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Chapter 461: Two People Who Are Destined to Be Alone

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Right now, Wang Lu was feeling a bit regretful.

Because he felt that he had just made a bad deal.

Just now, in order to obtain security guarantee under the black tide, he promised to let the two girls live, while the two would only tell him the safe location. In Wang Lu\'s view at that time, the deal was still fair. However, when he released the two girls from their bind, they just pointed their fingers down.

"It\'s below us."

Wang Lu was puzzled. "What\'s below us?"

"... Dig down another thirty meters and you\'ll be in the safe place."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was startled. Without even the need to use his sword qi, just by casting an earth element spell from his fingertips, the soil underneath them melted. Thirty meters deep later, suddenly, a giant cave appeared in sight.

"What is this?"

Zhou Mumu somewhat incredulously said. Her eyes lit up as she tried to see the situation in the cave.

With her Jindan Stage cultivation base, her perception of the surrounding could already be called as astounding. However, before Wang Lu opened the hole, she was completely unaware that there was a huge cave thirty meters below them. This cave was really strange—no matter how she tried it, the cave remained dark.

"What\'s inside there?"

When her voice just fell, they heard a swishing sound. The several bright jades had already been completely burned out, and through the gaps in the soil, countless black fog spread in.

"Let\'s get inside first!"

Wang Lu grabbed Zhou Mumu\'s wrist and jumped into the cave with her.

Then, after a blur, light shone upon them.

From above, they were unable to see through the darkness, but after the several of them entered the cave, they actually saw that the place was filled with light. White light covered every inch of the place, which caused them to feel as if they were in a sacred place.

This scene was not unfamiliar to some people.

"... Looks like this is inside the Eternal Tree."

During the time of the five spirit power struggle, Zhan Ziye as the wood spirit and Zhou Mumu as the water spirit, had entered the most central part of the Eternal Tree, and it was quite similar to this.

"This was indeed the interior of Eternal Tree..."

The taller demon race girl coldly said.

"Was?" Wang Lu asked, "Is the Eternal Tree really finished?"

"If the Eternal Tree is still here, how could some human like you guys be so arrogant?"

The petite girl angrily said, "Weren\'t you, human cultivators, the ones who cut down our Eternal Tree? Yet you still want to ask this question?"

"Humans cut down the Eternal Tree?" Wang Lu was surprised by this information. "When did it happen? How come I never heard of it? Can you tell me about it in details?"

"You\'re still playing dumb!" as she spoke, the petite girl once again began to gather her strength. For the demon race, anger was also a source of power.

"Wait a minute." The taller girl held her off. "These several people… seem different."

"What do you mean different? They\'re all obviously the same desecrator! They even dared to plant the Eternal Tree in their filthy human body!" the petite girl yelled and broke free from the taller girl\'s hand. Then her armor began to fall off, seemingly wanting another fight.

The taller girl wrinkled her brows. Obviously, she didn\'t want to fight again, but her companion was so determined that she could only go along with her.

In the end, the other party was just several human cultivators, so even if the two of them killed them, it would not mean anything. Thinking to this, her armor also began to fall off, and her strength steadily increased.

Seeing that these two demon race girls showed an obvious hostility, the several lead disciples also put on their fighting posture. However, after having experienced the previous battle against the two, which one of them really had the confidence that they could beat the two girls?

Nobody could imagine that the two demon girls who were beaten until they nearly died could actually become furious just by a few words from Wang Lu and nearly recover their previous strength as if they were resurrected… If the previous demon race really had such a level of ability, the Nine Regions would\'ve long been overturned by the demon race.

At this crucial time, Zhou Mumu summoned her blood mark divine spear, and then pointed the tip of the spear at Zhan Ziye. "Hey, don\'t you guys want the Eternal Tree?"

"Eternal Tree? What a joke!"

The petite girl sneered, looked upward and let out a loud whistle. At the same time, Zhan Ziye fell down to the ground head first and the seven apertures on his head began to bleed.

"You dare to mention Eternal Tree here? Foolish desecrator, if we don\'t kill you, how could we take out the Eternal Tree sapling?"

"Damn, Zhan Ziye, you\'re actually being beaten by her in seconds!" Wang Lu gritted his teeth, deeply feeling that the affairs of life were really difficult to anticipate. Zhan Ziye was beaten by the petite girl in mere seconds, apparently because of the resonance of the Eternal Tree. Compared to the branch inside him, these two girls controlled the body of the Eternal Tree.

The five lead disciples were really at a disadvantage in confronting the two demon race girls. Now, they even lost one person. They really had no certain chance of winning. As for the mushroom from the South Pole Immortal Weng… there was nothing else to say. In any case, Wang Lu was also afraid to eat it.

"Since things have gotten to this point, Junior Brother Wang Lu, surely you have nothing else to say, right?"

At this critical juncture, Qiong Hua lightly opened her mouth and calmly asked Wang Lu.

Wang Lu knew what she was trying to say.

Wang Lu didn\'t have a card in his hand, but she has. With her Kill Immortal Sword, she could definitely kill the two demon race girls—although they were strong, it would be really difficult for them to withstand the Kill Immortal Sword. And although their speed was astonishing, under the pressure of the dark tide, their scope of action was limited, and they could not escape the locking range of the Kill Immortal Sword.

However, if Wang Lu really let Qiong Hua make her move, there would be no room for mediation. And after spending so much effort, Wang Lu didn\'t want these two girls to die just like that.

"There\'s no need to waste your precious sword strike, I have a way," Wang Lu said.

Inwardly, he made a decision and then took out the red jade pendant.

As a matter of fact, he couldn\'t hide it anymore. After entering this cave, his red jade kept warming up. Right now, even his Non-Phase Golden Body could not endure it. If he didn\'t take it out, perhaps it could even blow off his hand… And since this red jade pendant had clearly made its stand, obviously, it was time for it to appear.

As soon as he took out his red jade pendant, the two demon race girls suddenly opened their eyes wide, and a disbelieving look appeared on their face.

"This, this is…"

"How could you have…"

While saying that, the two unconsciously knelt down! Although they were in a state of taking off their armor, the power in their body rapidly dissipated… They didn\'t want to fight! Moreover, by their stance, it was clear that they meant to surrender!

This astonishing change caught Wang Lu by surprise. He looked at the blazing hot red jade pendant, and then watched the two demon race girls who had already knelt on the ground. After thinking for a moment, he lifted that red jade pendant in front of Qiong Hua and then asked her.

"Senior Sister Qiong Hua, seeing this red jade pendant, what do you have in mind?"

Qiong Hua sighed. "At least, I completely don\'t want to kneel in front of you."

"Tsk, useless red jade…" Wang Lu said as he withdrew the red jade, and then asked the two demon race girls, "Do you two recognize this?"

"Yes, of course, we recognize it! Any demon race in their right mind would not mistake it!" The taller girl paused her kneeling and seriously said, "How could I not know that this is the proof of leadership of the demon world, the dazzling demon jade on top of the five blood spirit crown?"

"The demon jade on top of the five blood spirit crown?" Wang Lu was surprised. Because he recalled that, in the past, when he handed over the five blood spirit crown to Lan… the piece of red jade on that crown was not that large. Obviously, it was a lot smaller than the one in his hand, and it also didn\'t give off the boiling hot effect. Therefore, at the time, he didn\'t think about it seriously.

Later, he met that jet black demon and got this piece of red jade without the crown. Unexpectedly, this red jade pendant actually had such a background!

But then he thought about the legend surrounding the five blood spirit crown...

"It is said that whosoever obtains the blood crown could rule the demon world?"

"That\'s right, the master of the blood crown is also the master of the demon world. This is the rule of the demon world."

Wang Lu pointed to himself. "Then, that means, I am…"

"Yes, you are the master of this land, and all the sane demons must obey your order."

When this remark was made, let alone Wang Lu, even the remaining lead disciples were all shocked.

Zhou Mumu incredulously said, "Wouldn\'t that make you the great demon king?"

Xiang Liang also said, "So, Junior Brother Wang Lu would become the supreme commander of the demon world?"

Wang Lu, however, was not that optimistic. He said to Zhou Mumu, "Is that theoretically even possible? Do you think holding a piece of red jade makes me able to command a world? Take this as an example. If Supreme He Tu holding the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals\' golden order commands you to marry Zhan Ziye, will you obey that order or not?"

Zhou Mumu was surprised. "Can you not make such a malicious assumption? I got goosebumps just by hearing it you know! How is it possible for Supreme He Tu to be so bored that he would make such an order? And even if he does, I would not follow it. Although in theory, once the golden order was given no one could disobey it, but… big deal, at worst, I can just quietly kill that cheap guy Zhan Ziye. Supreme He Tu couldn\'t possibly tell me to marry a dead person, right?"

Zhan Ziye was immediately upset. "The usefulness of the golden order of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals is to establish the supreme trust in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals by the unified immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions. Since you joined the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals and enjoyed all its conveniences, you must abide by its rules. You can\'t just openly disregard the order just because of personal likes and dislikes! As the lead disciple of Kunlun Sect, you ought to have such an awareness!"

Toward this very serious Zhan Ziye, Zhou Mumu just cast him a side glance and then muttered, "Idiot."


Wang Lu also advised him, "Senior Brother Ziye, if the Supreme really orders it, are you really willing to be the life\'s companion of Senior Sister Zhou?"

Zhan Ziye was startled, then he imagined some kind of scenario. Suddenly, his face turned ashen. "I will at first comply, but later on, at the first chance, I will immediately divorce her!"

"You, this idiot, dare to divorce me?" Zhou Mumu peevishly said.

Wang Lu launched his Non-Phase Sword Defense to separate the two people and then said, "In short, even the golden order of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals can\'t make you obey the order with all your heart. If you are against the order, you would find a way out. That being the case… I would like to ask, how could a mere piece of red jade have such a big effect that it could make all the demon race submit?"

Zhou Mumu said, "Who knows about the matter of the demon world?"

"But the basic logic is always there, don\'t you think? Even a true immortal couldn\'t possibly brainwash all the creatures of the world, so how could this red jade do it?"

Zhou Mumu was suddenly speechless.

"Moreover…" Wang Lu said, turned his head and looked at the two demon girls who were kneeling on the ground. "Just now, she said that all the sane demon race in this world will listen to my command… In other words, most of this world\'s demon race are not in their right mind, right?"