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Chapter 434: Anger Leads to a Storm!

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

The removal of demon heart practically solved the fatal crisis of Wang Lu.

There were two reasons for the proliferation of demon heart. One was the breakthrough before the fight, and the other one was violently beating up Qiong Hua. Of which, the breakthrough before the fight accounted for the vast majority.

For an average person, breaking through Jindan just before the battle was amount to a deviant fantasy. Even for an experienced person like Qiong Hua, it was a mystery that was difficult to understand. Clearly, it was a rare thing.

And for rare a thing, there was naturally a price to pay. Wang Lu\'s golden core was round and full, and with a golden color. However, its essence was actually a pseudo-core. The true golden core must contain all of the investment put into immortal cultivation since a cultivator begun to tread on the path of immortality until it was smooth and round. And then from within came the primordial spirit and immortal heart separately. If there was a slight mishap in any of these, the golden core would erupt, then the jade mansion would collapse. If primordial spirit and immortal heart were also planted inside, then that would be a dead end.

Since there was such a huge risk, naturally it must be well-prepared. For an average cultivator, breaking through Jindan Stage was as difficult as passing the divine tribulation—elixir, magical treasure, and array were indispensable. However, Wang Lu actually advanced to Jindan Stage while the Kill Immortal sword was slaughtering the whole world. No matter how miraculous Non-Phase Method was, it could not openly violate the common sense of the immortal path.

This pseudo-core was one of the life-saving skills taught by his Master. However, its principle was actually based on satisfying thirst by drinking poison—he must condense all the power on his body to a spot, but it wasn\'t required for it to be made round. However, power that was twisted like that, how could it amount to anything? And the source of this power… was exactly Wang Lu\'s demon heart. Demon heart was something that existed since ancient time. Written down in records and spread through legends, the power of demon heart was profound and boundless. It could haunt, but it was also something that no one could resist. Wang Lu drew the power of demon heart to forcefully compound the pseudo-core. However, after the core was successfully formed, later on, the demon heart would charge him the price. When the time comes, his magical power would circulate the wrong way, his sword bone would break little by little, and his life would be miserable.

Therefore, such a life-saving method looked more like a suicide method. However, there was an interval between the forming of the core and when the price must be paid. And in this world, there were a lot of things where the success or failure depended on this interval.

Let alone there was also a near-homologous existence present along with the demon heart inside Wang Lu. Faceless One has made his move, which temporarily suppressed Wang Lu\'s demon heart. However, after thinking about it left and right, Wang Lu knew that his demon heart would not let him go free. Thus, he just threw caution to the wind and beat Qiong Hua to his heart content.

However, after defeating Qiong Hua and winning the five blood spirit crown, the demon heart was a deadly threat. Faceless One was not omnipotent, and the demon heart was only suppressed for a limited time. Thus, Wang Lu intended to return to his sect with the heavenly talisman. Although the entanglement from demon heart seemed unsolvable, since this technique was handed down by his Master, he believed she must also have its antidote… If she didn\'t have it, then in the name of Wisdom Sect, he would take a huge amount of loan from Mysterious Sky Mansion. After which, he would make a will: All of my debts would be inherited by my Master.

But now, he didn\'t have to worry about his Master\'s help, because the helper was already in front of him.

If was just that, if he could choose, he would rather risk returning to his sect to seek help. Because this purple-black flame looked more terrifying than the demon heart… moreover, he knew that the topics that the other side wanted to talk with him were not something that he really wanted to hear.

"The demon heart has already been removed, now we can talk, right?"

Wang Lu sighed. "Sir, you may not know this, but I already developed a deep emotion with my demon heart that I can\'t endure being separated from it. So, please, Sir, if you might be so kind as to put the demon heart back in me and let us go."

That purple-black flame froze for a long time. The flame then fluttered as it somewhat sullenly said, "There\'s a deep emotion with the demon heart?"

Wang Lu confidently nodded. "Sir, you may have once heard a popular ghost story in Nine reginos—My Girlfriend Is A Zombie. It narrates an inspiring epic love story between a man and a corpse. Since people and zombies can even get together, what\'s so incredible about the feelings between me and my demon heart?"

"That\'s an inconceivable lie. Demon heart is ruthless, even if you are the first lover in Nine Regions, that you can even engage with plants and flowers, you can never influence the demon heart."

Wang Lu said, "There\'s an always exception to all things. There are countless of demon hearts, but mine is the cutest one…"

"There are countless of demon hearts, which one of them I am not familiar with? Or do you want to compete with me about the understanding of demon heart?" That purple-black flame suddenly let out a sneer, and the flame burst in all direction, revealing its true self.

Over ten meters in height, with bony outgrowth all over the body, red face and fierce fangs, and its gaze were like a torch. It was a fully fledged...

"... Demon?"

Such a strange form, such a terrifying demon flame, such knowledge about demon heart, plus easily dispelling the demon heart that had already been deeply rooted inside Wang Lu... In addition to the demon from demon world, who else?

Seeing this demon, Wang Lu inwardly sighed as it seemed that all kinds of speculation in the immortal dream land turned out to be true. But he really could not afford to be excited.

"As you guessed." That powerful demon nodded. "I am the creator of this group of immortal tombs, as well as one of your so-called earth immortals."

… Sh*t!

After gawking for a moment, Wang Lu shook his head with a bitter smile. This group of immortal tombs that has been regarded as one of the ten wonders by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, the demon race was actually involved in its creation… Moreover, he was even one of the earth immortals! If this information was to be spread outside, at the very least, there would be a great upheaval in the Excavation Management. Not to mention that for an extremely racist-toward-demon-race person like Qiong Hua who put more importance to the enmity between immortal and demon than her virginity, if she knew that the demon race could become an earth immortal, perhaps she could directly murder her way to the heaven, seeking for an audience.

However, for Wang Lu, it was not so difficult to accept. In the previous ring, he repeatedly pushed against the designer\'s idea, and had already vaguely guessed some of this. Now, his guess was merely confirmed, thus, he was not that surprised.

And since the topic was already out in the open, Wang Lu no longer shirked away and just bluntly said, "So, what may be the instructions of senior earth immortal?"

"Instructions?" That demon sneered. "You indeed need someone to instruct you. Let me ask you, do you remember what was reminded of you by someone just after you guys opened the entrance to the group of immortal tombs?"

Wang Lu furrowed his brows as his memory quickly returned to one year ago. At that time, when the leaders of the five super sects joined forces to open the door, then… someone from behind the entrance said a lot of things, told the background of the group of immortal tombs, and then left a reminder.

"The group of immortal tombs is the legacy inherited by the ancestors. If you guys want to take the treasures inside, you must carry forward the unfulfilled will of the ancestors. This is a must responsibility."

Right now, the group of immortal tombs had already been explored for more than a year. Although the overall progress was not fast, there was already some unknown number of cultivators who benefited from it. Even Wang Lu, this genius class cultivator, had triggered the turning back time phenomenon. However, he never heard of anyone that bore some kind of responsibility.

This issue had actually already been discussed by the Excavation Management. It was just that, due to the lack of clues, the final conclusion could only be: The desire of the ancient earth immortals was that everyone could attain immortality, thus our present generation must carry forward this unfulfilled will, by having the spirit of not fearing the bitter hardship in developing the immortal cultivation, unceasingly strengthen the immortal path, and pushing forward the immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions so that it could reach a new level...

At that time, Wang Lu also didn\'t have any concrete idea. However, after experiencing these several immortal dream lands, he had vaguely guessed what the so-called responsibility meant...

"That…" Wang Lu opened his mouth hesitatingly. However, before he could finish it, that demon had already interrupted him.

"The universe is really big, much bigger than you, ignorant later generation cultivators, think."

Some of these words have no head nor tail, but Wang Lu immediately made a connection and said, "You mean there are many worlds? Apart from Nine Regions Continent, Western Continent, demon world, and other worlds that we are familiar with, there are still other worlds?"

That demon froze for a moment, and then slightly nodded. "Yes, you\'re actually not unbearably thick. Your mind is quite open to new ideas."

As a human being, being praised by the demon race, Wang Lu really didn\'t think that there\'s something to be proud of particularly on this matter. "I just happen to see more than an average person… I once had accidentally glimpsed the thousand worlds… In short, in some places where we are not aware of, there exist some unusually hostile powerful creatures, such as the great flood beast, twelve ancestor shaman, steel corps and trisomy people, and so on. These creatures might jeopardize the safety of everyone. Therefore, the immortal and demon did not hesitate to join forces. It\'s just that, the great undertaking of resisting the enemy has not been fully achieved, so that they created the group of immortal tombs to be inherited for future generations?"

There were still a lot of things that didn\'t make sense in this speculation. Such as… If there was really a crisis that might lead to an extinction, why had Nine Regions remained completely ignorant for so many years? Why was there no information about it left in the Nine Regions? Was it a secret worth keeping, or was it something else?

Moreover, in the face of such crisis, some people should\'ve come out and helped...

However, right now, the most important thing was to understand many of these mysteries. But then, should he shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the survival of the two worlds, and at the same time, compete with the opponent that even the two communities in the past could not defeat?

Was… was not this development a bit too fast? What the hell, I\'m a professional adventurer, cross-level fighter, mission completer, so there is nothing out of the ordinary about this.

However, before Wang Lu could think too much, that demon said, "Those things that you think about are still too far away from you. Many secrets can\'t be revealed so quickly. And you guys… especially you, your pace of exploration is too quick."

Wang Lu listened with furrowed brows.

The demon explained, "This group of immortal tombs is a place for experiential learning, and also a place of inheritance. Within which, there are many kinds of immortal dream lands. Some are quite special, in which you will see some incredible scenes."

"Turning back time?"

That demon laughed. "You would like to think that time could be turned back. But, whenever you successfully trigger a vision, it means that you are one step closer to the true inheritance. Now, are you really ready for the inheritance?"

Wang Lu sighed. "Of course not… This kind of world peace thing, you might better give it to Senior Sister Qiong Hua. As for me, as long as I live a simple and good life, that is enough for me. So, like I said, please give me back my demon heart…"

Hearing Wang Lu said those things, the demon race laughed, and then waved his as-thick-as-a-pillar arm as he threw a blood-colored gem at him.

"Your demon heart."

Wang Lu took the gem only to feel that it was scalding hot! He immediately put it in a specially made jade box, and only then did it settle down.

After sending out the gem, that demon was once again wrapped in purple-black flames, and the black mist became thicker.

Wang Lu knew that this was the gesture from the host to tell the guest to leave. Thus, he turned away to leave. Just as he turned around, he immediately saw the brilliant galaxy. He had returned to the entrance of the group of immortal tombs.

From behind him, within the thick mist, the voice of the demon race was nearly inaudible.

"Just do your best, later generation cultivator, that is all I can do for you."

With that, that flame exploded and dispersed. And along with it appeared an amazing figure.

The knotted red muscles fell down along with the bone spurs. The ten meters giant disintegrated just like that.

What remained in its place was a slim figure of a tall and fit woman. Behind her, a small tail gently swayed.

And in the woman\'s hand, there was a broken crown which she was playing with.