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Chapter 438: It Is Really a Good Start

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

With the binding nature of Holy Light, it was simply an unprecedented feat that Non-Phase Method and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword could be forcibly combined. However, because it was a feat, the risk accompanying it was also self-evident.

In combining two different immortal level methods, each step that it needed to take was full of unknown, let alone at the critical juncture like breaking through Jindan. A slight carelessness and the soul would fly away and scatter.

However, since he had chosen this path, he had to resolutely tread on it. Each one of Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword and Non-Phase Sword had its own merit, and to give up any one of them would be like castrating himself, forever becoming an incomplete man.

Right now, Wang Lu was integrating his primordial spirit into his Void Core. In front of him, there were still thousands of crossroads. The widest two among them respectively symbolized Non-Phase Method and Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi. Both of them were under the influence of Holy Light, pulling to two of them to merge together into one.

The seed of Holy Light was planted by Faceless One. A golden seed was buried in the ground under his feet and soon took root. The roots underground linked the two roads, and due to its peculiar resilience and hardness, it abruptly pulled them towards each other.

It was hard to say how much of it was due to brute force or a trick. Since this was an unprecedented move in Nine Regions, no one could give a reasonable standard.

Wang Lu only knew that when the two paths merged into one, it was the time he successfully reached Jindan and truly set foot on the path of immortality.

The achievement of Jindan was the first critical breakthrough for cultivators on the path of immortal cultivation. By realizing the world\'s main path, cultivators would condense out their own path. As a result, Void Core turned into a real, inanimate object now filled with preliminary spirituality. Only by bearing one\'s own path could one truly become a true cultivator. This was also the origin of the words Daoist Master 1 .

For Wang Lu, it was not difficult to comprehend world\'s main path due to his Void Spirit Root. Almost from the very beginning, the main path was readily displayed before his eyes, and it was not difficult to condense his own path. If a cultivator barely managed to condense any kind of path, it was enough for that cultivator to rejoice. If there was no good method, there would simply be no leeway to choose. However, Wang Lu, as the lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, had too many paths to choose from. From the thousands of crossroads, it was unknown how many of them could lead him to the higher realm. If he continued to cultivate step by step, the achievement of Supreme was also just around the corner.

However, what he wanted was not just the title of Supreme, not even limited to just ascending to the immortal world. The thing that he could do now, he must do it well, not leaving any leeway.

Otherwise, he would feel sorry for all the long and abundant accumulation during Xudan Stage.

He really had stayed in Xudan Stage for too long. Ever since Grand Cloud Fairy helped him breakthrough Xudan Stage, Wang Lu had experienced an unusual amount of things in this stage. From the trip to Grand Cloud Mountain, the expedition to Western Continent, and the exploration of the Group of Immortal Tomb, each of this experience could be considered as legendary adventures. If it were other people, one legendary adventure was enough for a lifetime, and one fortuitous encounter was enough to make one be reborn. However, Wang Lu actually experienced three legendary adventures, yet he remained in Xudan Stage.

No cultivator in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals had such accumulation. In the immortal dream land, Wang Lu was able to contend against Qiong Hua by building his pseudo-core. In this, he very much relied on this abundant accumulation.

Wang Lu did not intend to abandon his Non-Phase Method. Even with the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi, he still intended to use Non-Phase Method as the main body to shape his own path.

Non-Phase Method was not only the method that enlightened the path to him, but it was also the method that accompanied him all the way to the present, experiencing countless difficulties and hardships. When the path was condensed, the path should bear the cultivator\'s own past, present, and future. And Non-Phase Method was exactly his past and present. If he wanted to condense the golden core, how could he avoid Non-Phase Method?

According to the method of the 51st layer of Non-Phase Heart Sutra taught by his Master, Wang Lu began to revolve his magical power in his golden core. The highly thick magical power stirred the immersed primordial spirit, and a dot of true self was born from within the darkness. At the same time, the 51st layer finally completed. Wang Lu saw that the thousands of paths began to sway and distort, and the two paths that were entangled with the Holy Light seed became more closely integrated.

"The 51st layer of Non-Phase Method is really easy to achieve, and its only role was to strengthen the stretching adaptability to unify with another method… tsk, Master, you really took great pains in this."

Since Wang Lu broke through the 50th layer of the methods under heavy pressure, the cultivation method of the 51st layer was exactly the preparation for achieving Jindan. Thus, Wang Wu hurriedly rush over to impart it, but it was like grinding the weapon in a hurry just before the battle. Considering that Wang Lu\'s Non-Phase Method was basically Wang Wu\'s own creation, this single layer must have been deduced by her for an unknown number of times, just so that it could be used by him specifically to break through Jindan.

This was also the reason why Wang Lu still respected his Master, no matter how crazy and ridiculous Wang Wu was.

For his Master\'s good intention, Wang Lu kindly accepted it with a smile. Then, on the basis of the perfect 51st layer of Non-Phase Method, Wang Lu resolutely strode forward to truly integrated it with the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi.


Wang Lu suddenly heard the crack of thunder—the primal chaos world seemed to be hammered repeatedly by a crystal ball. Two closely entwined paths began to struggle to break free. The entire jade mansion and golden core also shuddered, as if they were about to be split into two. Sensing this, Wang Lu was inwardly shocked. He quickly restrained the two, stopping them from splitting. It was just that, the process was exceptionally difficult that only when he did his best could the balance be maintained.

However, he did not dare to relax. The splitting of the golden core was equivalent to cutting oneself from within, not to mention that he had already immersed his primordial spirit in his golden core. Perhaps the splitting of the golden core might only result in him being a waste... but if his primordial spirit was split, he would die without a doubt...

However, at this time, Wang Lu suddenly remembered one thing: Golden core split in two!?

All of a sudden, Wang Lu immediately thought of his Master\'s double golden core. Could it be that she experienced a similar situation, two types of incompatible main paths, which eventually separated, thus creating the double golden cores, an unprecedented thing in Nine Regions?

Then, did his Master teach him the 51st layer just so that he could march along her path?

Double golden cores sounded like a certain way. If he could coordinate the existence of the two golden cores, he could use the Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi to attack, and Non-Phase Sword for defense. Although inevitably there would be some creakiness during the switch, it was still a bright main path.

However, it was his Master Wang Wu\'s main path, not suitable to be his main path. His Master\'s aptitude was mediocre, and her spirit root lacked in the attribute, which forced her to have no other alternative. However, his was the majestic Void Spirit Root, so he should not cling tenaciously to his Master\'s path without thinking ahead.

Up until now, he had faced numerous crisis that was seemingly impossible to win. As such, there was really no reason for him to back down at this juncture.

Within the primal chaos golden core space, facing the soon to be separated two main paths, as well as the seed of Holy Light in the middle of the path that seemed unable to withstand the load, Wang Lu remained calm. He continued to seep his primordial spirit, again and again, unreservedly depositing a group of paste-like golden core.

There was no immediate change to the situation—the path separation hadn\'t been stopped. However, Wang Lu was not impatient; he just continued to immerse his primordial spirit and maintained the output. Then he waited for the time of miracle.

Achieving Jindan was not something that finished overnight. In the record of Spirit Sword Sect, the fastest was around two to three days, while the slower ones were around ten to half a month. Of course, there were those particularly unlucky ones. Within the Golden Clay Hall, they retreated for three years until the sect Elders could not help but come to see them, only to discover that they have already accidentally fire deviated, dead for several years, and already became dried corpses.

Since he began his immortal cultivation, his progress had always been rapid, so now, he didn\'t care if he needed to spend a bit more time to reach Jindan Stage.

Within the golden core space, the monotonous boring life made the time seem to fly by. After nobody knows how much time has passed, the immersed primordial spirit was suddenly awakened by a cool feeling. The fine cracks within the golden core space, primal chaos mist, as well as two bright main paths have all disappeared.

Only the completely rich and pure magical power remained within. Furthermore, a kind of mysterious rhythm maintained its circulative movement, growing and multiplying without end.

When a cultivator was in Xudan Stage, the magical power was highly condensed, like a round pill. However, at that time, the magical power was merely condensed. It did not have any qualitative change. This time, however, Wang Lu found that this magical power was new and unfamiliar, not the Non-Phase magical power that accompanied him for more than a dozen years. Now it was more stable, tougher, as well as having ample acute spirit.

"So, this is the real magical power of Jindan. Compared to the previous magical power, the previous one is like a counterfeit product."

Feeling this brand new power, Wang Lu was suddenly filled with emotion. This was him, as a cultivator, feeling moved by the wonder of the immortal path.

Although the power harnessed by cultivators was collectively referred to as magical power by a lot of people, but if it were to be carefully subdivided, starting from Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, the magical power would evolve into true yuan , where the power of magical ability could rapidly expand. In particular, it was even more so for the disciples of great sects; once Jindan Stage was reached, their strength simply multiplied.

As for Wang Lu, his gains were even higher than any other Jindan Stage cultivators. This brand new strength had gone far beyond the original scope of Non-Phase Method.

If what Wang Wu cultivated was called Non-Phase Sword, what he previously cultivated ought to be called Non-Phase Method Plus. But compared to that original version, all aspects were now refined. So now, it should be called as… Non-Phase Method Demon Plus 2 ?

The Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi had been truly integrated into the golden core by him, becoming power that he could freely control. Of course, Wang Lu didn\'t intend to use it immediately, because if used unexpectedly at the critical moment, this could be a very strong card.

And now, it was time to open his eyes to look at his surrounding with the vision of a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage.

When he thought about this, he opened his eyes with a hint of happiness.

Then he saw the astonished face of his Master who hurriedly put her finger before his lips vertically.

Through primordial spirit, his Master\'s pleading voice rang, "Don\'t talk, let me hide here for a while. That bastard old third is chasing after me to no end… it\'s just several tens of thousands of spirit stone, why is he so stingy? That idiot Feng Yin somehow deducted my one year of stipends, but I am kind, so I simply took tens of thousands of spirit stones from the treasury."

Wang Lu was speechless.

Damn, the first thing I see as a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage is this ugly thing, it\'s so f*cking frustrating!

The next moment, Wang Lu gently opened his mouth, drumming the true yuan inside his golden core so that his voice spread to all twelve peaks of Spirit Sword Mountain, and even many protective arrays on the mountain could not stop it.

"I\'ve caught the fleeing Fifth Elder! As long as I have 999 spirit stones, I will bring back the escaped prisoner!

"Y-You f*cking dare to sell me!"

At the same time, the entrance of the golden clay hall was pushed open.

"Fifth Junior Sister, just accept the sect\'s punishment!"