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Chapter 465: Another Branch of History?

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The land of destruction?

Upon hearing these words, the minds of several lead disciples were moved.

Before coming to this strange world, the demon world that was ravaged by the black tide could indeed be called as the land of destruction. But if that was the land of destruction, what about here?

Or in other words, what the hell is happening here? After leaving the demon world, they should be back in Nine Regions, so how could they suddenly arrive here?

When the several lead disciples had different thoughts, Wang Lu stepped forward and said in fluent demon race language, "We come from the eternal country. What… what is this place?"

While speaking, he showed just the right amount of confusion and puzzlement.

The so-called eternal country was a popular name for the world in which the demon race people lived. Wang Lu was trying to act like he was the residence of the demon world.

Before departing from Nine Regions to Demon World, the several lead disciples were all cast with a disguise spell, disguising them as demon world people. The core of the spell itself was harvested in the group of immortal tombs… The disguise effect was almost without any flaw.

Even the two royal family girls of the demon race only saw the flaws during the conversation. Thus, the present ink demon and bird demon were naturally helpless.

After listening to Wang Lu\'s explanation, the ink demon individual was astounded that his jaw slackened, revealing several rows of teeth. "Eternal country? You guys really come from the land of destruction! Unexpectedly, there are still living people there! This is so amazing!"

With that, the several bird demon individuals behind him were also excited. "Living residence of the old demon world? My god, this is a big news that comes one in many years. And we are the first to witness them, we\'re going to be famous!"

"What do you think, if those magazine journalists come to interview us, how can we promote ourselves while we are telling the story?"

"After becoming famous, will there be businessmen looking for us for product endorsement?"

The dialogue of the several bird demon contained a great amount of information. So much that Wang Lu could not even immediately respond.

"Did you guys say… old demon world? What do you mean by that?"

That ink demon laughed. "Of course it\'s because here, the place that you see all around you, is called the new demon world! A new land that brings new life for the demon race!"

"New demon world?"

That ink demon said, "It\'s a long story. I see that you guys seem travel-worn, your life must be very difficult in the old demon world, right? For you guys to be able to walk through the space barrier to come here, you guys definitely experienced a lot more hardships. How about we go to the city first and you guys can take a rest first. After that, I\'ll tell you the ins and outs of things. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the head guard of Zanarkand. Just now, I saw a change in the space on the mountain, so I led my brothers to come here to check it out… And indeed, we found amazing characters here!"

With that, that ink demon laughed again. "Previously in this new demon world, for over a full millennium, we haven\'t seen any visitors from the old world. Being the first to find you guys is really my good luck."

After a pause, he suddenly asked, "Can I use my name to call you?"


After their initial greetings with the several City Guards, Wang Lu and the others officially entered this incredible demon race city, Zanarkand.

The ink demon arranged for their accommodation and food. Moreover, he had also considered the cultivation base of the several lead disciples and arranged their residence according to the five elements and Feng Shui line that was best for each of them. The food was also both delicious and nutritious—this surprised Wang Lu and the others because according to the custom of the demon race that they know of, fresh blood and meat seemed more suitable to entertain the guest.

It was not long after their arrival in Zanarkand with an awkward mood that a high-level demon race came to entertain them. He was also an ink demon, but he was more mature and stronger than the head guard. The head guard was roughly equivalent to peak Jindan Stage human, but the older ink demon individual was at least half a step into Deity Stage—the division of strength for the demon race was different from that of human, but the strength manifestation was not that different—he claimed to be the advisor of the city master of Zanarkand.

Zanarkand was indeed an incredible city. A peak Jindan Stage individual could only serve as the head guard, and the city\'s advisor had already stepped on the level of Deity Stage! That being the case, how much stronger the city master itself? Merely one such city already had strong individuals, so how many things were hidden in this new demon world?

With these doubts in mind, Wang Lu and the others took their seat at the dinner table. The old city master\'s advisor didn\'t show off his Deity Stage aura even a little bit. He warmly entertained them at the dinner table, and moreover, he was extremely approachable. He explained to Wang Lu and the other lead disciples the history of the new demon world.

"This piece of land is really a blessed place." While talking, the old demon race\'s thoughts drifted to a long, long time ago.

"At that time, the demon world had just suffered a major catastrophe that destroyed everything. The Eternal Tree that supported the existence of the world was desecrated by people by thoroughly destroying it, which caused the laws of the demon world to collapse. Many lives of demon race were lost in that catastrophic change, and many more went crazy and became bloodthirsty. At that time, the thousands of years of the civilization development of the demon world could be destroyed at any moment."

Wang Lu and the others could not help but nod their heads.

This phase of history was exactly the same as told by the royal family sisters.

But the twist that followed after was unexpected.

"At that time in the demon world, there was a great deal of disagreement. Some people decided to stick around the wreckage of the Eternal Tree—the Eternal Tree was the greatest creature in the three thousand worlds—even if it was destroyed by desecrators, its remain could still support a peaceful and comfortable space. However, this is the path of chronic death. Moreover, the safe space provided by the Eternal Tree was very limited. In addition to the royal family, other demon race people had a very limited access to that safe space. Thus, at that time, many people decided to explore the outside world."

Hearing this, the several people could not help but gawk. Because the two royal family sisters never said this thing!

Seeing the stunned look of Wang Lu and the others, the city advisor smiled. "You guys are the new generation of the land of destruction after the great cataclysm, so you guys may not know many of the past matters. And I\'m afraid your ancestors would not mention this to you. At that time, the demon race people that hid in the Eternal Tree sanctuary did not believe that their compatriots that had gone out to explore could find a way to survive. After the Eternal Tree was destroyed, the laws of the demon world collapsed, so regardless of what, they believed that all of them would end up dead. But helplessly watching their compatriots dying in the safe space… it\'s not worth spreading this matter to the future generations."

When it came to this, Wang Lu had roughly found out the context of the story.

"Later on, those who went out to explore found out this place?"

The city advisor didn\'t directly answer, but rather sighed with emotion. "In the past, the ancestors who dared to go out were the real elites of the demon world. They were powerful and able to maintain their sanity even after the collapse of the laws of the world, leading many demons to strive for survival. More importantly, they have the responsibility of being the elites. They cannot be afraid of sacrifice and had to bravely march forward… At that time, those that went out exploring were divided into ten teams. Ultimately, only two teams successfully found this place. The rest of the exploration team failed. Many of them could have spent the rest of their lives safely under the Eternal Tree."

With that, he lifted up his cup. "A toast of respect for the ancestors!"

Wang Lu hesitated for a moment and then lifted up his cup.

At this time, he was doing his part as an actor, dutifully playing the role of demon race. The slight hesitation delay was acted just right that even Zhou Mumu and the others could not help but open their eyes wide.

At this time, they remembered that Wang Lu\'s true fame was based on his superb acting skill—when he competed for the lead disciple position with Liu Li on Spirit Sword Mountain, his strength was far below that of his opponent, but with an amazing trick, he was able to trick Liu Li into defeat.

However, only Wang Lu himself knew that he fell short of truly being startled. Because in the city advisor\'s story, he always felt that something did not quite add up...

"We are lucky." After putting down the cup, the city advisor said, "On this land, we recuperated and rebuilt our civilization. And this is indeed a blessed place, even more bountiful than the original demon world. It took us just short of two thousand years to become more powerful than the original… For later generations, it\'s like a blessing in disguise."

Becoming more powerful than the original. This sentence caught the attention of the team of lead disciples. They have witnessed the power of Zanarkand, but how many cities in the new demon world were similar to Zanarkand? Could Nine Regions have the advantage over the new demon world?

In the future, if the third great war of immortals and demons were to break out… how were the odds for the human to win?

While they were thinking, the city advisor asked, "How many survivors are there in the old demon world?"

Wang Lu replied, "We are the last ones. The safe space effect of the Eternal Tree has completely disappeared."

After that, the city advisor asked in details about some of the life in the old demon world. However, under Wang Lu\'s exquisite on-the-spot performance, he didn\'t find any flaws.

"So that\'s how…" The city\'s advisor nodded his head. "We once considered sending people to the old demon world, but the space barrier is too strong. It\'s easy to go from the old demon world to the new demon world, but it\'s almost impossible to do it in reverse… In short, welcome to Zanarkand. Try to adapt to the life in the new demon world. I believe you guys will like it here."

Wang Lu and the others had to force a smile.

Encountering the hospitality of the host while wandering in a foreign land was indeed good, but if the host was the demon race, the mood of these human cultivators might be exceptionally delicate.

Qiong Hua put down her cup and was about to ask questions about the passage of this world to other worlds. However, she actually saw the city\'s advisor beckon his hand. "All right, the journey here should be hard on you, so I will not disturb your rest. After eating, you may rest in your room. Tomorrow morning, I will send someone to take you to familiarize yourself with Zanarkand."

Then he floated away, leaving only a dashing silhouette.

As the city\'s advisor, he, of course, was busy and almost had no time to spare, but the chance for Qiong Hua to ask for the truth had slipped away...

Familiarize themselves with Zanarkand? The five human cultivators were not really interested in getting to know a demon race city. Compared to exploring the city, they were even more eager to return to Nine Regions as soon as possible and report back all of their experience in the demon world to their respective sect.