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Chapter 429: The Last Card

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Wang Lu never really plotted for the lives of the two children. The blood sacrifice to control the Eternal Tree was actually a scheme from the very beginning.

A scheme to drive Zhan Ziye to death.

There was nothing wrong with Zhan Ziye\'s Eternal Tree strategy. He could indeed connect Sacred Leaf with the Eternal Tree through the spell derived from supreme wisdom. Unfortunately, Shaman went to the afterlife along with A Ye, which completely ruined his whole plan.

Without the powerful Sacred Leaf Shaman, her young heir alone was far from enough to support the spell. The only way seemed to be like what Wang Lu said, to blood sacrifice one person so that the other could accomplish it. However, previously, just as Wang Lu mentioned this plan, Zhan Ziye had furiously interrupted him.

However, in turn, what if there was no Wang Lu to tell the plan?

With Zhan Ziye\'s IQ, could he really not think of this method?

As for whether he thought that this approach could be implemented or not, whether he could be ruthless enough to hurt the two children… these should be carefully considered.

The two children being left to him by Shaman was a significant factor. However, looking from another point of view, whose children were they? Shaman\'s and Zhan Ziye\'s? Would Zhan Ziye consider the two children as his, knowing that they were A Ye\'s descendant? No matter how dull Zhan Ziye in the emotional department was, would he really be willing to accept these two huge plates?

Zhan Ziye was not an evil person, but he was not a saint either. He wouldn\'t be easily moved by the feelings between men and women. Previously, when he was attracted to Liu Li, it could not be considered as he was really moved. However, once Zhan Ziye was really moved, often he would do extreme things. For him, the beginning was a game, and the important thing was the result. During the period where he lived with Shaman, this forest fairy quietly aroused his desire, which made him began to try to enjoy the game process. However, when he had high hopes for Shaman, Shaman actually betrayed his trust...

From Zhan Ziye\'s point of view, it could be said that Shaman had stabbed him in the back. However, what did this injury mean for an emotionally stunted member of Ten Thousand Arts Sect? Only the innumerable painful lessons in history could explain it. Unfortunately, although throughout her life Shaman was considered as wise, in her last moment of life, her concern was chaotic and thus ignorant of what she had done.

Leaving the two children under the care of Zhan Ziye? When Wang Lu learned of this matter, he immediately knew that the two children have been sentenced to death.

Perhaps Zhan Ziye would not immediately make his move, but in the end, the existence of the two children were just eyesores. Eventually, Zhan Ziye would understand that for him, only the five blood spirit crown was important. And if he wanted to get the five blood spirit crown, the sacrifice of the two children was essential.

Of course, Zhan Ziye was by no means a lunatic. But if the two children themselves were the ones looked for death, wasn\'t that a sufficient enough ground?

Wang Lu was willing to bet ten million spirit stones that Zhan Ziye would surely sacrifice the two children in exchange for the five blood spirit crown.

This was also where Zhou Mumu was different from Zhan Ziye. Through the tacit understanding with A Ye, in order to fulfill the poignant love, Zhou Mumu did not hesitate to sacrifice herself. However, Zhan Ziye was different. With his Master\'s education, his innate personality doomed him not to be trapped in the mire forever.

If Shaman was still alive, she might be able to firmly tether Zhan Ziye tightly. However, she was dead. The only factor that could limit the frenzied Zhan Ziye disappeared.

For Wang Lu, the death of the two children was irrelevant. He would not deliberately push them into the abyss, but he would not waste precious time to save their lives either. What mattered to Wang Lu was the Eternal Tree strategy of Zhan Ziye. It was one of the most important weapons against Qiong Hua, but it was also a threat to Wang Lu. Once the Eternal Tree fell into Zhan Ziye\'s hand, he could really sweep this world and no one could be his enemy.

Therefore, Wang Lu must remove Zhan Ziye, but at the same time keep the Eternal Tree. Thus, a targeted plan was born.

The plan to sacrifice the two children, Zhan Ziye could ultimately think of it himself. However, if this matter was first proposed by Wang Lu, then naturally it would be completely different. Given the relationship between the two of them, Zhan Ziye would subconsciously resist it, and indeed, at the beginning of the incident, he was angry.

Then, by explaining the plan which could be deduced by Zhan Ziye himself, not only did it not act as a hint, Zhan Ziye was completely stifled by it immediately. Especially when the two children came in time, Zhan Ziye was completely suppressed by Wang Lu that he could not even say a word. However, if he pushed things too far, it would only cause the seed of rebellion in Zhan Ziye\'s heart to grow wildly...

Similarly, the timely appearance of the two children was more like a divine stroke, directly pulling themselves back from the abyss of death.

In front of Wang Lu, no matter what, Zhan Ziye would not just stare blankly as they die. On the contrary, if Wang Lu\'s plan could be broken, it could be seen as a victory for Zhan Ziye.

However, how could he protect the two children and let Wang Lu\'s vicious plan go bankrupt? This was a problem for Zhan Ziye. There was indeed a way to launch the Eternal Tree without the blood sacrifice

And that was exactly Zhan Ziye playing the role of Sacred Leaf. As for whether the wood spirit could overstep his authority to play as the master… With the Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension, he could simulate the Sacred Leaf. As long as he was willing to pay the price, nothing was unachievable.

It was just that, the price was indeed really heavy. It was likely that he could die on the spot. Although in this immortal dream land he had life-saving props, the fate of expulsion from immortal dream land was inevitable.

At this price, it was impossible for Zhan Ziye to rationally accept it. He did not come here to become a volunteer. Why would he launch the Eternal Tree to beat Golden City only for Wang Lu to reap the reward?

The answer had now been revealed—because of Wang Lu\'s previous conversation, which forced him to take this death road!

Wang Lu didn\'t tell this scheme to anyone, nor did he intend to. In fact, after being misled by Wang Lu, Zhan Ziye used his Ten Thousand Methods Comprehension to simulate the existence of Sacred Leaf to communicate with the Eternal Tree so that his magical power dried up, and his primordial spirit atrophied and was forcibly driven away from the immortal dream land. And all along, he was not aware that he had been deceived.

Of course, he might have also realized that, but he just didn\'t care.

When he finally left the scene, Zhan Ziye brought a victory smile along with him.

Wang Lu, after all, I didn\'t degenerate into a pawn in your chessboard, nor did I lose my humanity. The most important thing is that, I got what I\'ve wanted from this, and it doesn\'t lose to the big harvest of any of you guys. You can have that five blood spirit crown. I hope your harvest can bless you forever.

When Zhan Ziye left the field, nobody could understand the inside story of this, except for one person.

"Oh, what a beautiful scheme." The smile on Wang Lu\'s face suddenly turned cold, but his tone of voice was rather playful. "It is indeed in style with my missionary work."

Wang Lu clicked his tongue and said, "Originally, I was quite proud of this, but since it has been reviewed as such by you, it suddenly seems not quite good anymore."

Faceless One said, "Although I hate you, I recognize your ability. There are only two things that matter in this world, the first is raw power, and the other one is the ability to play with people\'s heart. One of these seems to have been perfected by you."

Wang Lu smiled but thought otherwise. "Do you think a skill is necessary to play a nerd? Wait until the day I can let my Master find her moral integrity, then you can shout at my virtuous achievement… But, in any case, the Eternal Tree has appeared on time, so it has solved the urgent need. Now we just wait for Qiong Hua\'s response."

"The energy of this Eternal Tree is infinite. If controlled appropriately, it could be compared to a Holy One of Western Continent. Unfortunately, no one in this world could have such a cultivation base." Faceless One lightly commented, "Especially since the Eternal Tree is being controlled by two young children, I\'m afraid its power is even hard to maintain."

"But it\'s more than enough to steamroll a Jindan Stage cultivator. I\'m really looking forward to it. Senior Sister Qiong Hua, how are you going to break this card of mine?"

The same question also arose in Qiong Hua\'s heart.

After waking up her five senses, she saw the towering Eternal Tree rose from the ground and sensed its surging-wave-like hostility which shook the soul.

Such divine thing had already far exceeded the scope that this world should have. The cultivation base in this immortal dream land was limited to just before Jindan Stage. By the secret method from Shengjing Sect, after entering this world, she quickly restored Jindan Stage cultivation base to occupy the absolute strength, but it only stopped there. Yet, the level of this Eternal Tree was even far beyond the Yuanying Stage. If based on this alone, let alone Qiong Hua, even the Elders of Shengjing Sect might not be its match. Even if the tree was only controlled by the two children, making it difficult for it to display its full potential, it would still be really difficult for her to confront it.

So, how would she break this barrier?

The secret method of trinity was indeed powerful, but it was still not enough to counterbalance the Eternal Tree. Let alone the effectiveness of the secret method was limited, so it was impossible to maintain it for long. In this state, although her strength could rise to the peak, able to expel all kinds of evil, but her golden core would lose its ability to continuously grow so her magical power might dry up.

If the secret method could not work, then there was only the last choice.

Qiong Hua\'s temperament was decisive, so as soon as she decided, she immediately implemented it. She took a deep breath and held the Immortal Dew sword across her chest. Her right hand held the sword hilt while her left hand was on top of the sword, lightly brushing it. At the same time, inside her Jade Mansion, a sacrificial sword slowly floated and echoed with the outside sword.

Then, a clear stream flowed down towards the sacrificial sword. The source of the stream was a freehand landscape painting that came from the wall of her Jade Mansion. At first, this clear stream seemed to appear like a mere decoration, however, at this time, the essence of clear spring flowed through it and washed the Immortal Dew sword.

Immortal Dew was by definition pure and dirtless, why would it need to be washed?

However, under the clear stream, the word \'Immortal Dew\' that was engraved on the sword body was actually vaguely scrubbed. Then two sharp words emerged.

Kill Immortal!