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Chapter 427: I Already Don’t Want My Face

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

Almost immediately after the gray smoke rose to the sky, Qiong Hua made her move. As if splitting the heaven and earth apart, she swung down her blue colored immortal sword, the "Immortal Dew", with all her strength, no quarter given.

Just now, her powerful primordial spirit allowed Qiong Hua to immediately perceived the crisis. Although the energy of that faint gray smoke was weak, it had a terrifying mystical power that was enough to move her. It was as if an ancient devil has just gotten free from the seal. Even if it was weak, it had an overwhelming advantage in the realm.

Although Qiong Hua was the most powerful among the lead disciples of the Five Uniques, in the end, they were just disciple generation. There were countless other people that were stronger than her in Nine Regions. Therefore, Qiong Hua would never overestimate her own ability. When she needed to fight for her life, she would never have any reservation.

However, when the Immortal Dew sword was only swung halfway through, Qiong Hua suddenly saw a blur, then the weight of the immortal sword in her hand suddenly changed. The sword was now without any real sense. She immediately knew inwardly that things had gone bad, so she quickly sealed all of her five senses, sank her primordial spirit, and whirled around the golden core within her Jade Mansion so that its brilliant light shone in all directions.

The strange evil heart demon had unknowingly intruded in. The speed was so fast that she basically couldn\'t react at all. Qiong Hua even suspected that Wang Lu\'s ridiculous bribery lobbying was just a cover to release this heart demon. For Wang Lu\'s murderous move, Qiong Hua didn\'t dare to take it lightly. Immediately, she used her Shengjing Sect\'s method to guard her primordial spirit and immortal heart, and then tried to expel the intruder.

And just as Qiong Hua finished all of this, there was a burst of sharp laughter inside her Jade Mansion. The devil who invaded her Jade mansion crazily yelled in a special language.

In Qiong Hua\'s cold mind, that language was once an optional course taken by her in Shengjing Sect. It was the common language of Western Continent. And the words of that devil were as follow...

"Hahaha, accept the sanction of Holy Light you Far East heretic!"

The Holy Light Religion\'s madman of the Western Continent!

More than a year ago, she followed the Nine Regions\' Union of Ten Thousand Immortal expedition to the Western Continent and profoundly experienced the fierceness of the native people there. The believer of Holy Light Religion always acted aggressively. This madman who shouted sanction against the heretic was the madman among the madmen. Needless to say, no doubt it was a devil!

The situation suddenly became tricky. Shengjing Sect method was a supreme method in Nine Regions, and as the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, Qiong Hua was confident that she could expel any monster or devil of Nine Regions. However, she was not that confident when it came to the monster or devil of Western Continent. Whether the Nine Regions\' immortal method to subdue evil could restrain the devil of Western Continent, nobody could entirely be sure.

However, Qiong Hua\'s immortal heart stood its ground steadfastly. So what if she couldn\'t find a way to restrain it? As the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect and also one of the top sword cultivators among her peers, Qiong Hua\'s sword to break all the methods had already reached a high degree of proficiency. Let alone her Immortal Dew sword could clarify all things, the thing that she was good at was exactly subduing the devil and driving out evil. When she traveled in Western Continent, she never killed deliberately, but the devil of Western Continent that died in her hands were also not few!

Outside her Jade Mansion, the gray smoke gradually shrouded over, and very soon the Jade Mansion would be completely wrapped. The laughter of Faceless One from time to time appeared and disappeared like a ghost outside the Jade Mansion. The grey air was ever-present, which turned Qiong Hua\'s Jade Mansion to become like a netherworld. However, Qiong Hua held on to her Jade Mansion. The self-generated magical power from the golden core within the Jade Mansion rivaled that of the grey smoke.

At this point, Qiong Hua slightly calmed down. Just now, her reaction was one step quicker. She promptly sank her primordial spirit to her purple mansion and extradited it inside her jade mansion. She then sheltered it within her golden core. If her primordial spirit remained outside, it would certainly be confused by the grey smoke and everything would cease. However, seeing the layers upon layers of ghostly images outside her jade mansion, she was inwardly fearful. The devil\'s magical ability was indeed astonishing. A dignified Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, yet her primordial spirit was actually easily trapped inside her jade mansion, which disabled her from using her magical power...

It was likely that this devil was not just an ordinary character in the Western Continent. She didn\'t know how exactly Wang Lu brought it to the Nine Regions, not to mention bring it into the immortal dream land to be used as a killer. In terms of stage, she assumed that it was likely higher than that of her. Its only weakness was that it seemed to be in a weaker state. Although the gray smoke outside the jade mansion blotted out the sky and was infinitely mysterious, it was not really that strong. As long as she condensed her magical power and broke through a certain point, the grey smoke could be dispelled. However, when she did that, just as the magical power dissipated, the grey smoke came back again.

Seeing this, Qiong Hua immediately rotated her golden core and withdrew her immortal sword Immortal Dew back into her body. Along with the appearance of the immortal sword, the grey smoke outside the jade mansion suddenly pulled back by around three meters, leaving a lot of clear air around the jade mansion.

This naturally-repelling-devil immortal sword was the bane of all devils, and now, it seemed like the devil of Western Continent was not an exception to this. Qiong Hua\'s heart became even more stable. Then, using her primordial spirit to move the sword. Inside the jade mansion, the Immortal Dew sword slightly tilted out. Its sharp end condensed into jade dew and flew outside the jade mansion, and then it fell into the area shrouded by the grey mist.

In a twinkling of an eye, a green plant emerged from the ground and its branches continued to extend upward. Soon it grew to more than thirty meters tall. Its branches and leaves grew denser. Then, hundreds of flowers bloomed, and the petals flew in the air. A piece of spring blossomed within the area that was shrouded by the grey smoke.

The name Immortal Dew was just like the immortal dew within the jade vase in the hands of a great monk. In the Age of Dreams, a bit of immortal dew could raise people from the dead. Although this flying sword was a sharp object and mainly used to kill, in Qiong Hua\'s hand, there was the method of reversing life and death. Although Faceless One\'s death domain was strong, it could not block the vigorous glow of vitality of the Immortal Dew.

Qiong Hua continued to use her primordial spirit to control the Immortal Dew, spreading the vitality around the jade mansion using the same method until the surrounding of the jade mansion turned into the sea of life. With one step at a time, the grey smoke which was the symbol of death retreated.

Feeling confident, Qiong Hua steadily consolidated her own camp little by little, cleaning out the grey smoke until there was a winning potential. However, Qiong Hua was surprised to find that the first batch of blooming flowers had begun to wither.

Just like the decline after reaching the peak, as the ocean of flowers multiplied to the limit, the dying and withering process also became unstoppable. Although that grey smoke was temporarily forced back by the ocean of flowers, it incessantly tried to infiltrate into the ocean of flowers. And thus, Qiong Hua\'s Immortal Dew that aroused the miracle of life suddenly lacked a lasting support energy.

Qiong Hua somewhat hesitated. Did she have to use the golden core\'s true qi? After entering Jindan Stage, the golden core inside the jade mansion became an inexhaustible supply of energy for cultivators. However, after all, it was not an inexhaustible supply of energy in a real sense. If she rashly utilized the true qi...

And just at this time, a change occurred. In front of the jade mansion, on the area where the concentration of grey smoke was the thickest, a sharp as a sword ray of light fell from the sky that was obstructed by the grey smoke, piercing through it. Then it lit up the flowers that have begun to wither.

As the light shone on them, the flowers revitalized and then bloomed once again.

The next moment, more ray of lights broke through the grey smoke and illuminated the ocean of flowers. Each ray of light thoroughly shook off the shadow of death from the flowers, radiating an unprecedented vigor. With this dense light, the jade mansion was like bathed in the ocean of light.

Witnessing this situation, Qiong Hua\'s heart could not help but become shocked. In a trance, her understanding of life and death has deepened a layer—in particular, towards the holy light that shone on the Immortal Dew\'s flowers, so that it was full of vitality. This was likely to be an important accumulation of Qiong Hua\'s next step towards Yuanying Stage!

At the same time, Qiong Hua also thought, what exactly was this light? Did anyone help her? However, in the immortal dream land, everyone was an enemy. So who could possibly lend her a hand?

Or could it be...

At this time, a soul-stirring voice that shook her primordial spirit reverberated from above.

"Believes in Holy Light."


The millions of light beams outside the jade mansion turned into sharp swords and thrust straight towards the jade mansion. Being struck by millions of sharp sword qi violently shook the originally impregnable defense.

What a clever trick...

Suddenly, Qiong Hua\'s heart was astonished—this dark trick was actually used to the max! The previous grey smoke was just a pretense, and the real murderous intention was actually hidden until its moment to strike. The true lethality of the millions of swords was not embodied in the magical power.

What those sharp swords wounded were the heart and soul. The jade mansion shook not really because of external power, but rather from her own primordial spirit instability.

In an instant, because she has just obtained a deeper understanding of life and death, she subconsciously recognized the holy light that evoked the miracle of light, which was taken advantage of by the opponent by swooping in, forcing her to believe in the holy light!

… Perhaps this was the real killer move of Holy Light Religion, which was indeed impossible to guard against.

However, as the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, how could her heart\'s yearning for immortal path be so easily shaken? How could a mere Holy Light be compared with her faith in the Shengjing Sect? Qiong Hua\'s primordial spirit broke out in a roar, and her immortal heart blossomed out an unprecedented radiance, which was unexpectedly even more dazzling than the holy light that dropped from the sky.

At the same time, Qiong Hua no longer tried to defend. Her Immortal Dew sword and her primordial spirit blended and swiftly flew out of the jade mansion, advancing bravely.

At the front was the grey-smoke-filled air, but the Immortal Dew sword was invincible, ripping through the layers upon layers of diffused grey smoke.

After nobody knows how much time has passed, perhaps it was just in the blink of an eye, perhaps it was much longer, amidst the grey smoke, the Immortal Dew sword rapidly flew. Finally, something suddenly appeared in the front—a pure and holy white-gowned Western Continent holy one was facing her, with holy splendor shimmering on his hands.

The face of that holy one actually had no features, a complete blank!

However, Qiong Hua had no interest to pay attention to this person\'s peculiar outward appearance. She was very clear that time was of the essence, thus, the Immortal Dew sword attacked with all of its strength. It pierced through the chest of that Western Continent man and came out of his back. But the sword momentum didn\'t reduce in the slightest, it just flew straight toward the boundless limit.


The invisible barrier was broken. Qiong Hua opened her eyes and found out that she was still standing on top of that previous hill and Wang Lu still stood at the foot of the hill. Although the grey smoke wasn\'t totally dispersed yet, when their eyes met each other, everything that happened just now seemed to be just an illusion.

However, Qiong Hua was very clear that all of that was not an illusion. Just now, with her extremely brilliant fighting wisdom, she finally grasped a fleeting opportunity and thus escaped from the trap of grey smoke. And now that she was clear-headed, it was time to harvest the fruit of victory. After experiencing the strength of the opponent, Qiong Hua would not be lenient. Her Jindan Stage power fully erupted. Lightly tapping the ground, she flew towards the foothill, and like lightning, the Immortal Dew sword has pierced through Wang Lu\'s chest.

Before the battle, Qiong Hua had already heard of the reputation of Wang Lu\'s Non-Phase Sword. For this so-called number one defensive sword method in the world, she had no intention of clashing head-on with it even though the victory was already assured.

As long as she exerted the speed advantage between Jindan Stage and Xudan Stage, she could hit him before he could prop his Non-Phase Sword Defense.

The Immortal Dew sword has run through Wang Lu\'s chest, but Qiong Hua still wasn\'t assured, so she released her Jindan Stage magical power. Only after the immortal dew permeated Wang Lu\'s whole body did Qiong Hua finally feel somewhat at ease.

Although the immortal dew could revitalize, in Qiong Hua\'s hand, it could also become a deadly poison… No matter how powerful Wang Lu\'s Non-Phase Method was, after the poison permeated his whole body, he was doomed to lose without a doubt.

This battle had finally won by her. This Jindan against Xudan, although thrilling, ultimately...

When she thought of this, an unexpected strange change appeared before her.

Wang Lu who had been penetrated by the immortal dew, suddenly revealed a strange smile.

The next moment, his facial features vanished without a trace, revealing a pale and flat face!