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Chapter 437: Into the Bosom

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

As the most powerful force in the Western Continent, powerful individuals within Holy Light Religion were as many as clouds. And the Sea of Holy Light was vast that if it was personified, it would be an existence that was even on a higher level than a true immortal. However, compared to its vastness, the inclusiveness characteristic of the Sea of Holy Light was something that deserved more attention.

The Holy Light Religion had hundreds of millions of believers in Western Continent. Regardless of whether these believers were poor or rich, healthy or ill, as long as they were devoted to Holy Light, they might receive the gift from the Sea of Holy Light. This kind of ability to unify the will of countless different people was precisely the thing that Wang Lu desperately needed.

Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword and Non-Phase Method were as irreconcilable as spear and shield. Ever since Wang Lu left the ancient sword tomb and inherited the legacy of Sword Demon, the Elders of Spirit Sword Sect had all given their best to think about it for him. After all, the value of an immortal level method that could lead people to immortality before the age of chaos was self-evident. It was comparable to Spirit Sword Sect\'s own treasure, the Stellar Sword Method. However, even with the wisdom of the Elders of Heavenly Sword Hall, in the end, they failed to come up with a practical plan. Therefore, for practical consideration, Wang Lu suspended his cultivation of Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword and just concentrated on Non-Phase Method.

But now, Faceless One had put forward a very attractive proposal. As long as he believed in Holy Light, he would be able to perfectly blend both Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword and Non-Phase Method, thus have the best of both… These two were top rank in their respective fields. If they could be combined, surpassing the level of immortal was also something that was not difficult.

However, was there such a good thing in this world?

"Of course there is."

Faceless One replied affirmatively, "Holy Light is capable of anything."

Wang Lu sneered. "What a pity, Holy Light that is capable of anything actually can\'t help you guys win the two decisive battles in Taobao City."

In the past, when the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals went to Western Continent for an expedition, led by Supreme Tianyue, the cultivators of Nine Regions had fierce battles against Holy Light Religion. Finally, the power of the Pope and substitute Pope indeed shocked the eyes and astonished the hearts of Nine Regions cultivators, however, ultimately, it was the Nine Regions people who had the last laugh. Supreme Tian Yue and Daoist Master Feng Yin respectively won their match, which almost brought Holy Light Religion to collapse.

If Holy Light was really capable of anything, how could the spokespersons of Holy Light be so incompetent?

"Because they were only spokespersons, not the Sea of Holy Light itself," Faceless One replied like it was a matter of course. "The Holy Light Religion has been developing in Western Continent for thousands of years, establishing a dominant position. During which, it both created the glory for Holy Light, but also unprecedented internal frictions."

Wang Lu said, "As the founder of the Priory of Zion, you have the nerve to bring out the internal frictions?"

Faceless One said, "Were it not for the Priory of Zion that unified all the oppositions, Holy Light Religion would\'ve collapsed hundreds of years ago. Because of the long development, this huge organization has internal checks and balances, and the power is too dispersed. If the pope can receive more power from the Sea of Holy Light, even if it\'s just thirty percent, even if you have the whole Nine Regions to attack at the same day, it would be useless. Unfortunately, after a civil strife a thousand years ago, Holy Light Religion put the limit on the authority of the pope, setting the upper limit of the power that could be drawn from the Sea of Holy Light in order to prevent a single person from causing a disaster. However, although the shackled pope could clearly overawe the Western Continent, in the face of foreign invasion, it was the Holy Light believers who ate the bitter fruit."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu could not help but frown. For him, this was something unheard of.

"Of course, this is unheard of, because even the leadership of the church is not very clear about it. The secret assembly a millennium ago was only attended by a handful of people, which did not include any top-level individuals in the church at the time. It was especially kept a secret from the pope."

Wang Lu could not help but smile at the cleverness of the gang of holy light believers at that time. For this kind of thing, it was indeed the more confidential, the better. Otherwise, if any pope knew that his strength was actually limited artificially, he would not be reconciled. And since there were able people that could limit the power of the pope, they naturally have the ability to un-limit the power of the pope. However, that group of people could actually keep this secret for a thousand years. This was simply too...

"Dead people can keep a secret."

Faceless One lightly gave the answer. As to why he was still alive and aware of this matter, that was another matter, and Wang Lu didn\'t care about it too much.

"In short, what you mean is that the sea of holy light is actually capable of anything, it was just that, its power in the human world is limited artificially by human. And in the Nine Regions…"

Faceless One said, "Nine Regions does not have Holy Light Religion. As long as you are willing to convert to Holy Light, you would be the sole spokesperson."

Wang Lu said, "Where does the sea of light come from?"

Faceless One said, "Don\'t you have Wisdom Sect? As a sect leader, it\'s not difficult for you to change doctrine. In fact, I can now clearly see the lingering belief in you, unfortunately, you don\'t know how to use it."

Wang Lu lightly smiled but did not say anything. It was not only Western Continent people that were good at playing with beliefs, Nine Regions people also had the power to gather the will of the people… However, there was indeed such a strange existence like the Sea of Holy Light.

Almost all religions, after all, personified their beliefs in either totems, ancestors, or gods. But for Holy Light Religion to regard nothingness as their idol, it was indeed rare.

"Of course, if you\'re not interested in the spread of Holy Light, I can do it for you. You can give me the position of the church\'s holy one, and then you can leave the rest to me."

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu couldn\'t help but sigh with emotion that Faceless One was indeed worthy to be the expert in poisoning people\'s mind—his words left no room for rejection. Asking this guy into his core was indeed a risky but also clever move. At least, with Faceless One here, Wang Lu could be more determined to abandon the path of the Sword Demon...

As for the condition that he put forward and was hard to refuse...

"Okay, it\'s like what you said. You give me the seed of Holy Light, and then I will appoint you as the Holy One of Wisdom Sect, by which you can spread the belief in Holy Light."

When this statement came out, Faceless One immediately turned stupid. "Wait a minute, what did you say?"

Wang Lu laughed. "I said I\'ll do as you said, I decided to convert to Holy Light."

"But, you\'re not…"

Wang Lu said, "I originally thought that the sea of holy light is connected, no matter which continent. Once the sea of holy light is implanted, it is tantamount to having many shackles inside the body. But since you said that there\'s no sea of holy light in Nine Regions, I would be the founder of Holy Light Religion, so what\'s not good about it?"


"Come on, I can\'t wait to convert to Holy Light. Just give me the seed of holy light, and as the founder, I will be the number one in the Holy Light."

"You don\'t care about… the holy fetus?"

"Do you really think I care?"


On Non-Phase Peak, the door to the simple wooden hut was pushed open. A woman in simple and elegant dress dragged her heavy and faltering pace into the hut, and then put a heavy wine bottle on the table.

"How is the taste of being caught in one\'s own trap?"

On the wooden table, the dimly colored orb slightly moved.

"It\'s contrary to the expectation."

Faceless One\'s voice was slightly tired.

The woman in white let out a laugh. "Contrary to the expectation? You have obviously tried to eat him once but lost, yet you don\'t have enough brain power to learn from that."

Faceless One turned silent. The woman\'s laughter was really pleasant to hear, but how could he not know the killing intent behind it? After all, he has lost a bet against her, and the price of such lost...

"But, your ability to seek life within death is indeed not bad," Wang Wu said, and then unexpectedly poured a glass of wine and put it in front of the orb. "For your quick thinking."

However, just as she finished her words, she took the glass and drank the wine.

In any case, the orb would not drink it, and the wine could not be wasted.


"In the immortal dream land, Wang Lu was ready to use you as his last card to turn the table around. To be able to resolve his doubts in just a couple of sentences, so that he mistakenly believed that you were sent to help him by me, that is indeed your ability."

Faceless One laughed once. "Actually, he did not completely trust me until the end. He used his demon heart to create the pseudo-core and then wanted me to suppress the demon heart. If I have even a slightly different intention, I would\'ve been the first to be torn apart by his demon heart."

"Although he did not believe you, he did not kill you either. Instead, he let you be his assistant until the end. So it can be seen that regardless of whether what you said was true or false, it has a great influence on him. And your existence does prove its value. And this is totally beyond my expectation. I was actually trying to use you as a bait for his breakthrough to Jindan, but you actually seized that opportunity to linger."

"Sadly, in the end, it\'s still a lost."

Wang Wu said with a smile, "A lost? Far from it. In the immortal dream land, you helped little Lu beat the little lady of Shengjing Sect, that\'s a real credit there. Didn\'t I promise not to kill you? Do you worry that I would not keep my word?"

Faceless One didn\'t say anything. Regarding the issue of the credibility of the Master of Non-Phase Peak, people who understood would not say too much.

And Wang Wu also very confidently ignored this issue and just continued, "Your performance in the immortal dream land proved that you have stolen the mystery known only to heaven and found a way to live, so I will not kill you. But, although the death penalty can be exempted."

"You can\'t escape the suffering. You fancy my Holy Light seed, which can be used to resolve Wang Lu\'s Jindan contradiction. However, for the Holy Light seed to function, it needs the support from the Sea of Holy Light, which requires someone to run the Sea of Holy Light."

"So we made a bet. If Wang Lu could not see through the truth, then you will still help him reconcile the two kinds of method. But then you will manage the Sea of Holy Light, becoming the Lord of the believers, so that in the future, when Wang Lu needs the support from the Sea of Holy Light, he would have to consult with you on an equal footing."

Faceless One said, "Alas, Wang Lu actually saw through the truth. In this way, I can only be the church\'s Holy One, and had to bow my head to profess allegiance."

"How does it feel to fail at the last moment?"

The orb slightly quivered. Faceless One said with a slight smile, "Not bad. In the future, if Nine Regions would have Wang Lu, this able person, as the Lord of Holy Light, then I would feel at ease."

Wang Wu was slightly surprised. "Unexpectedly, you\'re the kind of person who would let his wife sleep with another man with more prowess in bed to maintain marital harmony."

Faceless One responded indifferently, "Everything I have is for the Sea of Holy Light. As long as I can better spread the belief, I don\'t care about personal gains and losses. Being able to gain a strong support in this exotic place of Nine Regions really makes me overjoyed."

Wang Wu finally had nothing to say and just happily drunk the cup of wine again. After which, she put the green-colored wine cup upside down on top of the orb, then left the wooden hut in laughter, flying away towards Misty Peak\'s Golden Clay Hall.

There, Wang Lu\'s golden core had finally reached the final part.