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Chapter 449: Melt You With Love

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Little Lu, remember, if you see a flame with this kind of color, don\'t be afraid. With your Non-Phase Sword Bone, even if you resist it head on, you would not suffer a serious injury. But if the color of the flame is like this, you must be careful. You have to guard yourself from it using Non-Phase Sword Qi. No matter what, you must not let it touch your body, understand?"

On the training field, Sixth Elder Lu Li still maintained his amiable smile, but on his hand was a purple-black flame which was reflected on his face, making his smile more ferocious.

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes and observed the demon fire on Elder Lu Li\'s hand… It was a genuine demon race flame. From its breath, Wang Lu vaguely even associated it with that demon race inside the group of immortal tombs.

He did not ask Lu Li how a cultivator of immortal path could ignite a demon race flame. He knew that this must be a secret that could not be easily spoken. However, with such an Elder who was skilled in demon race spell especially training him, Wang Lu\'s ability in recognizing demon race rapidly advanced.

"Terrifying things about demon race are too numerous to mention, but for you, the real difficulty lies in those hard-to-detect penetrations. I believe with your eyesight, those with the level of demon king could hardly touch you, but I\'m afraid you would trip over some small characters and fell. Since your debut, regardless of what, you usually won over opponents that were higher level than you. However, there were not many cases where you overwhelmed the opponent because you\'re the one who is higher level than them. In other words, you don\'t have experience in this area. Do not think otherwise. Relying on strength to bully the weak also requires skill, otherwise, how do you explain those that were far more powerful than you that fell under your feet?"

"Caution is a must, but it is far from enough. Without enough knowledge, the so-called cautious and timid is nothing more than a self-righteous neurotic. You have to fully understand your opponent well before your caution make sense… The first is poison. The demon race\'s most troublesome weapon is poison. The demon race is extremely poisonous, and it is very difficult to guard against them. Your Non-Phase Sword Bone can\'t one hundred percent guard against the poison infiltration. The methods used by demon race to infiltrate your body are also pervasive. Thus, from now on, you need to carefully train the detoxification methods. I have one hundred common toxins in my hand, and you must completely learn how to suppress and dissolve it in the first moment."

Then he saw a row of porcelain vases in Sixth Elder\'s hand. The mouth of the vases was sealed with a variety of strange seals, which indicated the intense danger within it. Wang Lu asked vigilantly, "This isn\'t an actual combat training right?"

Sixth Elder broke into laughter. "Of course this is an actual combat training."

Wang Lu immediately said, "I don\'t think this is necessary. Since I\'m a regular visitor to the Misty Peak cafeteria, what kind of toxins I haven\'t tasted? The famous Western Continent chef is much stronger than any poison of demon race, but she and I even joke together!"

"Oh, with whom you are joking?"

Wang Lu\'s voice has just fallen when he heard the faint laughter of Aya. It was just that, this time, the woman\'s usual kind laughter caused his hair on the back of his neck to stand on end, as if a great crisis was about to befall on him.

The next moment, reacting like electricity, Wang Lu turned back and spout out, "How could you be everywhere? Moreover, every time I evaluate your cooking, you will show up! How much confidence do you actually have with your cooking skill!"

Aya was beaten back by Wang Lu\'s sharp counterattack. "I… I just paid more attention to what other people think of me."

"You\'re stalking me! That\'s immoral, a disgrace for the Knight King\'s name!


"Enough, I have something to do first. Go back, I\'ll teach you again later when I\'m done here."


After sending Aya away, Wang Lu still had to face the inhuman teaching of the Sixth Elder.

"Mm, in just two or three sentences, you\'re able to make a grand Supreme level person to back off, it seems like Little Lu\'s status is not bad. Then I don\'t need to hold back," Sixth Elder said and then slowly opened his mustard seed bag. Nobody knew from where he got that more than a hundred bottles of demon race\'s poisons, and each bottle of poison looked quite old. Of which, there were several bottles that, when taken out, even Lu Li showed pain.

This actually made Wang Lu even more alert: How much powerful are these toxins?

"Ehm, Sixth Uncle, you\'re not someone who redress personal grievances through public office right? A while ago, Master stole things from the sect\'s storeroom, don\'t take it out on me, okay?"

"Hahaha, Little Lu, your words make people sad you know. Do I look like someone who uses public office to avenge private wrongs? You are the sect\'s lead disciple, someone who is now shouldering an important mission. And I, as a Sect Elder, am helping you to do better in your mission. Rest assured, these toxins are carefully selected by me, the effect is absolutely good."

As it turned out, the effects of these poisons were indeed undoubtedly good.

When Wang Lu tried the first bottle, he almost gave in. When the toxin entered his body, his most proud of Non-Phase Sword Bone was completely unresponsive. Wang Lu initially thought that when he reached Jindan Stage, his body\'s toxin immunity had reached the level of against the heaven, but soon he found out how wrong he was, because he felt that he seemed to be melting!

"... Hey, am I sweating? Just now, there\'s a bead of liquid that fell in front of me."

Lu Li said, "That\'s not sweat, but your facial skin. Here, look at it yourself."

With that, the Elder put a water mirror in front of Wang Lu. Inside the mirror, Wang Lu\'s face was melting at an alarming rate! In particular, his forehead, which began to drop like droplets of water, slipped from the brows and then fell down!

"Am I turning into some kind of witch if I don\'t take the medicine?"

Lu Li faintly said, "You again with your nonsense. If you don\'t receive treatment after a tea time, even an immortal might find it difficult to save you."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu was surprised. He immediately held his breath with rapt attention and then circulated his magical power to remove the toxin… However, soon he found out that this was really difficult. Because no matter how he looked for it, he could not find any toxin in his body. Yet, his melting skin was not fake!

That being the case, he changed his technique. Since he could not find the toxin, he simply stopped looking for it. He needed to preserve his physical body first. And as it happened, there was a corresponding technique for this in his Non-Phase Method… According to his Master, it was called beautiful body shaping technique, which worked by using magical power to stimulate the sword bone, and then using the sword bone to drive the change in the body in the direction thought by the cultivator, looking somewhat similar to the shape-shifting technique.

However, unlike the shape-shifting technique, this beautiful body shaping technique involved the fundamentals of the cultivator, which resulted in a permanent change. Therefore, each change must be carefully thought of over and over again. Moreover, the changing process was beset with difficulties. After a cultivator reached Jindan Stage, their physical body, magical power, and primordial spirit have already begun to be highly integrated. Thus, it was impossible to just change the physical body image at will, because it was likely to shake one\'s self-awareness and cause problem on the entire system of methods.

However, the ability of his Non-Phase Method to control his physical body had reached its peak. In accordance with the technique, Wang Lu then began to strive to maintain his physical form from changing. Thus, for a time, although on the outside Wang Lu\'s skin and muscle continued to melt, there was a strong magical power that maintained his body from collapsing.

"Very good, you\'ve already reached an impasse without wasting time." Elder Lu Li nodded his head in satisfaction. "Judging from the speed and the manner in which you adapt to change, you are indeed worthy to be the lead disciple of the sect. But stopping it is not enough."

In the midst of maintaining his technique, Wang Lu couldn\'t help but inwardly called out of course . He certainly knew that this effort alone was not enough. Even if in Jindan Stage, magical power would continue to maintain his body shape, the power consumption was still greater than the supply. Thus, it was only a matter of time before his magical power dried up.

However, he had no other way. There were many elixirs in his mustard seed bag, but Wang Lu didn\'t plan to try them. When the nature of the toxin was still unknown, random use of elixir would likely have a counter-effect. This point was vividly recorded in Zhong Zheng diary. During the great war of immortal and demon, many cultivators who took elixirs after they were poisoned ended up intensifying the poison and died as a result.

Fortunately, now it was only a training. Thus, Elder Lu Li very quickly made his move.

"Little Lu, burn this feeling into your mind… this is not a deformation spell. It\'s only a feeling. Remember it. Remember it with your body."

He held out his hand and pressed it behind Wang Lu. A trace of warm magical power then entered Wang Lu\'s body.

The magical power was not that strong. At least, in terms of Elder Lu Li whose cultivation base already reached Peak Yuanying Stage, this magical power was like a blowing breeze, average both in terms of quantity and quality.

Then, Elder Lu Li controlled the magical power, gently ticked the several joints in Wang Lu\'s body… Suddenly, Wang Lu was refreshed and relieved. The melting of his body had stopped.

"What… is the principle behind this?"

While carefully savoring everything that happened in his body, Wang Lu was actually puzzled.

Like what Lu Li said, that was only through the operation of magical power, not by any spell. It was just the flow of magical power. However, somehow, after passing through several joints in his body, it inconceivably dispelled the demon race\'s poison!

"There\'s no principle," Lu Li said softly, "we only know that it can detoxify the toxin. As for why? No one can say it clearly."

Wang Lu said, "Then how can you be sure of its effectiveness?"

"By trying it out," Elder Lu Li lightly said.

"..." Upon hearing this Wang Lu couldn\'t help but become surprised. Try it out? On whom? Is it human? Did Spirit Sword Sect use living human as test subject?

However, Lu Li didn\'t give Wang Lu too much time to think as he urged him, "That\'s enough, let\'s try the next one. Remember, our time is limited."

Wang Lu indeed had limited time.

In three months time, for the best student of Spirit Sword Sect, there were too many skills that could be mastered. However, in regard to the topic about the demon race prepared by the Elders for him, it was far from enough.

Demon race was really a vast subject. Spirit Sword Sect knew far more about demon race than what Wang Lu expected. Without a doubt, the Elders previously have concealed too many things. However, this time, they all unleashed their knowledge on him that, despite his amazing learning ability, Wang Lu couldn\'t help but somewhat feel powerless.

From fighting off toxins to breaking the spells, and even to specific tactics that corresponded to the different level of each demon race, in three months, Wang Lu had really never taken a break even for an hour. Three months later, the time agreed with Qiong Hua had finally come. And Wang Lu had finally achieved success under the Elders\' havoc-wreaking and marvelous abilities.

On the last day, Wang Lu showed what he had learned in the past three months in front of the Heavenly Sword Hall Elders one by one.

The Sect Leader hesitated for a long time before sighing and saying, "Very good. Now you should be able to carry out the mission independently, and I can finally manage to feel assured of you going off to an expedition to the demon world."

Wang Lu inwardly thought: What exactly was the experience of Spirit Sword Sect that the demon race was so taboo for the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall? Although he had benefited a lot in this three months of training… it seemed excessive for it to involve too many people.

Fine, in this trip to the demon world, I\'ll uncover every secret there is!