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Chapter 406: What a Noble Enlightenment

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy


With a crisp shattered-glass-like sound, the dark space was broken into countless fragments. And within the gaps of the fragments, the scenery on Harmony River was revealed.

Under the strong impact, the spiritual treasure of Wangyue twins, Yin and Yang Treasure Chest, was suddenly penetrated. The strong outer wall, upon colliding with Non-Phase Sword Defense, only persisted for a moment before falling. A golden light orb passed through the chest and then crazily rotated above Harmony River.

At the same time, one by one, the two people who lurked on the other side of the river spat out blood, and their jade mansion shook. The Yin and Yang Treasure Chest has long been closely linked with their cultivation. Along with the advancement of the twins\' cultivation base, the rank of the spiritual treasure would also continue to rise. Just recently, the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest had just completed an advancement, its ability got a tremendous boost, thus it became the weapon used by the twins to fight against Wang Lu.

The treasure chest, however, was not omnipotent. Although it had many magical abilities, they were divided into those that it excelled at and those that it was not good at, and head-on collision was precisely one such weakness. Although the treasure chest space was firm, it was also relatively speaking. In the face of Wang Lu\'s unreasonable Non-Phase Sword rebound, Yin and Yang Treasure Chest absolutely could not hold on. Previously, they had prepared many plans, and both did their best to avoid touching Wang Lu. However, they didn\'t think that Wang Lu could use this ingenious method, forcing them to have no other choice!

When Wang Lu indefinitely accelerated within the vacuum, his accumulated speed reached a frightening level. No matter how Wangyue twins changed their treasure chest space, it was difficult for them to lock Wang Lu in the middle of the space. And during one of these mistakes that Wang Lu finally took the opportunity to crash into the outer wall of the chest, thus all of their efforts went down the drain.

It was not that their level was too weak, nor the rank of the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest not enough, it was the unique tactic of Wang Lu of using the counterbalance force with Non-Phase Sword that they couldn\'t guard against.

In fact, Wang Lu\'s indefinite acceleration tactic could only be used in Yin and Yang Treasure Chest. Although the treasure chest space could be ever-changing, it was limited by the cultivation base of Wangyue twins, thus there was a big difference from the real world. And the principles of the chest were highly simplified, far less mysterious than the real world.

This extremely restrictive tactic naturally was not the result of a flash of insight in the heat of the battle, but came from long-term thinking combined with the breakout result just before the battle began.

Before he was plotted against and taken into the treasure chest, Wang Lu, in fact, was profoundly aware of the defect of his Non-Phase Sword.

Unless he could be like his Master who could easily expand her Non-Phase Sword Defense to three hundred meters, three thousand meters, and even farther, otherwise, if he was confined, he would be stopped, unable to display all his strength. And if he couldn\'t fight, it was tantamount to being defeated. However, if he wanted to solve this dilemma, he had to borrow force by any means possible. But on the specifics of how to implement it, Wang Lu himself didn\'t have any mature plan. This force counterbalance and infinite fall were previously only existing among many of Wang Lu\'s whimsical ideas, thus he had not yet perfected them.

However, when he was really in trouble, this flash of thought fiercely broke out, making him able to make the correct response on the first try. And this ability was the biggest factor in supporting his undefeated record since his debut.

This time, Wangyue twins were defeated, but the injury of the little brother Wangyue Luanyun was less serious. Thus, he pulled his elder sister\'s hand, ready to escape. However, when he turned around, he actually felt his elder sister\'s hand was heavy. Unexpectedly, his elder sister decided to stay, unwilling to move.

"Sis, what are you doing?"

During this, Wangyue Luanyun was anxiously looking at the spinning light ball in mid-air, which was Wang Lu\'s specialty to offset the violent collision when he broke through the chest wall. And when he had eliminated his momentum and stabilized himself, the twins would be in an imminent disaster.

If just now they weren\'t the one who planned the trap, the twins were far from being Wang Lu\'s opponent. Even if in Shengjing Sect they were regarded as elite disciples, it was still world\'s apart compared with a lead disciple. They simply have no chance of fighting him head on.

"I can\'t leave!"

Wangyue Luanyu quietly said, and then shook away her little brother\'s hand.

"Sis, wake up, don\'t be blinded by hatred!"

Wangyue Luanyu, however, softly said, "This has nothing to do with hatred. Senior Brother Jianglu gave us the task to delay Wang Lu here for at least two hours, but now we only delayed him for less than an hour, so this won\'t do."

Wangyue Luanyun anxiously urged, "So what? We\'ve tried our best! It doesn\'t make any sense to stay! Just now when we were stalling Wang Lu, the big troops were already going downstream along Harmony River and should have arrived at their destination by now. And Wang Lu is not good at speed, so he would surely be late!"

"Then Senior Brother Jianglu should tell us that it is enough to delay Wang Lu for an hour. But he said two hours, so there\'s definitely a reason for this." Although they have been defeated, Wangyue Luanyu\'s awareness was really clear. "Let alone it\'s not that there\'s completely no way to block him. Although the gap in strength is really big, in fact… everyone is in Peak Xudan Stage. So as long as we\'re willing to pay the price, nothing is absolute."

Upon hearing his Elder Sister say this, how could Wangyue Luanyun as the little brother not understand? Suddenly his countenance was filled with horror.

"Sis, you… are not going to perish together with him right?"

"No, not perish together. This is after all an immortal dream land, so we have the ultimate insurance. At most, my cultivation would be bumpy in the next few years… Well, since we\'re refining the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest together, it\'s hard not to implicate you a bit. Sorry."

With that, Wangyue Luanyu floated up and quietly flew toward Wang Lu who was still spinning above Harmony River.

This time, the woman was without the slightest resentment or anger. She was calm as ever, and faced with this unprecedentedly powerful enemy, this was the best stance that she could maintain. This time, it was not about her personal grudges, but for Senior Brother Jianglu, Senior Sister Qiong Hua, for her entire team, and even Shengjing Sect.

Wangyue Luanyu was not the most outstanding cultivator. Her natural talent and perception were between first-rate and second-rate. Were it not for her and Wangyue Luanyun being able to hold the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest, she did not even have the qualification to be selected into the thirty-six people team of Senior Sister Qiong Hua. However, when facing this strongest opponent on the same level as her, she was surprisingly calm.

"Wang Lu, you are truly formidable. Perhaps from now on, even seeing your back is a luxury to me. But at least, at this moment, I will be able to stop you, so you would have no time to rescue the others. At least, this time, I will win!"

With a strong determination, Wangyue Luanyu began to try to melt her immortal heart, and combined it with the magical power in her jade mansion—of course, she only melted a small part of it, otherwise, if she melted more of it, even if she had the ultimate insurance, it would still be a dead end to her.

Then she used the fusion of immortal heart essence\'s magical power, turning it into a thick network on top of Wang Lu.

While Wang Lu was still unable to completely offset the momentum, this above-Xudan-Stage skynet would lock him firmly in this place. As long as she could hold this for an hour, her task would be considered as successful. And she had the confidence to complete this task.

However, when the net fell, the stunning scene left Wangyue Luanyu dumbfounded.

The golden orb disappeared.

Right in front of Wangyue Luanyu\'s eyes, that spinning-like-crazy golden orb disappeared like a mirage, while the skynet did not touch anything but just silently fell into the water and spread out.

"This…" Wangyue Luanyu\'s mind went blank and her body could not stop trembling.

Because she had understood everything.

Wang Lu has already left long ago. When he broke through the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest, he simply didn\'t offset the momentum through spinning. Instead, he directly used his high speed to fly downstream along Harmony River towards the capital. What remained in place was basically an illusion, and he himself had already gone unnoticed using stealth spell!

The illusion and stealth should have been cast the moment he broke through the chest, which showcased how ingenious Wang Lu\'s timing was. At that time, Wangyue twins have just suffered force backfire from the treasure chest, and their primordial spirit paralyzed. Thus, they were completely unaware of Wang Lu\'s trick. And Wang Lu was also worthy of the title lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect—while his swordsmanship was superb, his attainment in spell casting was also quite deep.

It was just that, even if she understood all of this, it was no longer helpful. The spell that Wangyue Luanyu cast through her great awareness was meaningless.

After a long silence, Wangyue Luanyu suddenly felt confused as the entire world before her began to twist and collapse. She uttered a muffled groan and then black blood gushed out from her seven orifices. She was no longer able to support her body, and thus slumped down from the air.

"Ai, what a nuisance."

At the same time, Wang Lu, who was using a flying sword to fly at maximum speed, had already long left those two small fries behind.

With those two\'s IQ, illusion and stealth were enough to deal with them. The real difficulties would come later.

Being trapped in the treasure chest was an absolute mistake. Although he was able to quickly get out of trouble using strange tactics, but after all, he still wasted a lot of time. And during this period, Shengjing Sect team would inevitably seize the opportunity to go downstream.

Then, Zhou Mumu and the others would be in a big trouble. Everyone was indeed the lead disciple of their respective sect, but not everyone had a perfect defense like him and able to take on many enemies alone. He had the guts to face the entire Shengjing Sect team alone, but this was impossible for other people. Particularly Senior Sister Zhou Mumu, because she was not really good at fighting. Once she fell into other people\'s plot and sneak attacked, she might not have a too strong survival capability… Although she had warned Wang Lu exactly for this before she went back, but…

"Forget it, there\'s no use in thinking about it now. A professional should have the mentality of a professional. When I arrive on the scene later, I\'ll do my best."

Wang Lu frowned and then extracted more magical power from his jade mansion into the Sword of Mount Kun, making the flight speed faster and faster...

Before long, the capital city that was located downstream of Harmony River finally appeared on the horizon. From afar, it was still as peaceful and prosperous as before.

The anxiety in Wang Lu\'s heart had not diminished, since the scene before him was not necessarily a good thing. Shengjing Sect team must have arrived here for some time, yet there was no reaction from the entire city...

Where should he start?

Just as Wang Lu stopped to think, suddenly there was an explosion in the city. It was A Ye\'s residence. A transparent glass was shattered, numerous pieces of debris fell down, and red mist filled the air from the hole created by the explosion.

Wang Lu\'s heart turned cold. That red mist… was clearly A Ye\'s blood mark divine spear!