waiting to enter the stadium. Aba took the five of them to enter quickly from a small door.

"This is actually thanks to you guys, because the city advisor\'s had prepared the first class tickets for you. In the past, I can only buy the second class ticket at best, the waiting time is long, and the position is not good. This time, due to being your guide, I fortunately can seat in the first class along with you guys…"

After Aba sighed with emotion, he led everyone to take their seat. The first class seat was very close to the field, and everything on the field could be seen at a glance—of course, with the vision of the demon race, the distance to the field was not important, the important thing was… the first class seat was very close to where the distinguished guests\' location in the stadium.

This was also the most important reason why Wang Lu was willing to participate in the opening ceremony of the lightning ball league. He had no interest in the lightning ball and in the traditional culture of Zanarkand. He was not even interested in those fanatical female fans who wore skimpy clothes which revealed a lot of their skin! He was only interested in the great demon king who would be present at the scene!

The master of the new demon world, the great demon king with legendary supreme power who dominated the entire world—he wanted to know if the demon jade could play a role if he met that character.


With faint anticipation, Wang Lu had to endure almost half a day of noise in the stadium for the arrival of the great demon king of the new demon world.

When the great demon king appeared, there was no earthshaking spectacle. The stadium only felt a buzzing noise, and then in the stand where the VIP seats were located, a mass of thick shadow spread out, which then contracted. Then, on the originally empty VIP seats, several people appeared.

Most of them were the bodyguards of the great demon king. In the middle of the bodyguards, there were two demons dressed in dark heavy armor, which sported the blood red cloak of noble demons. Their appearance exuded amazing momentum that the entire tens of thousands of demons in the stadium were suddenly repressed.

However, the magnificent grandeur of the great demon king only lasted for a moments before it was quickly restrained. It was only necessary for the demon kings to highlight their presence; there was no need to continue to release the pressure and disturb the festive atmosphere.

But in that short moment of coercion, Wang Lu raised his eyebrows. "Strange, this aura seems familiar."

Turning around, he saw the several solemn faces of the other lead disciples. Qiong Hua and the others each nodded their head, expressing that they also felt the same.

And just at this time, the clamoring voice in the stadium grew quieter. The light in the middle of the spherical stadium began to change, indicating that the opening ceremony was about to begin.

The first session of the ceremony was for the demon king to deliver a speech, personally lift up the eternal shield, and connect the shield with the lightning, which would then turn the entire stadium into a dazzling ball of lightning. Then, after ten months of competition, the best performing team would be qualified to take the shield that was lifted by the demon king and win a lifetime of honor.

The demon king of the new demon world was a leader who attached importance to efficiency. After appearing, without even waiting for a bit, the demon king immediately opened the ceremony of the league. With more than one hundred thousand on-site spectators and ten times as much of off-site spectators, the great demon king stepped out of the VIP stand and arrived at the center of the stadium. The dark heavy armor did not slow the speed of the demon king at all.

Then, standing in the eyes of everyone, the great demon king slowly took off the helmet, revealing a young and beautiful face.

The instant the helmet was taken off, Wang Lu, Qiong Hua, Xiang Liang, Zhou Mumu, and Zhan Ziye simultaneously stood up. All of them revealed a shocked expression.

Because the face behind the helmet was the elder sister of the two sisters of the royal family who had disappeared in the old demon world!

Although her body was now obviously taller than when she was in the old demon world, and the armor was also sturdier and more gorgeous, but it was difficult for that beautiful face to cover her firm and resolute facial features, which was identical to the one in the old demon world!

When they turned they gazed, the other heavy armored demon king in the VIP stand also took off the helmet. Sure enough, it was the younger sister of the two.

One of the great joy in life was to meet an old friend in a foreign land. This time, they indeed saw their old friends in the foreign land. However, Wang Lu and the others could not feel any joy.

How could the two of them appear here?