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Chapter 463: Forget-Me-Not

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The grievances between Zhou Mumu and Zhan Ziye started from the five blood spirit power struggle and continued to this day. When the two met, they quarreled. When they quarreled, they began to fight. There was almost no time to stop. During which, it was really hard to tell who was right or wrong. According to Wang Lu, it was best if the two would just go home and get married to each other. At least, he had always been in a neutral position.

However, now, it seemed like Wang Lu finally understood Zhou Mumu\'s hostility toward Zhan Ziye.

That guy really sucked.

"What do you mean by you can\'t?"

Zhan Ziye spread out his arms. "I\'m only responsible for coming here, not for returning home. If you think about it, it\'s very easy to see it. I was able to open the channel through the resonance of the Eternal Tree, but now that we\'re in the demon world, Nine Regions can\'t resonate with my Eternal Tree."


Zhan Ziye somewhat strangely gave Wang Lu a glance. "So, isn\'t it obvious, I can\'t send you back home? Junior Brother Wang Lu, with your logical thinking ability, can\'t you even think about this small logic?"

Then by your logical thinking ability, you ought to be able to think that I would not be the only one who wants to beat the sh*t out of you later, right?

Wang Lu shook his head, to lazy to dwell on this nonsense. Instead, he turned to look at Zhou Mumu.

The girl was also stunned. "I thought you four must have some way to…"

You should really go back and marry Zhan Ziye.

Then Wang Lu looked at Xiang Liang.

Xiang Liang said, "I can only guarantee my own return trip—I thought that in this trip to the demon world, the default is each one of us is responsible for our own return trip."

Mm, very good, you shouldn\'t expect to find a wife in your whole life.

In the end, Wang Lu could only look at Qiong Hua.

Who knew that Qiong Hua actually wrinkled her brows, and after a moment, she said softly, "There\'s a change in... the Kill Immortal Sword."

Although her words were somewhat vague, how could Wang Lu not understand its meaning? He just nodded and said, "In short, you\'re a f*cking waste too right?"

With that, the other four people focused their gaze on him. It was clear that their only hope now was Wang Lu.

Wang Lu, Daoist Master Wang, who was an expert in creating miracles and almost omnipotent...

Daoist Master Wang inwardly sighed dramatically, thinking that this trip to the demon world was filled with climax after climax that it couldn\'t even be stopped… Since the situation had developed to this point, he had to look at the plan that he prepared before coming here—using a certain howling demon named Enasi to call out the flash demon to open the channel was a true slap in the face plan.

At this time in the demon world, let alone the howling demon, even the royal family was helpless, so who would come to open the channel for him?

"Since things have gotten to this point, then I can only pull out my life-saving card." Wang Lu shook his head and then reached out to pat Xiang Liang on the shoulder.

"Senior Brother Xiang Liang, after you return to the Nine Regions, help me by going to the Spirit Sword Mountain, find a certain cheap person named Wang Wu, then tell her that her precious disciple is now trapped in the demon world, and if she does not come to rescue, she would get menopause."

Zhou Mumu was stunned: Is this your life-saving card? Getting someone from your sect to come to the rescue?

"..." Xiang Liang, however, didn\'t think too much of it. After gawking for a moment, he just nodded. "Rest assured, I\'ll pass on your words."

"While you\'re there, help me threaten her. If she rather gets menopause than come to the rescue of someone in danger, then some of her secret that other people must not see would be widely spread in every corner of Nine Regions one month later. At that time, even if her face is thick enough to not care about it, Sect Leader would certainly care, and by then, she would not be able to hold on to her Elder position and stipend."

Xiang Liang carefully wrote down these words, and after thinking about it, he became in awe. "Junior Brother Wang Lu is indeed resourceful and decisive, you always think things through that they could even be considered as watertight."

Zhou Mumu then asked, "The secret of the Fifth Elder that other people must not see?"

Wang Lu spread out his arms. "Actually it\'s nothing—based on her thick-skin-ness, there are no secrets of her that other people must not see. But I believe that as long as she is still a human being, she would always have a guilty conscience, so my bluffing would most certainly succeed."

"You two master and disciple are really…" Zhou Mumu shook her head. "In short, even you don\'t have a way? Very well, so be it. If Xiang Liang could really bring reinforcements here, then, of course, it\'s good—although I\'m still skeptical, it\'s still better for one of us to be able to go back than all of us die here."

Her voice had just fallen and Xiang Liang immediately said, "There\'s an unexpected change in the soul resonance, the resonance transmission has failed."

"Hahaha, you really are a good brother who shares the same bitterness and happiness." Wang Lu burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Zhou Mumu was a bit annoyed.

Wang Lu was about to speak when he heard the demon girl ask, "Do you guys want to leave?"

"Yes, do you have any good plan?"

The demon girl said, "The channel between the two worlds was closed around two thousand years ago, but just over a hundred years ago, there were some changes in the desolate land on the edge of the demon world. It seems like the edge of the entire demon world is getting blurry. Perhaps… you guys can find a way to leave this world there."

"More than a hundred years ago? The edge of the demon world?"

"Perhaps the demon world is already on the verge of destruction, and its structure is no longer stable. Because the distance is too far away from here, we haven\'t seen it previously. We only know that more than a hundred years ago, the demon world had a tremendous change. Even if it\'s far away, the stink from Nine Regions can be smelled here."

"Tsk, did more than a hundred years ago the septic tank of Nine Regions had a leak?" Wang Lu shook his head and asked, "In short, as long as we go to the edge of this world, there\'s a possibility that we can find the Nine Regions, right? But now the black tide is still raging outside, what are we going to do about it?"

"The surge of the black tide is cyclical… Although it has become increasingly frantic and unsettling recently, it will still calm down at certain times, and that is the time for you to make your move."

"How long will it take for us to go from here to the edge of the demon world?"

The vastness of a world was such that even for a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, it would appear as boundless. Most of the Nine Region have already been explored by cultivators, and there were many transmission arrays in major traffic arteries, but nevertheless, it would still take a very long trip to travel across the continent.

As for the demon world… even if the five of them risked their lives in a desperate hurry, could they make it to the edge of the world in time before the black tide caught up to them?

"Your luck is good." The demon girl said, "If this is two thousand years ago, based on your current cultivation base, no matter what you guys do, you won\'t be able to make it. But now, two thousand years later, the demon world is getting more and more narrow and small; the edge of the world continues to collapse. In the present situation… perhaps you guys can still have time."

"Tsk, you mean this is a racing game?" Wang Lu suddenly had a headache. He was very good at defense but not that good in speed.

The taller demon girl suddenly said, "The two of us can take you… We are very fast."

"Oh? Then thank you." Wang Lu readily accepted their offer. Right now, he was king of the demon world. Although this king\'s people were just two lonely and in a precarious position demon girls, but they volunteered themselves, and there was no reason not to use them—in the competition of speed, they indeed far surpassed that of the several lead disciples.

However, the petite girl was surprised to hear her companion\'s offer and then pulled her hand. "Sister, are you crazy!"

"To be loyal to the king is the mission that we have been waiting for a lifetime." The taller girl indifferently said as her eyes turned to look at Wang Lu, "And he, is, our king."

"But he is a human!"

"The demon jade fell into the human hand and miraculously appeared before us. I believe there must be a reason behind this."

The two sisters stared at each other for a long time and then finally the younger sister relented. "Very well, I\'ll go with you."

Two days later, the black tide on the surface finally dispersed, and the scarlet glow specific to demon world once again enveloped the land. Wang Lu and the others also embarked on the journey.

Along the way, they have two demon girls as their partners. They were rushing at the front, dragging five trails of light like it was a rainbow.

However, behind this beautiful scene, in essence, the two girls were like draft animals pulling a cart, dragging the five lead disciples forward. After taking off their armors, they were even faster than Zhan Ziye with his thunder body, thus they were responsible to pull the others.

Currently, the demon world had shrunk dramatically. The total area was only a fraction of what it was before the Eternal Tree collapsed. The two girls made a beeline to the edge of the demon world. In just half a day, they would be able to go from the Eternal Tree site in the center of the demon world to its edge. And according to the past rule, the black tide would come in an interval of two or three days, thus the time was more than enough.

In theory, as long as they continued to move forward along the edge, they could find a path to the Nine Regions—with the sensitivity of the perception of the several lead disciples, it would be impossible for it not to be noticed. Once they entered the Nine Regions, each of them could launch the heavenly talisman of their respective sect and teleport back to their mountain.

During this half-day trip, Wang Lu tried to chat with the two girls but was rebuffed on the grounds of "to put all their attention on flying they could not split their focus on chatting." Wang Lu noticed that they were very reluctant to open their mouths, and also they weren\'t strictly restrained by his demon jade. In any case, after they reached the edge, they would be like \'well water does not interfere with the river water\'. And moreover, the harvest in this trip to the demon world was already sufficient. If there was no special reason, he believed that for a long time, he would not come to this destroyed land.

In other words, after this half day was over, he must say goodbye to these two demon race girls.

However, as he was thinking, the demon girls in front of him suddenly slowed down. Feeling strange, Wang Lu asked, "What happens?"

"The edge is just ahead." The elder demon girl stretched her finger forward and pointed at the strange flickering light on the horizon. The light there was twisted and broken, which outlined a piece of disorderly space.

"... Is that the scene on the edge of the world? It is indeed a marvelous sight that people rarely see in their life." Wang Lu said, and then urged, "The last part of the journey is usually the hardest, please help bring us to the destination."

Who knew that the older sister actually shook her head. "We can\'t."

"You can\'t?" Wang Lu then discovered that the body of the two demon girls was quivering slightly and then rapidly trembling, as if they were suffering great pain and weakness.

"We… take shelter in the remains of the Eternal Tree in order to survive the great cataclysm." The voice of the demon girl was intermittent and increasingly weak. "So we can\'t leave the Eternal Tree too far. Otherwise… there is no way for us to maintain our own existence."

"Originally… I thought that my sister and I could stick it to the end, but… it seems like that\'s impossible."

When she finished saying these words, blood began to ooze out of the two demon girls. The collapse of their physical body was imminent!

Wang Lu was inexplicably shocked. "Why didn\'t you two say this earlier! Why are you being so hard on yourself!"

With that, he tried to take out his elixirs, but the girl shook her head. "The medicine for human cultivators does not work for us… Recently, the black tide has become increasingly frequent, and the interval might no longer be two or three days, and based on you guys… it would be too late." After saying this, the demon girls couldn\'t hold back anymore and fell to the ground. As they fell, their body began to turn into ashes.

"And I hope that you would always remember this place. Don\'t… forget it so quickly."

After saying these last words, the two demon girls completely vanished into thin air, passing away with the wind.

At the last minute, Wang Lu didn\'t even know their names… but he knew that he would probably remember this forever.