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Chapter 405: Liberal Arts Student

Translator: Subudai11 Editor: Chrissy

"Shengjing guys, you shouldn\'t stay in the water anymore."

Along with Wang Lu\'s ridicule, the calm water suddenly broke into countless parts, and ten Daoist figures quietly floated from the river. Astonishing murderous intent immediately spread into the surrounding. The birds on the trees on both sides of the river were startled, and the fish and shrimps in the water rushed away as far as possible.

Seeing this, Wang Lu actually sneered. "Show off! After the waterway was blocked by my Sword of Mount Kun, it\'s difficult for you guys to continue to sneak in, and after soaking in the water for so long, you guys still try to put on an unflustered appearance. Your shameless look is truly an eye-opener. Is that how Qiong Hua used to teach you?"

Upon listening Wang Lu mentioning about Qiong Hua, these people couldn\'t hold back any longer. A cultivator with face powder on his face and boyish look retorted, "What kind of thing are you that you actually think you can comment on Senior Sister Qiong Hua?"

Wang Lu didn\'t take it seriously but just beckoned his hand and a plain sword subsequently surfaced. The ghostly image of the sword spirit Autumn Beam stood on top of the sword, indifferently sizing up the Shengjing Sect team.

"You guys can\'t even break the space control of my Sword of Mount Kun. I am alone standing by the river bank, yet I can block the path of the ten of you… Seriously, are you guys really team members of Qiong Hua\'s team? And not a cheerleading squad?"

"Block the path?" That white faced boy coldly laughed. "You truly think yourself as infallible? Do you think we stopped here because of your broken sword? Just so you know, it\'s because we\'re especially waiting for you here! And yet you think you\'ve stopped all of us? Those that should go through have already gone through!"

Wang Lu wasn\'t surprised at this. "Are you referring to those two fish and prawn? Truly laughable, do you think you can fool me with a mere transformation technique? If I don\'t let them, do you think they can get through?"

Upon hearing Wang Lu mentioning about the fish and the prawn, the white-faced boy\'s complexion changed, and then, no longer trying to trade barbs with Wang Lu, angrily shouted, "Now!"

One by one, the people on the surface of the water unleashed their attack. The long awaited spells poured out. For a time, even the surrounding seemed to change color.

Wang Lu immediately recalled his Sword of Mount Kun and propped up his Non-Phase Sword Defense. Many of the spells vanished upon contact with his sword defense—these spells couldn\'t even leave a mark on the sword light even for a tiny bit.

However, Wang Lu was not complacent but instead felt that something was wrong. No matter how confident he was, he didn\'t think that he could easily ward off the attack from Shengjing Sect team. A total of thirty-six inner court disciples, even Qiong Hua herself might not necessarily be able to win against them head on. However, now he didn\'t even use around fifty to sixty percent of his power, yet his defense was impregnable… Could Shengjing Sect team really be this weak?

Or were these people really Shengjing Sect team?

Thinking to this, Wang Lu immediately recalled from his memory the scene where he briefly met Qiong Hua\'s team outside the entrance of the group of immortal tombs. At that time, although he didn\'t pay much attention to the team members, he had actually recorded everyone in the team, and compared to now...

"Tsk, sure enough, it really doesn\'t match up!"

Wang Lu immediately realized that the group that was releasing spells at him were not Shengjing Sect team, which meant that this tactic was likely used to lure him to take a defensive stance. Their purpose was not to break his Non-Phase Sword Defense, but to let him stay on the spot so that they could launch a truly lethal attack later.

And that later attack was something that Wang Lu wasn\'t keen to experience.

Any person in this, if faced with the entire Shengjing Sect team, would not dare to treat it lightly. Let alone they have surely prepared this ahead of time. More specifically, who would launch the later attack on him?

Although Wang Lu wasn\'t clear how Shengjing Sect team was going to break his invincible Non-Phase Sword Defense, he was clear that to deal with him, it might not be necessary for them to break his Non-Phase Sword Defense. At this moment, what really mattered was that, \'if everything else fails, retreat.\'

Wang Lu\'s response has been quite swift, but Shengjing Sect team specifically set up this trap for him, so how could it be easy for him to escape? When Wang Lu was about to retract his sword and leave the scene, all the people in the air, including the white-faced boy, turned into illusory image and disappeared. The cloud shrouded the sky and lights shone on both riverbanks of Harmony River. One was light and the other was dark, which vaguely rendered the chaotic beginning where the yin and yang were split. But upon seeing this scene, Wang Lu was inwardly startled.

"Is this… Yin and Yang Treasure Chest?"

Fortunately, he had previously investigated Shengjing Sect Team, and after seeing the present change, Wang Lu immediately responded to the other party\'s mean. It was the famous magical treasure of Wangyue twins, the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest. And he himself has fallen into the trap and was thrown into the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest.

Sure enough, after Wang Lu identified the magical treasure, the laughing sound of Wangyue Luanyu rang from the sky. "Wang Lu, this time, I have finally caught you!"

Amidst the laughter, the blue dome of heaven melted, replaced by a gloomy cover. The ground collapsed, and waves of river water turned into a waterfall that flowed into the abyss. While the ground under Wang Lu continued to collapse, there was a remaining portion that was vaguely shaped like a palm, which caused Wang Lu to appear to be like in another person\'s palm.

"This time, I want to see how you\'re going to escape this!"

Regarding Wangyue Luanyu\'s provocation, Wang Lu could only feel helpless. Because the other side repeatedly tried to provoke him, he couldn\'t help but remember the joke about the hunter 1 and the bear 2 , and if he stood from the point of view of the bear, Wangyue Luanyu was really not an opponent that could let him raise his sexual interest.

That being the case, he had to finish this quick.

Within the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, Yin and Yang Treasure Chest could be considered as a minor celebrity. Each of the Wangyue twins held one side of the Yin and Yang Treasure Chest, and when they were combined, they complemented each other, which could produce endless variations, a truly powerful spiritual treasure. Perhaps in terms of explosive power, Yin and Yang Treasure Chest was not as good as the immortal sword Skybreaker 3 , or perhaps the Primal Chaos Diamond Ring. However, if applicability and variability were concerned, within the same rank of spiritual treasure, it was second to none. And within its many functions, there was exactly one that could be aimed at Wang Lu\'s Non-Phase Method.


Since it was named a treasure chest, this piece of spiritual treasure was the collection of the two energies of Yin and Yang, which evolved into countless magical devices. And one of the biggest efficacies was exactly containment. This chest, in the hands of the twins, was just two feet square, but its interior was a wide and boundless space. Moreover, along with the increase of the rank of the spiritual treasure, it could become even more enormous. At the same time, the containment space was also very stable.

As long as they could think of a way to trap Wang Lu in this treasure chest, relying on the explosive power and speed of his Non-Phase Method, it would be very difficult for him to escape. Conversely speaking, although it was also very difficult for the Wangyue twins to harm Wang Lu with their current power, in order to maintain the space within the chest, the two of them have to maintain their magical power output. However, by stalling Wang Lu, no doubt they have earned a huge profit.

To deal with Wang Lu, Shengjing Sect people have indeed spent a lot of effort.

However, why did Wang Lu didn\'t spend his time to deal with Shengjing Sect people? Before entering the immortal dream land, he didn\'t know that he would encounter the remaining four lead disciples. However, he had never relaxed his vigilance against people from the Shengjing Sect. The aloof Qiong Hua was already on the list of Wang Lu\'s rivals. And with Wang Lu\'s temperament, how could he not make the relevant plan? Right now, this scene happened just because he wanted to verify something.

"You want to use a chest to shut me off? What a fantasy!"

Wang Lu let out his Sword of Mount Kun. That simple and plain sword drew out the inviolable three feet sword defense, and along with the unfolding of the sword defense, it left behind a yellow-brown arc trajectory.

The next moment, the area within the radius of three feet mark was completely filled with Non-Phase Sword Light. There was no sword light outside the area of three feet radius—none were leaked in the slightest. It only existed within this three feet radius area as if it was a golden orb. Under the rays of light, it looked sacred and inviolable.

"Non-Phase Sword Defense can repel any external invasion."

Within that golden orb, Wang Lu lightly spoke. His voice reverberated within the void.

"Which includes the ground underneath my feet."

His voice has just fallen when the golden orb crashed into the ground like a hot knife through the butter! In the blink of an eye, there was already a bottomless deep pit on the spot where Wang Lu previously stood at. And amidst the mud and stone, Wang Lu\'s momentum didn\'t actually slow down, but instead got faster and faster!

This was Wang Lu\'s method in cracking the treasure chest. The treasure chest could not possibly be infinite, and as long as he continued to fall like this, he could quickly arrive at the bottom boundary of the treasure chest. By then, he could use the same technique to break this treasure chest!

Non-Phase Method was not a simple turtling up method. Otherwise, Wang Lu would be helpless to do anything the next time anyone gave him the containment problem. At that time, he would be unable to advance a single step in the Nine Regions.

With this expel-the-external-force spell, when Wang Lu fully launched his Non-Phase Sword Defense, no force could prevent him from going forward, and no cage could prevent his breakthrough. Considering that Non-Phase Method was not at all good at speed, in order for him to be able to find the edge of the treasure chest, he simply chose the most efficient path—underneath him.

This fall shook the ground within the chest and agitated the space. And along with Wang Lu\'s acceleration, the effect of this three feet radius golden sphere on the chest continued to get stronger and stronger, which caused Wangyue Luanyu outside the chest to exclaim. But after that, she just sneered.

"Trying to get clever, huh!"

The next moment, Wang Lu suddenly found that he had stopped falling.

Of course, it was not that his speed suddenly turned to zero, but there was no more acceleration—the speed had become constant.

And this was not because there was an external force that influenced him, but simply because the gravity force that caused his acceleration disappeared.

It disappeared together with the dirt and stones. In a split second, Wang Lu found his vision blurred, and then there was only darkness. Nothing existed above and below him. Thus, there was no difference between constant speed and stayed still.

This was...

"Wang Lu, we already know that your Non-Phase Sword is good at rebound shock, so how could we give you the chance to rebound the external force? Now, we just need to turn the inside of this chest into a vacuum, so that you can\'t use the rebound shock power and also continue to extend the boundary. Through this, you would spend your time in the middle of the chest. Based on your turtle method, how could you escape?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Lu froze for a moment and then actually clapped. "Not bad, Little Sister Wangyue, even a fool does occasionally come up with something good."

Non-Phase Method was not good at explosive force, not good at long distance output, and only good at strong interference with the outside world. In fact, it heavily relied on the strength of rebound shock. Therefore, as long as the space inside the chest was made into a vacuum, it could make Wang Lu a tree without the root.

"Unfortunately, this method of yours is just a whimsical thing, because even in a vacuum, I can still show my power."

With that, Wang Lu tilted his head to the sky and fiercely spat out a mouthful of breath, then utilizing the recoil force, he accelerated his fall.

And as Wang Lu continued to fall faster and faster, the whole treasure chest space trembled endlessly. It was because it has become increasingly difficult for the Wangyue twins to keep Wang Lu at the center of the treasure chest due to his high-speed fall.

"H-How could this be!"

In response to Wangyue Luanyu\'s shocked groan, Wang Lu lightly laughed.

"Little Sister Wangyue, this is because you don\'t understand physics."