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Chapter 469: Life Is Motion

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

After seeing clearly that grey-white was actually the dark tide of the new demon world, more mysteries emerged.

How could there be black tide here? What exactly was this black tide?

In fact, ever since Wang Lu saw the black tide for the first time at the Western Mountain of the Savage Land, he had wondered what exactly the black tide was.

When he witnessed it, Wang Lu felt that it was like the collection of all the evils in the world, like a curse left behind by god.

It was not surprising that there were great wonders in Nine Regions, even if there were strange sights in some of its remote corners. However, when Wang Lu entered the demon world, he discovered that the black tide was not unique to Nine Regions, and that the black tide in the demon world seemed to be more authentic than the one in the Savage Land of Nine Regions. Later on, the sisters from the royal family of the demon world said that the black tide came after the destruction of the Eternal Tree and the subsequent collapse of the laws of the world; the demon race people turned crazy and gradually turned into the spirit of the departed of the black tide.

This argument was somewhat reasonable. However, when Wang Lu entered the new demon world and for the third time he saw the black tide… the logic of the royal family sisters was clearly untenable.

If the black tide was the result of the collapse of the law of the world, then why was there black tide in the new demon world where the law of the world was stable?

Even more strange was that, according to the inhabitants of the new demon world, if it was too late to return to the city, as long as one consumed a sleeping pill and fell asleep, one could withstand the damage of the wind of destruction…

In the Western Mountain, Wang Lu had his experiential learning for a year under the black tide, yet he never felt that he could face the spirit of the departed of the black tide by sleeping. At the same time, the black tide in Nine Regions would not be stopped by city walls and buildings.

There was also a problem in some of the details. According to Wang Lu\'s initial assumption, it was likely that the wind of destruction sent the people to another space. However, the information that had just been given back through the sentry guard proved that it was undoubtedly wrong. The wind of destruction was a veritable devastation catastrophe… But because of this, Wang Lu felt strange.

"Alas, the question is increasing instead of decreasing."

After some analysis, Zhou Mumu took a long sighed. She was deeply agitated.

Only Zhan Ziye was still full of enthusiasm. "More questions mean more things worth studying!"

Zhou Mumu gave him a look, but was too lazy to argue with this stupid thing.

"The things that we can do this evening are basically done. The sentry guard exploded, and we also lost the external signal source. How about we take a break?" Qiong Hua somewhat wearily said.

Wang Lu waved his hand. "You guys can take a rest, I want to go out for a walk."

Zhou Mumu was surprised. "Hey, isn\'t it dangerous outside?"

"I\'m not going out of the city, but just in the yard, okay?"

With that, Wang Lu pushed open the door, ignoring the other four.

Because in his mind, he had a vague conjecture, which he really couldn\'t wait to confirm.

Stepping out of the door, Wang Lu came to the courtyard in the middle of the garden, and then walked along the fine stones to another place. The arrangement by the city\'s advisor for them was in the garden in Zanarkand. The five of them lived in a relatively independent courtyard, but it was not isolated. There was another small unique courtyard next to theirs, which was separated by a wall, inhabited by demons with considerable status and power.

Of course, those demons could also be said to be arranged by the city\'s advisor to monitor them. However, Wang Lu had no time to care about it too much at this time. After he came out of the courtyard, he came to the door of his neighbor\'s house and then gently knocked the gate.

"Um…" Just as he knocked the gate, Wang Lu remembered that he hadn\'t prepared for the reason for this middle of the night visit. Thus, he had to bite the bullet and say, "I\'m here to check the water meter."

Naturally, there was no response from behind the gate.

Wang Lu sighed and kicked the door open, directly breaking into this strange small courtyard.

There were about four or five buildings within the courtyard, each with unique original shape. However, Wang Lu did not have the time to appreciate their beauty. Lightly jumping, he soared to the roof of the small building in the middle. Taking advantage of the gravity, he broke through the roof and entered the building.

Wang Lu\'s location when he fell was in a bedroom. In accordance with the habit of the demons of the new demon world, when the wind of destruction came, they had a habit of resting in their room. At this time, they should have already fallen asleep.

However, when Wang Lu landed on the floor, he saw that there was no one on the bed, only an opened quilt… When he first kicked the gate open and then broke through the roof, even an ordinary mortal would\'ve reacted. However, the demons in this courtyard whose strength level were comparable to Daoist Master of Yuanying Stage actually did not give any reaction!

"... Is there really nobody?"

Wang Lu sighed and sprang out of the bedroom and then stood on the roof, looking into the distance.

The entire Zanarkand was now shrouded in thick darkness. With Wang Lu\'s eyesight, unexpectedly, he couldn\'t see the scene beyond one hundred meters away. Similarly, he also couldn\'t sense any breath within one hundred meters, just like a dead city… But just a few moments ago, the city was full of people and noise.

At this time, Wang Lu suddenly felt a coldness in his heart, as if there was an imminent impending danger. Therefore, he no longer wasted his time to look for someone. Since things have gotten to this point, he had already seen what he needed to see, so he went back to tell this to his teammates.

After returning to his own courtyard, he found out that Qiong Hua and the others did not rest, but got into a dispute over the black tide problem. For this strange scene, everyone had their own guess, but no one had any good explanation; everything was purely a wild guess.

Seeing Wang Lu walk into their residence, Zhou Mumu got up and asked, "How is it?"

Upon hearing Zhou Mumu\'s question, it was clear she also realized that Wang Lu had a clear purpose when he went out, not just a casual stroll. Therefore, Wang Lu sighed. "It\'s beyond expectation."

Then he described what he saw and heard in details, which surprised everyone.

"Everyone is gone?"

"If I remember correctly, when I returned from the food stall, I saw the family that lives next to us was arguing over their children\'s participation in Zanarkand\'s unified examination of advance demon spell education, and I haven\'t seen them go out… During the wind of destruction, they would not have gone out randomly, but just now, when I broke into their house, I didn\'t see even one of them."

"... They can\'t possibly deceive us with deliberate acting and slipping away when people were not paying attention." Zhou Mumu shook her head in confusion. "But if that\'s not the case… can anyone else take this opportunity to murder them?"

But when she spoke to the last part, Zhou Mumu could feel the absurdity of it.

"It is clear that the mysterious disappearance of the city dwellers is related to the wind of destruction. This is the first time we have experienced the wind of destruction, but it has been a tradition for the local people for two thousand years. Therefore, the best way is to wait until tomorrow morning to see if those disappearing people will come back again."

Those who disappeared would come back again?

"If it\'s possible, it would be best to monitor our neighbor, but… in case they came back out of thin air and see us as intruders, I\'m afraid it would cause us unnecessary trouble, so we should just quietly wait here."

"... Well, looks like we can only wait then."

In the middle of the night, the five lead disciples felt that the time was unprecedentedly long, and as time went by, the darkness outside the window seemed to have become thicker.

… Could it be that there was really a dark tide outside the walls of Zanarkand? The horror scene of the dark tide at the Western Mountain was still fresh in Wang Lu\'s mind. Even in the distant, he could hear the whisper of the death. But now, there was only absolute silence...

The five of them each dwell on their own thought, for nobody knows how long.

Finally, a golden ray of light shot through the window from outside. No one knew when exactly it happened, but the thick darkness had already disappeared, and the clear sky marked the return of the new demon world.

At the same time, a scream came from their neighbor\'s courtyard. "My god, how come the roof is broken!"

Afterward, the whole city regained their spirit. The voices of thousands of demons gathered, and the cacophony of noise returned. Compared with the absolute silence of the last night, it seemed to be unusually abrupt.


After a long night of waiting, the five lead disciples finally got the answer that they wanted. But this answer was really incredible.

"This is not surprising. What we have just seen is that, when the wind of destruction comes, all the residents of Zanarkand will disappear. And when the wind of destruction goes away, those who disappeared will suddenly appear again."

"It doesn\'t seem to be logical at all, but it seems that it is the truth." Qiong Hua could not help but sigh with emotion. "The new demon world is a dream-like place. There are too many things that can\'t be explained with logic."

"Is it? I think the logic behind this is getting clearer and clearer. If you use a puzzle as a metaphor, you just need one or two pieces to finish the whole puzzle."

Wang Lu said, and then tightly grasped the demon jade which symbolized the supreme demon of the demon world.

It was just that… although right now it only took one or two pieces of the puzzle to complete, how long would it take for them to collect those pieces?

On this point, even Wang Lu himself didn\'t have enough assurance.

And just as Wang Lu was thinking about how to speed up the progress to find the last clue, the clue came on its own to him.

"Hahaha, I\'m bothering you guys again!"

From outside the courtyard, the head guard Aba\'s hearty laughter seeped in.

After opening the door, Wang Lu saw the bright smile of that demon. "Today, I\'m still entrusted by the city\'s advisor, but this time, it is to send you something," Aba said.

"Send something?"

"Tickets!" Aba burst into laughter and drew five talisman-like pieces of paper. "The opening tickets for Eternal Cup, Lightning Ball League!"

"Eternal Cup, Lightning Ball League?"

Aba nodded his head. "Yes, lightning ball, the most popular sport in Zanarkand, and even the new demon world. Our Zanarkand\'s team has always been a giant in the new demon world. This time, the league\'s opening ceremony and match are also held here. At the appointed time, even the demon king will come to the opening ceremony. During this time, all the residents of Zanarkand can buy the ticket to see it. But I forgot that the few of you were unaware of this and almost let you miss this annual event!"

"... Even the demon king will be on the scene? Interesting," Wang Lu softly said, and then received the tickets from Aba.

"Thank you, we\'ll certainly go and watch it."