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Chapter 445: There Are Many Holes In Your Body!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"... Alas, I really shouldn\'t have called this \'thing\' here."

On the second floor of the place of origin\'s library, having no alternative, Zhou Mumu leaned against the jade building, which blended together well with the bookshelves, watching the fight become increasingly intense.

Wang Lu, this guy, really couldn\'t be taken lightly; give him a little opportunity, and he would immediately create trouble… Fighting in other people\'s place, completely disregarding the host\'s face, and without the slightest scruple... No matter how she thought about it, only Wang Lu could do it. If replaced with a certain idiot, it would not likely to go so far as taking rash actions at will.

However, from another perspective, if she stood in the same position as him, she would probably be unable to help herself. Yue Ziqing and the other two were really too much. Their arrogant postures and provocative speech were all in order to provoke a dispute. And Wang Lu was someone who stubbornly didn\'t want to suffer a loss. Others should thank the heaven if he didn\'t look for them for trouble, but now he was unexpectedly being bullied...

By choosing this time to make their move, Yue Ziqing and the other two didn\'t seem to base it simply on impulse. First of all, regarding the matter of Wang Lu talking in demon race language, Yue Ziqing and the other two didn\'t lie. Wang Lu, this guy, had always been unpredictable, so even if he said that he had a relationship with the demon race, it wouldn\'t be a surprise. Let alone this time, he came to the library to find clues on how to get into the demon world. He must have found something on the second floor. Unfortunately, he bumped into Yue Ziqing and the other two.

The dispute between immortal and demon was of great significance. As long as those three women stuck to this point, they would remain on the right and could have a righteous reason to act. What\'s more, the three of them were Peak Jindan Stage, each cultivating superior Kunlun Sect\'s cultivation method, and their strength was quite powerful. On their side, the highest level among them was Qiong Hua, who was only low-level Jindan. Theoretically, if Qiong Hua didn\'t bring out her Kill Immortal sword, Qiong Hua might not amount to anything.

And Yue Ziqing and the others were also profoundly aware of this, hence they boldly provoked Wang Lu. Let alone Wang Lu, this lead disciple of Spirit Sword, was notoriously excellent at defense but bad at offense. As long as Yue Ziqing was careful in her attack, not taking the rebound shock from Wang Lu\'s nameless sword, she would at least occupy an invincible position.

However, this was only the wishful thinking of Yue Ziqing and the other two.

If one didn\'t really fight against the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, one would not understand the value and weight of the words lead disciple. It was true that Yue Ziqing, Ning Mou, and Yao Nie, the three Elder Sisters, have astonishing strength, and normally, they were also known as good at fighting, more than even Zhou Mumu. However, if Zhou Mumu\'s strength was used to measure the other four, then that would be really stupid. If one took Zhou Mumu\'s current strength the same as with her strength before the five blood spirit crown power struggle, that would also be stupid.


Thinking about what was about to happen next, Zhou Mumu helplessly shook her head.

"Humph, now it\'s too late to regret." Elder Sister Yao Nie sneered and then forced Zhou Mumu half a step back with her sword light. "Wait for the Sect Leader to punish you!"

Zhou Mumu shrugged, expressing her understanding of her Elder Sister\'s strange logic.

They were the ones who started the provocation, and they also made the first move. No matter how foolish the Elders were, how could they not possibly punish those three instead of her?

Oh, she almost forgot, those three people indeed have the backing of the several Elders of Kunlun Sect. They were the group in Kunlun Sect that always believed in force above all else, and they also believed in Kunlun Sect supremacy. In many cases, the logic behind their actions was actually similar to that of Royal Soldier Sect. For them, reason was not important—the important thing was to win.

After winning, even if they have no reason, it could still be justified. This time, they seized the opportunity of Wang Lu speaking the demon race language to strike. As long as they won, they must have a way to control the damage.

The problem was, could you win against that \'thing\'?


A loud deafening sound followed by a strong blast of wind rippled across the white jade building, stirring up countless of waves—every bookshelf in the library was protected by Kunlun immortal method, so no external force could harm it. Otherwise, no one would dare to have a fight inside the white jade building. Just a slight damage on half a page would be a loss to the entire Nine Regions\' immortal cultivation history.

After that loud noise came the inconceivable shout from Yue Ziqing.

"What kind of sword art is this?"

At the same time, extremely surprised, Ning Mou said, "I can\'t see through the flaw at all!"

"How could a mere low-level Jindan have a flawless swordplay? His Jindan power is not yet stable, so there must be stagnation in his method of circulation, hence the sure flaw in his swordplay! Junior Sister, I\'m going to attack him again, take a careful look at him!"

While talking, Yue Ziqing stabilized her mind and once again sent out her flying sword towards Wang Lu. But the latter simply wielded the Sword of Mount Kun in an arc lightly and blocked the full power strike of peak Jindan Stage. The rebound shock power completely shattered that flying sword of Yue Ziqing.

Yue Ziqing felt a bit of pain. Although that flying sword was consumable, being shattered like that, the feedback force still caused her a bit of pain… Damn it! What kind of sword art is this! How could a defensive power of a mere low-level Jindan be so impregnable? I have even spent three flying swords, yet, not only I can\'t pierce his defense, I can\'t even force him to show his flaw!

Even if Wang Lu\'s defensive prowess had always been well-known, but this was too much!

"Ning Mou, are you done?"

On the other side, Ning Mou shook her head, and then fished out her flying sword to join the other two. "There\'s not enough lightning, but just now, his sword art is really flawless, without the least bit of hole. I have to personally test it!"

Yue Ziqing frowned and took a step back to give up her position. Although she was determined to act provocatively this time, she abhorred using many to bully the few against a low-level Jindan. Moreover, just now, after several exchanges, she saw that, although Wang Lu\'s defense was astonishing, he did not have the offensive capability. Thus, even if Junior Sister Ning Mou took her position, she would still be in an invincible position...

However, at this time, she suddenly heard a loud exclaim from Ning Mou.

"Got you!"

It turned out that when Ning Mou took Yue Ziqing\'s position, Wang Lu\'s Non-Phase defense suddenly showed a huge flaw. The front was simply open as if it trying to lure an attack. Let alone Ning Mou who was best at looking for weaknesses, even Yue Ziqing could also see it.

Wang Lu\'s golden core indeed remained unstable. In two or three strikes, it wasn\'t obvious, but once the fight dragged off, it was immediately exposed!

Lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect? Stay down for me!

Yue Ziqing restrained her impulse to do a joint attack with her Junior Sister, but just let her Junior Sister have this opportunity. And Ning Mou also did not disappoint her. The flying sword in mid-air suddenly became shinier. The sword had been replaced from a consumable sword qi into a real ancient sword that Ning Mou was especially good at wielding. The power of this sword was fierce, reaching the level of peak Jindan Stage. Even if Wang Lu\'s sword intent was perfect, he would still find it difficult to withstand it, let alone now that her sword momentum was messy!

However, the next moment, a gray sword qi streaked across the line of sight of Yue Ziqing like lightning. Suddenly, she heard the painful cry of her Junior Sister near her.

Subconsciously turning back, an unbelievable scene appeared before her. Her Junior Sister Ning Mou had a bloody hole on her shoulder. All of her magical power scattered, and she fell to the ground in pain. Her powerful sword had already gone missing due to her being injured...

What… what exactly happened here? Who sent that grey sword qi?

While in consternation, Yue Ziqing looked at Zhou Mumu who stood not far away from them, but she saw that the girl was looking at Wang Lu with face filled with astonishment. That grey sword qi was obviously not sent by Zhou Mumu, then...

"No need to look anymore, I am the one who did it. I\'m helping you to open another hole in your body so that you can better adapt to the work of meat toilet. No need to thank me, this is what I should do."

Wang Lu then slowly withdrew his right hand that was pointing straight like a sword.

Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi, success at the first strike!

After reaching Jindan, Wang Lu had the ability to control both of his power at the same time. The demon heart that had once occupied his heart had already been skillfully dealt with… But this didn\'t mean that Wang Lu had both offensive and defensive skills that far exceeded his level.

His golden core\'s condensed main path was indeed the combination of the two, but if he wanted to use his Jindan strength, he needed the corresponding method. However, he didn\'t have a set of method that could adapt to this new golden core. Therefore, he could only use Non-Phase Sword and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword in turn. There was still a gap in timing in between attack and defense… However, as long as he had a good grasp in timing, that would be enough.

A low-level Jindan easily piercing the body of a Peak Jindan Stage empty-handedly seemed simple to hear, but in the entire immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions, only a few people could achieve this. However, the truly astonishing thing about this sword was...

"You\'re actually free to attack?" Zhou Mumu still felt it was unbelievable.

"Humph, sure enough, there is a collusion with the demon race!"

Wang Lu\'s demon heart had spread widely along with his lead disciple\'s reputation. Now, watching him ignore the demon heart and using the extremely fierce sword qi… obviously, he no longer had the problem of demon heart. And in all over the world, except for the demon race, who else could easily deal with the demon heart of a cultivator?

This time, Yue Ziqing was truly determined with her judgment. If previously she just used it as the pretext to make her move, now she truly began to have the intention to kill.

The next moment, she sent out her flying sword. This time, it was no longer the consumable sword used to probe, but rather a full Jindan Stage\'s killing intent of spiritual sword Moonlight.

Ning Mou who was injured on the ground reached out to touch her wound. She then used her immortal method to forcefully suppress it. Then, her spiritual sword Ancient Wind once again flew out.

At the same time, Yao Nie who was responsible to guard Zhou Mumu also left her. Her spiritual sword Scorching Sun drilled out from the hollow of her palm and attacked Wang Lu.

Three peak Jindan Stage one by one launched their attack. Their astonishing sword momentum connected with each other, mutually stimulating one another that the combined power reached another level!

Wang Lu unhurriedly withdrew his left hand and swung the Sword of Mount Kun in a perfect arc in front of him with his right hand. The brown-colored sphere of sword defense impressively lit up, and then violently collided with the three swords.


Wang Lu let out a cold humph as his sword defense finally could not withstand the heavy pressure of three peak Jindan Stage cultivators and thus shattered. However, at the same time, Yue Ziqing, Ning Mou, and Yao Nie, each of them fell into hardship—just now when they clashed with Non-Phase Sword Defense for a twinkling of a moment, they actually felt their strength seemed to weaken!

And as Wang Lu\'s sword defense shattered, he took this advantage to withdraw his Non-Phase Sword. The next moment, the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi burst out in front of those three cultivators of Kunlun Sect!