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Chapter 442: Three Thousand Six Hundred Years of Ripple

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy


Riding on her primal chaos flying ring, Zhou Mumu completely ignored the winds and clouds around her, but just set her eyes on Wang Lu, sizing him up and down.

If it were ordinary people who received this meticulous stare from a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, they would not be able to bear it, even if Zhou Mumu didn\'t exert any pressure. Even cultivators whose cultivation base was below that of Xudan Stage could not withstand her stare.

Unfortunately, the person that Zhou Mumu was now looking at was Wang Lu who was known to have invulnerable defenses. Seeing that Zhou Mumu was intently observing him, with eyes back and forth endlessly, Wang Lu wasn\'t polite either. He directly lifted his sleeves, revealing his smooth muscles on his toned arm. He then put on all sorts of bodybuilding postures, which caused Zhou Mumu to nearly fall from her ring.


Wang Lu coldly snorted. "Humph, did my biceps flicker your eyes? This is me showing mercy, you know, otherwise, if I show you my chest muscles, your eyes would blind."

"Enough, this nauseating action of yours is second only to stellar fairy Wang Lulu. Just now, my immortal heart almost collapsed."

Wang Lu\'s eyes shone. "This shows that you have a weak link in your cultivation, so you need me to help you strengthen yourself."

"No need, I still want to be an upright person…"

When Zhou Mumu said this, she felt that the pent-up emotion that she kept has been vented out. "Oh, I just want to ask you, what exactly is your relationship with that Western Continent woman? She seems to be passionately devoted to you, but both of you are not like ordinary companions on the immortal path."

Wang Lu laughed aloud. "Of course it\'s not an ordinary companion. In the past, I was her gigolo."


This time, Zhou Mumu really fell from her ring and had to hastily find her balance.

They were flying within the external protection array of Kunlun Mountain. According to usual rules, let alone a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, even Supreme level cultivators couldn\'t fly within the array without the permission from the owner. Zhou Mumu was using her privilege as the lead disciple to lead them in, and during this period, she must try hard to maintain the balance. A slight mistake would cause her to fall. As a result...

"Forget it, no normal person can understand your things. But, I really envy you, you actually have a Supreme level bodyguard." Zhou Mumu said, "Even for Shengjing Sect, it\'s impossible to have a personal protection from a Supreme level Elder."

The status of the lead disciple of the Five Uniques was important, but a Supreme level cultivator was also similarly respected. Even in Shengjing Sect, Supreme level cultivators were only a handful, so any one of them was a valuable force for the sect that couldn\'t be ignored. Unless the sect encountered a major situation, otherwise, even the Sect Leader could not freely order them.

Towards this, Wang Lu let out a laugh. "It\'s not easy to have a bodyguard, Senior Sister Zhou. Based on your aptitude and appearance, you can simply look for a Supreme level old man and pester him, that\'s a bodyguard for you! Moreover, after that old man dies of old age, naturally, you would have his inheritance, which I\'m afraid would be even more valuable than your capacity as the lead disciple!"


Zhou Mumu decided to never speak with Wang Lu again.

After nobody knows how much time has passed, they finally crossed the clouds, and Kunlun Mountain also appeared before them.

Unlike the twelve peaks of Spirit Sword Mountain, Kunlun Mountain did not use the cloud to hide its position. Instead, the clouds were simply used to separate the space. Were it not for Zhou Mumu who led them, the lead disciple of the other four sects would also find it difficult to have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of the real Kunlun Mountain.

As the oldest immortal cultivation sect in Nine Regions, the scenery on the mountain was mysterious. However, this time, Zhou Mumu led the four people to walk on a winding path. There was no one else along the way, nor did they see any facilities on the mountain.

According to Zhou Mumu, her using her lead disciple privilege here was not entirely in compliant with the rules. Thus, the several of them had to move in secret. Otherwise, if they come in in high profile, it would cause trouble instead.

"So please keep a low profile… and I\'ll take you straight to the place of origin. Right now, the Elders that guards the place of origin have just gone out, and the Elder who stays to look after the place has a very good relationship with me, so he could close his eyes for us. As long as you don\'t stir things up, it\'s safe to get into the place of origin."

Along the way, Zhou Mumu earnestly exhorted again and again, especially when she was near Wang Lu. Because among the four people, only Wang Lu alone was she most unable to feel assured! Qiong Hua had always been doing things appropriately, even though she had to admit that she looked unhappy about it. Xiang Liang\'s obedience was amazing, and giving him accurate orders would not go awry. As for Zhan Ziye… Hahaha, if he really messed things up, then that would be really good! She could not wait to see her Elders to come and teach him a lesson! If the lesson led to his death, then that was all the better...

After walking along the secret path of Kunlun, they finally came to a wide clearing. They saw a lake that was filled with boundless vitality. Countless types of spiritual energies converged there. The light on the lake reflected the thousands of history of Nine Regions, which caused their mind to feel dizzy.

Qiong Hua appreciated the lake with great interest, and then whispered, "Is this the place of origin?"

Zhou Mumu nodded, and then addressed the other four people, "Stay close to me, we have to go deep into the lake to get into the library… this process requires you to be calm, and you must not be confused."

However, she needed not exhorted the four lead disciples as the four of them have already launched their respective method, restraining their own power like a cocoon, and then followed the footsteps of Zhou Mumu into the center of the lake.

Walking at the front, Zhou Mumu silently chanted the spell incantation to guard them from the oppression of the lake. The water of this place of origin contained infinite strength. If there was no correct spell to guard against the water, even a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage would be completely devoured by it.

The other lead disciples knew the gravity of the situation, thus they behaved accordingly and did not cause any trouble.

After dipping into the lake, they found out that the lake water and the clouds outside Kunlun Mountain were actually kind of similar. Both were basically space boundaries. The real library might not necessarily be deep within the lake; it might as well be in an independent space.

The lake water rippled, and the light and the shadow swayed. Almost imperceptibly, before them was no longer the limpid lake water, but a spacious passageway. A magnificent building stood in front of it. The whole building was entirely made of white jade, seemingly carved from a pure white jade mountain!

The whole building was clean, without any dirt, and it was surrounded by thick water vapor. A completely white stone path extended from under their feet towards the building entrance. Only a grey rock as tall as a person stood by the door. The surface of the rock was full of moss and fungus. Its style was slightly obtrusive, but it added a bit of natural appeal on this solemn place.

Zhou Mumu took the lead and quickly walked towards the entrance. Suddenly, she stopped and nodded at the grey rock.

Then, in the eyes of Wang Lu and others, the stone shook slightly, as if it nodded back.

"M-Monkey king!" Wang Lu stepped back and showed his vigilance.

Zhou Mumu let out a humph, unceremoniously turned around, and swiftly swung her diamond ring. "Those who are discourteous deserve a beating!"

However, other people were also quite curious about the moving rock. Seeing their expressions, Zhou Mumu explained.

"This is South Pole Senior Immortal Weng 1 [1], the person in charge of supervising the Library of Kunlun."


Seeing that her explanation was only greeted with silence, Zhou Mumu had to explain further. "Senior Immortal Weng had entered the dormant state three years ago. Under normal circumstances, he would not have any reaction to the outside. However, since now I brought outsiders with me, I had to explain it to him. In short, don\'t think that this is just a rock."

"..." Wang Lu gawked for a while and then forced himself to watch the rock. "I-Is this rock really the South Pole Immortal Weng, the legendary turtle who has lived for three thousand and six hundred years?"

"Turtle-turtle your sister! Even if he doesn\'t respond, he could still hear you!" Zhou Mumu quickly lashed out her surging anger. Without hesitation, her diamond ring fiercely hit Wang Lu until he staggered back. "From now on, shut your mouth off!"

Although Wang Lu saw that the rock didn\'t give any reaction, he also did not say much anymore.

South Pole Immortal Weng was the oldest living cultivator in Nine Regions. His three thousand and six hundred years of life was now seen as a joke to many people, because he was famous for his extreme cultivation, extreme survival, and extremely bad at fighting. Theoretically, he was in Unity Stage, but his actual combat ability perhaps was not as good as some Yuanying Stage cultivators. His whole mind was used to prolong his lifespan and nothing else. The turtle nickname also came from this.

However, Wang Lu didn\'t think that it was that simple. Although his extremely long life consumed his strength as a cultivator, but it also let him experienced too many rising winds and scudding clouds. Compared to him, the current leader of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals was his Junior of the Junior! Moreover, there was also the key issue.

In the past three thousand and six hundred years, several turbulent times erupted in the Nine Regions. Especially the great war of immortals and demons two thousand years ago—which was also known as the second great war of immortals and demons. At that time, people thought that Great Ancestor Desheng had completely eliminated the threat of demon race in the first great war of immortal and demon, but they didn\'t think that the demon race actually has a considerable force in the Nine Regions, so that once the war broke, they were almost unstoppable...

In that great war of immortal and demon, many people of the Nine Regions thought that they won the war by mere luck. Countless immortal cultivation sects went extinct, and the situation was comparable to the Age of Chaos. And South Pole Immortal Weng survived from such an era.

With a bit of caution, Wang Lu and the others walked passed by the rock of Immortal Weng. He didn\'t know whether it was just an illusion, but Wang Lu always felt that the rock seemed to be looking at him...

If it were an average person, in this delicate situation, most of the time they would ignore this feeling. However, Wang Lu was a person who firmly believed in details. Since he clearly felt that there was a problem, he could not let it go easily.

He turned around, walked directly toward the rock, and reached out for a clean area of the rock.

"Hey, what are you doing!"

Zhou Mumu\'s voice seemed to have become misty and far all of a sudden, because Wang Lu suddenly heard several words in his mind.

"The 4432nd row of the 233rd line of bookshelves on the second floor might have something that you need."